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Open mike 02/09/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, September 2nd, 2021 - 58 comments
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58 comments on “Open mike 02/09/2021 ”

  1. vto 1

    It is completely distressting how fundamentalist extremists in the USA bark at other fundamentalist extremists in, say, Afghanistan about extremism and fundamentalism …


  2. Sanctuary 2

    This morning we discovered that 85% of the population support elimination as a strategy, as opposed to 85% of the MSM who don't.

    • tc 2.1

      You sum it up nicely. Flicking past TVNZ to see Seymour and Bennett on a 'game show' shows how low they can go.

      I want paid opposition members asked questions not given soapboxes for frivolity on an SOE and Bennetts keeping a talented and funny comedian from a job, because she is neither.

      TVNZ needs a top down clearout.

      • Sanctuary 2.1.1

        I think TVNZ has been pretty good in it's COVID coverage this lockdown. It's where you get a confluence of journalists writing opinion pieces, "last consumer capture" of places like the Herald and recently the-fat-nerd-trying-to-hang-out-with-the-rugby-jocks syndrome that has overtaken RNZ it really turns to custard.

      • gsays 2.1.2

        Bennett can go lower, she was a real estate agent.

    • Andre 2.2

      Linkity-linky? A quick squiz at Stuffed and Harold didn't find anything.

    • Ross 2.3

      This morning we discovered that 85% of the population support elimination as a strategy, as opposed to 85% of the MSM who don't.

      We also discovered that the NSW Premier has conceded defeat regarding its elimination strategy. She didn't apologise for her naivete but maybe there was an implied apology in her comments.

      “No amount of government intervention or lockdown is going to get you to zero cases. … what we do have to accept is when you are in the middle of a pandemic which is impacting our nation as it has been other nations that we need to appreciate that, unfortunately, lives will be lost."


    • mauī 2.4

      How do you eliminate a disease as contagious as chickenpox with a vaccine that doesn't stop transmission?

      • Macro 2.4.1

        Maui please go away and learn how the word "eliminate" is used in a medical situation. It is not used in the way you obviously think it is.

      • Pingao 2.4.2

        We've done it before and a few other countries and regions have had a fair crack at it. The usual tools include masking, social distancing, tracking and tracing, border restrictions, lockdowns/restrictions on gathering and movement, quarantine and vaccinations (and in my opinion, also leadership, communication and widespread cooperation) . It is harder this time for us this time because of the variant.

        EDIT and a well resourced modern health system can be added as an essential tool.

        • Patricia Bremner

          smiley Yes, though we are easily weary of any restrictions. We are actually rather spoiled, and thinking of others has to be the new habit which grates some folk.

      • Bearded Git 2.4.3

        Everybody in NZ should listen to this from RNZ this morning. An epidemiologist in Victoria (Professor Blakely) is now resigned to the delta virus about to run out of control-up to 2000 cases a day-in Victoria where up to this point in time he had thought it could be eliminated. Listen to the tone of his voice.

        He makes specific references to NZ, and in particular the similarities between South Auckland and the communities in Melbourne where Delta has proven impossible to stop.

        It starts at 8.39am.




        [direct permanent link added – weka]

        • Treetop

          The Delta strain has been the deciding factor in NSW and in Victoria.

          Once Covid mutatons become highly infectious, contact tracing has limits and locations of transmission such as essential services cannot be avoided.

        • Anker

          Bearded Git, that is quite frightening about Delta.

        • weka

          BG, if you click on the item title on the RNZ page and then open that and copy and paste the link it will be the one with the interview details and the audio 👍

      • RedLogix 2.4.4

        Indeed. Listening to some very recent announcements from the UK from senior medical people, it's clear they've realised that Delta means there will be no herd immunity, either natural or vaccine induced.

        Essentially we should start thinking in terms of everyone getting it sooner or later. That implies doing whatever you can to improve your odds when it happens.

        And Delta is not the last variant – already news is filtering out around a dangerous new one in South Africa. We're all about to get an education in biological evolution.

        • roblogic

          Depressing. I for one am a fan of Fortress NZ. But I think you're right.

          Vaccines improve your chances a lot, so let’s jab jab jab

        • Anne

          We're all about to get an education in biological evolution.

          In fact we're all going to be biologists before this pandemic leaves us – at least in a pandemic form.

          Not a bad outcome actually. smiley

        • aj

          news is filtering out around a dangerous new one in South Africa

          Latest is that this variant has a growth rate disadvantage to D, and therefore may not take over from D

        • francesca

          And if as a nation we want to be able to withstand new variants and new pandemics, we would do well to address issues around housing, poverty, access to higher education, whatever brakes on unhealthy food we can apply and access to affordable good quality food .

          All of that affects health at the grass roots level and gives us all a fighting chance. We can no longer afford to have large groups of people cut adrift.

          • roblogic

            Indeed, laissez faire small govt neoliberalism is useless in the face of an existential crisis, and the pandemic has exposed just how irresponsible and sclerotic are those nations subscribing to free market bullshit. they DGAF about the deaths of multitudes

      • McFlock 2.4.5

        By studying epidemiology and public health for many years in order to put yourself in a position to provide competent, evidence-based, and practical advice to decision makers so they can develop policies likely to achieve that objective (at least at a local level) when implemented by a competent and dedicated public service.

        Rather than losing one's shit and assuming all resistance is futile (except snake oil, that'll save us).

      • Incognito 2.4.6

        That’s quite a claim there about contagiousness of Covid-19 vs. chickenpox, so please provide evidence for it, which you have carefully checked for validity, i.e., ‘fact checked’ yourself.

        Did you know that we have successful elimination strategy for measles? Did you know that measles is more contagious than Covid-19 or even chickenpox?

        Did you know that smallpox was eradicated without reaching herd immunity?

        Did you know what the main tool was to achieve those two awesome feats?

      • Drowsy M. Kram 2.4.7

        Once NZ 'pivots' away from its COVID-19 elimination strategy there's no going back, so why are some so keen for the team to throw in the towel? Smacks of match-fixing. Heck, QLD, SA, WA, NT and TAS have stamped on and kept COVID out so far.

        Sure, NZ can't sustain a Covid elimination strategy forever, but imho it would be prudent to stick with that plan until >85% of Kiwis 12+ are fully vaccinated. That would give our nurses and doctors at least a fighting chance.

        Elimination is the best strategy for us’: Ardern defends NZ’s Delta approach

        Asked during a daily update on coronavirus what she thought of criticism from Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg that the Delta variant can’t be “eliminated”, Ardern insisted elimination was the most sensible strategy until New Zealand is fully vaccinated.

        Delta is different; no one is denying that,” Ardern said, referring to the highly transmissible strain of coronavirus that has caused outbreaks both in Australia and New Zealand.

        But she said New Zealand will not change its approach until its population is vaccinated.

        Elimination is the best strategy for us while we’re vaccinating people and then we’ll continue to look at all of the evidence going forward,” she said.

        Admirable, imho, apart from the ubiquitous and superfluous "going forward".

        • Andre

          I'm wary of a target like >85%. We may never get there, and there may even be some amongst us that would avoid getting vaccinated to try to game putting off achieving that threshold.

          I'd be thinking more along the lines of: we're giving out over 50,000 first doses a day (7 day average) right now, so when that rate drops to a quarter (12,500 first doses a day 7 day average) and anyone that wants a vax can get an appointment within a week at their nearest provider, then we can reasonably say everyone that wants it has had a reasonable opportunity to get it. So eight weeks from that point (6 week gap plus 2 weeks after second shot) would then be reasonable to move to the next strategy.

          With approval for 5 to 11 year olds likely coming in the November-ish timeframe, to me it looks like that reasonable "move on to the next strategy" date will be around March-ish next year.

          For the sake of our medical system and especially the frontline people in that system, I hope like hell we're at >85% when we get to that point, but I fear we will be quite short of that.

          But I doubt the government will be able to hold out that long against mounting pressure to open up.

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            I'm wary of a target like >85%.

            Fair enough Andre. >85% is aspirational and arbitrary, but I'm wary of setting a lower target. Imho setting a plausible if high target gives NZ a better chance of achieving what we need, but I could be wrong.

            There will no doubt be considerable pressure on the government to set a well defined target, and if they succumb to that pressure then there will be much debate as to whether that target is appropriate and/or achievable.

            We're all getting impatient – if setting a target makes a rod for the government's back, then maybe it's best not to set one at all, and just go with 'once everyone who wants to be is fully vaccinated' plus three weeks? Or:

            …until New Zealand is fully vaccinated.

  3. Herodotus 3

    Have a thought to our frontline workers, food banks, etc out there carrying a great load to enable us all to get thru this. But what happens when they are left burnt out and totally exhausted ? How will they beable to regather themselves rest up and for how long without the ability to rest up can they continue ? But in saying that I still give my thanks and when I see those in the park I say thanks and hope that something good happens to them today.

    • Foreign waka 3.1

      Don't worry, in reality not a lot of people really care about that until they are affected directly, i.e. hospital care. I am an essential worker and I can tell you from getting through this now the second time around the stress shows when the pressure comes off. This time is a bit different from the first one. Insofar as that the first time around I felt an urgency and a need to help everywhere. This time around, I do what I can and have reduced my hours so that I have time to recover. I was surprised how much this has affected my health, my energy levels and compassion. My last holiday was 2 years ago and I am not working from home. I am glad that I get letters about well being. Yep, that will do. But thank you for your kind words, it is appreciated.

    • Treetop 3.2

      I went for a walk yesterday around the perimeter of a supermarket. I was not impressed as I saw approx 50 masks in the car park and on the foot path and several rubber gloves. Supermarket workers are putting up with behaviour which disrespects how difficult their job has become. This can be said for other frontline workers as well. The volumes of people through a supermarket has probably increased due to other outlets being closed or contactless pick up.

      • Treetop 3.2.1

        I needed to be more clear about the masks and rubber gloves. They were discarded on the ground and people could walk on them.

  4. Foreign waka 4

    And 3 students fly around the country and "did not know or were not told" that they cannot do this. Please unsubscribe these idiots from any Uni and class because they seem to be illiterate, not ready for higher learning and certainly incapable of showing responsible behavior towards a whole nation. I for one have absolutely no patience left for people like that who endanger a whole population and come up with ridiculous excuses. They should be fined and send home.

  5. pat 5



    "Minister Shaw must now be squirming at the way he has lost control of the ETS steering levers. There will be serious discussions in coming weeks between the Minister and his officials as to how the Government can get back control of the levers"

    • Gypsy 5.1

      "The key event setting up the opportunity to make some big money occurred on 18 August when James Shaw in his role as Climate Change Minister advised that the minimum auction price for a NZU would rise to $39.32 by 2026, and the maximum price would rise to $115.10. These announcements removed much of the speculative risk and increased the potential for windfall profits. Also, the underlying message was clear that the Government was going to use the ETS to drive behaviours. It was all on!"

      "Ooops" is an understatementsmiley

    • Gypsy 5.2

      Hi Pat. You posted a question to me about housing affordability on another thread. My apologies I can't reply directly to that (no 'reply' link visible?), so i have replied at the end of that thread.

  6. Tricledrown 6

    We have Collins and Seymour rabbiting on about why the South Island should be at level 2 .

    We have to look across the ditch to see how easy Delta spreads .Truck drivers driving interstate delivering essential goods etc, We have the same possibilities here the whole country needs to be extra vigilant.

    Make no mistake our country is at War with Covid Delta to have politicians undermining scientific advice from our health officials for cheap political gain is tantamount to treason.

  7. Tricledrown 7

    Ironic robologic as the shunting train was driver less.i can sea where your coming from robologic

    • CrimzonGhost 7.1

      controlled by a remoteControl operator who was on autopilot LOL …he forgot Aratere not berthed due to vivid service withdrawal/reduction.

      [Changed your user name to the approved one. Please be more careful next time]

  8. gsays 8

    Excellent, that line has no pier.

  9. Ad 9

    Ahhh the joys of economic growth in a pandemic.

    Gross Domestic Product just loves all that taxpayer money spent shoring up massive disasters like COVID19.

    So how did Australia's economy grow in the middle of a pandemic?


    "The stronger than expected results came on the back of state government spending on hospitals, railways and roads, federal government vaccine stockpiling and households continuing their COVID-era cash splash on things like renovations."

    We'll get to a measure of our own as soon as Treasury does another quarterly update.

    Do we get to call that sick growth?

  10. Ad 10

    Minister of Racing Grant Robertson has come out with a warning for the Greyhound Racing industry that they are on notice of closure, and are essentially hiding all their worst practices:


    Personally I am with Chloe Swarbrick on this one. Close them all down.


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