National Party – Lying Liars Who Lie

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With the list of Bill English’s lies growing by the day (at least half-a-dozen last night alone) its not surprising the National Party’s attempts to fabricate an aura of trustworthiness is growing increasingly desperate. Its latest attempt, however, has failed spectacularly.

In July, National quietly set up a twitter account which is named – hahaha, get this – “Check The Facts”. Trouble is, National attempted to obscure its involvement. Its initial twitter bio stated . . .

. . . but, once caught out, had to finally admit:

The lulz don’t stop there. Read through the various tweets and you’ll find “Check The Facts” has been well less than accurate in its portrayal of what constitutes a “fact”. There’s the usual National Party diddling about with figures, conflating “average” with “mean”, and the typical semantic hopskotch, plus a few beauty pearlers . . .

Fortunately, National isn’t just feeding the MSM chooks or talking to its band of myopic voters. Its actually attempting to tell its lies in real time on social media. Bad move. Just ask the UK Tories how attempting to fool the interwebz is working out for them. National’s attempted duplicity has blown up in its face and there’s now a twitter account dedicated to fact checking the so-called National Fact Checker.


5 comments on “National Party – Lying Liars Who Lie”

  1. Stuart Munro 1

    Where are the MSM on this? This is funny – and newsworthy. Do they think backward opinionistas like Hoskings are a substitute for news? No wonder the internet is eating their lunch.

  2. AsleepWhileWalking 2

    Lol @NZFactCheckFactCheck

  3. William 3

    Echos of 07/08 when the kiwiblogblog was operating to spread sunlight on the crap that dpf was spewing on his blog.
    Lynn’s post today regarding the superannuation letter attack shows nothing has changed there.

  4. greywarshark 4

    National liars have led us to believe they care about the country and are just trying to tighten up the reins of government to make it more efficient. But the country has got poorer, conditions and wages have been deliberately reduced and worsened and only the well-off and those who have special help can enjoy living in this country now.

    I am reading a shortened version of The Christmas Carol about mean Ebenezer
    Scrooge and it is our country’s story. Scrooge is asked for a business donation to Christmas support for the poor.

    He refused to give anything to the collection. “Are there no prisons?” he demanded. “Are there no workhouses? I support those with my taxes. Let the poor go there!”

    “Many can’t go there, and many would rather die!”

    “Let them die, then!” said Scrooge. “There are far too many poor people!”

    The gentlemen went away, disappointed.

    The fog got deeper and the afternoon darker. Soon it was time to shut the office. Bob [Cratchit] put out his candle.

    “I suppose you want the day off, tomorrow,” grumbled Scrooge. “I shall have to pay you a whole day’s wages for no work!”

    “It’s only once a year,” said Bob, timidly.

    “And that’s once too often!” growled Scrooge, but he had to let the clerk go.

    • It wont be long now.

      And once New Zealanders get a taste of a new lease of life they will remember what it was like under National. And by New Zealanders I mean the huge amount of disillusioned voters who took the full brunt of neo liberalism.

      They will never want to go back.

      And they will learn anew the power of the vote and JUST WHY it is so important .

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