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Open mike 14/04/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 14th, 2021 - 68 comments
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68 comments on “Open mike 14/04/2021 ”

    • Sanctuary 1.1

      Eric Crampton is a right wing stooge who once wrote a piece in support of child labouras a pure market solution, he is regularly trotted out as the “reasonable” face of free market extremism. It is interesting how the neolibs are racting with spluttering outrage at the end of the vice like grip of their failed ideology on the government. The whole purpose of a state owned bank is to give a tool to the government to enact policy.

      You've got Richard Prebble in full supply side fanaticism mode in the Herald as well, though his nonsense is at least behind the paywall. The funny thing his, he ends by quoting some long dead supply side purist I'd never heard of and Ludwig von Mises, an extremist libertarian. Oh, for the Herald to publish a piece from a long retired Soviet state official that ended by approvingly quoting Marx! because that is how extreme Prebble. Amazing that such libertarian/Chicago school fanatics managed to get to be at the heart of our government.

      I also see the MSM have switched from nit picking the MIQ response to nit picking the covid vaccination roll out. None of it matters. Like the opposition on covid they've long overstayed their welcome and the public no longer looks to the print media in particular for much.

      • Stuart Munro 1.1.1

        Amazing that such libertarian/Chicago school fanatics managed to get to be at the heart of our government.

        The managed it because we had no mechanism to prevent them usurping the system.

        • Tricledrown

          Chicago school economics is designed to keep the poor poorerl and the rich richer.

          It was an anti communist /Socialist propaganda unit of the CIA.

          All of the economic theories pushed by Friedman have been proved not to work in the real world.

          Every country and major trading block have resorted to protectionism,money printing,etc .From trade restrictions,subsidies,Corporate welfare etc.

          Smaller countries have Bourne the brunt of the Chicago school monetarist ideology .Those countries who have adopted these policies have more poverty especially child poverty.

        • McFlock

          Very interesting how they did it. ISTR.

          Started with getting civil servants and opposition (Labour) MPs. But one of the first moves in government was to remove any economic advice within ministries as they allegedly duplicated Treasury's role. Then when Treasury was coming out with the really insane shit later on, there was no internal ministry advice standing up for each sector.

          • Stuart Munro

            I'd quite like to see us adopt the Chilean reform process – they sent the 'Chicago Boys' to jail – where they belong. Just like any other fraudsters.

  1. Jenny How to get there 2

    Joke for the day.

    Journalist: You are a scientist, what are you studying?

    Scientist: I am studying quantum physics.

    Journalist: So you are studying and simultaneously not studying quantum physics?

    Scientist: Quantum physics is a bit more complicated than that.

    Journalist: Quantum physics, is it complicated and simultaneously not complicated?

    Scientist: Can we stop this joke now?

    Journalist: Yes. But also simultaneously, No.

  2. KSaysHi 3

    Gates has finally gone off the deep end, his crazy out there on display.

    • KSaysHi 3.1

      Someone quoted Sagan in the comments

      “It is suicidal to create a society dependent on science and technology in which hardly anybody knows anything about the science and technology" Carl Sagan

    • Sabine 3.2

      already done by the Mr. Burns

    • joe90 3.3

      I doubt it's Gates displaying his crazy.


    • Tricledrown 3.4

      Conspiracy theories are mainstream on Fox News Bill Gates being a target because of his philanthropy.

      Listening to the above commentary millions of tonnes or tons of fine calcium carbonate particles would need to be dropped by planes into the upper atmosphere. .NASA has been researching similar ideas to slow global warming.its not a conspiracy but valid research that Carlson is demonizing gaslighting for his cult followers to divide the US for the benefit of Trump/Murdoch power grab.

      Then Tucker Carlson's elongated character assassination of Bill Gates mimicking Qanon conspiracies.

      Looking at Tucker Carlson's record he is pushing far right racism and Qanon conspiracies.

    • Tricledrown 3.5

      Ksayshi Michael Shellenberger and Nordhause founders of the Breakthrough institute funded by the natural gas ,shale oil,and the Nuclear power industry.Fox spews for trusted honest news when they are giving oxygen to conspiracy theories to divide people.

      People who get sucked into conspiracy theories refuse to look outside their blinkered Silos

    • McFlock 3.6

      Gates' crazy is on display? I couldn't get past minute one.

      Tucker Carlson is one of the reasons carbon control is lost as an option independently sufficient for mitigating climate change. Screw that guy.

  3. Sabine 4

    i urge everyone to read this, just for a little laugh and remember that charity always beings with oneself first.


    down the rabbit hole


    At the end of the day its all legal, and what is a seven million dollar tax bill when you get nearly 200 million a year from the government.


    it seems to be another good day to stand barefeet in the grass.

    • Top two links behind a granny paywall (thank God!)

      But in general, ripping off the system in the name of education at the most vulnerable age in a child's development!

    • Foreign Waka 4.2

      I just wonder at what point will the wider public react. These people who actually steal money from those who need it, be it children, health care, the elderly, infrastructure the list goes on, need to be prosecuted. Lets not forget tax money is not a free for all. It is essentially a levy that the citizen agrees to pay in exchange for civic development.

      When you read these stories you get the increasing feeling that the society is divided in 2 section only, those who steal and those who will be affected all their lives by that theft. And there is no group excluded, none.

      • gsays 4.2.1

        This will continue while society keeps sub-contracting it's love.

        From early childcare to the elderly shipped off to a 'home'.

        • Foreign Waka

          It comes down to the people that are using any system to enrich themselves at the detriment of others. To add insult to injury we are governed by people who are not so different from that crowd. Power hungry, image seeking, lust for more and more, blinded by greed. Why would they create systems of prevention. Its like an insurance, you take it out in case something hits you.

          I actually have completely lost faith. National is bleeding everybody dry but does it open and without shame, the greens scream and have no plan for any transition – smash everything is their credo and the fault is with boomers, the current labor government has no real plan albeit having had a year to get cracking to present some kind of logical cohesive idea to their voters.

          The core infrastructure up and down the country is so delipidated that we can all but wonder what the heck those city councils have done all those years. The health system is basically not available unless you can pay. Education facilities are not maintained and kids education is not competitive once you leave the shores. Meanwhile those tax heavens are being supported, education, church you name it. This is not just because of covid (becomes these days an excuse for everything) but has accumulated over years.

          • Sabine

            well said Foreign Waka, it is a scam and it is aided and abetted by our dear "lawmakers".

          • Sacha

            the greens scream and have no plan for any transition

            Don't be ridiculous. They are the only party who has published such plans.

            • Foreign waka

              Yes, the Poverty action plan comes to mind but this creates a huge bureaucracy and a UBI will do the same without that.

              I was a green voter but I haven't seen anything that has a logic, fairness and can be implemented in the real world where people actually do stuff. Not just sitting on a computer endless modelling as to what could be.

              Addressing poverty takes chuzpah and lots of it. I can't see a single politician right now with any.

              Also it seems that NZlanders just don't want to adopt concepts that have worked well in other countries. Mind you, skill will be needed on no small measure.


          • gsays

            I hear your dismay. I do feel 'they' are like the rest of us writ large.

            By that I mean devices like trust funds are used to avoid paying a fair share and are common.

            For a few elections the party promising the biggest boost to the back pocket by way of tax cuts got elected, despite fiscal irresponsibility. That was us choosing that.

            What is the answer? My reckons say collectivism in what ever form we can achieve. Unionism. Getting organised and acting collectively.

            • Foreign waka

              I would start with closing tax loopholes and tax havens. This should generate enough money to plug the hole that is created by crediting the GST part of rates back to council provided they use it for infrastructure only. A priority list needs to be made i.e. Water, wastewater maintenance and new access projects, the latter for new housing. Next up getting proposals for a transport network (complete only) by region. Not city, region and it has to be interconnected. None oft that patch work nonsense.

              Electricity: The generation and distribution needs to be revisited to accommodate an incentive to have solar panels for basic needs installed. Even if its for the lights and warm water cylinder. Mind you, I am no expert in that field. Sounds most likely easy but isn't.

              The work generated and with all that will create employment would be of real value to the community. It would be start……

              I have expected labor to put out some tangible ideas that would help get a better and more equitable society. Obviously, the country is firmly in the hands of powers that we are not able to influence. Neither by voice or conviction, nor by voting.

              As long as no one is asking me to be kind…

              • gsays

                I agree about the havens and tax loopholes. Also look at the common practice of personal use of company assets/resources eg the work ute and diesel used on holiday. There are enough rules, just a lack of will in enforcing them.

                As to the electricity suggestions, renationalise the system as the first step to reform. The solar install is a 'shovel ready' investment and one, as you say, benefits the community immediately.

  4. joe90 5

    Omni Consumer Products debuts.

    • Sabine 5.1

      don't you feel safer already.

      put me into camp: pelt these abominations on sight with rotten tomatoes and eggs.

      • Rosemary McDonald 5.1.1

        Is that new bit of kit tooled up? Have they actually armed that thing?

        Creepy…and how long before one of these new gadgets is deployed by the 'protect and serve' brigade for crowd control?

        Might save the current police 'devices' from potential injury when having to deal with dangerous criminals.



        • Tricledrown

          Rosemary the protestors are passing c19 around putting people's lives at risk.

          They are directly responsible for their actions the protesters are deliberately breaking curfews which are there to protect the majority .Mainly young people who initially were not at risk of dying from the original C19 with new variants spreading widely in Europe affecting younger people.These protestors could have disbanded and not put others at risk including police who have to stop these people breaking the law.Many of these people will be getting there news from antvaxxer and other conspiracy web sites

  5. Sanctuary 6

    Question – should the armed forces be in charge of organising the vaccination rollout? I am getting an uneasy sinking feeling about the ability of our DHB bureaucrats to orgainse this properly.

    • Pat 6.1

      Probably not if you read 7

    • Rosemary McDonald 6.2

      Question – should the armed forces be in charge of organising the vaccination rollout?

      Oh yes! Because, like, they're doing such an awesome job with MIQ.


      Seriously. I am having to rethink my position on the existence of a Higher Power…because there is clearly some supernatural influence protecting Godzone's Covid defences.

      • Treetop 6.2.1

        Needs to be on Ripley's Believe It or Not.

      • Enough is Enough 6.2.2

        I completely agree.

        How we have not had a major breakout is one of the big mysteries in the past 12 months. From the contagious, but untested sisters driving around the country, to the failure to test border workers, the positive Northland couple in the community for days without spreading, and the Valentines Day cluster that somehow didn't spread.

        We truly are the lucky nation.

      • Foreign Waka 6.2.3

        And the first tourist plane is about to touch down. Good luck to us all.

        I just hope we are not going to pay 16 billion to the rich for this balls up.

      • Tricledrown 6.2.4

        Rosemary no records of being tested ,testing records shown not to be coordinated maybe he was tested and not reported to MIQ.

        Mbie said there are gaps in record keeping.

        This worker worked for a private security company who should have made sure he was not allowed near the border.

        These private security companies workers are on Zero hours contracts on a minimum wage.So will be working part time here and there so maybe not being around when tests are conducted .

        • Sabine

          and the government could have made it a condition of the contract that only fulltime staff will be working the plaque hotels, and that once vaccinations are available they MUST get vaccinated. And that did not happen until this fellow got sick.

          Oversight, the ultimate responsibility of government and yet, they don't seem to be interested in that job.

        • Rosemary McDonald

          These private security companies workers are on Zero hours contracts on a minimum wage.So will be working part time here and there so maybe not being around when tests are conducted .

          But, but….(and this just yesterday, coincidentally.)


          • Treetop

            This case could have been very serious as the person could have been a super spreader. To say you had been tested when you had not. The contact tracing may not have been reliable either. I am assuming that this is case C and that they only got a tested because of being a close contact with case B.

      • Matiri 6.2.5

        From Hipkins just now:

        “The individual concerned was supplying information to their employer that they were being regularly tested, at this point that does appear not to be the case,” Hipkins said.

  6. Jimmy 7

    Someone needs their ass kicked if this is true and the tests are not being done regularly at MIQ facilities.


  7. greywarshark 8


    What's new? Some things have to be negotiated place by place, some can be banished and some given a little tolerance but women perhaps need to have self-consideration assertiveness classes as in 1970's feminist times. Women themselves can give mixed messages. If anyone wants to be respected and considered fairly, it has to be worked at.

    Things have got a lot better over the years but women need to know how to practice assertiveness and when, and when to revert to aggressive, but keep that as a possibility.

    • Rosemary McDonald 8.1

      …women need to know how to practice assertiveness…

      No need for fuss and bother…


      Last time I checked, the male of the species also requires appropriate facilities for the management of calls of nature that may demand more privacy than a handy tree. All worksites should have toilets…for all workers… by law.

    • Sabine 8.2

      from your link,

      Kat Kaiwai has been in the construction industry for 12 years and is now a managing director at Tairāwhiti Contractors.

      She started in admin and has tried her hand at just about everything including holding the Stop/Go sign at roadworks, driving heavy machinery and project management.

      Often she was the only woman on site and that meant years working without access to a toilet.

      "Even though people say keep hydrated and drink water all day, I never did it because if I drank water all day, I would need to go toilet all day."

      Usually there wasn't even a toilet she could use.

      "I'd just go on the side of the road. So just go into a bush or I'd open the two doors on a ute and stand between the two doors and squat in the middle of there."

      It was even harder when she had her period.

      "I'd change just before it was time for us to go and I'd have a super tampon and a overnight big super pad and I'll have two of them to last me for however long."

      i think the women mentioned in the article showed enough assertiveness, maybe its just times for the bosses to supply toilets – for everyone, and the workers to just not be dicks when working with those that are different from them. That too would help.

  8. greywarshark 9

    This has been an open secret for quite a while hasn't it. Not just Northland though they may be most open about it.


    The police watchdog has found the police illegally detained a woman and breached her privacy by photographing her and her partner at a checkpoint in Northland in 2019.

    In November 2019, police set up checkpoints near a 'fight night' event in Ruakākā they knew would be attended by lots of gang members.

    The Independent Police Conduct Authority said officers checked IDs, warrants and registrations, and breath-tested people.

    • Sabine 10.1

      if these are left overs to be given out after all appointments have been given their shot, why not? rather then waste it.

      That was an excellent initiative from the nurse tbh. Well done!

      A Christchurch nurse used social media to help save more than 1000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from going to waste after a mysterious over-supply of the precious commodity.

      The nurse notified friends and family on a personal social media page about the sudden availability of Covid-19 vaccines at a vaccination clinic at Burwood Hospital on Sunday.

      Templeton GP Peter Wilkinson* said a nurse from his practice went to the clinic with her partner, where they received their first dose of the vaccine.

      Wilkinson said he believed the nurse turned to social media as there was no plan to manage the surplus doses.

      • Pat 10.1.1

        I have no problem with unused vaccines being distributed amongst the wider community nor do I have a problem with the relevant staff making sensible decisions at the coal face.

        However I do question the organisation of the DHB who issued an excess 1000 to the facility and when added to all the other recent issues to the vaccine roll-out (and MIQ oversight) if I were Minister I would be wondering why the various government agencies appear determined to provide endless ammunition for the opposition spokespeople and those who seek to privatise everything.

        • Herodotus

          Makes you wonder how many vaccines are being discarded because the 5 days (??) has expired. Hopefully this nurse displaying great initiative will shock those in charge to have a plan for vaccines that have been delivered but are unused and about to expire. This should have been thought out as to what to do with these surplus vaccines.

          "if I were Minister I would be wondering why the various government.." I wonder why the minister had not already asked the question about such an event. Its not as if anyone with half a brain could not have foreseen this 🤦🏼‍♀️

        • Sabine

          Why question the organisation of the DHBs when pretty much all of them are simply not functioning normally and have not for the longest time and that is known to all, heck there is an article about one such disfunctioning DHBs in the Herald..

          So if I were Minister I would maybe insist in a plan b for what is to happen with left over vaccine, heck If I were minister i might come up with a plan and tell DHB to prepare accordingly.

          And in absence of Leadership from above it is a lowly nurse who shows guts and determination. She should get a recommendation and a bonus!

          • Pat

            Sadly it appears that even should the Minister (or even Director General) develop a plan (which i agree is somewhat foreign to the political class these days) the implementation appears beyond those further down the chain…. i despair.

            • Sabine

              Well luckily for us the Nurse did what needed to be done and put the wastage to good use.

              Someone should give her a pay rise.

              • Pat

                lol…fat chance

              • gsays

                They have been offered 1%, not that anyone would know.

                The Sub Branch of the Labour Party Nurses Organisation have hardly been rowdy about it. I got a wee surprise when I was informed Mr Lees-Galloway has popped up as a local Union rep. Time will tell as to how effective an advocate he will be…

                • Craig H

                  Public sector unions are all clearly not affiliated with any political parties, usually to the point of including it in the union rules.

                  • gsays

                    From my view it isn't clear.

                    In the last round of wage negotiations with the nurses, after three or four very similar offers had been refused, the Union announced 500 extra workers were to be introduced. Thoroughly undermining it's members as they headed into strike action.

                    The relative silence from the NZNO during this round could be due to unhealed wounds from the internal fighting and squabbling the Board went through last year.

                    Leading a culturally diverse workforce must be a challenge, but I see a few career managers in the leadership and not enough voices from the 'coalface'.

                    • Sabine

                      well we will see how many nurses we are going to lose to OZ once our bubble is open for travel.

                      and you can't blame em for leaving if pay is better in OZ and houses cheaper.

                      heck if we only had a majority government representing the workers of this country…………..

  9. greywarshark 11

    The outlook for the machinery and equipment manufacturing sector is positive, especially for firms about to adapt to future challenges….

    "Firms that manufacture consumer electronics and household appliances, as well as respiratory and other medical equipment, may struggle post-Covid-19," Clark said. (Westpac industry economist Paul Clark)
    "If we look in the longer term, the demand for machinery equipment will settle into a more normal pattern, but it will also have some challenges and those challenges are going to be driven by changes in technology, increasing consumer awareness around environmental issues."

    The report said the global machinery and equipment manufacturing sector had worldwide sales of manufactured mechanical machinery valued at $2.7 trillion in 2019, and electronic equipment sales around US$3.8tn.

    In comparison, the net value of New Zealand machinery and equipment sectors' was about $31 billion.
    New Zealand's industry was made up of relatively small operators, with the largest firms involved in development and design of appliances, as well as the manufacture of medical and surgical equipment, Clark said.

    The sector would benefit from digitisation,* however, competitive pressures from consumer demands, might result in some closing or being taken over, he said.

    • digitisation: the conversion of text, pictures, or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.
      "the digitization of the rare map collection at the library"

    Note – digitalisation, is something allied but different and it is confusing to have two words looking so much alike. And if everything goes onto computer, then stored in the cloud etc., the firm will not have guaranteed access to its intellectual property, can suffer from hacking, and come to a close affected by energy or other shutdowns. Paper and print as additional resource, means easy and immediate access to information. Just saying.

  10. greywarshark 12

    Gordon Campbell puts the sad story of the drug law advance that might have been but for …………..(put your own description there).


    Gordon Campbell: On Labour Refusing To Lead A Progressive Drugs Policy

    Once again, Labour has chosen not to use (a) its parliamentary majority and (b) the huge mandate it was given at the last election in order to (c) bring about progressive social change. Once again, Labour seems to regard its main purpose for being in power as being to keep National and Act out of power. Will Labour for instance, overhaul our out-dated, unsafe, and unjust laws on drugs? No, it will not….

    More than ever, this government looks like the dog that chased the car and having caught it, now has no idea what to do with it.

  11. RP Mcmurphy 13

    every time andrew little opens his gob about the cannabis laws he puts his foot in it. it is going to haunt him till the end. his albatross.old people must have the right to purchase and grow their own cannabis and no ifs and buts about it.

    • greywarshark 13.1

      Yep as if we haven't got really important issues to improve, organise.

      Diagnosis – anal retentive – is cannabis good for that?

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