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Open Mike 30/09/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:02 am, September 30th, 2018 - 86 comments
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86 comments on “Open Mike 30/09/2018 ”

  1. SaveNZ 1

    Stop 90m Queens Wharf extension, community groups tell Phil Goff


    Auckland council and Ports of Auckland can’t help themselves to continue to steal the harbour and appropriate more public land to help multibillionaire business at the expense of most Kiwis right to use their own public land freely that they pay for through rates!

    BTW – Cruise ships do not have to pay the measly $35 tax to help conservation. Pathetic!

    Cruise ships are highly polluting and their so called tourist dollars only help a very tiny amount of businesses (often foreign owned) that are congregated in highly priced locations aka not the little guy who can’t afford the rents.

    Phil Goff promised not to take any more land for the harbour and is breaking his promise.

    More intergenerational theft by the council!

    On top of the ‘funny’ money when apparently the Auckland council are 600 million in surplus, (although borrowing hundreds of millions from the government for yet more spec house development????)

    Also on top of America’s cup costing hundreds of millions of dollars that the ratepayers have to pay for and appropriating more harbour for multibillion dollar pursuits.

    • SaveNZ 1.1

      The world’s largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem

      As Harmony of the Seas sets sail from Southampton docks on Sunday she will leave behind a trail of pollution – a toxic problem that is growing as the cruise industry and its ships get ever bigger


      • SaveNZ 1.1.1

        Clean, Green NZ, no more…turn a blind eye to massive polluters that cruise ships generate…

        “But marine pollution analysts in Germany and Brussels said that such a large ship would probably burn at least 150 tonnes of fuel a day, and emit more sulphur than several million cars, more NO2 gas than all the traffic passing through a medium-sized town and more particulate emissions than thousands of London buses.

        According to leading independent German pollution analyst Axel Friedrich, a single large cruise ship will emit over five tonnes of NOX emissions, and 450kg of ultra fine particles a day.

        Bill Hemmings, marine expert at Brussels-based Transport and Environment group said: “These ships burn as much fuel as whole towns. They use a lot more power than container ships and even when they burn low sulphur fuel, it’s 100 times worse than road diesel.”

        “Air pollution from international shipping accounts for around 50,000 premature deaths per year in Europe alone, at an annual cost to society of more than €58bn [ $65bn],” says the group on its website.”

    • Dukeofurl 1.2

      “Auckland council are 600 million in surplus”

      That is completely a a false flag. They still have huge capital spending which isnt counted in that sort of accounting procedure.

    • Gabby 1.3

      600 million in surplus? Must be time to update their IT then.

      • SaveNZ 1.3.1

        Just the usual ‘funny’ numbers that accountants like to release to media that are meaningless… because you can pretend you are doing a great job fiscally by hiding debts..

    • Visubversa 1.4

      A “dolphin” floats. It is not a wharf extension. It enables larger ships to tie up.

  2. Ffloyd 2

    What a laugh. That big fat zero H duP is SCORING! Jacinda Ardern. Didn’t waste my time reading it. Maybe I should have. Just the headline was enough though.

  3. Dennis Frank 3

    Andrea Vance has been providing background info that illuminates how Labour conducted the CTO process: “Further documents revealed the fingerprints of Labour party president Nigel Haworth and former apparatchik GJ Thompson. Ardern was more heavily involved in the process than previously let on. Importantly, the State Services Commission ruled the appointment robust and unbiased.” https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/107455388/andrea-vance-a-week-of-grubby-politics-in-contrast-to-new-york-performance

    So the SSC reviewed Labour’s conduct of the CTO recruitment process and decided they had run the process appropriately. Curran, as Minister leading that process, can take credit for that presumably. After months of media & political commentary suggesting that Curran’s meetings & emails with Handley were inappropriate, we now know it was all total crap. Several weeks ago I asked onsite here what rule she was supposed to have broken and got no response.

    Media blather about nothing, everyone fascinatedly recycling irrelevant speculation, carefully avoiding the lack of evidence. Vance writes “when she gets back home, there’s plenty of murk to cut through.” But Ardern wasn’t displaying any interest in cutting through the murk as it kept building up since summer, so why would she suddenly decide to cut through it now?? If she was a cut-through type of leader she would have issued this public statement long ago: “As far as I know Minister Curran hasn’t broken any rules in her conduct of our CTO process, but the SSC will investigate and report on that.”

    “A recruitment firm with close links to the Prime Minister’s office was involved in hiring the Government’s new chief technology officer, new documents reveal. JacksonStone and Partners completed due diligence on two finalists for the job – one of which was Derek Handley. Heather Church is principal consultant at the firm. She is also married to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s chief of staff, Mike Munro.”

    “The firm also carried out recruitment for Ardern’s vacant chief press secretary earlier this year. It has been a member of the All-of-Government Recruitment and Consulting panel since 2012, which allows companies to pitch for specialist contracts.” https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/107422821/no-bias-in-handley-recruitment-report-concludes

    “Numerous applications were received and Curran and officials whittled the list down to 18 candidates. They were assessed by Curran’s private secretary “against a criteria matrix consisting of mana, ability to influence, strategic ability and relevant experience.” Vance provides plenty other interesting details too…

    • SaveNZ 3.1

      Fire the recruiters, they did a hideous job and not only that are compromised by having family members in Jacinda’s office.

      If the government had bothered to open the process up to multiple recruiters who actually knew the IT industry then they may have attracted candidates or at least given a heads up what sort of role it was because it certainly was not a CTO one, given advice to the government so it did not turn into a train wreck and run the process appropriately, instead of wasting candidates time for months, humiliating the candidates and running the public service into the muck.

      To reject 60 candidates from the get go, is alarming, then to come to Handley after a further 79 is alarming…

      If they wanted someone not technical it should have been clearer and certainly the got the basics wrong, like the job title.

      Typical NZ, (and bad recruiters) they can’t even get the basics right or even understand why they can’t retain talent in this country, or talent remaining has no interest in becoming involved with the government screw ups.

      • Dukeofurl 3.1.1

        Where did you get the ‘further 79 from’

        Once they had seen the first 60 applications, I think they job description was revised substantially, like often happens even for small jobs.

        ““In particular, I see the chief technology officer working on issues such as improving digital equality, protecting citizens’ rights online, and building a connected nation, alongside the Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion Advisory Group and the other advisory groups I have already signalled I will be establishing.
        “Although the role sits within the government context, the chief technology officer will require a collaborative way of working across government, with ministers and officials, and with a range of other stakeholders to shape and drive New Zealand’s digital agenda,” Ms Curran says.

        • SaveNZ

          Why bother wasting everybody’s time you have to wonder, it’s clear by the emails that he was discussing the role with Jacinda and got Clare Curren so excited by all the non tech buzz words that she could understand, she thought it was like ‘Star Trek’.

          Does the released emails sound impartial? Nope. Bear in mind the guy is not technical at all, never been a CTO before, no qualifications in tech and before even starting he was talking about assembling a massive team to do the work for him, while he (in his head) had a staring role in Davos, aka not really planning to spend much time in NZ then… getting the extensive team of grunts to do his work for him…

          It’s like advertising for a doctor, and then getting a person who was involved a medical marketing company decade ago and then been a low level figure head overseas who then asks his mates to find a job for him back in NZ and needs an extensive team to do his job, which he describes as a ‘social’ role not a technical one.

          The worldwide focus on tech is getting and retaining the superb tech skills to make ideas work and now every business needs to have suburb tech, the difference between survival and obsolescence.

          Tech has moved on from the 1990’s marketing and self promoter types who made a buck a few decades ago, who are a dime a dozen in the industry.


          • SaveNZ

            One of the many txts between government and Derek Handley. Does not sound impartial!

            To: Jacinda ​
            So close to the baby arriving! Then….POP. It’ll be out before you know it 🙂 So exciting.
            About a month ago we were texting back and forth, I said I really wanted to put some
            ideas to you as to how I could be of service. In my mind I had started to develop
            thoughts ranging from Davos to our links to China’s new economy. Things I think I can
            pull together and work on from the edges of Govt. Listed some samples below.
            But here is where I have landed: over the course of May I was approached by an
            increasing number of people I really respect, to strongly consider applying for the CTO
            I had never thought about it seriously – mostly probably because the recruiting started
            last year when we had not decided about moving back home, I wasn’t paying attention.
            I thought very long and deeply about it, and in the end, I concluded that for now I
            genuinely believe the most service I could be to you and New Zealand is actually in that
            role. I think I could really do it amazingly well.
            So on the weekend I submitted an application.
            In that light, let’s see how that process pans out independently – whatever happens will
            be the right thing. But if that role isn’t in the stars, then I would LOVE to meet up in
            September and revisit some ideas and thinking when my wife and I are back in New
            Zealand! I’m so keen to come home and help you. I have such unique and weird skills
            and networks around the world – I want to put them to work and help so much.
            Be well.
            Sample of Thoughts

            Designing an impactful and surprising Davos presence ​

            Alternative to this: New Zealand could design a new model for a Davos type global
            collective to shape/steer thinking for our generation ​

            Asia summit x New Economy ​

            Govt x Sustainability

            Global next-generation wealth-holder/change-makers ​

            • SaveNZ

              Derek Handlay Sal, Aug 11,2018 319212 AM
              To Clale Culran

              Hello Clare
              So excited to be moving forward with this. It’s such an amazing opponunity and privilege to help shape New Zealand

              – has sent me a draft offer letteri which I review and get back to her on logistic and administrative next steps but I
              assume I should lay out my more essential questions and thoughts here with you.

              As we spoke about below I’m laying out my main questions and thoughts I would like to start to work through with you over
              the coming days Let me know if I should be dealing with. on any of the below)

              Let’s chat again very soon please!

              1. Resources and team – this is my number one most pressing consideration and has been from the outset – I am
              excited to really dive into this as soon as you have time to

              All of the obiectives (digital equal 1 economy I connected nation) etc require a lot of thinking, coordination
              mapping and communicating – the resources for this are my primary concern

              Aside from those above objectives – developing a stakeholder-led strategy requires a dedicated sharp and
              creative team lull time

              The original cabinet paper notes two dedicated stall members from GDCO and MBIE – is this still the thinking?
              Would love to chat more about this with you and whoever else would be involved in resourcing, How would we
              handle external hires/contractors/suppon ifdeemed best?

              have an idea of the type of team think would be ideal and imagine it to be a mix of internal and external
              people – as well as some international thinkers

              2. Operational budgeufunding

              a To carry out the functions in the role well, there also needs to be some operational budget for things like
              convening communications design content etc for stakeholder and community collaboration as well as the
              outputs you would need (published maleriaL web contentetc) lorthatengagement

              3. Conllicts or Disclosures

              submitted a draft proposal of issues and potential conllicts in the intenhew process On the phone you
              mentioned it’s best we work through this togetherfitst – I have attached the memo to this email so you can see
              howl laid it out.

              Each one needs to be worked through carefully so that everybody understands them fully but think the most
              sensitive one is- if your advice comes back than can keep and lust be acutely
              aware of managing any lwould much prefer this – especially given 0 contract is lust one year
              and can be terminated

              4, Timing has also asked about this so share the below her too –

              amily and I will be on the ground on Monday the 10th of September – my preference would be to announce
              in person during thatweek My preference for a start date would be October to give me a lew weeks to get
              settled as we have just bought a new house its got renovations etci getting. in school and all that stuff.
              Not sure how this sits you,

              5, Location
              it hasn’t been mentioned In any material to date that this role requires being located in Wellington so I have
              assumed location is not I understand from that I get an some at (I assume tn

              have some ldeas amund location – I would ptefer a mostly work embedded/”In Resldence” Ihe communtly

              atvarious organisations around the country – but would like an Auckland base as well
              a. “Announcement”

              Would like to hear your thoughts on how you have been thinking about this The announcement itself is an
              opportunity to kick off a broader engagement campaign and enlist self-selected leaders who to
              collaborate My preference would be to not ‘waste’ the announcement by just making it one way — but by using
              it to kick off a two way conversation from the outset

              • mary_a

                SaveNZ @ ( … Thanks for the info. Clare Curran was not the best person to be dealing with this.

                I could be wrong, but from most of the information I’ve seen and heard, it seems to me in my very humble opinion for all it’s worth, DH is/has been calling the shots.

                Never heard of the guy before this fiasco raised its ugly head! For someone supposed to be intelligent, as well as tech savvy, from what I’ve seen, his written communication skills, as well as the presentation of his correspondence is not good for a “professional” … spelling errors, poor sentence and paragraph structure etc. If these English language features are indicative of his job skills, then I sure wouldn’t want to employ him to represent me!

                This whole government CTO issue comes across (to me that is), as being very odd indeed!

        • Gabby

          It sounds like a bullshit job consisting of wasting other people’s time on pointless makework.

  4. AsleepWhileWalking 4

    Greens are going for more change.

    Better to kill off the glitter covered shit that is social security legislation and start again from scratch imo


    • AB 4.1

      “Sanction-free welfare” might look like a UBI. But it will be a cold day in hell – this after all is the country of sanction-free capital gain.
      We just love it when people get money for doing nothing, as long as that ‘nothing’ is watching the values of their rental properties inflate. But if that ‘nothing’ is staying at home and raising young kids, we go ape-shit at them.
      If that sounds like a profound and probably irremediable moral corruption mixed with an unhealthy dose of racism – that’s because it is.

  5. Jenny 5

    Chris Trotter raises several questions, around why the NZDF have demanded that the inquiry into the deaths of Afghan villagers at the hands of the NZDF should be held in secret.

    Operation Burnham Inquiry To Proceed Under Cover Of Darkness
    Chris Trotter – Bowalley Road, September 29, 2018

    …..in the book “Hit & Run” by investigative journalists Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson. Was the NZDF responsible for the deaths of six Afghan citizens – including a little girl – or wasn’t it? Did our Special Air Service hand over captured Afghan insurgents to the Afghan security forces to be tortured – or didn’t it?

    Such questions put the decency and honesty of the New Zealand military squarely in the cross-hairs of public scrutiny…..

    …..Naturally, the NZDF’s defenders have objected that the idea of politicians sending civilian investigators to rifle through the military’s files is outrageous. How can our allies trust the NZDF with their secrets if at some future point they could be revealed for all the world to see?

    My question refers to the independence of our Defence Forces from the influence of our Allies.

    According to Trotter, protecting the interests of our ally is the motive given by the NZDF for the need for a secret hearing.

    Shouldn’t the interests of the New Zealand people and the Afghan villagers who have been sinned against in our name, be put first by our Defence Force before the interests of our allies?

    When our closest military ally the USA, is according to commentators like Mike Moore and others, on the brink of fascism, where would this leave our Defence Force? Will they break the strong ties they have with the US, or will the NZDF become a Fifth Column working against the interests of New Zealanders.

    As Chris Trotter says:

    ….a military that could collude in suppressing evidence of murder could collude in all manner of crimes….

    • Dukeofurl 5.1

      The irony is that the US is often far more open about many of these things- the secrecy is really about protecting NZDF


      The US will still spin the investigation process and take no further action but at least an investigation is done

    • Jenny 5.2

      No where in the NZDF Statement Of Intent is there any mention of protecting New Zealand’s independence as a sovereign nation. Instead, we read this:

      2018 – 2022 STATEMENT OF INTENT

      • Be integrated internationally with
      our military partners and like–minded

      • Be integrated with domestic agencies
      with whom we deliver services in and
      around New Zealand; and

      • Be integrated internally – as a
      Defence Force.
      To achieve this we are prioritising our focus
      for 2025 in three target investment areas:

      • People: Developing a flexible, resilient
      and affordable workforce in order to
      ensure we have the right mix of people,
      with the right skills, in the right place, at
      the right time, to deliver our outcomes.

      • Information: Providing our people
      with secure access to accurate, timely
      and relevant information, everywhere
      it is needed in order to make the right

      • Relationships: Building and
      maintaining the strength of our
      domestic, international and commercial
      relationships in order to maximise our
      combined effect.
      Through integrating our efforts and
      reshaping the way we organise and
      employ our people, capabilities,
      information and relationships, along with
      programmed capability enhancements,
      and the regeneration of our estate and
      infrastructure, we will:

      • Realise our full potential as
      New Zealand’s armed forces;

      • Exploit our advantage at home and
      abroad stemming from our unique ‘Kiwi’
      ethos, and

      • Achieve better security outcomes for
      all New Zealanders.

      This Statement of Intent sets in place the
      foundation for how the Defence Force
      will deliver the Integrated Defence Force
      strategy by 2025. It focusses on the first
      The Integrated phase of the 2025 journey.

      Kevin Short
      Air Marshal
      Chief of Defence Force


      The NZDF concentration on becoming “integrated internationally with
      our military partners…”, might make it very hard for the NZDF to extricate itself from the US, if that state descends into fascism.

      Defence Force planners are supposed to explore all defence scenarios, and forward planning for all contingencies and threats. I wonder if one of our military planners projected contingency plans includes plans to explore cutting NZDF integration with the US military on the US descending into fascism.

      My guess is not.

      And so they will be caught completely unprepared. To the detriment of us all.

      • SaveNZ 5.2.1

        Also telling..

        “People: Developing a flexible, resilient
        and affordable workforce”

        “Relationships: Building and
        maintaining the strength of our
        domestic, international and commercial
        relationships in order to maximise our
        combined effect.”

        Note the words AFFORDABLE for the defence workforce
        Note the words COMMERCIAL relationships needing defence..

        Neoliberalism knows no sovereignty, only cost cutting and protecting commercial profits of the elite at the expense of the many, and protecting the elite power…. which are not necessarily domestic, could be international or commercial…

      • SaveNZ 5.2.2

        Our relationships for defence also seem to be built around the ego’s of two world leaders, Trump and Xi Jinping. Shared values (sarcasm) that that our military works for in real terms.

      • Exkiwiforces 5.2.3

        You would find the Defence Policy is dictated by the Government of the Day in conjunction with MFAT, MoD/ NZDF IRT with Manning and Capabilities and funding from Treasury.

        Since the Salami slicing of Manning and Capability from 1991 onwards, New Zealand how has to rely on its Allies a lot more now since WW2 as a result of Salami cuts in part driven ideology of Treasury and political ideologies base around Free Trade, the Free Market, Globalisation or we are at the ass end of the world no one would bother about us.

        If you want the NZDF to have an independent Defence Policy, then more money has to thrown towards, but at what cost to health, education, doc, transport etc?
        During East Timor ie INTERFET- 2003 there was an expectation that the penny may’ve or finally dropped to all concern that having and maintaining an independent NZDF was in the best interest to the Country. But no it didn’t happen because of cost and especially once NZDF submitted its lessons learnt or as I would say lessons relearned from INTERFET and the resulting UN Peacekeeping mission, but it was very quietly serve by Government and Treasury.

        Even the events of 2006 in the SP region and the after the 2018 Defence Policy review which was released a couple of mths ago Government, Treasury and those other Depts outside of the Ministry for Defence, MoD/ NZDF that you still need to throw more at Defence if you want to be less dependent on your Allies and again at what cost to education, health etc. Thence why we as a nation takes the easy route of less fiction, less money on defence by relying on our allies.

        Yes I understand your concerns about the USA atm and I all think that everyone here on is concern about what is happening in the US atm. But until both sides of the house, the policy wonks, treasury and the rest of NZ wake up IRT to Defence, Foreign Affairs, Trade, Aid Development etc then the status quo will prevail every time there is change.

        The Greens Defence Policy is not an option either as it doesn’t reflect reality on the ground and again written by someone or persons who are either policy wonks or read to much into Peacekeeping theory in University or out of book instead of looking at lessons learnt from pass Peacekeeping missions amd understanding the environment that NZDF operates in.
        Do the Greens understand what the average sea state around NZ and SP? As Landing Ship with a Docking Well can operate up to sea state 6, where as the Landing Ship with a ramp like the current in service RNZN Landing Ship can only operate in sea state or less while conducting Ship to Shore Transfer. Or-
        Do the Greens really understand what Defensive Operations is and mean Military POV? I sure do and I have been doing it for the last 19yrs Airbase /Airfield Ground Defence operator in warlike and Peacetime along with my time in NZ Army in NZ Scots (RNZAC) in the 90’s.

        Nor is the National Party much chop either Defence and like US Military DFAT food it look’s like ass and tastes like ass.

  6. Morrissey 6

    American soldiers are good at cleaning up locker rooms.
    Shame about their less than stellar efforts everywhere else.

    This morning I was watching a bit of college football: Baylor University at Oklahoma. Towards the end of the third quarter, during one of the interminable breaks in the game, the commentators drew attention to a picture of a gleaming locker room, after the Army football team had used it the week before. The picture was captioned: “Leave it how you found it.”

    This nifty little P.R. exercise by the Army football team had just the effect they no doubt calculated it would have. Any citizen of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Cuba, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan would have reflected bitterly that the U.S. Army does anything but leave things how they found them. And any U.S. citizen with an I.Q. above room temperature who was watching that Baylor-Oklahoma game would have thought something similar.

    Such scruples didn’t seem to afflict the fellows commentating the game, however. One of them burbled:

    “Makes you feel great about the people serving our country, protecting our interests abroad.”

    If only the U.S. Army treated everywhere like a stadium locker-room. If only….


  7. greywarshark 7

    Fly Ryanair – (Wryanair?) – Why?

    Those recruited by Ryanair usually work there for a few years, either on a temporary basis or on an Irish employment contract that grants hardly any rights. A regime of repression and fear has so far been able to keep workers submissive.

    Ryanair cuts every corner
    There is a world of difference between the work of a stewardess in the 1980s and the situation of the cabin crew at Ryanair today. The downgrading of this group of workers is the result of a relentless price war following the deregulation of the airline industry in the 1990s. Ryanair became Europe’s largest airline during this period because of the radical savings made at every turn, most notably in the wages of cabin crews whose work was transformed into that of a flying corps of pushers of snacks and scratch tickets – a major source of revenue for the airline and an essential criterion for promotion.

    In order to reduce costs, the airline is exploiting the plight of young people in Southern and Eastern Europe. During the euro crisis, Italy, Spain and Portugal in particular experienced a wave of emigration due to high youth unemployment. Young and often highly qualified migrant workers are welcome cheap labourers in the catering trade, in delivery services – and even in the aviation industry. The wage of around 1200 EUR per month at German Ryanair locations seems generous at first glance, as it is twice as high as an entry-level salary in the countries of origin. However, what many of the young workers do not include in their calculations is the cost of living in the countries in which they are stationed without a say in where they want to go.

    The dream of independence quickly fizzles out when the only housing option is a small shared flat near a remote airport. Local social security contributions also have to be paid. Meanwhile, Ryanair’s profits have exploded – tripling between 2014 and 2016. “Ryanair acts cleverly in the interests of its shareholders”, says a Polish flight attendant with many years of experience with the company, “but it’s all on our shoulders”.

    Like trying to exist in Auckland or in Queenstown!

    Grumpy graffiti – Competition Rules OK!

    • Morrissey 7.1

      The airline industry is a haven for the terminally stupid and irresponsible. Michael O’Leary, the boss of Ryanair, is one of the worst people in the whole world—but he’s no worse than one dipstick that we’ve produced ourselves. A few days after the Fukushima catastrophe in 2011, the Air New Zealand boss Rob “Fuckwit” Fyfe appeared on television to assure New Zealanders that the fuss over so-called nuclear leaks was a beat-up, and there was nothing to worry about. He advised us to do as he did, which was to accept the word of the Japanese government’s PR people, and not to trust the word of so-called “experts”.

      At the same time as the Fuckwit was making that infamous appearance, the Japanese government was seriously contemplating the evacuation of Tokyo.

      Here’s a picture of the great man, characteristically deep in thought…

  8. OnceWasTim 8

    @Savenz and one or two others.
    I’ve been thinking (and so far it hasn’t really hurt that much, although I might need a bit of a lay down soon)
    Kind of a bit of a yea/nah moment in terms of responses to that Brian Easton contribution on Pundit, and then ….. what was that running joke about recruiters?.
    Something about what do you do when you’re not very good at [insert profession here (such as prgrammer/web developer/entrepreneur)]?. Answer: become a recruitment agency ticket clipper specialising in your failed field. Alternatively, a real estate agent or even immigration advisor (or maybe even a gNat politician). No credentials or sense of morality required.
    And then I was thinking about the growing ‘tribal’ phenomenon – the label in and of itself a bit problematic. The difference between a tribe and it’s preparedness for a co-operative approach .v. one of uber-competitiveness, ego and a desire for dominance.

    And then I was thinking that the co-alition ekshully have quite a few things that COULD earn them a few brownie points that even the dysfunctional MSM (Garners and DuplicityAirheads and grumpy old men and others) could get ‘on board with going forward’.
    Actually they should be ‘positioning’ themselves now. OR is that ‘pivoting’? I think it’s the latter.
    One such ‘populist’ ussue (in light of the MSM’s increasing reportage of gun related crime) would be the creation of a proper register – i.e. not just gun owners, but the weaponry they own.
    Another might actually be to stop paying lip service to open government and to provide us with one or two examples that matter.

    But you know …… incrementailsm, Rome wasn’t built in a day, Hope and Change, and its a FUCKING sight better than what we had before.
    I can’t cope! Anyone got a pill for me? Never mind …. I’ll sleep it off

    • greywarshark 8.1

      Don’t be Rip van Winkle though Once was Tim. We need the thinking ones with a desire for positive outcomes good for us all to counter the trolls. (And I apologise to any of Terry Pratchett’s trolls who now live in a relatively mixed society and feel the freedom blowing across their lichen.)

  9. Observer Tokoroa 9

    “The Daily Blog” bombastic as always, has declared Jacinda “Shallow”.

    The Standard
    Fills its escarpment with reams of strange retarded Trolls .
    Micky Savage being almost the only defender.

    But I suppose it keeps the wealthy amused and on top of the greed game.

  10. alwyn 10

    I thought that our PM had worked in the office of Helen Clark in when she was PM.
    Did she learn nothing?
    So we, the taxpayer, had to pay for a professional 3 person crew from a US Ad Agency to film propaganda that would be used, according to Ms Ardern, in her Political campaigning.campaign material. The money comes out of the Labour Party Leaders fund.
    Does she not remember Helen doing exactly the same thing in 2005 when they used the funds to pay for the Pledge Card? Highly illegal according to the Auditor-General. However Ardern, like Clark, appears to believe that she is above the law.
    As with Ardern’s stuff up when she didn’t even know what GDP is her office has come out and announced that “She didn’t really mean” what she so clearly said she meant.
    Is she really as dumb as she appears, or is it that she simply doesn’t give a damn about obeying the law?
    I wonder if it was these professional Ad agency staff who told her to try and get her daughter into every public appearance?
    We deserve better from our Peters’ led Government.

    • ScottGN 10.1

      Sure beats spending money from Bill English’s Leaders fund to pay off the complainant in the Todd Barclay scandal though eh?

      • alwyn 10.1.1

        I have no idea what if anything was spent there and what might have gone on.
        This is illegal.
        Was that?
        And do you agree that this is disgraceful, or is this all hunky-dory?
        Also, one must remember that Barclay is no longer an MP.
        Do you propose that Ms Ardern should quit?

        • ScottGN

          We don’t know how much of the Leaders Fund was spent on the Barclay scandal because National went to great lengths to keep that information from the public.

          Using the Leaders Fund for comms purposes is not illegal and whatever Paula Bennett might say won’t make it illegal. Anyway the Claire Trevett piece in the Herald points out that Embassies would sometimes hire local photographers to film Key in exactly the same way.

          Let’s face it the Leaders Fund is basically a slush fund used for a myriad of dodgy purposes by all participants. Your hypocrisy on the issue is a tad distasteful though.

          Barclay was eventually thrown under the bus by his political masters and that’s the only reason he’s no longer an mp. He used to be my mp and believe me if he could still have his nose in the trough he surely would.

          I propose that Ms Ardern just keep trucking along, she’s doing great.

          • Chuck

            It’s ok the PM’s office has said Ardern “misspoke” and the photo’s / movie will not be used for electioneering purposes…which is illegal.

            “I propose that Ms Ardern just keep trucking along, she’s doing great.”

            So do I ScottGN. At this rate, she will run out of ministers before 2020.

          • alwyn

            That is of course the “But they did it to, defence”.
            Did National really steal more than $800,000?
            And then claim that it should be legal and pass a law to validate the theft?
            Well no, but that doesn’t seem to bother you. Your heroine can clearly do no wrong.
            I’ll bet that you supported that little fraudster Meteria T in her little fraud as well.
            And you have the gall to accuse me of hypocrisy! You really are the prime example of hypocrisy in todays examples, aren’t you?

            • marty mars

              You are losing it you rwnj – all you’ve got is lies and putrid putdowns of everyone especially women. Are you a sad lonely little man or are you just a sicko?

              • alwyn

                Oh dear.
                Forgot to take your pills I see.
                You really are going to have to find a better system to remind you.

    • barfly 10.2

      Whine harder! Come on you can do it. Whine harder!

  11. Jenny 11

    Why Are Some on the Left Falling for Fake News on Syria?
    Sonali Kolhatkar – Common Dreams, September 20, 2018

    There is a deepening rift within the American left over the war in Syria. It is unfortunate that this rift is eclipsing actual activism to stop the suffering of Syrians. But since apparent support for Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin is so strong among some sectors of the left, it is worth tackling the debate if only to try to get past it and on to the more urgent job of shining a light on the plight of Syrians and considering nonmilitary alternatives to ending the complex war…..

    ……Assad, a dictator by any definition, and his ally Putin are both seen as bastions of anti-U.S. resistance. The leaps of logic that some on the left are engaging in, in order to vilify Syrian rebels and civilians in favor of these two leaders, are breathtaking.

    Many are casting the chemical attack on Douma as self-inflicted. The theory is that the rebels who until recently occupied the area inflicted the damage on Syrian civilians as part of some elaborate scheme to frame Assad……

    Apparently, acknowledging the reality of the chemical attacks by Assad is akin to inviting the U.S. to expand its Syria war to Assad’s targets. And so in order to oppose that, are we to deny the real suffering of Syrians? Are we to bend reality to suit our desire?….

    …..Just as there is a chorus contradicting the lived experiences of Syrian civilians, there has been an effort to undermine the White Helmets, a rescue program that has been accused both of receiving U.S. funding (it has gotten U.S. Agency for International Development money just as other projects have) and of being a front for al-Qaida…..

    How are so many on the left falling for such fakery? The Guardian’s extensive investigation into a propaganda effort to discredit the White Helmets offers some answers. Just as it is all too easy to fall for fake news these days, it is also easy to corroborate sources and determine veracity with a little effort.

    ……..When the left accuses conservatives of falling for fake news, we may imagine our rational approach to the world makes us more immune to falsehoods. Sadly, in the case of Syria (and Afghanistan and other nations), the left may be just as vulnerable to seeing all things through the lens of our political worldview rather than through facts. This does little to help ordinary people the world over who are victims of violence.

    Take your pick:

    Common Dreams

    Truth Dig

    The Guardian

    Democracy Now

    Fact Checker



    Vs Bill and Ed and Mike Smith’s favourite pro-Assad sources

    Liberty Report


    Fox News

    Mint Press

    The Canary

    Jimmy Dore

  12. Ad 12

    Kiwibuild homes in Wanaka?
    OMG pass me the smelling salts it can’t be true.

  13. marty mars 13

    truth hurts eh gnats lol

    “National’s behaviour since the election has only confirmed our good sense in choosing Labour. National is leaderless, moribund, and vacuous. It’s a shell of its former self because it’s been seduced by marketing. Substance will always trump shallowness so remember this, Simon Bridges will not lead National into the next election.

    “He is a desperate man,” Mr Peters said.


    and the big slam back by si?

    “Mr Bridges said he wouldn’t dignify the comments with a response.”

    Ha ha classic

    • Koff 13.1

      Another quote from Winnie’s speech: (https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/107491740/winston-peters-attacks-simon-bridges-and-national-in-conference-speech)

      “Peters said his party was formed in opposition to neoliberalism and trickle-down economics, and it still held that position.

      “To quote Clint Eastwood, don’t piddle on me and tell me it’s raining.”

      With Labour and the Greens, he had found two parties who agreed with this.”

      Is opposition to neoliberalism now coalition policy?

    • BM 13.2

      Pretty childish comments from the PM.

      You’d expect a bit more gravitas

      • arkie 13.2.1

        He’s wearing the Leader of NZ First hat at this Party event, don’t you think?

      • Incognito 13.2.2

        I 100% agree with you. The acting PM, Peters should have been more direct and called a spade a spade:

        National’s torpor since the election has only confirmed our good sense in choosing Labour. National is like a headless chicken, a walking corpse, without a soul. It’s a zombie seduced by marketing. Substance will always trump shallowness so remember this, Simon Bridges is a dead man walking.

        • BM

          If I was calling the shots I’d say fuck the old prick and rule out NZ first.

          Tell the voters, you want a centre-right government your only option is to vote National.

          2020 could be the first one-party MMP government we’ve had.

          • Koff

            Think you are on the wrong platform BM if you seriously want anybody here to vote for National, whatever the faults of the Coalition. Anyway, Winnie said he’d still be around in 25 years time, so National may have a long time to wait!

            • BM

              Winnie said he’d still be around in 25 years time, so National may have a long time to wait!

              Good one, the pickled old fuck could be dead tomorrow.

              But anyway, look at the way he’s treating Labour/Greens, they’re his bitches, they’re only there to do his bidding.

              Why the fuck would National want to sign up to that?

          • marty mars

            mate you are on the wrong side of history – the gnats are useless and si is even worse – what a rabble lol

        • Ngungukai

          Yep Winston and NZF definitely dodged a bullet by going into a Coalition with Labour & the Greens.

      • marty mars 13.2.3

        she just ignores simon – seems to work cos nobody rates him do they?

    • Chuck 13.3

      Its classic Winston, he is currently in Governing mode however come election time he will change over to survive mode.

      • marty mars 13.3.1

        classic Winston – skewering si that’s for sure – he’ll never come back from that roasting – his whole caucus is laughing behind his back I bet.

  14. Ngungukai 14

    Winston reckons Bridges will be gone burger b4 the 2020 General Election ?

  15. Robert Guyton 15

    “Winston Peters had harsh words for National, saying the party had become ‘bitter and jealous’.”
    National: ‘bitter and jealous’.”
    Bitter and jealous.

  16. eco maori 16

    Kia ora The Am Show the people who got riped off Duncan are the common people for the last nine year’s billion’s flowing up to the % 0.1 .
    The young people from Gisborne deserved the win I say the Auction worked out I seen people make no money on some of the other Block episodes Is Mark hung over lol off to Anura Bay you did good with the young one’s kia kaha it is a good show Mark all the best to all the contestants.
    simon how does petrol and diesel prices affect electricity prices or rent we know that government’s don’t throw out new revenue stream’s when they first get elected I see a few bitter move’s made by national . I think it’s a good idea to vet our new resident’s so we get people with the same values as us respect all .
    I tau toko Andrew Becroft approach to our problem children a local community Marae based care that teaches them morels and there culture.
    Sam the League man its been a good season for League .
    Kia Kaha Marama you advocate for the people who have lost the most over the last 9 years ka pai Did you know that the mokopuna’s are the ones who suffer when the state cut’s or freezes benefits.
    Duncan if Marama had of given you figures you would have attracted her with them do you still need a tisue.
    I say the neutral tax plan is a way of re balancing our tax to be more fairer to all.
    The tax system’s of the last 150 year’s has been un fair as it is Te tangata whenua who have been TAX THE MOST.
    Ka kite ano P.S I back the advocating for councils to bad advertising alcohol in public places.

  17. eco maori 17

    I don’t believe in luck Duncan its all skills thank’s to my tipuna’s genetic gift’s

  18. eco maori 18

    Some Music from Eco Maori

  19. eco maori 20

    Kia ora Newshub I will have to be more care full but I have my reasons for my statements one will have to check my old post to figure that out.
    The housing market is going up in provincial Aotearoa and that is opposite to the reality national are trying to paint .
    Alfred I think its a little dumb for a brown person to back national when one can see what has happened to a lot of brown people under the bridge I could say more about your reality but I have my morels .
    I wonder if our teacher’s have read the book golden goose I hope they got the story line.
    The Right whales coming to Aotearoa is a good sign that there populations are the up .
    That albino calf was cute.
    I have read on the amount of whaling stations we had in Aotearoa there were a lot in the 1800 we had a lot of whales to .
    trump will cheat on the Kavanaugh investigation hes a cheat he can’t help himself.
    Tesla will be fine there is a new report from the World scientist about human caused climate change I can see it won’t be good for us the lobbyist briber’s money has stop people seeing reality .
    Ka kite ano

  20. eco maori 21

    Kia ora The Crowd Goes Wild James & Mulls you wiped the big smile off Mulls face James we spent a couple of years in Hams
    The Golf was good in Europe this weekend E hoa enough said .
    T J 50 a congrats E hoa .
    The Rosters won the grand final. Eco a Roster so I’m quite happy with that out come.
    The Wahine Rugby and League player’s have some good tackles. Yes the Ausses are still trying to get there heads around that subject .
    Ka kite ano P.S that’s a good battle wound James

  21. eco maori 22

    Kia ora I say get rid of the Sugar thats the way to lose weight when one can not afford the expensive fresh vegetables .
    I’m not going to pick a favorite bird Eco favors all bird’s this is a good way to promote our bird’s I can here them singing at the minute.
    I say that a 4 day week would work for some forestry silver culture keep the van’s full mo to thur 3 days off ad a xtra hour a day for production so you will only lose 4 hours but save a days costs and have happy workers .
    Red light cameras will slow down our vehicle accident rate . I say reducing the speed in Auckland central city is a good thing .
    I see Massey University is promoting te tangata whenua at its 3 sites the first in Australasia to do this Ka pai
    Ka kite ano

  22. eco maori 23

    Here is another solution to our rivers pollution problem’s .
    Our Awa has problems from 150 years ago were our tipuna were scared of unproductive land being taken they clear felled all the trees the whenua slipped into the river now the river floods often this has eroded thousands of acres of good land into the river. The manuka has grown all around the whenua now Ka pai ka kite ano.


  23. eco maori 24

    The Block 2018 was a great season Giss greats won .
    I remember the Australian first block they renovated a block of brick 2 story flat’s .
    I enjoy watching people renovating building house’s I would be good at it the wife is the artist good with colors well I’m color blind so that’s not my job but I can fix most things don’t give up is Eco Maori moto I won’t say never one has to leave room for negotiation Kia kaha Ka kite ano link below.


  24. eco maori 25

    Here we go some more disturbing fact’s on inequality for tangata whenua health .
    Our bowel cancer screening we need a big push to extend maori & Pacific tangata life expectancy up to European New Zealanders .
    A lot of us die before we reach retirement age we are dieing way to young for my liking’s .
    All that has to happen is early screening and treatment of this cancer ka kite ano.
    Link is below .


  25. eco maori 26

    The drug companies have twisted the system to buy drugs in their favour .
    Rebate have grown to over $500 million this system will be used by the companies to manipulate Pharmac into buy there old lines of drugs which will not be the best drugs for the people at the best price link is below ka kite ano P.S see how fast these rebates have grown under shonky’s rule


    There has been a break through for cancer treatment drugs will the browns get access to these drugs well we will be last once again .
    There is more information on how these rip off drug companies behave.
    One cure to this is to make campany’s charters law so they have to have humane intentions before profits quite simple solution for a lot of Papatuanuku ill’s .
    But no the power full company’s won’t let the worlds governments make these change’s link below


  26. eco maori 27

    Kia ora Newshub the someone has taken over the teacher’s union’s that’s clear for me to see who ever in charge deliberately stiring up a storm in a tea cup.
    Does any one else see that there were troubles with the Wellington Bus services now Auckland some one is deliberately interfering with these service’s .
    All the other ex prime ministers except shonky stayed out of the media for at least 3 years so why is shonky still hanging around. He has made a lot of money and he is still interfering with our political seen . I heard some one say they are bitter Eco got a sore face.
    Tegel mega chicken farm it looks like it was going to be built on flood prone land .
    I say that new neighbors should not be aloud to affect the lives of the people in a negative way so good that its been stopped in Kaipara.
    That Waikato Ruakura transport hub is huge.
    Ka kite ano

  27. eco maori 28

    Kia ora The Crowd Goes Wild James & Mulls yes it would be cool if they brought the trophy to Tokoroa I smell some thing with Greg .
    Its the amazing powers of mans best friend the drug sniffer dog the drug some sport people use will STUFF U up.
    Yes James I’m not into all the hiking evolved in hunting all tho it was a 8 hour walk in and 8 out packing a pig and stag in the Matawai between 3 of us I was unfit and stuffed after that hunt
    The Irish no how to get the fan’s attention Fury likes the jab
    Ka kite ano

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