Open mike 29/01/2010

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13 comments on “Open mike 29/01/2010”

  1. luva 1

    Where is r0b

    I miss your endless defence of the last Labour goverment.

    Come back r0b

  2. Did you know that if you added the amount Tolley is going to spend on propaganda supporting her National Standards program ($26m) to the amount given to private schools ($30m), it approximates to the amount cut from night schools and special education courses ($53m).

    In the words of BLiP are you loving it?

  3. Doug 3

    Poor old Trevor Mallard is blowing a fuse over at Red Alert making himself look a silly old fool. He must be the toast of Labour supporters the way he is beating up on a woman, must make him feel strong.

    [lprent: You are a antique social fossil. Modern woman can generally take care of themselves in arguments. Especially since people like you aren’t allowed to keep them barefoot, pregnant and confined to kitchen slavery. Idiot! ]

  4. killinginthenameof 4

    Goff’s speach seems to have hit a nerve over at kiwiblog, bloody good work!

  5. Quoth the Raven 5

    What do people think about the Apple iPad? IMO it looks like another dismal bit of equipment from Apple, but I’m sure it will sell well because there’s are plenty of lame hipsters who buy Apple products.

    • felix 5.1

      Meh. My thoughts here.

    • r0b 5.2

      Be careful – the platform wars make our little political scraps look tame in comparison! However…

      Apple hasn’t made a “dismal bit of equipment” since Jobs took over again. The iPad leaves me underwhelmed personally, but only because expectations had been set so high, and (as Felix points out) we’ve all become jaded. We take brilliant technology from Apple for granted.

      • felix 5.2.1

        Nah, I take brilliant technology in general for granted.

        I just don’t think this one is all that brilliant. They’ve taken something that they already had (which was kinda brilliant) and made it bigger. Whoop-de-do.

        Not big enough for proper computing, too big to put in your pocket.

        It reminds me of a description I read somewhere of sidecars on motorbikes: Cleverly combining the exposure to the weather of a motorbike with the lack of maneuverability of a car.

        • r0b

          I don’t disagree, but the whole iPhone/ Touch platform still blows me away. I had the pleasure of watching my oldest son patiently work through a hands on demo to a bunch of sharp young septuagenarians over the break, and it reiterated to me how much like magic these things are.

          And as for the iPad, with iWorks, and a third party bluetooth keyboard, I would gladly take it travelling with me instead of lugging my MBP everywhere. However, I tend to make my Macs last a long (long) time, so no iPad for me yet.

          • felix

            Yeah it is all quite magic-like. It all reminds me how mind-blowingly awesome our commonplace everyday tech is too.

            For example when I stop and think about it an ordinary telephone is just frickin incredible – talking to people on the other side of town through a wire! Imagine that!

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