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82 comments on “Open Mike 10/11/2016”

  1. miravox 3

    The 9th was the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. How times have changed from what that act stood for.

    • b waghorn 3.1

      we haven’t gone backwards though ,we are just going in the endless loop of the greedy grabbing as much as they can till a circuit breaker pops up and at some point a lot of killing goes on , then we start again

      • miravox 3.1.1

        Yeah, I think about it in similar terms. Hoping that the loop is less variable over time so the circuit breaker is not quite so extreme.

        But the list of troubling leaders across the globe is becoming quite alarming.

  2. Richard Rawshark 4

    I love what Trump meant, not so much the actual bloke.

    Today is the first day. pollsters media and neolib governments are finally doing some inner reflection.
    Those who had no voice for so long have finally been heard over the racket of the clicky elite.

    It is a glorious day.. may the rebellion triumph of the evil empire.

    Darth Neolib has taken a hit.

    I noted the shock of the rich as they just do not get it,, it’s fucking hilarious in a you dumb sad bastards kind of way.

    Oprah Winfrey net worth 3.2 billion

    your average machine shop worker, juggling bills.

    I know who works harder, and it’s not the lady sitting on the couch.

    • The lost sheep 4.1

      You don’t get it do you Richard?
      The ‘voices’ that have just been heard have given complete control of the most powerful Country on Earth to an Uber-Capitalist 1%er and the Republican Party.

      Have a wee think about what that means?
      Do you really think Trump and the Republican’s are going to create a revolution that will harm the interests of Capitailists and the RW elite?

      • Richard Rawshark 4.1.1

        You and I have no idea, we will have to wait and see, however, telling the American manufacturing industry if they take any more of their business manufacturing to cheap labour force countries he will slap on a 35% tariff is a damn good start..

        I appreciate your outlook on things, not saying your wrong, just lets see what he does, I suspect your right, but I am waiting with an open mind for now.

      • Draco T Bastard 4.1.2

        Do you really think Trump and the Republican’s are going to create a revolution that will harm the interests of Capitailists and the RW elite?

        Nope. But, IMO, what they will do to the US and the world is what will ignite the spark that will, finally, eliminate capitalism.

        • Psycho Milt

          Communists always like it when the fascists win, because it will supposedly make people so miserable they’ll revolt. Tip: it doesn’t.

          • Draco T Bastard

            Always has done before. Sure, it may take a while, but it will happen.

          • Richard Rawshark

            PM that’s crap. taken literally it’s just total unadulterated crap.\

            Your whole statement is ..unbelievable crap.

            Yes the Germans voted in a fascist Hitler in hope they would then be so hard done by and revolt and go communist.., I see, it all makes perfect sense, how could I be so blind.

            • Psycho Milt

              How indeed? If you trouble yourself to read what happened, the German Communist Party under Thaellmann helped Hitler gain power, calling the mainstream left Social Democratic Party the “social fascists” and coining the motto “After Hitler, us,” on the basis that Hitler would create such upheaval the revolution would be more likely than under the SPD.

              To be fair, he was partly right – after Hitler did come the communists, in eastern Germany at least. It wasn’t an improvement.

              • Richard Rawshark

                At my age which judging by this knowledge you must be near too, that’s not what I learned, was this ONE communist party, because the brown shirts regularaly had fights with the communists, in fact they would go into their drinking establishments(halls) and meeting and beat the crap out of them.. were there more than one communist party?

              • Rob

                Really Psyco Milt “It wasn’t an improvement” , wow, that has to be the most serious understatement of the last centuar. So even with mass central political manipulation, control and seperation, it appears that the governing rule did not work for the populations good health and propserity in general . Who would have thunk it. My goodness.

  3. Richard Rawshark 6

    M<ore this, this morning I think, the lead singer I thought was the same guy in your music link almost same voice, though more obvious in his other songs..

    but this is how I feel.

    • inspider 6.1

      I kept looking for Stonehenge to descend or the drummer explode when I saw this lot

      • Richard Rawshark 6.1.1

        Ruby Starr, RIP, she was one of my first crushes.

        Noah hired them for entertainment on the ark, little before Stonehenge mate. 🙂

  4. DH 7

    Just when I think the NZ media has sunk to it’s lowest level I read pap like this…

    “Claire Trevett: Lesson for all parties – It pays to check the numbers”

    Note the snide remark at the end…

    “Labour’s team will be calculating likelihood ratios on a list of American-sounding surnames for phase two in its campaign to save the New Zealand first-home buyer.”

    When it comes to the media Labour seem damned if they do and damned if they don’t. When they complain about this sort of behaviour they get pilloried and if they don’t complain they still get hammered anyway.

    • ianmac 7.1

      Claire Trevett is just plain spiteful.

      • DH 7.1.1

        Yeah but that article was written by her as an employee of the Herald, I’d think she’s the monkey not the organ grinder.

    • Chuck 7.2

      Its a own goal DH…

      Trevett sums it up pretty well:

      “So the surprise was that Labour put itself in a position to be questioned over its costings at all. The whole brouhaha could have been avoided by simply including the relevant assumptions in the material distributed.”

      Had a good laugh about the American sounding surnames dig 🙂

      • DH 7.2.1

        “Had a good laugh about the American sounding surnames dig”

        Sure you did Chuck, or should I say Chuckee. Now bugger off and mind your own business.

        • Chuck

          “Sure you did Chuck, or should I say Chuckee. Now bugger off and mind your own business.”

          Yes Sir or Mama!!…how dare I interrupt your moment of denial.

      • Richard Rawshark 7.2.2

        “Trevett sums it up pretty well: ”

        That would earn you a lifetime ban in my little tiny world of little importance.

        trevett gets a whole newspaper to make her excuses and defence will she or the Herald offer the same to Andrew?

        nah didn’t think so..

        I see you avoided the part where she slapped Bennet. you really are a piece of turd Chuck up.

        • Chuck

          “I see you avoided the part where she slapped Bennet. you really are a piece of turd Chuck up.”

          Morning Richard, weren’t you banging on that the Herald never pulls up National on there stuff ups?

          How do you explain the Bennet slap then mate?

          • Richard Rawshark

            Got a cite, apart from her reference to some, Imaginary grilling apparently.

            and when I use the term imaginary it’s in the if any critic was made, it will have been short brief and hidden fast.. 1 article to justify 10 anti labour, and you my big runny dog shit, will just start talking absolute shite in a weak assed attempt to get a hard on for the day..

            You are the king of tools boy. Or the last turd that landed in the long drop.

            /digs are fun, fire away.

            • Chuck

              You can always be counted on for a colourful reply Richard!

              But however you are wrong.

              • Richard Rawshark

                So no cite, as usual you lay a claim and cannot back it up, with not only evidence, but good evidence or multiple cites to show any fairness whatsoever, you were also asked yesterday to prove something and you, never did, is this a regular kind of way you debate stuff.

                John keys a kiddie fiddler.., when you ask for evidence I shall never reply.

                and i’m hurt, I gave you a good lead in to a dig back and you passed, that hurts me more, you know!!!

            • james

              Love how you ask for a citation – but when you get asked to cite something you commented on – you had to admit you made it up (poll results).

              • Richard Rawshark

                A … …… can’t be arse James, you argue like a 2 year old, you knew I made those up, are you now going to use a made up poll I stated clearly I made up to trick you and then claim I was being truthful and got caught making things up..

                That’s a new height of stupid right there, all of 2 microns in statute.

                quite, childish, even for you kid.

                Ok LOL I remember it now, bleating on about polls when the RM poll came out, slagging labour off for polling 35 I think it was, so I got fucked off and went there’s a new poll out, National are the 31% and you dropped your jaw and got all what really…shock horror.

                and you all wanted cites(well you and PR)

                oH yes that was an awesum burn..

      • framu 7.2.3

        trevett is openly partisan – it doesnt matter what labour does or doesnt do

        shes not making any actual comment other than “im anti labour, regardless”

    • Richard Rawshark 7.3

      I wrote back in the reply part asking if she will extend the curtesy of reply to Andrew, I would hope others can support me by going to the Herald, reading Clare’s piece and ask her the same, if you agree he should be allowed to explain.

      The points I noticed, she distances herself from it, and she was directly involved, and does not name the reporter.. It a butt cover job IMHO.

      here’s the link again

      • DH 7.3.1

        IMO you’re wasting your time there Richard. You’re not talking to Trevett when you write in, you’re talking to the Herald. Online comments to opinion pieces go to a moderator who presumably acts under instructions as to what gets posted, when and in what order.

        When the comments are vociferous in defence of Labour the Herald has had a practice of waiting for days before they post the comments, if they post them at all. By then the article will have fallen way down the list and no-one will see or read the replies except those who made them.

        • Richard Rawshark

          I know DH

          And now they want everyone to see it, as they have put a MUST READ on it.

          Clare’s not happy she’s thrown any criticism outwards and deflected it externally, her integrity was questioned and she cannot look inwards at her shortcomings, she will be ten times worse now, than we ever imagined.

          i’d almost put out and declare that as fact, well 85% chance to be what happens.

          • DH

            I’m more inclined to thinking she just does what she’s told. It’s labelled an opinion piece but one has to ask whether it’s her opinion or her bosses. Herald employees don’t exactly have the freedom to say what they like in the Herald, I’d expect her articles to be vetted by more senior editors and printed only when they meet approval.

            I think there’s also a power play; the mainstream media trying to tell politicians who’s really in charge. The message there is that if they criticise the media then the media has the means to destroy their political careers.

  5. Kevin 8

    The good news just keeps coming.

    Pretty sure that speech would have been completely different had Clinton won.

  6. gsays 9

    is vicky letele still in prison?
    if so, why?

    is that the sound of a heartless justice minister, being reluctantly dragged to a compassionate position?

  7. Richard Rawshark 10

    anyone checked on Farrar this morning… how’s his.. polling going.

    I get the feeling the US ambassador won’t be inviting him, to any more functions.

    • Richard Rawshark 12.1

      When I see that I feel like getting out the baseball bat and clubbing me some skinheads.. grrr

      • Morrissey 12.1.1

        Not a recommended course of action, Richard! They can get really ugly….

        • Richard Rawshark

          They already are, rearranging their faces will make them more, publically appealing.

        • Richard Rawshark

          Don’t like racists M , sorry about the threatening language it was a joke, of sorts, or wishful thinking.

  8. Olwyn 13

    To a moderator: I am going into automatic moderation whether I am logged in or not. For a while my comments went through OK if I was logged in, but that is no longer the case.

    [Thanks Olwyn. It’s been happening to a few people. I’ll drop a note in the back end – weka]

    • Olwyn 13.1

      Thanks Weka 🙂 And thanks also for your excellent organisation of US election commentary.

      • Molly 13.1.1

        Weka – thanks from me too, for your moderation skill and the idea and implementation of the separate US election post.

  9. Molly 14

    V8 supercars are starting their “Feed Me Seymour” bleat to get more funding from ATEED.

    About time we stopped subsidising this fossil-fuelled sport with ratepayers money.

    (Actually, ’bout time we stopped it altogether).

    • Richard Rawshark 14.1

      They burn alcohol in race cars I thought? Drags they do.

      If not, I like motor sports, rallying etc, they should if they don’t.

      There more than one road to travel to get to your destination, the quickest route is not always the best.

      • Molly 14.1.1

        I’m not much of a petrolhead Richard, so I’ll make the assumption that you are right.

        IIRC – $10-14 million so far from ATEED, and a couple of million from Stephen Joyce. The initial payments were approved during closed meetings and without meeting council guidelines for investment.

        This is not pocket change, and could be spent actually providing for a larger group than a private company, whose primary reason is not social or progressive for society in any way.

        The government financial encouragement of this sport – to me – is not a move in the right direction.

        This is low-hanging fruit – in the discussion of transition – and we are still not picking it.

        • Richard Rawshark

          Oh , not on tax payer money, not for petrol heads, and i’m not one. Just an average male who had a beat up old valiant as a kid, and thought he was shit hot. 🙂

          I was just pointing out as an ecological things they could use alcohols.

          No Joyce can keep his cheque book firmly where it is until I see everyone warm dry and with a roof over their head, a good job if they wish and a take home pay worthy of the effort they put in.

          Not much, I have a dream.. and giving money to rich pricks with million dollar sports cars isn’t one of them.

  10. Richard Rawshark 16

    Why we get a bad name, we say things like ban this ban that in some stupid ecological over the top manner..

    If we ban everything that’s bad..we should just nuke the planet and be done with it.

    How about less, god dang over the top bullshit ourselves huh.

  11. Richard Rawshark 17

    Well since everyone’s thanking Weka for his efforts over the last few days I just thought i’d pipe in and thank him as well

    For yelling at me for not using the reply button and, picking on me and my weight constantly, the four donuts I left in the staff fridge he swiped, and for syphoning my car so he could get to last orders at the pub.

    Weka YOU …, suck.

    Or as translated from Albanian Good job .. Budalah


    • Richard Rawshark 17.1

      then finds out Weka is a lady, re reads this..


      please ignore the hims and the suck bit.

      But still 4 donuts!!

  12. Richard Rawshark 18

    The ultimate horror, John Key calling on Murray McCully to urgently advise him on how to deal with the TPP and Trump.

  13. Richard Rawshark 19

    More bad news i’m afraid

    This folks is your future tv3 entertainment for the coming year, and I think I lost 10 IQ points just reading the list.

    7 Days: The comedy show that delivers TV3’s biggest ratings is back for a 9th year. Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood and Paul Ego will be back on Friday nights, alongside a line-up of NZ’s biggest comedians.

    Jono and Ben: With more pranks, laughs and great guests, Jono and Ben (and friends) will be back for an hour-long weekly show.

    Family Feud: Hosted by Dai Henwood, Family Feud features Kiwi families competing for the chance to win cash and prizes by guessing the most popular answers.

    Westside: The West family saga continues. In this third season, Ted and Rita West return and Wolf meets a young Cheryl.

    Grand Designs New Zealand: Host Chris Moller follows Kiwis in their pursuit of extravagant dream homes and architectural brilliance.

    Lost & Found: The emotional local series returns, reuniting families and uncovering cultural identities.

    Fail Army: Presented by Kiwi comedians Joseph Moore and Guy Montgomery, Fail Army features pranks and compilations of the web’s best fails.

    TV3 will also be bringing back some international favourites, including:

    The Block Australia: Back for a 12th series with the biggest renovation ever attempted. Five couples will try to convert an old soap factory in the Port of Melbourne into five supersized luxury apartments.

    The Graham Norton Show: From his couch to yours, every Friday night with A-list celebrity guests and some funny red chair moments.

    Humans: In a future where robots have become normalised, this thriller explores the unintended consequences of a series of robots who have obtained consciousness.

    Grand Designs UK: Grand Designs UK sees host Kevin McCloud follow self-builders in search of outstanding architecture.

    Live at the Apollo: Some of the best UK comedians performing live at London’s Hammersmith Apollo theatre.

    SVU: The New York Special Victims Unit continues to take on the toughest crimes, in a hard-hitting and emotional drama.

    NCIS: America’s number one rating drama is back for another season of all new crimes and cases for the NCIS team to solve.

    NCIS: LA: The successful spin-off of NCIS starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.
    The Blacklist: James Spader stars as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a most-wanted fugitive who works with the FBI to take down criminals and terrorists.

    Married At First Sight Australia: The controversial social experiment gets supersized in this season, with ten couples meeting at the altar on their wedding day.

    Wanted: The second instalment of this event drama finds Rebecca Gibney on the run in our very own backyard.

    Chicago Med: The show features the day-to-day chaos of Chicago’s newest state-of-the-art trauma centre and the lives of the doctors, nurses and staff who hold it all together.

    Hawaii Five-O: Follows the detectives who are part of an elite task force working to eliminate crime on the beaches of the Aloha state.

    Beach Cops: This observational series follows the cops who operate along Sydney’s Northern beaches.

    New TV3 shows announced today include:

    Hyde & Seek: This trans-Tasman thriller tells the story of Detective Gary Hyde who, while investigating the murder of his best friend, uncovers a criminal conspiracy which leads to a man-hunt across Australia and New Zealand.

    This Time Next Year: In a TV first, this series delivers an array of real-life transformations that have taken twelve months for the participants, but are revealed in an instant for the studio audience – from losing half their body weight, to finding love or even becoming a parent.

    Hamish & Andy: The radio and TV funny men return to TV3’s screens with an all-new format.

    The New Celebrity Apprentice: Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over the Boardroom when 16 celebrities compete for their favourite charities. Advising Schwarzenegger will be world-class business minds, including Steve Ballmer, Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba and Warren

  14. Richard Rawshark 20

    I accuse this government of failing to hold up to it’s social responsibilities

    If this doesn’t upset you, there is something wrong with you.

    “A new report has revealed more than 500 patients suffered from medical failures in the 12 months to June – including a delayed caesarean delivery, which contributed to a baby’s death.”—report-2016111011

    • greywarshark 20.1

      A significant number of people have gone blind while waiting for necessary eye surgery that would probably have enabled them to retain some vision. Forgotten where but its a serious blow to go blind halfway through life and have to adapt to that.

      • Richard Rawshark 20.1.1

        Mate, I seriously consider a big post on it and the state of the health system.

        My eyes can’t see anything clearly, I am getting no mental health support for my bi-polar, everytime I go to the dr’s they give me a few minutes cover one thing and move on to the next person cha ching, I now have multiple issues compounding my health and I cannot at all get any time to get through it, I even booked a double appointment once, still multiple health problems.

        I expect the CAT team out today.. I saw the Dr last night he freaked out, never got past anything else wrong atm. I had a full on episode on Tuesday I think, it was hazy, but what I If I told you, you would be horrified, but I have no sense of reality in those moments.

        When the CAT team arrives, I am making a stand, you may see me on the news.

        • greywarshark

          Richard Rawshark
          I hope you are back to being level-headed at the moment. If you write down all your problems while you are able to think straight and put the numbered list where you can get it when you go to see the doc you might be able to get better attention. And prioritise with the most pressing problem at the top. And take a copy so you know what you wrote and can tick off things as they get attended to.
          Have you an idea of what help would be most useful to you? All the best. And remember the doc is probably doing his or her best. Try thanking them and saying you will try the advice, and let them know if it isn’t working so you can do something else.

  15. Herodotus 21

    reserve bank lowers the OCR for what ??
    Morgages are not being reduced or effects on the NZ$
    Within minutes of the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates the BNZ contacted media to warn that none of the cuts would be reflected in the rates it offered customers.
    Despite being motivated by a belief from the Reserve Bank that the dollar needs to be weakened, the markets reacted by pushing up the kiwi dollar by around half a cent against the US dollar.

  16. Puckish Rogue 22

    “Among the 500 groups absurdly praising Venezuela’s alleged human rights accomplishments include the Bolivian Baseball Association, the Cuban Federation of Canine Sports, and the ‘Association for Obvious Things,’ a group in Slovenia that hailed Venezuela’s record on combating hunger,” said the UN Watch report.

    “Association for Obvious Things” – Brilliant 🙂

  17. greywarshark 23

    On a British newspaper in the supermarket. An attractive woman Priti Patel
    is announcing that much of the foreign aid given to Third World Countries is being rorted and She Is Going to Sort Them Out. She also pushed Brexit – wants to link aid to encouraging trade. That would be good if Britain would take goods made by villages as they try to earn to improve their infrastructure. But is that too practical and grassroots.

    The ten most corrupt countries are all going to receive large cuts except North Korea, which got nothing anyway. But most of the countries are ones that have been at war.
    Perhaps they could do with some more practical help than they have been getting at triple the value to the people. Going from 2.7 billion pounds to about 400 million pounds in a year.

  18. weka 24

    [In order to keep Open Mike and Daily Review free for other conversations, please put all discussion, comments, link postings etc about the US election under one of the posts about the Election – weka]

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