One of these things is not like the other IX

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hide peters and a turnip

One of these things is not like the other,

One of these things is not quite the same…

Can you guess which one is not like the other,

Can you tell me before I finish the game?

35 comments on “One of these things is not like the other IX”

  1. andy 1

    One could get a straight answer from the turnip?

    I would happily have a beer with the turnip?

    The turnip has not/is not getting smeared by the Nats. Pay back is a bitch eh, Rodney! Someone is not happy with you Rodders, the smiling assassin maybe?

  2. gitmo 2

    Only the turnip doesn’t look and behave like a thingy ?


    Peters and turnips both contain fibre.

  4. mikesh 4

    Neither Peters nor the turnip has been rorting the taxpayer. Though Peters did cover up a few donations.

  5. gitmo 5

    “Neither Peters nor the turnip has been rorting the taxpayer.”

    Ha ha you’ve got to be joking Winnie was notorious for partying up large on the taxpayer….. Rodders is an amateur trougher if comparison.

    Ps nice edit function looks great on Safari.

  6. rainman 6

    Yeah, turnips/swedes are useful.

  7. vto 7

    Nope, they all look the same to me.

    Bloody Wodney. He has done himself irreparable damage. He is a hypocrite 100%.

    Politics seems to have an ability to bring people’s true nature and beliefs to the surface and then highlight them like some bright pink and white pimple. Hone Harawira same thing. It truly is the House of Representatives…

  8. greenfly 8

    The guy in the middle is the only non-New Zealander (He’s a Swede).

  9. ropata 9

    I have a lot of respect for the intellectual integrity and honesty of the turnip. It is also a healthy addition to a balanced diet, politicians aren’t so tasty. 🙂

  10. RedLogix 10

    One of them used a helicopter for political purposes, and it got complained about.

    One of them used to complain about the use of helicopters for political purposes, but doesn’t any more.

    And the third may have had a helicopter give it a haircut, but I’m just guessing.

  11. illuminatedtiger 11

    Winston Peters and the Turnip have a higher IQ that the garden gnome on the left?

    • Cal 11.1

      Yep I’m definatley getting the gnome resemblence.
      Let’s see, when roasted, only one ends up being delicious. The other two have a nasty aftertaste of hypocrite…

  12. Daveski 12

    In terms of politics, all three are rooted

  13. Pascal's bookie 13

    The middle one is still quite popular in Dipton.

  14. Patrick 14

    Turnips actually do something useful for society but the other two don’t.

  15. Irascible 15

    The one in the middle is the taxpayer the other two rorted regularly?

  16. Outofbed 16

    one of them was a key component of the British Agricultural Revolution.
    one-four-field crop rotation pioneered by farmers in the the early 16th century. The others have yet do do anything useful

  17. Well none of them have ever called a whole race of people “Mother Fu**ers”

    None of them have said “The White man has Raped our land”

    None of them have said “I dont give a shit what NewZealanders think”

    One of them has a hot girlfriend.

    One of them is not a quitter.

    One of them would be turned into something yummy by Gordon Ramsay.

    • the sprout 17.1

      yeah Bretty, glad to see you’re acknowledging that no NZ politician or turnip in recent history has ever said the first two lines, certainly not in writing.

      and Gordon Ramsey’s the guy that does the cooking show, not Dancing with the Stars.

    • felix 17.2

      That’s Brett in the middle, isn’t it?

  18. the middle one has a hot girlfriend she is Swedish

    • the sprout 18.1

      careful, that’s my auntie you’re talking about there, obviously you’ve noticed she’s inclined towards comfortable footwear

  19. Chris 19

    And I’m struck by the thought that my students would have *no idea* what the middle one is. Horrifying. What on earth do they learn in high school?

  20. Trader Jack 20

    The one on the left suffers the twin misfortunes of being stupid and unattractive.
    The other two aren’t to everyone’s taste but at least some people like them.

  21. BLiP 21

    I’d vote for the one in the middle.

  22. dontknow 22

    Winston has taste

  23. rod 23

    They are all thickskinned.

    One will not last much longer.

    Take your pick.

  24. Armchair Critic 24

    First – The one in the middle has a red heart.
    Second – The one in the middle is a family photo from the sprout’s album, (a distant relative?) while the other two are not so far along the evolutionary process.

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