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Open mike 27/06/2021

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, June 27th, 2021 - 64 comments
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64 comments on “Open mike 27/06/2021 ”

  1. Adrian Thornton 1

    So it turns out Americans rightly have little trust in any of their MSM news outlets..not just FOX but also including all Liberal media….5 years of 'Russiagate', endless 'Trumpisim', misleading Covid information will do that I guess…the rest of the world are not far behind their our 'non' trust in their own local MSM.

    "According to a study, the United States has the lowest level of trust in the media among all countries surveyed – 29% and remains one of the few countries that hasn’t seen an increase in trust in recent years."

    This sort of thing adds fire to the fuel…

    Judge Finds Rachel Maddow Hyperbolic and Unreliable


    • Pete 1.1

      Ignoring the rest of history, consider from 2015 onwards. Would there be a reason for the United States having the lowest level of trust in the media among all countries surveyed?

      (Past the media itself shooting itself in the feet in various ways.)

      Could a would-be leader of the country, then leader of the country roundly, loudly, universally telling 330 million daily that the media is 'fakenews' have any impact on the stats?

      • Adrian Thornton 1.1.1

        aahh..always back to Trump, you de realize that pretty soon bring soon bringing Trump in a debate will be like bringing up Hitler/Nazi's..ie you instantly lose.

        • Incognito


        • Adrian Thornton

          Man I gotta stop talking to mates and writing at the same time as I obviously can't multitask..that didn't read too good, but you get my drift.

        • Pete

          I only became aware of and got used to hearing the expression "fake news" in recent years. I watched many live press conferences from the US and the expression was ubiquitous.

          Trump seemed to want to be the larger than life character. His supporters wanted him to be that. His presence, words and ways of seeing things were pervasive.

          If reflecting that reality means "you instantly lose" what does it take to win? Make stuff up? i.e. play the game the media is accused of playing and be deemed to be untrustworthy?

          • Adrian Thornton

            "I only became aware of and got used to hearing the expression "fake news" in recent years."..are you serious..what the fuck was "weapons of mass destruction'? a bit of "fake news" that did more damage to the world by a fucking thousand country miles compared to anything Trump did.. you must either have a very short memory or operate in some sort of hermetically sealed bubble or something my friend..

            • McFlock

              You are confusing the knowledge of some news being inaccurate (or an accurate reporting of falsified information) with the expression "fake news" that in recent years has gained popularity as a way to assign doubt upon true information reported correctly.

              WMDs were lies reported truthfully.

              Hundreds of thousands of dead americans were facts truthfully reported, the reporting then called "fake news" by the abject failure of a shitstain-in-chief.

              • Adrian Thornton

                "WMDs were lies reported truthfully" …are you fucking kidding?, 36 million people around the world protested against that war at the time because they knew that the lies of WMD, that pretty much all MSM in the west spewed out verbatim straight from the Whitehouse with no counter narrative allowed was fake news..exactly as those very same 'news' sources do today when it comes to willingly and unquestioningly enabling western regime change wars and interventions, again with no counter narratives allowed…which is one of the reasons why there is so little trust in the MSM, excepting the usual suspects of course, who seem to swallow whatever is feed to them.

                "In an investigation of the news coverage of Colin Powell's 2003 U.N. address, rhetorical scholar John Oddo found that mainstream journalists "strengthened Powell's credibility, predisposed audiences to respond favorably to his discourse, and subtly altered his claims to make them seem more certain and warranted."[19] In 2003, a study released by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting stated the network news disproportionately focused on pro-war sources and left out many anti-war sources. According to the study, 64% of total sources were in favor of the Iraq War while total anti-war sources made up 10% of the media (only 3% of US sources were anti-war). The study stated that "viewers were more than six times as likely to see a pro-war source as one who was anti-war; with U.S. guests alone, the ratio increases to 25 to 1."[20]"

                • McFlock

                  The information was reported accurately. The information, however, was a lie.

                  As opposed to the much more recent leitmotif "fake news", which most often seems to refer to inconvenient facts being reported truthfully.

                  • Adrian Thornton

                    No the information was not reported accurately.

                    If it were, then the consumer of the event concerning that piece of "information" would have been also exposed to other information that opposed that narrative, thereby making that original "information" complete (by allowing citizens to view both sides of the story, and with ALL the information, being able to construct an informed opinion) however as MSM did not do this, that "information" you keep on insisting was accurately reported, was in fact incomplete, hence not accurately reported..in other words fake news.

                    In Iraq Crisis, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views


                    • McFlock

                      that "information" you keep on insisting was accurately reported, was in fact incomplete, hence not accurately reported..in other words fake news.

                      Not everyone with an opinion has an opinion based on direct knowledge. The US sec'y of state presenting intel (that turns out to have been fabricated) will obviously get more air time than any "anti-war organisation". Why? Because not only was he in a position to receive privileged information, he was in a position to act on it.

                      In a world with practically infinite amounts of information, no news organisation can present "ALL" the information. That's why they have editors.

                      Do you think the majority of mainstream media were attempting to provide the truth of the situation as they saw it based on the information they had to hand?

                      Do you think they were deliberately trying to mislead their audience as to the actual truth of the situation as they knew it?

                    • Adrian Thornton

                      @ McFlock, " Do you think the majority of mainstream media were attempting to provide the truth of the situation as they saw it based on the information they had to hand? "…no

                      “In a world with practically infinite amounts of information, no news organisation can present “ALL” the information. That’s why they have editors.”..they didn’t present ANY other counter information, that is the fucking point!

                      On the US media nightly news stories about Iraq (1/30/03–2/12/03)

                      "More than two-thirds (267 out of 393) of the guests featured were from the United States. Of the U.S. guests, a striking 75 percent (199) were either current or former government or military officials. Only one of the official U.S. sources—Sen. Edward Kennedy (D.-Mass.)—expressed skepticism or opposition to the war. Even this was couched in vague terms: “Once we get in there how are we going to get out, what’s the loss for American troops are going to be, how long we’re going to be stationed there, what’s the cost is going to be,” said Kennedy on NBC Nightly News (2/5/03)."

                      Only a complete idiot could still believe that the US media acted in good faith leading into the Iraq war…don't tell me you are one of them?


                      I know it is in your nature to defend all forms Western imperialism, and this time it seems the media that the entire world knows actually encouraged it (many have since apologized for their lack of integrity in this matter) , but come on man have a bit of self respect

                    • McFlock

                      Your claim has gone from 10% of MSM sources being opposed to the war to "they didn’t present ANY other counter information".

                      This is your inability to coherently communicate the stories behind historical facts with the benefit of hindsight. Yet you pillory the MSM for similar errors on reporting events as they happened, with sources who were deliberately fabricating evidence.

                      If they were deliberately lying, what are you doing when you change your claims like that?

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    Danyl's column is a very interesting read:

    "It’s hard to build a good cabal, though. You need a group of politicians and operatives who trust, like and complement each other. Simon Bridges’ cabal had Jami-Lee Ross in it and (Jerry Seinfeld voice) that was a bad cabal! A terrible cabal! David Cunliffe’s cabal had David Cunliffe in it: also a poor choice. So leadership is still key. A good leader builds a good cabal around them."


  3. Sanctuary 3

    So has our media learnt a thing from covid?

    It is almost like a ritual now the usual grab bag of nonsense from our main newspapers. They spent months and months snivelling and whining and screaming on behalf of one their main advertisers in the tourism sector to open the borders. When there is a covid scare they proceed to spend the first 24 hours offering 20/20 hindsight as news and publishing reckons from know nothings and lots of anecdotal screeching about shambolic testing centres and demands for accountability because you know, you should have a magic wand which can instantly conjure up staff and resources followed by more reckons and choleric language expressing anger and disbelief from "…Devastated travellers (who) voice heartbreak and frustration at the travel bubble pause…" despite the fact you'd have to be Stevie Wonder not to have seen it coming this time and the government making it absolutely clear you travel at your own risk.

    Our media is run by unethical idiots incapable of learning anything.

    • Yes, if the media were ethical, they would be screwing this government and Bloomfields pathetic handling of the vaccine rollout.

      • Last place amongst OECD
      • 120th place in the world

      'We are at the head of the queue'. I guess Hipkins meant we are at the head of the queue for worst OECD performance.

      But hell, lets fiddle with cycle bridges for a tiny number of middle class North Shore residents whilst NZ burns.


      [You never responded to the Moderation note and withdrew or apologised. I will take you out of Pre-Moderation, since it has been almost one month now, but with the assumption that you haven’t learned a thing and have not changed your ways of commenting on this site – Incognito]

      • Incognito 3.1.1

        See my note to you.

        • Peter ChCh

          To be honest, I never saw the note (don't look on here every day!).

          And no. No way will I apologise to that stalker. If thats a ban, so be it.
          And as for ‘withdrawing’, I really would have to go back to see the chain of conversation.

          But yes, from now on I will reference any claim I make (but please also apply same standard to others)

          • Incognito

            That’s disappointing, in more than one way. Better we draw a line under it and turn to a fresh sheet, yes?

            • Peter ChCh

              Sounds great Incognito. New start and thank you for your very reasonable moderation.

              For the record, I think the withdrawal was because I did not provide a reference. If so, I withdraw that and as I say, will always reference in future.


              • Louis

                So that can be taken as a form of an apology and btw I am not a stalker. It is good that from now on you will provide a link to back up your claims.

          • weka

            "To be honest, I never saw the note (don't look on here every day!)."

            Can you see the Replies list tab? Top right on both computer and mobile desktop version. If you click on that you will see all replies to your comments in reverse chronological order. This is the place to look and see if you've been moderated. We recommend people do this each time they visit, as a courtesy to debate culture and seeing who has replied, and to lessen moderator grumpiness at having to chase people up.

      • Muttonbird 3.1.2

        Why are you so keen for our vaccination rate to be that of the rest world? Would you also like our Covid-19 response to be that of the rest of the world?

        Our main defence is working well and will continue to work well until the population is vaccinated to an acceptable level.

        There is no rush. Rushing the relaxation of restrictions leads to disaster with respect to Coronavirus.

        • Peter chch

          Well clearly the government was keen on rushing it (as you put it), why else did Hipkins knowingly mislead us by saying we were at the front of the queue?

          No country can isolate itself forever. The strategy was elimination until a vaccine became available. Then achieve herd immunity by vaccine. That strategy is failing on the second step.

          Our response to Covid reflected our isolation, our dispersed population and other unique factors. These steps were appropriate for NZ, but hardly available to most of the rest of the world.

          • Louis

          • Muttonbird

            In no world was this government rushing vaccinations. That has never been the case except in the minds of people who struggle to read the news.

            The strategy is not failing. It is merely part way through.

            No doubt NZ had geographical and societal advantages, so why wouldn't a government take advantage of these in their Covid-19 policy?

            Only the ACT party would do otherwise.

      • Louis 3.1.3

        "Jacinda Ardern said "no, no" when asked on Breakfast about New Zealand being ranked120th last in the OECD, as of June 15.

        She said such rankings largely measure first doses and the country was employing a "different strategy" in its vaccine rollout.

        While other countries were pausing second doses in the face of outbreaks, Ardern said New Zealand is "fully vaccinating as we go". This meant the country was ahead of Japan and Australia in terms of its population"


        • Peter chch

          Although Japan and Australia are not exactly an example of what to aspire to (and don't get me started on the Olympics – unbelievable stupidity on Japans part).

          I am aware Ardern said that. Sounds like spin to me, but maybe I am overly cynical. I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, but that cycle bridge seems like a blatant attempt at deflecting at a time of increasing dissatisfaction about vaccination.

          Great article by Fran O'Sullivan (unfortunately paywalled)

        • Matiri

          I live in a rural community of 1000 people spread throughout several river valleys, our DHB is Nelson Marlborough. So far, 900 vaccs have been given, 300 people are fully vaccinated including myself. Our health centre has been at the forefront of our DHBs efforts with two of our nurse practitioners running pop up vaccination clinics around the region.

          We only hear the 'bad' news from media reports.

    • Jester 3.2

      I don't believe half the stuff on NZ Herald and Stuff web sites. The news outlets should be independent and actually research and report the news.

      Items like this do not give me much faith in them.

      Government housing developer paying $25,000 a month for 'secret' sponsored media stories without disclaimer | Stuff.co.nz

      • alwyn 3.2.1

        Which of these sites are you unhappy about?

        The Herald for not disclosing the fact that they were published sponsored advertising?

        Or Stuff for telling us about it?

        Or do you think the Government are at fault for arranging the publication of the material and the Minister for denying that they were doing so? Then, when she was caught out, blaming it on a "clerical error".


        • Jester

          Blaming a clerical error is an embarrassment. Megan Woods was caught out lying good and proper.

          • Incognito

            Woods said in the House on Wednesday she had no ministerial responsibility for NZME’s editorial policy.

            “Kāinga Ora had a contractual relationship with the media outlet. It is not their responsibility to ensure that the media outlet advertises that that is paid content. I have discussed this with Kāinga Ora. They have raised it with the media outlet in question, but I have no ministerial responsibility for that editorial policy,” Woods said.

            She said it wasn’t good enough for Kāinga Ora to wash their hands of the matter and blame NZME, as the contract was so large that the agency should have been checking there was a disclaimer being used.

            She may have been ‘lying’, but she was not responsible.

      • Louis 3.2.2

  4. Adrian Thornton 4

    Breaking News…

    Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment

    " major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder. The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution."


    • greywarshark 4.1

      Will this help Assange? Will it mean that Australia can reach out to one of its illustrious sons in need?

      • Adrian Thornton 4.1.1

        Australia is an unquestioning ally to the USA, so I wouldn't hold my breath on that happening….I will be extremely surprised if this gets a mention on most MSM outlets including our own RNZ, who sadly remain as silent as the rest of them.

  5. greywarshark 5

    Can I see my long discussion on hate speech and Kris Faafoi transferred here? I thought it made some points but have i somehow vanished it? Or was it too pointed and bruising?

    • Incognito 5.1

      It was caught by the Auto-Moderation filter because you had not correctly removed the many hyperlinks and left too many of the square brackets, inadvertently.

      It was missing a source-link to Wikipedia.

      It was poorly formatted and hard to see what was quoted text and what your own words were.

      It was a shambles and I trashed it.

      • Ad 5.1.1

        OK Burn of the Day

      • greywarshark 5.1.2

        Thanks for advising incognito, and it seems that formatting etc may be another barrier to free speech.

        • Incognito

          You’re welcome.

          You’re also welcome to re-post, after some TLC.

          If you don’t want to draw attention to your comment and don’t want to waste time of grumpy Moderators then you know what to do to avoid Auto-Moderation.

          The choice is yours; there’s no free speech impediment, just following this site’s simple rules!

  6. Forget now 6

    Not good, but not too bad yet. Feeling a bit anxious about attending a large public gathering last night – not many masks in the Dunedin throng. Still, have to wait and see – sympathies to those in Wellington, the lurking uncertainty can be worse than a known problem.

    The partner of the Sydney man (case A) who travelled to Wellington has tested positive for Covid-19… "That shows that case A was able to transmit the virus, and it suggests that case A was infectious towards the end of their stay in New Zealand. Those two people were isolated from each other on return to Australia, given Case A's positive test result at that point."…

    test results have been encouraging, but they received a "potential indeterminate" result in Masterton. It may be a false-positive.


    • McFlock 6.1

      Had to move through the winter thingee crowd to get to another venue. Felt bloody weird – took me a while to realise it was the biggest crowd I'd been in for a couple of years.

    • I Feel Love 6.2

      Were you wearing a mask Forget Now? Was a great night nonetheless.

      • Forget now 6.2.1

        I was wearing a mask (though not while trudging to Moray Place, only when within arms reach of other people), but only saw two others. I was hoping that it'd be rescheduled to next weekend. Not saying that it wasn't fantastic, especially seeing my own kids walking by with the lanterns we'd made together (I'd been in the procession with them previously, and you don't really get to see much from there), just reckless.


    • alwyn 6.3

      "That shows that case A was able to transmit the virus,"

      Alternatively, and more cheerfully, they both picked it up in Sydney before they came and the partner was just slower in showing symptoms. Perhaps I am too optimistic though.

  7. greywarshark 7

    There is a revealing and uncomfortable piece from Neale Jones in the Spinoff that is important because Jones is CEO of the PR/Lobbying firm, Capital Government Relations. He also has been Chief-of-Staff for both Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern. Chris Trotter finds it disturbing for NZrs hopeful of many things from Labour and a return to a satisfactory level of democracy. https://bowalleyroad.blogspot.com/2021/06/democratic-socialism-from-ground-up-not.html

    Neale calls certain people 'anoraks' which Wikipedia says is used to mean:

    "Anorak" is a British slang term which refers to a person who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects. This interest may be unacknowledged or not understood by the general public
    a person who is extremely enthusiastic about and interested in something that other people find boring.., An anorak is basically a pretty decent insult. … The use of the word often fills the "insulter" with a delectable sense of satisfaction and achievement.

    Trotter's response –
    And, just in case you missed it, note the use of the word “anoraks”. Clearly, any citizen who takes an interest in the life of their city is some sort of sad obsessive; someone urgently in need of getting a life. Isn’t it great to know how Labour’s movers-and-shakers view the active citizen?

    It is all centred on housing. And wanting to get rid of all the old and build new apartments. And end up looking Stalinesk or palatial – because that is what the architects usually give us. I remember reading that this is what China has done. We can learn much from looking at the rest of the world.

    • RedBaronCV 7.1

      A lot of the discussion on these housing changes was based on some very high future population estimates. Don't know if he had a hand in them but yes there are a lot of people in Wellington – regardless of the decision- who are pretty upset about how the process played out. And considering the greens get over 10% of their total vote from the 2 main Wellington electorates and labour also do very well I'd say the show is not yet over.

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  • New legislation to streamline Cyclone recovery
    The Government is introducing the Severe Weather Emergency Legislation Bill to ensure the recovery and rebuild from Cyclone Gabrielle is streamlined and efficient with unnecessary red tape removed. The legislation is similar to legislation passed following the Christchurch and Kaikōura earthquakes that modifies existing legislation in order to remove constraints ...
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    7 days ago
  • Cost of living package: More bread and butter support for Kiwi families
    Approximately 1.4 million people will benefit from increases to rates and thresholds for social assistance to help with the cost of living Superannuation to increase by over $100 a pay for a couple Main benefits to increase by the rate of inflation, meaning a family on a benefit with children ...
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    1 week ago
  • Freeing up more government bandwidth and money to focus on the cost of living
    $1 billion in savings which will be reallocated to support New Zealanders with the cost of living A range of transport programmes deferred so Waka Kotahi can focus on post Cyclone road recovery Speed limit reduction programme significantly narrowed to focus on the most dangerous one per cent of state ...
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    1 week ago
  • State of National Emergency to end for Tairāwhiti and Hawke’s Bay
    The remaining state of national emergency over the Tairāwhiti and Hawke’s Bay regions will end on Tuesday 14 March, Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty announced today. Minister McAnulty gave notice of a national transition period over these regions, which will come into effect immediately following the end of the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government delivers on Dawn Raids commitment
    The Government is today delivering on one of its commitments as part of the New Zealand Government’s Dawn Raids apology, welcoming a cohort of emerging Pacific leaders to Aotearoa New Zealand participating in the He Manawa Tītī Scholarship Programme. This cohort will participate in a bespoke leadership training programme that ...
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    1 week ago
  • New plan to increase productivity and high wage jobs across advanced manufacturing sector
    Industry Transformation Plan to transform advanced manufacturing through increased productivity and higher-skilled, higher-wage jobs into a globally-competitive low-emissions sector. Co-created and co-owned by business, unions and workers, government, Māori, Pacific peoples and wider stakeholders. A plan to accelerate the growth and transformation of New Zealand’s advanced manufacturing sector was launched ...
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    1 week ago
  • Aotearoa New Zealand supports Pacific countries to combat animal disease 
    New Zealand will provide support for Pacific countries to prevent the spread of harmful animal diseases, Associate Minister of Agriculture Meka Whaitiri said. The Associate Minister is attending a meeting of Pacific Ministers during the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry in Nadi, Fiji. “Highly contagious diseases such as African ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government delivers better public transport for Christchurch
    The Public Transport Futures project will deliver approximately: 100 more buses providing a greater number of seats to a greater number of locations at a higher frequency Over 470 more bus shelters to support a more enjoyable travel experience Almost 200 real time display units providing accurate information on bus ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Minister praises education heroes in cyclone damaged regions
    All but six schools and kura have reopened for onsite learning All students in the six closed schools or kura are being educated in other schools, online, or in alternative locations Over 4,300 education hardpacks distributed to support students Almost 38,000 community meals provided by suppliers of the Ka Ora ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Government investments drive health and business outcomes in the Bay of Plenty
    A new health centre has opened with financial support from the Government and further investment has been committed to projects that will accelerate Māori economic opportunities, Regional Development Minister Kiri Allan says. Community health provider QE Health will continue its long history in Rotorua with the official opening of the ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • UK NZ Working Holiday Scheme upgraded
    The new three year NZ UK Working Holiday Visas (WHV) will now be delivered earlier than expected, coming into force by July this year in time to support businesses through the global labour shortages Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says. The improved WHV, successfully negotiated alongside the NZ UK Free trade ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • 2023 Offshore Renewable Energy Forum, New Plymouth
    It seems like only yesterday that we launched the discussion document Enabling Investment in Offshore Renewable Energy, which is the key theme for this Forum. Everyone in this room understands the enormous potential of offshore wind in Aotearoa New Zealand – and particularly this region.  Establishing a regime to pave ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Milestone reached in crack down on gangs
    Police has reached a major milestone filing over 28,000 charges related to Operation Cobalt. “I’m extremely proud of the fantastic work that our Police has been doing to crack down on gangs, and keep our communities safe. The numbers speak for themselves – with over 28,000 charges, Police are getting ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New funding for Cyclone waste removal
    The Government will provide $15 million in the short term to local councils to remove rubbish, as a longer-term approach is developed, the Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty announced today. “Several regions are facing significant costs associated with residential waste removal, which has the potential to become a public ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Government working faster and smarter to support response and recovery
    $15 million of immediate reimbursement for marae, iwi, recognised rural and community groups $2 million for community food providers $0.5 million for additional translation services Increasing the caps of the Community and Provider funds The Government has announced $17.5 million to further support communities and community providers impacted by Cyclone ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • More Māori getting access to mental health and addiction services
    The Government’s approach of using frontline service providers to address inequities for Māori with mental health and addiction needs is making good progress in many communities, a new report says. An independent evaluation into the Māori Access and Choice programme, commissioned by Te Whatu Ora has highlighted the programme’s success ...
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    2 weeks ago

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