No renewal for National

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The Nats have released their opposition lineup and its the same tired old faces. Newsroom – National’s underwhelming reshuffle

Yet what was a chance for rejuvenation has resulted in most former ministers holding onto their main areas of expertise, with all other MPs except the first-termers picking up largely minor portfolios.

Jacinda Ardern tapped in to a mood for change that the Nats seem oblivious too. They have missed a major chance for renewal. How long will the failed old guard cling to power? How long will stuck back benchers wait before they revolt?

22 comments on “No renewal for National”

  1. Ad 1

    They are plenty refreshed already, and with tonnes of funding, great numbers in the House, and facing a delicate and largely inexperienced government, they just have to wait out the first year of momentum from the Ardern government and exploit the inevitable cracks that appear once the glitter flakes away.

    They don’t need fireworks or big hits in the House; they just need a little patience.

    • Muttonbird 1.1

      Pro-National today, Ad?

      Of course, it’s Friday!

      • Grey Area 1.1.1

        Had me for a minute too!

      • Ad 1.1.2

        No time for complacency.

        • OnceWasTim

          No time for complacency – agreed, but what we’re talking about is quality not quantity here. If you’re seriously trying to suggest that all gNat Munsters responsible for housing, health, education, welfare, the environment, transport, primary industries, immigration, etc. in the past were somehow competent and will now be better in opposition. mmmm – you’ll be waiting a while. I get the impression somehow you’re hopeful they will.
          Btw @Ad – what is it you think finally tipped Winnie over?
          Sure as shit it wasn’t all the punditry’s theoreticals about legacy, or biggest party or all the other things used to fill newspaper space.

    • I remember Labour thinking that back in 2008 when John Key took over. It took nine years in opposition.

      • Wayne 1.2.1

        The difference from 2008 is that National is quite a bit bigger than Labour. In 2008 National had decisively beaten Labour in the vote between the two major parties. Quite different in 2017.
        So the prospect of being able to win government in 3 years is not just a remote hope. If the economy goes south, as it well might, National will be well positioned to win. Hence the reason of keeping the same team at the moment.
        It will become clear by mid to late next year where things are heading.

        • OnceWasTim

          Keep it up @Wayne. Please! And see if you can persuade …. geeze, I’ve forgotten his name already – The Hairdo! …… Dunne! to do the same.

        • KJT

          Unfortunately likely the economy will go South, as Nationals papering over the cracks comes to light.

          With luck, and a bit of daylight, the blame will be placed where it belongs. With National!

    • Rubbish, the gnats are a tattered mess filled with sly backbiting, rife with envy and lacklustre half smiles. A shambles looking for some, ANY leadership and there is none – the old garments are threadbare, the cuboard is cobwebby. A sad end to a sad party of hardly anybodies.

    • Matthew Whitehead 1.4

      That’s not what a “renewal” is, Ad. They’re running on fumes in terms of personnel. Bridges is old news and on his way out, Coleman can’t lead, the only young talent they have is Kaye.

      That said, I do think your post represents their current thinking, given they’re trying a scorched-earth style “we should have won” campaign rn. I won’t deny they have resources, but I think their tactical thinking rn is very misguided, and potentially heading them into a strategic slump. At this rate, it’ll be nine glorious years of National infighting while they try to find a way to communicate meaningfully to the New Zealand people, and wonder where their strong plurality opposition has suddenly gone to.

  2. Keith 2

    Despite admitting they lost, there is an overwhelming sense these turkeys think they are still the government, like ghosts lingering after death.

    However as per the quoted article one area that does concern me, is Stuart Nash. I do not know him, have nothing for or against him but his suggestion reported yesterday that the police get in officers from other countries to prop up numbers suggests his time in opposition as shadow Police Minister was squandered.

    Had he had taken an interest, as my sources reliably tell me, he would have known that the same expensive experiment with British officers a decade ago, more or less failed miserably. They were misled, the swaying palm tree on a white sandy beach image they were sold on was false, the differences too great for many to overcome and some were towards the ends of their careers anyway. This resulted in a dismal attrition rate.

    Secondly, how does he think such officers will be able to afford to live in our major cities, namely Auckland where the need is greatest? How? The same goes for any other suggestion of foreigners filling other professional gaps left by National.

    Thirdly, his suggestion of truncated courses for such foreign officers screams of a man who has no idea what is entailed as a police officer.

    Mr Nash, you really need to get to grips with your portfolio real fast, because it is certain you have no idea what you are doing!

  3. tc 3

    You can’t renew that easily unless you’ve got more compliant MP’s who are in on the game ready to go.

    We’ve seen already the hollowmen’s go to players are few are far between and they flushed out the older guard/non players so it’s up to Stevie/Billy/Jude (with the likes of findlayson still lurking in the shadows) to carry on the corporatocracy’s work.

  4. Cinny 4

    I really question the thinking around Joyce, his campaign lost the election, his actions caused the party to be sued, his lying was called out many times by journalists and economists and still he gets a good position. In my experience is often beneficial for the public to feel a sense of trust towards those in senior positions, good luck with that national.

    I see a bunch of washed up has beens living and thinking in the past, clinging on to stroke their own egos. Which is kind of ironic, as many of them retired last election, however that party is still infested with so much dead rotten wood.

    • S 4.1

      Re. Joyce & his lying – it’s a bit like Manafort’s style in lying; say it often enough, loud enough, and the audience will start questioning their own perception (I paraphrase Manafort’s daughter’s alleged txts).

  5. syclingmad 5

    “I see a bunch of washed up has beens living and thinking in the past, clinging on to stroke their own egos. Which is kind of ironic, as many of them retired last election, however that party is still infested with so much dead rotten wood.”

    It is often so following a long run in government. Labour were no different in 2008.

  6. Puckish Rogue 6

    This is what I’d suggest National do, theres no need to panic or rush so I’d give it a year before making any major changes

    • OnceWasTim 6.1

      Then face Mecca, or Rome, or Washington or Canberra, and pray

      • Puckish Rogue 6.1.1

        Well that might help but panic helps no one, it just leads to bad decision making and really unless something goes majorly wrong history would suggest this government will get at least two terms so no need to rush either

        Spend a year to show the public theres no panic and then look at a change of leadership and the removal of some deadwood and plan on winning 2023

      • Bob 6.1.2

        Don’t you mean Beijing

        • OnceWasTim

          Well there’s probably a bit of a pecking order depending on whether your God is associated with shady deals and money making, ideology, or just generally exploitation in its various forms.
          No doubt Beijing could be included, but you’d have to start bringing in The City of London, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, etc.

          And let’s hope this government does get 2 more terms @Puckish – its task is massive

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