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32 comments on “Open mike 15/08/2016”

  1. Jenny Kirk 1

    Your link didn’t work, E Pineapples, but this link gives info re Tamaki Re-Dev. Ltd.

  2. Chooky 2

    a case of slimey patronising smooth talking bastard ignoring the elderly and terminally ill people’s pain? …and using the State obsolete immoral laws as a means for illegitimate power and control and surveillance in order to threaten and persecute New Zealanders?

    ‘Is there appetite for change on legalising cannabis?’

    “John Key says despite the poll, he’s not a personal fan of changing the cannabis law. He says if Parliament were to decriminalise cannabis use, that would appear to condone increased drug use.”

    ‘Helen Kelly pushes for an overhaul of cannabis legal status’

    “A new poll shows more than eighty per cent of people want cannabis legalised or decriminalised for terminal pain relief.”

    ‘Legalise Cannabis party says poll backs their stance’

    “Legalise Cannabis party leader Michael Appleby delighted at latest poll showing two thirds of New Zealand want personal use of cannabis legalised or decriminalised.”

    (an excellent discussion on Morning Report !)

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      He says if Parliament were to decriminalise cannabis use, that would appear to condone increased drug use.

      So, when’s he going to ban alcohol so that he doesn’t look like he condones increased drug use?

      • Contrarian 2.1.1

        Have you checked the influence of the alcohol lobby on “national” party policy recently ?

        • Cinny

          You’re on to it Contrarain, national lowered the drinking age to 18 and also put booze in supermarkets. Then the dirty politics flashbacks, dang.

          HPA (Health Promotion Agency – what a name lolz) is a Crown entity established under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Act 2000 through the merger of the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) and Health Sponsorship Council (HSC). Basically it’s the booze panel, they work on hoodwinking the public into believing alcohol is safe by promoting ‘safe’ drinking. In a nutshell they are responsible for ensuring the profits of alcohol companies.
          HPA’s alcohol-related work is funded from a levy on alcohol produced or imported for sale in New Zealand, I wonder how much the board members are paid? These fellas will be working overtime to try and convince the public that pot is bad, alcohol profit protection is their objective.

          HPA has an interesting board..

          Dr Lee Mathias, Chairman (Dr Mathias was also electoral chair for National MP Sam Lotu-Iiga)

          Jamie Simpson (Was electoral chair for Cabinet Minister Gerry Brownlee)

          Tony O’Brien (Murray McCullys mate from Sky TV

          Those are the more interesting ones on the board.

          If any on the HPA board are asked to give advice on cannabis, and they give negative advice, i’d be raising an eyebrow at the least.

          Thrilled the cannabis debate is gathering momentum.

    • Bearded Git 2.2

      Guyon should have asked Key ‘Have you smoked cannabis?”.

      • Bearded Git .
        Guyon should have asked Key about his drinking problem.
        Just observe how much he drinks and how he drinks. All point to him liking alcohol to much,The occasional slurry speech and the way he quickly finishes his drink are all signs that he likes to drink too much/

    • Graeme 2.3

      So, after extensive polling and focus grouping around various approaches to the issue, the Nats have discovered that they are going to loose more votes to NZ First, and /or have faithful stay at home, than they will gain from proposing any sort of reform.

  3. Puckish Rogue 3

    People can do what they like with their money I reckon but I’m also sure there other, more deserving, organisations that could do with some money, like these guys:

  4. Skinny 4

    Have to laugh Hooton is mocking National mercilessly over ridiculous time wasting private members bill.

    Looks like the slide in popularity has well and truly began. Devoid of ideas is a sure sign of a regime on it’s way out.

    Keep it coming cobbah Hooton, very entertaining.

  5. Anne 6

    The government plans to allow the GCSB to spy on us.

    I presume that will mean they can hop into our PCs and have a look at what we’re up to. Personally, I don’t give a damm. As they say: nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

    We could have some fun on TS mercilessly razzing them by using ‘key words’ at every available opportunity. 😈

    • Chooky 6.1

      …yes and jonkey nactional wants support from all other political parties , as wide a support as possible…especially Labour! ( he gave almost a warning there)

      ….but does the Labour Party have the guts to stand up to him and stop overseas spying on New Zealanders?

      ( because if they don’t we have right wing collusion of the worst sort…and a potential South American banana republic scenario…where New Zealanders will not be safe to dissent from USA foreign policy and where our sovereignty and democratic rights to speak out will be severely undermined and potentially violated)

      …no self respecting Labour Party supporter should support Jonkey Nactional on this absolutely disgraceful Bill !

      • Anne 6.1.1

        Have to agree with PR below Chooky. Let’s see exactly what the NActs are planning.

        Btw, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek…

      • Cinny 6.1.2

        Screw this, where is the terrorism? JK is the terrorist. Makes no difference how he tries to sell his law change, it’s not needed here in NZ at the present time, Jihad brides spring to mind, take your deception and shove it JK

    • Puckish Rogue 6.2

      Or you could wait to see what the changes are I suppose

    • Brigid 6.3

      “nothing to hide, nothing to fear? ” Really?
      So tell us your bank account number and password

      • Anne 6.3.1

        See my comment @ 6.1.1. The evil face should give it away.
        I don’t do – and never have done – online banking for precisely that reason.

        • Puckish Rogue

          So that wasn’t you buying that item off trademe for $26.50 the other day? Sorry, my bad 😉

        • Brigid

          Evil face acknowledged and accepted.
          The thing is that it’s just very bad for our psyche to know we have no privacy.

          • Anne

            …bad for our psyche to know we have no privacy.

            Good point there Brigid. Being serious now. I went through a horrible experience 25 odd years ago and it was a very scary time.

    • Stuart Munro 6.4

      This assumes the powers will be used honestly.

      It’s not very hard to put things on computers, if you know what you’re about – not a power I want accessible to a moral vaccuum like this government.

  6. adam 7

    Great comments from Cornel West!

    • Chris 7.1

      The sooner the so-called left in New Zealand realise the exact same sentiment applies in here too the better.

    • Puckish Rogue 8.1

    • adam 8.2

      I’m confused by that appointment, why hire a known ideology? HR and a member of the managerial class?

      And why is it someone who is not known to Māori? Who has never dealt with Māori?

      It seems national party can never do anything without overtly putting their take on politics in it.

      Well on brightside Rosemary McDonald, we now know – without doubt, it was never about the kids, and always about privatisation.

      • Rosemary McDonald 8.2.1

        I believe, quite strongly, that this must be prevented.

        There must be some way of stopping what is obviously going to be the corporatisation of Child Welfare…where is the Opposition on this?

        Having said that, Labour was more than happy to have the exact same thing happen to Ministry of Health: Disability Support Services…with, for some people, disastrous consequences.

        Perhaps, as with MOH:DSS, the plan is to have ‘care’ through Contracted Providers be of such inconsistent quality that it will be a lottery…to the point that many families are scared shitless to hand the care of disabled loved ones over to these agencies and provide the care themselves.

        Two results here…1) reduction in expenditure as families now doing for nothing what providers get paid to do.

        2) Families that relinquish the care of loved ones to the State, knowing that often this ‘care’ is really shit….have only themselves to blame.

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