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60 comments on “Open mike 05/05/2012”

  1. lprent 1

    Well that was ‘fun’. There was bug showing up last night that prevented new posts being added. I found a report in my e-mail this morning.

    Turned out that an update to a plugin interfered with the data for another plugin to mask the actual error (badddd… plugin). I had to pull both before the error stopped. The only way eventually to find it was to pull plugins one by one which eventually identified the problem one. Unfortunately it was crucial, so I then did a side by side comparison of yesterday’s backup data to identify the changed parameters. Fixed those. Pulled the actual offending plugin and started up.

    But while I had the site out for maintenance and because it was saturday, I upgraded the operating system, checked the logs, and fixed a few issues.

    • LynW 1.1

      Of course, what else would one do on a Saturday morning! Oh and thanks, this site is greatly appreciated. 🙂

      • lprent 1.1.1

        Yep. As soon as the coffee is done, I’m back off to bed. I’ll bet that your namesake is still up there, warm and ‘breathing heavily’. She has more sense than I do.

    • ianmac 1.2

      Great work 1prent. I bet you understand well the language that you use when bug hunting. 🙂 (“Bugs” were discussed this morning on Kim Hill with the claim that very early mechanical computers were prone to getting real bugs from say moths, stuck in the relays. No moths in your system though?)

  2. VeniVidiVici 2

    I would like to add another question:

    When will Robertson make his run to displace former UN bureaucrat Shearer as opposition leader ?

    [lprent: Off topic and a classic idiot troll diversion. I diverted to OpenMike in case anyone wants to play with dumb animals… ]

  3. Richard Prosser (NZ First list MP) on MP behaviour and ethics:

    Whilst there are, by definition and indeed of necessity, always going to be differences of opinion and philosophy in politics, it behoves us as Parliamentarians to play the ball and not the man (or woman), and to address such differences, and attempt to influence policy, through reasoned debate and by keeping an open mind, and above all by having regard to the wishes of the voting public and the best interests of the nation.

    While we may not agree with the views or positions of any particular Member or Party, it has to be remembered that most MPs enter Parliament with genuinely held beliefs and with honourable intentions, and we owe it to the future of our Parliamentary democracy to respect that fact.

    Beyond holding Members and Parties to account as regards their current and intended actions, and their present and past indications of character, we have a duty to be fair in our dealings, and to conduct our affairs in the dignified manner which the public has a right to expect.

    Sounds good to me. But will they do it? Maybe with enough public pressure.

    • Tigger 3.1

      So was Dunne was playing the ball when he tweeted that bitchy comment about the brains behind yesterday’s hikoi?

  4. Jim Nald 4

    One john’s “blind” trust
    (eg /key-attempts-misdirection-blind-trust-questions-remain-unanswered/)

    Another john’s “anonymous” donations
    (eg … and the latest …

  5. Luva 5

    I think we are starting to see the Shearer that will pull Labour back to a credible alternative government.

    He is ditching the stupid policies from 2011 that brought about Labour’s decimation.

    The idiotic policy to borrow for the Cullen fund showed the economic illiteracy of the Goff lead opposition. Labour has now seen the light and ditched that silly and damaging policy.

    It has gone the way of many of the other daft policies like paying working for families to people who don’t work.

    The more loony left policy they rid themselves off, the more they will rise in the polls.

    Well done Shearer.

    • Shaz 5.1

      Developing policy through the framing of the right isn’t any way to build a coherent progressive alternative.

      • Lanthanide 5.1.1

        Acknowledging when the right have overwhelmingly won the narrative, and then adjusting your policies to suit, is the sane thing to do.

        Not stick your head in the sand and advocate for something that is easily understood (and rejected) by the public, vis a vis borrowing money to invest in risky stockmarkets.

        • Shaz

          Oh yes let’s proceed like Goucho Marx – “these are our principles if you don’t like them we have others”. Surely Labour stands for more than just election.

          • OneTrack

            Not that I have noticed

          • Lanthanide

            I’m not sure if you noticed, but the Left was very close to winning the last election. Who knows, if Labour hadn’t had this stupid policy and their bone-headed move to expand “working for families” to beneficiaries (eg, people not actually ‘working’) then they might have just won instead. Then we wouldn’t be faced with asset sales, a realistic retirement age and $10b worth of white-elephant roads to nowhere.

            Small price to pay for a better future I think.

            • Draco T Bastard

              But you don’t get a brighter future catering to the RWNJs.

              • Lanthanide

                Labour wouldn’t be catering to the “RWNJs” and they would still have voted for Nactional anyway.

                Really Labour needed to be more like National, or much much less, instead they were stuck in a no-mans-land middle that the electorate didn’t want.

                I’ll note that Russell Norman has come out and praised Shearer for dropping the plan to borrow for the fund and during the election debates was teaming up with National and ACT to knock Goff for it. So I think portraying this as a “left-wing vs right-wing” thing isn’t entirely accurate: it’s more “stupid idea vs good idea”.

                • Draco T Bastard

                  Personally, I think they should drop the fund and move onto a realistic economy, ie, not capitalist free-market. As I’ve said before, saving money fails to save anything.

        • Bemoan Riot

          Labour need the balls to rewrite the narrative completely. Being National Lite does not make them relevant or increase their long term electability.

          Mimicking the policies of a party bereft of ideas just because it is the default option at the moment does not strike me as particularly “sane”.

    • mikesh 5.2

      It depends on how you look at it. “Borrowing to invest in stock markets” may sound loony, but “putting money aside to mitigate the effect of a future increase in pensions liabilities” sounds eminently sensible.

  6. Shaz 6

    Spotted this – and on the basis that memes are good and plagiarism has its uses 😉 is it time that the left here adopted Planet Key to capture the pleasant blandness which masks the nihilistic nastiness of brand Key.

  7. ghostwhowalksnz 7

    I see a new prison under construction by a ‘public private partnership’ ( they build it and lease it back) in Victoria is in deep financial trouble.
    Seems they cant build it for the price they quoted and the financial backers , the Commonwealth Bank dont want to pour more money in even though they are part of the consortium.

    It seems a rescue by the taxpayers is on the cards. Socialise the losses, privatise the profits ?

  8. ianmac 8

    Ah. But that was Australia man. In NZ we are squeaky clean and you can trust our Government to get it right, maybe. It is always the risk that once started budget blowouts are the responsibility of the tax payer. They couldn’t let a project fail.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 8.1

      Australia has been a graveyard for privately built and operated infrastructure.

      The cost problem is due to their more competitive building industry.
      Here in NZ Fletchers and the like have such big profit margins and very tight control of sub contractors and they own a big slice of the building supplies industry from cement plants to timber mills to aluminium windows fabrication.

  9. muzza 9

    The Arab Spring – the wave of uprisings that has toppled dictators from Yemen to Tunisia over the past 15 months – is opening up new opportunities for Burger Fuel & co

    This article is one of the worst I have ever read for its vulgarity, around the death of innocent people being exploited to make profit, via the imperialist war machine.

    The author easily ensured he gets in all the MSM talking points and stereotypes, while glorifying the overthrowing of “dictators” as if it is the wests right to do so!

    Through a Western lens, the Middle East tends to get framed as a violent, war-ravaged land populated by terrorists, Koran-bashing zealots and subjugated women.

    “So long as people are eating our burgers and our franchisees are making money, we’ve got a viable model,” Roberts says.

    Flouting local cultural laws is no problem either for this cowboy

    “Roberts says BurgerFuel tries to create a nightclub-style atmosphere as much as it can in Saudi Arabia. They even play music, despite the fact it’s banned by the authorities”

    If I were Burger Fuel, I would distance myself from this septic article, which is simple nothing more than the musing of an ignorant writer, playing mouthpice for a cause which is like the worst plague the world has ever seen, bare faced capitalist exploitation!

    • ghostwhowalksnz 9.1

      Distance itself ? Its probably ghost written by BF !
      The Herald goes to Tunisia ….. dont make me laugh

      I smell an IPO on the cards and this is part of a classic pump for a possible share float

      • muzza 9.1.1

        Yeah I thought about the ghost writing option, because it was so full of bravado, and promotion, and in large parts a stroke session….

        Still a truly awful piece of writing, and one which should bring shame to whoever wrote it. I was to cuss the NZH for printing it, but its now their style of “reporting”, has been for a long time now, so it would be unrealistic of me to expect anything more than shit like that!

    • Vicky32 9.2

      If I were Burger Fuel, I would distance myself from this septic article, which is simple nothing more than the musing of an ignorant writer, playing mouthpice for a cause which is like the worst plague the world has ever seen, bare faced capitalist exploitation!


  10. logie97 10

    Stuff today quotes … “Labour leader David Shearer has reiterated his call for Mr Key to act, adding if he was prime minister he would “absolutely” stand Mr Banks down.”
    One cynic would say that Shearer has at last come off the fence over an issue. Another cynic might say that Shearer would never have got into bed with ACT in the first place.

  11. Johnm 11

    At the risk of being labelled a doom and gloom scaremonger, Fukushima is becoming the worst environmental disaster in human history to date. A Kyoto Nuclear professor is saying that : “There is no longer any such thing as clean and safe food ” after radiation from Fukushima has spread around the Planet- People who advocated Nuclear Energy should be made to eat the contaminated food. He is also recommending (He’s 100% Serious!) that all food should be monitored in Japan so that their children are given the least contaminated food.


    Japan needs Worldwide assistance to be given to cope with this dire situation.

    • muzza 11.1

      “At the risk of being labelled a doom and gloom scaremonger,” –

      —Why would you open your very informative comment, with an apology for bringing into this forum, what the MSM abanonded under instruction a long time ago..

      Never apologize for providing throught provoking information, because some people might not be able to handle the details, or , as is that case of many on this site, try to one up other posters, or just flat out ridicule them.

      Keep at it JohnM, the debate has to be kept on the table!

    • Foreign Waka 11.2

      I am always astounded how long the distribution of news take. The northern half of this globe had this information for quite a while now. Is there a deliberate neglect to tell people about one of the worst global disasters in recent times concerning the contamination of the seas and its fish stock? This is not a localized issue, but global. And this genie will take thousand of years to get back in to the bottle.

      • muzza 11.2.1

        “Is there a deliberate neglect to tell people about one of the worst global disasters in recent times concerning the contamination of the seas and its fish stock? ”

        — Yes FW, that is exactly what it is. Deliberate decisions have been taken in media empires, to drop coverage of Fukushima. The best way to think about the global mainstream media, is to view them as the propganda arm of the corporations that run this planet. The aim is to control the information flows, shape public opinion, and basically control the minds of people through narrative manipulation, among other techniques.
        The internet has opened up new communication channels for information, which is why there is a concerted effort to “shape the narrative”, that the internet is unsafe, insecure, because it is unregulated etc. The attacks seen against the net are little more than the same corportions attempting to seize back control of information flows served by the current internet format.
        Of course more information, does not always equal better information, however what it provides is platforms where people are able to gather multiple sources on a given topic to evaluate, hence becoming able to form opinions and the like having absorbed information from as many angles as desired.

        As long as there is nuclear anything, be it weapons, power etc, there is little chance that humanity will not at some stage, have a very serious problem…In no way is that to demean any past or current nuclear event, be it dropping of bombs, submarine sinkings or reactor meltdowns…You can also include the dropping of depleted uranium across swaths of the worlds war zones into the toxic mix, for where land/water will not be , or should not be populated.

        • Foreign Wake

          Considering the dumping of nuclear waste into the Atlantic (and God knows where else) this is now adding to the nuclear problem. NZ has been light years ahead in the 80’s to not share this madness.

    • Johnm 11.3

      Further information to the above. Here is a comprehensive coverage of Fukushima:

      “This ongoing saga at Fukushima is one of the biggest news stories of this century. We are talking about multiple self-sustaining nuclear meltdowns that will not be fully contained for years. In an attempt to keep people calm, authorities in Japan (and around the rest of the world as well) have lied and lied and lied. Most analysts are finally acknowledging that this is the worst nuclear disaster in history. Newly released neutron data from three University of California San Diego scientists confirms that the disaster continues to contaminate the surrounding environment and upper atmosphere with large doses of radioactivity.”

      Note: “In an attempt to keep people calm, authorities in Japan (and around the rest of the world as well) have lied and lied and lied.”


      “Containing this disaster is beyond the abilities of Tokyo Electric or the Japanese government. There is no reason to incur further unnecessary risk. With all needed resources, it’s time for the world’s best scientists and engineers to take charge. Even then the outcome is unclear.”

      • Foreign Wake 11.3.1

        Depressing, wonder whether NZ is testing the import cars and/or food from the sea.

        • Treetop

          Heard this on the radio in the last week. Mutton birds migrate to NZ for mating (Stewart Island) from a place near Fukushima and the numbers are a third less. I do not know if there will be genetic defects due to environmental radiation this year or next year in the mutton birds.

      • Clashman 11.3.2

        We are fucked!

        • Jenny

          Japan closes all Nuclear plants.

          Let us just hope that global disaster is not upon us before we decide to act to close the coal plants.

          Thousands celebrate as Japan’s last operating Nuclear Power plant shuts down.

          Before the Fukushima disaster, in Japan Nuclear energy accounted for 30% of electricity generated. The same ratio for fossil fuel generation in this country. That figure has now been reduced to zero. And so far no negative affects.

          After last year’s March 11 quake and tsunami set off meltdowns at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, no reactor stopped for checkups has restarted amid growing public worries about the safety of nuclear technology.
          “Today is a historical day,” shouted Masashi Ishikawa to a crowd gathered at a Tokyo park, some holding traditional Koinobori carp-shaped banners for Children’s Day that have grown into a symbol of the anti-nuclear movement.

          “There are so many nuclear plants, but not a single one will be up and running today, and that’s because of our efforts,” Ishikawa said.

          The crowd at the anti-nuclear rally, estimated at 5,500 by organisers, shrugged off government warnings about a power shortage. If anything, they said, with all the reactors going offline one by one, it was clear the nation didn’t really need nuclear power.

          Whether Japan will suffer a sharp power crunch is still unclear.

          Electricity shortage is expected only at peak periods, such as the middle of the day in hot weather, and critics of nuclear power say the proponents are exaggerating the consequences to win public approval to restart reactors.

          Hokkaido Electric Power Company spokesman Kohei Ofusa said Saturday’s shutdown was going ahead as planned. Power generation is gradually being turned down from 5pm with all operation ending at 11pm, he said.

          Yoko Kataoka, a retired baker and grandmother, who was dancing to the music at the rally waving a small paper Koinobori, said she was happy the reactors were going off.

          “Let’s leave an earth where our children and grandchildren can all play without worries,” she said, wearing a shirt that had, “No thank you, nukes,” handwritten in the back

          • Lanthanide

            A lot of people seemed to get the impression that Japan have shut down their plants for good, or something?

            Actually the plants were (and will be) regularly shut down for maintenance, changing out fuel etc. Since the earthquake/tsunami, they took a number of them offline quickly and then the remaining ones that were operating, when they were shut down for their regular maintenance they went under much stricter and more thorough inspections before being allowed to start back up again.

            Japan only has 0 nuclear reactors running at present because some of the maintenance has been extended on some of the plants. But they will be back up and running within the year.

  12. Draco T Bastard 12

    Good article over on Diane Revoluta:-

    More repugnant than his words is his manner. Key laughs and smirks as he dismisses this protest – the angry, desperate voices of thousands of the people he represents demanding answers. When around 10’000 people protest over your actions in the space of a week, you know about it. And if you don’t, if you’re not ‘aware of it’ and you show a complete lack of interest in being made aware of it, you are positioning yourself as a leader content on acting without the support of the people and without even the respect to listen to their grievances. The image of that hardened face, scornful smirk and that disdainful laugh are not images of democratic governance.

    There is something rotten in NZ and it’s the ongoing corruption of our democratic process.

    • Anthony 12.1


    • ianmac 12.2

      A very pertinent item thanks Draco. Diane identifies the incredible unwillingness of Key to front up as part of his job as PM. His response to different points of view is disturbing in a democracy. I have a strong feeling that Key, Joyce and English regard most of the population as mugs and treat us with a sneer and underlying contempt. A sort of, “Take that suckers!”

    • Molly Polly 12.3

      Could not agree more. Thank you Diane for writing about this fiasco in a measured and intelligent way. When I watched TV One news last night I was gobsmacked by Key’s audacity, his jokey loathsomeness of ordinary Kiwis, his giggling about a serious issue – on prime time tv! This clip should be used over, and over again. This is the true face of Key and what a nasty, nasty piece of work he is.

      • Draco T Bastard 12.3.1

        This clip should be used over, and over again.

        And thus it has been.

        • Molly Polly


        • Treetop

          A follow up clip claiming Key says he has a mandate for asset sales with poll results. Key just may get it, how serious the public is in being against asset sales.

          The word pathetic is how I sum up Key’s response in the clip you provided.

    • muzza 12.4

      Nice link B

      When will folk accept that Key is a plant, he ihas been moved into position to do the job he is doing. There is no other explanation for the way he reacts, because he has no choice in his reaction, there is nothing else he can offer, because there is only one plan!

      What happens once our so called democracy becomes unworkable, where will people look for direction? Will they seek it amongst themselves, or will they seek it from an external source…

      What is sure, is that is we are witnessing a deep sabotage to our country, by people who claim to be “one of us”!

      • Tigger 12.4.1

        This is a stunning piece of writing. I can so see Key being as dismissive of protestors back in 1981, when he couldn’t remember where he stood on the tour. He doesn’t rate any of us who’ve had to fight to win what we believe in, he never will.

        This sociopathic inability to empathize will be his downfall. Eventually. Not tomorrow perhaps, but your time will come, John.

  13. Anthony 13

    NZ is about one month from becoming a third word country with out the survival knowhow.
    Its really too bad to even talk about.. I mean come-on people does anyone have a brain.

    Can’t complain without a solution so:>

    Outlaw Prostitution again

    Sell South Island to Europe for about 10 Trillion Dollars

    Outsource, Hospitals to Australia to Manage.

    Turn Hamilton into the Capital.

    Remove the Resource Management Act, Building Act and remove Income Tax.

    Sell most the Tertiary training Schools.

    Create common Currency with Australia, allow domestic travel between country’s without passport.

    Outsource some Government services to Australia.

    Instigate many of Roger Douglas’s economic policies.

    Removed safety standards on allot of things allow them to be managed by private insurance companies.

    Such as Car standard allowing cheaper NIV electric cars to be imported.

    Sell the All Blacks or stop putting in Tax payer money to them

    Ask some questions of the Alcohol companies and ask them to insure against harm to their customers and pay for all societal costs involved with Alcohol.

    Start Teaching French/ Spanish language along side English

    Put some real money into Child services, the Sick and Disabled.

    Have a national Shame Day once a year for how sick and disgusting New Zealand become 2000 to now…

    Uphold Advertising standards, and contract law.

  14. Anthony 14

    Fuck this enumerated spastic piece of turn Government.

    And their evil wank head bum fart dirty shit smelling dog licking tactics.

    Whats wrong with this spastic double poo people of this country if we can’t get angry with these people.

    How completely spastic does it need to get… NZ is about one month from becoming a third word country with out the survival knowhow.

    • ianmac 14.1

      If you tried really really hard Anthony, I am sure you could make a point without all the gratuitous unpleasant language. If you had a point?

  15. Anthony 16

    Time to take my country back! By the power of Jesus Christ move on evil! For the Lord has declared that evil will not own New Zealand

  16. Anthony 17

    Move on Goverment, no time for relaxing, or waxing. Sounding a saxing. Geronimo and Hallelujah. Peaches and Apples Pies and Cakes, Crandmas and Kites. Letters and Flights.. Eggs and Jam Pavalova and Ham. Time for a Brighter future.

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