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60 comments on “Open mike 25/03/2023 ”

  1. Peter 1

    I see the Hosking Newstalk ZB duo is to go to London for the coronation.

    What a great opportunity. How about they be the New Zealand koha to the monarch to celebrate the occasion?

    • Stuart Munro 1.1

      Do it, England, For like the hectic in my blood he rages, And thou must cure me. Till I know 'tis done, Howe'er my haps, my joys were ne'er begun. Hamlet, Act IV, scene III

  2. Incognito 2

    I found the three R’s in National’s Education Policy. It wan’t that hard to find in the one-page policy document pamphlet comprising just 3 bullet points this time under the new National motto less is more that was checked personally by Luxon for errors because he knows the basics like no other:

    1. Repeal
    2. Repeel
    3. Repeal
    4. Repeat
    • roblogic 2.1

      Not forgetting the other R's of the Nats




      flog off assets to ouR mates

      loweR wages

      higheR Rent

      Run away to Hawaii with ill-gotten gains

  3. Anne 3

    Before leaving Australia, she told the Herald she had been contacted by police ahead of her arrival..”

    “The police are worried about my safety in your country,” she said.

    “They want to know where I am and make sure I’ve got contacts for them

    Its not so much about your safety sweetie. Its about keeping an eye on you and your offensive blithering.

    Go LQBTQIA+. Give her a blast she will never forget.

    • weka 3.1

      Women have been assaulted and injured at Let Women Speak events Anne. By gender identity activists. So it is absolutely about KJK's safety.

      • Anne 3.1.1

        And for every woman who has been assaulted and injured by a transgender activist I would expect some half dozen transgender people have been assaulted and injured by anti-transgender activists.

        It is about the safety of both groups, not just Ms Pansy Parker as she would have us believe.

        • weka

          your expecting is something in your own head Anne. I've not seen any evidence that women speaking at LWS events have been violent towards TRAs. But your making shit up is noted.

          In the livestream I saw a man pull another man off the band rotunda, but it was already a very scary event by that stage and I expect people were reacting out of adrenaline. Police weren't there, reports of assaults of women are already coming in.

          • Phillip ure

            Sometimes it pays to look around and see who you are standing alongside..

            So the champion of those peddling homophobia under a cloak of feminism…is funded by the american evangelicals…is supported by nazis…

            Her fans claim to be surprised that right-wing politicians are alongside them..(.really…?..that displays breathtaking political naivete..)

            She is a big fan of tucker carlson ..(who is one of the foulest creatures drawing breath…who specializes in peddling lies and bigotry ..)

            And here in Auckland her supporters can stand alongside Brian tamaki..screaming abuse at trans people…

            I mean…w.t.f…!

            Lie with dogs and you get fleas..

            Meanwhile I am standing over here.. standing behind the likes of chloe swarbrick…kim hill..and carmel sepuloni…

            I know which group I prefer…

            • weka

              you seem confused about a few things Phil.

              1. who is peddling homophobia and how are they connected to KJK?
              2. which fans are you talking about? The right wing politicians supporting KJK isn't a secret.
              3. citation please for the claim that she is a 'big fan' of Tucker Carlson
              4. citation for "in Auckland her supporters can stand alongside Brian tamaki..screaming abuse at trans people…"
              5. was Kim Hill at the protest?

              I haven't modded in bold yet, but I expect answers to all those, backed up by evidence, before you comment on anything else again. You're in premod until that happens.

              The reason I am doing this is to support robust debate, rather than random reckons without back up and rumourmongering. You are of course still free to express your opinions

            • weka

              your response to my moderation comment is in Spam. You've been away and seem to not know how things work here. The onus is on you to provide evidence for claims of fact, and that means quotes of the relevant words and links (and timestamps if it's audio/video). I'm not doing your work for you. If you want to make claims of fact *you have to do the mahi. Reread the Policy.

              • Phillip ure

                I pointed you to all my sources…

                Why won't you let readers see that..?

                • weka

                  As I explained, it’s in Spam. You didn’t link and quote, which I also explained is the evidence required. Banned until Monday because I’m not wasting any more of my time on this. Up your game when you come back please.

            • roblogic

              I did hear a rumour that Tamaki's lot might show up (sorry no ref), but clearly that didn't happen.

              Instead, the reality was women being assaulted and abused in a public park, by a frenzied, insane mob. Stirred up by all the bullshit you just repeated.

              It is disappointing that KJK takes interviews with some dodgy groups, and is prone to swearing and rude remarks. She's a lightning rod attracting even worse behaviour from trans activists. She's divisive even amongst gender critical folks. Doesn't call herself a feminist. Hangs out with evangelicals but is an atheist.

              But KJK reveals truth to those who are willing to see.

              “Trans rights” are not really about supporting a marginalized population, but about undermining the rights of girls and women, and bullying people into accepting gender ideology

            • roblogic

              … because if the crowd at Albert Park today actually cared about "trans rights" they would be doing something supportive of transgender people, not yelling and screaming at women who want to speak about their own lives and experiences.

            • Anker

              You can stand with whoever you like Phillip, but shame on you for shutting down an event to let women speak

            • Molly

              Did you go there as you intended, phil?

          • Anne

            I was speaking in general terms weka. It is well known that transgender people have suffered a huge amount of intimidation and physical assaults over the years and it continues. I know from personal experience (not anything to do with this issue) how people who intimidate and hurt others for perceived offences operate… and they rarely get caught and brought to justice.

            I also know that women are far more likely to be bullied and harassed than men because I'm a woman who has experienced that in a particularly nasty and frightening way.

            But that is not the subject matter in this case. It is about irrational hatred towards a group of people who happen to be different. It seems to me that the issue of safety from transgender folk has been blown up out of all proportion to reality.

            • Anker

              I have researched the rates of homicide in NZ of transgender people.

              It is lower than males and females. Last one was in something like 2009 and it was in the context of a drug deal gone wrong.

            • Molly

              "It is well known that transgender people have suffered a huge amount of intimidation and physical assaults over the years and it continues."

              Well-"known" but not well evidenced. Self-selected surveys I have seen include under acts of violence and intimidation items such as: misgendering, and someone looking at me too long or suspiciously.

              "It is about irrational hatred towards a group of people who happen to be different. "

              Asking for the maintenance of single-sex provisions for women is not irrational hatred.

              Standing for the protection of sexual orientation is not irrational hatred.

              Demanding the removal of queer theory from education is not irrational hatred.

              Asking for evidence based care that does not harm is not irrational hatred.

        • Anker

          Where is your evidence Anne that women assaulted trans activists.

    • Anker 3.2

      Yes they did give Kelly a blast. I have just watched fortage of the crowd mobbing her and of course she was assaulted. Do you condon that Anne?

      A small middle aged women who just wanted to hold a rally to let women (mostly left wing lesbian femisnists) speak

      We now have mob rule in NZ.

      Why didn't the cowards go and try and pick a fight with Tamaki and his boys on bikes if they wanted a fight.

      • roblogic 3.2.1

        After assaulting KJK and a few unprotected middle aged women, the brave TRAs went down to Queen St to try and disrupt the Destiny Church march and provoke a scene. Tamaki's march was a model of restraint in the face of some awful abusive behaviour.

        Looks like there was a race element here as well, an entitled bunch of privileged white university brats trying to bully a peaceful march of (mostly brown) adults from South Auckland.

  4. Phillip ure 4

    Whatever happened to frogblog…?

    • roblogic 4.1

      Got renamed to "Green Party blog", then forgotten about. Last post on the wayback machine is from 2018. Someone killed it in Feb/March 2019 as the later site snapshots are just a 404 page.

  5. Incognito 5

    Wayne Brown has been channelling his inner Trump: he fucks with facts and goes for full effect. However, Brown apologists maintain that these are the characteristics – calling them qualities would be a stretch – needed for leadership in Auckland City. Given they knew what Brown’s like, calling them apologists is a euphemism; the deliberate disruption & destruction of local government was carefully planned if not signalled and the dog-whistle worked a treat.

  6. Anker 6

    Just wondering does anyone know what’s happened to Sabine, Swordfish and Pukish Rogue?

    miss their commentary

  7. pat 8

    I think we may have something of a problem co ordinating and co operating to change society to rapidly reduce our carbon/methane emissions.

  8. Anker 9

    Wellington mayor Tory Whanau said Parker would likely receive the same response in Wellington should she speak in the capital on Sunday, and encouraged Wellingtonians to turn up at the counter-protest.

    Is Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau inciting violence?

    • Shanreagh 9.1

      She's parroting Green Party dogma.

      I voted for in the vain hope that she would leave all this political posturing aside and get on with work that Wellingtonians want done, you know water, buildings, aprks, rubbish collection, recycling…… But no such luck and now I'm beating myself around the head about being so stoopid.

      I'll be more careful next time.

  9. Belladonna 10

    So, this popped up in my inbox today – and blew me away.

    Not content with transforming KiwiSaver, Simplicity is now planning to out-build Kāinga Ora. Duncan Greive meets a pair of of unlikely revolutionaries trying to fix housing – a task which seems impossible, even for the state itself.

    The aim is to deliberately build long-term rentals, owned by Simplicity (the Kiwi saver fund company) – in order to derail many of the issues associated with renting. [There seems to be a sale side too – and I didn't get a clear picture of how these work together]

    So far, it seems to only be in Auckland – though if they can get a big enough handle on the issue here – it will be a game changer, and able to be rolled out to other cities.

    This article is mostly focused on the build side of things (and the way that having a consistent and coherent plan can reduce a lot of the building costs). It remains to be seen if they can convert Kiwis to long-term renting.

    One area not covered, was the actual cost of the rent (below-market is a pretty loose description)

    “Where almost all other large-scale home-builders develop to sell to the private market, Simplicity Living is building to own forever, and to rent out at below-market rates. The scale the pair has planned is vast: the manifesto talks of 10,000 to 15,000 homes over the next decade or so, but Stubbs believes the real ceiling might be far higher.

    “The really big, hairy dream is to have one in 10 New Zealanders living in these things,” he says. That means a minimum of 200,000 houses – around three times the current number of state houses. That’s not an inapt comparison for Stubbs. “We think of it as the new state house,” he says. What that means is, if successful, Simplicity won’t just augment the government’s role in housing – it will far surpass it.”

    It will be fascinating to do a comparison in a couple of years to see what the comparable turnover is.

    I'm not convinced that removing shared amenities (they reference swimming pools and gyms), in order to save money, is necessarily the way to go. It adds an extra cost onto the local government in order to provide what used to be backyard or garage amenities. But, that's a minor quibble.

    Really interesting partnership. And has me cheering them along.

    • RedLogix 10.1

      The vision outlined in that excellent article is something similar when we started out in 2001 and built to rent a number of units. We quickly ran into some harsh realities and fast hit the financial limit of what we could do. The key sentence that leapt out at me is:

      Simplicity is basically what would happen if The Opportunities Party were a business, and TOP mostly polls at the margin of error. To succeed at the scale they are dreaming of, they will be greatly helped by governmental goodwill, but their whole posture – let alone the lobbying of rivals – makes that far from a given.

      Build to rent is a bloody good idea, but it depends on a stable financial and political environment to make it work – and we just have not had that.

      I have 7000sqm of flat land, within 300m of a metro train station, that is essentially free. It could readily support 8 or so high quality residential or light commercial units. We have been siting on it for 20 years now – but every time I run the numbers it just does not stack up. A combination of stupid planning, permitting, insane permitting and building costs, interest rates all over the shop and a highly uncertain regulatory environment just stops us every time. TBH I have kind of given the dream away and short of just selling it on, I have no sense of what I want to do now.

      The Brealy's are clearly operating at a much greater scale than us, and have a far deeper industry skillset and clout – yet everything he speaks to, we have encountered ourselves. I have a close friend who has done something similar with a large block of land in West Auckland – and he can tell all manner of horror stories.

      There are so many aspects to this challenge that anyone who proposes simple silver bullet solutions is a fool. But one aspect that we have yet to understand how to intensify its towns and cities, without turning them into anti-human, soulless ghettos. In this Alexander's A Pattern Language remains the archetype criminally neglected by the planning and building professions.

      Still you have to wish Brealy well – and I will follow his progress with interest.

      • Belladonna 10.1.1

        I laughed my head off when the KO head was quoted as claiming that they were "efficient and systems-driven". I have a friend working for them, and he tells me that the KO cost over-runs are legendary.

        • RedLogix

          Yeah we have our own modest wee Housing NZ story as well. Promise you one thing, fail dismally to deliver.

          The one key factor that Simplicity Living has going in it's favour for the moment, is that while interest is not a tax deductible expense for all existing rental investors, it is for anyone building new. That gives them an edge I am sure they will be running with.

          But again I am not sure I would bank on this long-term.

  10. Belladonna 11

    I really don't know what to think about this…..

    Most feedback on the highly controversial Auckland Budget has been from those who are Pakeha and over 45.

    [NB: article from a couple of days ago, so late-arriving submissions may have changed this – but I doubt it]

    This is the budget which is proposing swingeing cuts across just about every community service that we use on a daily basis.

    Is this just a reflection of the standard political engagement profile? Those are the people who vote.

    Is it a statement of belief that politicians don't listen to communities in any case? I'd agree with this in general, but this area has a lot of diverse opinions around the council table – it's one time that submissions (lots of them) could really make a difference.

    Is it that the methodology of submission (e-questionaire) is offputting? Can't argue with that – I hate them, myself. And, it's likely to disproportionately exclude the elderly (who are otherwise great submitters to Council) – and lower-income residents without stable internet (these surveys are even worse on a mobile phone) [cf the similar exclusion of people evident from the latest Census]

    Or, are we (as a city) just so hopeless that we can influence the outcomes of our local government (even when it directly affects us) that we've just given up?

    This level of response is not giving those who oppose the cuts a whole lot of ammunition.

    • Liberty Belle 11.1

      There has been a huge push to engage people in this process, particularly across social media. The submission forms are available on-line, in multiple languages, and if you don't want to write a submission, you can complete an on-line questionnaire that acts as a submission builder. A number of lobby/political groups have issued submission guides, including the Greens.

      "Is it a statement of belief that politicians don't listen to communities in any case? "

      Possibly, that has certainly been a problem in Auckland for some time.

  11. RedLogix 12

    Can we do this too please?

    Across eastern Europe, the addresses of Russian embassies are being changed as a form of protest against the war in Ukraine. In the Latvian capital, Riga, the section of Antonijas Street where the Russian embassy is located is set to be renamed Ukrainian Independence Street. And in Vilnius, Lithuania, the previously unnamed road on which the embassy sits (the address for which used to refer to the nearest main street) has now become Ukrainos Didvyrių g.: Ukrainian Heroes Street.

    Trolling as govt policy devil

    • adam 12.1

      Lets not. People have lost their collective minds over this shitty war.

      What next, saying depleted Uranium shells are harmless? Which now seems to be the propaganda the western media is pushing.

      Tell that to my Kurdish friends in Iraq, and they will spit in your face.

      • RedLogix 12.1.1

        IEAA article on DU

        Another on the Lancet. (Dated 2002)

        Exposures to uranium are not new, or uncommon. Many thousands of workers have been exposed to various uranium compounds over many years through processing of uranium from its ore to production of fuel elements. The health of such workers has been investigated, many of whom received higher intakes than do most soldiers on a battlefield. No clear evidence for any excess of cancers or kidney disease has been seen in these workers and their overall mortality is less than that in the general population because of a “healthyworker effect”. Despite the limitations of these studies, the absence of observed effects in uranium workers makes it unlikely that the risks of cancer or kidney disease from depleted uranium have been greatly underestimated.

        Reports on the health hazards of depleted uranium munitions have concluded that exposures to depleted uranium likely to occur on the battlefield will probably not lead to any measureable excesses of cancers. However, risk assessments have had to estimate intakes of depleted uranium in the battlefield using poor data for the concentrations and properties of depleted uranium oxides in aerosols released during test firings, and using modelling procedures to predict the resulting concentrations of depleted uranium in tissues and organs, and the radiological and toxicological risks. The problem comes in trying to decide whether there are long-term effects. Without satisfactory data, and until there are better estimates of the actual intakes of depleted uranium on the battlefield, it may be prudent to remain open-minded.

        Yes DU is an undesirable substance to be flinging about, but nor is there firm evidence of it being as hazardous as some people would like you to think it is. I agree it would be a much better world if the uranium was put to better use in breeder reactors to produce energy. Maybe you could get in touch with your good mate Poots and ask him to arrange something.

        • adam

          Your just showing you have lost your fucking mind. As you went and defend using depleted uranium rounds.

          Any side using depleted uranium is engaging in war crimes. Because as Iraq so clearly showed, it was after the fact, when people live in the areas of the spent rounds – the real problems happen.

          Fuck putin and his gaggle of oligarchs. But me saying that means nothing to you, because you want a cheap shot. And can't get your head around the fact their are truly fucked up actions in war which should be considered war crimes. Like invading another country, and using depleted Uranium rounds.

          • RedLogix

            OK so I have done a quick scan of your referenced report and the summary on page 11 states:

            In this report, it is concluded that the radiation doses from DU do not pose a radiological hazard to the population at the four studied locations in southern Iraq. The estimated annual committed effective radiation doses that could arise from exposure to DU residues are low, always less than 100 µSv/a and only to a few, if any, individuals, and therefore of little radiological concern. The estimated radiation doses are less than those received on average by individuals from natural sources of radiation in the environment

            I could quote more of it, but it seems to continue in much the same vein.

            DU is potentially something of a chemically toxic substance, and if a sufficiently large dose is consumed it can be harmful to the kidneys. But then again there are a bazillion substances that are chemically toxic one way or another, many found on the battlefield environment.

            All three reports we have quoted between us so far on this thread agree that from a radiological aspect DU is a very modest radiological hazard. The reason is not hard to understand; DU is an alpha emitter; relatively large and heavy particles that have very little penetrating power. Typically stopped by the layer of dead skin or a plastic bag, all alpha emitters have to be ingested and become absorbed within a cell before they can possibly cause DNA replication damage. In addition uranium is a very large atom and is not easily absorbed through the cell wall, and the vast majority of it ingested or inhaled is excreted through the faeces within a day or two. The small faction that makes it's way into the bones is the site of potential concern.

            However U-238 (the isotope consisting of 99.3% of DU) has a very long half-life, which means the rate of atoms disintegrating is very low. So low that the normal cellular and immune system mechanisms that ordinarily repair DNA damage can easily keep up. In other words the rate of the dose is well below the threshold where it might create a detectable excess hazard.

            As I said above, I would much sooner they did not waste perfectly good uranium on munitions, but honestly I am not seeing the war crime here.

            As for the cheap shot – hell I was being restrained for someone who is out of their fucking mind.

            • adam

              They Ammunition's are never cleaned up, they linger for years and whilst it may only effect small percentage of the population. Your argument, not mine.

              What it does do to the people it does effect, is to fuck their lives completely. Now that is going to happen year on year, for how ever long it takes for this compound that has been introduced into the environment via war.

              I'm not arguing nuclear contamination, I'm arguing the fact this is a long term toxin introduced into the environment for no good reason. There I think we agree.

              I get the cancer rates in Iraq have settled down, but their have been flare ups recently in Southern Iraq,This after the whole toxicity of war had settled down somewhat. The north of Iraq has normal cancer and deformity rates.

              I think poisoning the environment in war, is a war crime. I also think Russian heads should be on the chopping block/hangman's noose for the use of Cluster munitions and fléchettes (evil little fuckers) as they also in the end – target civilians and stay in the environment for a bloody long time.

              • RedLogix

                We absolutely agree on the horror of war – there have been moments I have sat behind my computer screen this past year in a state of despair at what we can all see if you choose to go looking for it.

                You might find some food for thought here:

                Wars are obsolete means of conflict resolution, and they are a blemish on our progress and civilisation as human beings.

                They have got to be criminalised and eliminated, and humans, as individuals in societies, should resort to civil means of resolving issues, such as those mentioned above, as well as resorting to courts as the ultimate option.

                Neither wars nor politicians should be left to determine the way we conduct ourselves and the course of life on our planet.

        • Scud

          There is really no need to deploy DU A/T Rd's into Ukraine as the Russians haven't to my knowledge deployed any of it MBT's with DU Armour & thence the need for DU Rounds as the standard Tungsten Sabot Rd had trouble penetrating DU Armour.

          The concern with DU Rounds actually comes being use as Artillery Rds for the 155mm Artillery Guns & anyone who understands the dark arts of Gunnery be it from MG's in Sustain Fire Support Role to the Big stuff. When you start chucking around Lead, HE, Smoke/ WP for Target Indication it can get very messy & now throw DU Artillery Rds!

          You are just asking for Bloody Trouble now & no wonder there is DU shrapnel spread around like a dog's breakfast causing all sorts of issues.

          • RedLogix

            I'm no fan of DU munitions unless used against highly hardened targets that uniquely justifies their use.

            I understand and accept that DU will be controversial when used in munitions – but all the analysis I have read suggests there are plenty of other things that are routinely used on the battlefield, both during and long after (mines for example) – that are of equal if not greater concern.

            And on a brighter note:


  12. Drowsy M. Kram 13

    Do we rational, social animals devote too much time and effort going for the jugular?

    How to Encourage More Climate-Friendly Habits, According to Science
    [24 March 2023]
    As it turns out, when it comes to taking action to stop climate change, the best way of changing people’s behavior is what the researchers termed “social comparisons,” which resulted in an average 14% change in people’s behavior. Basically, when people see that other people have taken a specific action, they’re likely to copy it.

    And while it doesn’t do much to simply know that a certain product is more eco-friendly, if people see others buying that product instead of the dirty one, they’re much more likely to choose it themselves. “After all,” Bergquist says, “we are a highly social animal.

  13. joe90 14

    The largest air force in Europe. Poots will be delighted.

    • Anne 14.1

      A Nordic Airforce. Smart move indeed. But then the Nordic countries have a reputation for sanity and smartness. NZ should align themselves to them despite the geographical distance. We have much in common with them.

      • adam 14.1.1

        You get the Russians are paranoid as fuck at the best of times. So how is this a good idea?

        In my opinion, its more of the deluded dick waving by all the world leaders, who fail us at every turn.

  14. Joe90 15

    Of course Russia would never use the depleted uranium munitions manufactured to be used in the T-80BV tanks ugraded to be able to fire depleted uranium munitions.

    Russia has a significant number of different DU-rounds in its arsenals. There are reports of mass production of the improved Svinets-1 and Svintes-2 depleted uranium ammunition, for which the T-80BVM tanks were modernized during the last years. It seems that Russia didn’t abandon its DU programme, but on the contrary – it has increased production volumes and is actively modernizing outdated tanks to make them capable of firing DU ammunition. Even though there are no reliable reports yet, considering the DU-capable tanks being used in the invasion, ICBUW fears use of DU in Ukraine.

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  • Achieving lift off: National Space Policy launched
    The next ‘giant leap’ in New Zealand’s space journey has been taken today with the launch of the National Space Policy, Economic Development Minister Barbara Edmonds announced. “Our space sector is growing rapidly. Each year New Zealand is becoming a more and more attractive place for launches, manufacturing space-related technology ...
    3 days ago
  • New science and creative technologies wharekura announced
    A new Year 7-13 designated character wharekura will be built in Pāpāmoa, Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis has announced. The wharekura will focus on science, mathematics and creative technologies while connecting ākonga to the whakapapa of the area. The decision follows an application by the Ngā Pōtiki ā Tamapahore ...
    3 days ago
  • Freedom Camping changes a win for the environment
    Protecting the environment by establishing a stronger, more consistent system for freedom camping Supporting councils to better manage freedom camping in their region and reduce the financial and social impacts on communities Ensuring that self-contained vehicle owners have time to prepare for the new system   The Self-Contained Motor Vehicle ...
    3 days ago
  • Speeding up the family court, reducing stress on families
    A new law passed last night could see up to 25 percent of Family Court judges’ workload freed up in order to reduce delays, Minister of Justice Kiri Allan said. The Family Court (Family Court Associates) Legislation Bill will establish a new role known as the Family Court Associate. The ...
    3 days ago
  • UK FTA delivers benefits from today
    New Zealand businesses will begin reaping the rewards of our gold-standard free trade agreement with the United Kingdom (UK FTA) from today.  “The New Zealand UK FTA enters into force from today, and is one of the seven new or upgraded Free Trade Agreements negotiated by Labour to date,” Prime ...
    3 days ago
  • Next steps to reform outdated surrogacy law
    The Government will reform outdated surrogacy laws to improve the experiences of children, surrogates, and the growing number of families formed through surrogacy, by adopting Labour MP Tāmati Coffey’s Member’s Bill as a Government Bill, Minister Kiri Allan has announced. “Surrogacy has become an established method of forming a family ...
    4 days ago
  • Defence Minister to attend Shangri-La Dialogue
    Defence Minister Andrew Little departs for Singapore tomorrow to attend the 20th annual Shangri-La Dialogue for Defence Ministers from the Indo-Pacific region. “Shangri-La brings together many countries to speak frankly and express views about defence issues that could affect us all,” Andrew Little said. “New Zealand is a long-standing participant ...
    4 days ago
  • New Zealand–China science relationship affirmed
    Research, Science and Innovation Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall and the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang met in Wellington today and affirmed the two countries’ long-standing science relationship. Minister Wang was in New Zealand for the 6th New Zealand-China Joint Commission Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation. Following ...
    4 days ago
  • Supporting a strong future for screen sector
    5 percent uplift clearer and simpler to navigate  Domestic productions can access more funding sources 20 percent rebate confirmed for post-production, digital and visual effects Qualifying expenditure for post-production, digital and visual effects rebate dropped to $250,000 to encourage more smaller productions The Government is making it easier for the ...
    4 days ago
  • Minister Sepuloni to attend 61st Anniversary of Samoa’s Independence
    Deputy Prime Minister and Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs (Pacific Region) Carmel Sepuloni will represent New Zealand at Samoa’s 61st Anniversary of Independence commemorations in Apia. “Aotearoa New Zealand is pleased to share in this significant occasion, alongside other invited Pacific leaders, and congratulates Samoa on the milestone of 61 ...
    5 days ago
  • Govt backs retailers with expansion of fog cannon programme
    The Government is continuing to support retailers with additional funding for the highly popular Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme, Police and Small Business Minister Ginny Andersen announced today.  “The Government is committed to improving retailers’ safety,” Ginny Andersen said.  “I’ve seen first-hand the difference fog cannons are making. Not only do ...
    5 days ago
  • Government will consider recommendations of Intelligence and Security Act review
    The Government has received the first independent review of the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says. The review, considered by the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, was presented to the House of Representatives today.  “Ensuring the safety and security of New Zealanders is of the utmost ...
    5 days ago
  • Govt expresses condolences on the passing of HRH Princess Sui’ilikutapu
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has expressed condolences on behalf of New Zealand to the Kingdom of Tonga following the death of Her Royal Highness Princess Mele Siu’ilikutapu Kalaniuvalu Fotofili. “New Zealand sends it’s heartfelt condolences to the people of Tonga, and to His Majesty King Tupou VI at this time ...
    5 days ago
  • Govt expresses condolences on the passing of HRH Princess Siu’ilikutapu
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has expressed condolences on behalf of New Zealand to the Kingdom of Tonga following the death of Her Royal Highness Princess Mele Siu’ilikutapu Kalaniuvalu Fotofili. “New Zealand sends it’s heartfelt condolences to the people of Tonga, and to His Majesty King Tupou VI at this time ...
    5 days ago
  • Security support to Solomon Islands extended
    Defence Minister Andrew Little and Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta have today announced the extension of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) deployment to Solomon Islands, as part of the regionally-led Solomon Islands International Assistance Force (SIAF). “Aotearoa New Zealand has a long history of working alongside the Royal Solomon ...
    5 days ago
  • Minister Mahuta to attend the first Korea-Pacific Leaders’ Summit
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta will travel to the Republic of Korea today to attend the Korea–Pacific Leaders’ Summit in Seoul and Busan. “Korea is an important partner for Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific region. I am eager for the opportunity to meet and discuss issues that matter to our ...
    6 days ago
  • Agreement between Indo-Pacific partners for supply chain resilience
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor joined ministerial representatives at a meeting in Detroit, USA today to announce substantial conclusion of negotiations of a new regional supply chains agreement among 14 Indo-Pacific countries. The Supply Chains agreement is one of four pillars being negotiated within the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework ...
    6 days ago
  • Celebrating Samoa Language Week 2023
    Our most spoken Pacific language is taking centre stage this week with Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa – Samoa Language Week kicking off around the country. “Understanding and using the Samoan language across our nation is vital to its survival,” Barbara Edmonds said. “The Samoan population in New Zealand are ...
    6 days ago
  • Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert system
    Over 90 per cent of New Zealanders are expected to receive this year’s nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system tonight between 6-7pm. “Emergency Mobile Alert is a tool that can alert people when their life, health, or property, is in danger,” Kieran McAnulty said. “The annual nationwide test ...
    6 days ago
  • Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement
    ENGLISH: Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement A Deed of Settlement has been signed between Whakatōhea and the Crown, 183 years to the day since Whakatōhea rangatira signed the Treaty of Waitangi, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little has announced. Whakatōhea is an iwi based in ...
    7 days ago
  • New Chair appointed to New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO
    Elizabeth Longworth has been appointed as the Chair of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO, Associate Minister of Education Jo Luxton announced today. UNESCO is the United Nations agency responsible for promoting cooperative action among member states in the areas of education, science, culture, social science (including peace and ...
    1 week ago
  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
    1 week ago
  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
    1 week ago
  • Te ao Māori health services cheaper and more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
    1 week ago
  • Te ao Māori health services more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
    1 week ago
  • Government’s work for survivors of abuse in care continues
    The Government continues progress on the survivor-led independent redress system for historic abuse in care, with the announcement of the design and advisory group members today. “The main recommendation of the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s Abuse in Care interim redress report was for a survivor-led independent redress system, and the ...
    1 week ago

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