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Good to see that Nikki Kaye is doing so well after her cancer scare. Also good to see her changing her mind on an important issue:

Nikki Kaye open to improved medicinal cannabis access

National MP Nikki Kaye has lent her voice to the medicinal cannabis debate, saying her experience with breast cancer has changed her views.

In an interview with Newshub, Ms Kaye says she’s happy to be back at work having stepped down from her ministerial roles in September last year following her diagnosis. She says her treatment has given her something back – an intense love for her family and a re-think on some health issues, one of which is medicinal cannabis.

Access to medicinal cannabis has been in the political spotlight after union stalwart Helen Kelly began campaigning for it following her terminal lung cancer diagnosis. Ms Kelly, who died in October, openly used cannabis oil to treat her pain.

“The reality is what I’ve learned from my treatment is everybody responds in different ways, so I think it is important we have a system whereby people can get access,” Ms Kaye says. …

See the Action Station petition:

Allow doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis

People suffering from chronic pain should be able to ask their doctor for medicinal cannabis treatments safely and without risk of criminal charges.

23 comments on “Petition for medicinal cannabis”

  1. HDCAFriendlyTroll 1

    Is there a petition to get rid of Peter Dunne? Because while I still think people should sign this petition it’s a bit of a waste of time while that pontificating and feet-dragging idiot is still there.

    And while we’re on the subject there is absolutely no justification for someone being hauled before the courts for doing something that is harming neither themselves (and moderate use of cannabis is not harmful) or others.

  2. dv 2

    It is really weird that Drs are able top prescribe much more dangerous drug, but not medical cannabis.

    • HDCAFriendlyTroll 2.1

      Far more people die from prescription drugs than all illegal drugs combined. And for every illegal drug chances are you’ll find a legal equivalent e.g. Adderall === methamphetamine, oxycontin == heroin, etc. (although strangely enough there’s no equivalent of THC that I know of). There’s also an anti-depression drug that’s very similar to MDMA (i.e. increases the levels of serotonin in the brain) but that I can’t remember the name of. Point is our drug laws are completely fucked up.

      Also opiates should only be prescribed for short-term chronic pain. Yet we have Drs prescribing opiate-based pain-killers long term for chronic pain-sufferers when medical marijuana would work just as well without the risks of addiction and other side effects.

      The whole thing is insane.

  3. Sabine 3

    it is interesting how peoples perception changes when they need something themselves.

    and what the poster said first comment. I’d sign a petition to get Peter Fuckn Dunne into retirement. That guy is just a useless prick who stays on cause getting money from the tax payer for nothing sure beats putting in a honest days work.

    • gonzo 3.1

      I find it extremely frustrating when politicians change their views on something because of “personal experience”.

      Surely we want them (especially the more senior ones as Nikki Kaye is) to be able to listen, consider and form a view different from their current one?

      If they can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes without having some sort of personal epiphany then the need to get out of the game. Effing useless.

      I don’t think i’m being too idealist here am I? – it’s their job to be able to think outside their own lives?

      • Rosemary McDonald 3.1.1

        They are capable of neither sympathy nor empathy.

        Part of the job description.

        Be terrible if they identified with the general population wouldn’t it?

      • emergency mike 3.1.2

        I feel the same gonzo. Like, “I used to be a lock-em-up-throw-away-the-key guy, but then my son got in trouble and I realized that’s wrong.” That’s great, but also, f*** you. Who tf needs to become unwell to affirm that people should get the best pain relief they can?

        The Newshub article doesn’t say what her position on Cannabis previously was so we can see what kind of change we are talking about. In fact the only detail about this new cannabis crusader’s position is this paragraph:

        “I do think definitely from being unwell I’d probably sit more on the side of ensuring people get the best amount of pain relief they can, and if overwhelmingly the evidence is certain people are missing out then I’d probably look at being more proactive in that area.”

        Not exactly the champion that NORML has been waiting for. She sounds a bit to me like: yeah personally I think sick people should get it if they need it, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work for my political career with me being in the National party so I’ll throw in ‘if’ and ‘probably look at it’ so I can back away from that position later if I need to.

        I look forward to Nikki Kaye probably looking into giving sick people their medicine if the political situation allows it.

      • Incognito 3.1.3

        It would be nice (!) if policies and decisions were more evidence-based but politicians are only human, which, in practice, means that they make decisions largely based on personal prejudice, bias, and what’s politically expedient.

        • HDCAFriendlyTroll

          Under the Misuse of Drugs act it’s a committee that decides how drugs are classified and that committee reports back to the appropriate minister. If you’re interested you can look up who the members of the committee are, backgrounds, minutes from meetings etc. Gives some interesting insights.

      • Gonzo 3.1.4

        I like your username, thanks for the small g

  4. reason 4

    Helen Kelly stood and battled for justice and fairness …….

    Basic human rights and decency.

    The decency that is lacking in politicians and wealthy employers ,…. who need people like Helen Kelly to force them into paying fair wages …and provide safer work environments for workers.

    That same indecency or inhumanity that Helen did battle with …..on behalf of workers and other citizens in her tragically shortened life

    Will be defeated by the moral rightness of her causes ….

    The light she casts even in her death …. shines s brighter,….

    showing up the wrongs in the world ….. but also the path to a good society.

    She is a great example to us all …………. Rest in Pride Helen

    • Rosemary McDonald 4.1

      An absolutely massive loss.

      In my dreams I see Helen standing for election this year.

      Leader of whatever party within months.

      Prime Minister within 4 years.

  5. barry 5

    Not to hijack the thread, but while we are talking about Nikki Kaye and epiphanies…

    Maybe should could talk about what the process would be like for someone with the same illness who had to fight MSD for sickness benefit instead of being able to stay on an MP’s salary throughout the process.

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