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On Thursday last week hundreds attended a public meeting in Mt Albert, and on Saturday thousands of people marched in 11 centers all round NZ to protest against John Key’s spying Bill. More marches are planned, and the next ones (with more time to organise) will probably be bigger. Key’s response?

John Key said protesters were either politically aligned or “misinformed”…

That’s a very arrogant way to dismiss thousands of New Zealanders.

Someone should ask our PM which category Dame Anne Salmond falls in to. Dame Salmond – as if anyone needs reminding – is a distinguished Professor, noted historian and author, and New Zealander of the Year. She addressed the public meeting in Auckland. Is she politically aligned or is she misinformed?

Someone should ask our PM which category Dr. Rodney Harrison QC falls in to. Dr. Rodney Harrison QC presented the Law Society’s excellent submission on the GCSB Bill. He addressed the public meeting in Auckland. Is he politically aligned or is he misinformed?

Someone should ask our PM which category Dr Rodney Harrison QC, and Professor Jane Kelsey, and all the other excellent speakers who addressed the various marches fall in to. Are they politically aligned or are they misinformed?

Someone should ask our PM which category the Law Society and the Human Rights Commission fall in to. They have both spoken out about the spying Bill in the strongest of terms. Are they politically aligned or are they misinformed?

Or are they maybe, just maybe, perfectly well informed and speaking out to defend the right to privacy from a government that wants to take it away from us for no good reason?




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14 comments on “Politically aligned or misinformed”

  1. Appleboy 1

    Key’s arrogance is now completely bare for all to see – he doesn’t even give a chi about hiding it anymore. Only 2 weeks ago he lied about the Human Rights Commission being late with their proposal when it was not and then threatened their funding. Only the most utterly arrogant wanker of a PM would do that so nakedly. He clearly feels the dumb middle New Zealand voters (you know, the ones who didn’t buy power shares) will stick with him.

    We (NZ) have been had by this creep.

  2. irascible 2

    Key is channelling the idols of the National Party: Sidney Holland and Robert Muldoon in his arrgance and determination to ride roughshod over civil liberties.

    Key is the 21st century embodiment of the selfish gene that runs deep within the National-ACT idelogical bank.

  3. Sable 3

    Keys has no interest in what people think, hes only concerned with sustaining the illusion of popular support, which is taken care of by his mates in the mainstream media in this country.

  4. Skinny 4

    I’ll take the only positive out of the introduction of this repressive Bill. Make the label ‘Big Brother State’ stick to slippery John Key’s National Government. It’s karma really after National successfully smeared Helen Clark’s Labour Government with the ‘Nanny State’ tag during the 2008 election campaign. The chances of a landslide lost for National next year that I’m predicting is looking very good indeed.

     Hopefully Winston Peters has the sense to declare his hand soon & rule out National as his running partner. Which should happen as revenge is sweet, and considering Key insulted Peters by discrediting him as being dishonest & ruling him out as a coalition partner at the last 2 previous elections. If not I’ll be starting off election campaigning by putting the acid on Winston ‘first.’

  5. tracey 5

    And with that statement he alerts everyone to why the bill is dangerous. It leaves too much to the opinion of ministers and gcsb employees. Already the defence considers the following to be in their top 3 priorities

    organisations with extreme ideologies

    by whose judgment. Key considers qe loonie but the usa and uk do it.

    We are already under attack and key is probably right that this bill simply makes what already happens legal. Problem is what already happens is wrong…

  6. Stever 6

    Ummm…isn’t John Key politically aligned?? He is the leader of a political party and Prime Minister!

    I guess it’s right to say that the fact that he’s saying this proves his bias…what he means is “politically aligned with other than National”…and therefore by implication “subversive” I assume.

    This really is nasty, dangerous stuff.

    • emergency mike 6.1

      Yes Stever that’s what was bothering me last night after watching that interview. Politically aligned? Isn’t he the leader of the National Party? Wouldn’t that make him a wee bit politically aligned? Of course, it’s those people who support the ‘wrong’ parties that are politically aligned, now if he can just show that they are a subhuman threat to the well-being of New Zealand, it’s just a hop and a skip and a jump to the gulags for them.

      And misinformed? In the interview Key says “And that’s because they have believed people like Rodney Harrison.” That’s Dr Rodney Harrison QC. What would he know about law and stuff? Or Prof. Jane Kelsey, or the Human Rights Commision, or the NZ Law Society. Stop listening to these people and start listening to John Key. Does he bother to address any of the points raised by Dr Harrison? Nah, John Key says you shouldn’t liten to him. That’s supposed to be good enough.

      It’s the same reasoning as with ‘politically aligned’. These are people who are saying things that are inconvenient to John Key, therefore they are wrong. Stop listening to them. This childlike thinking is at the bottom of Key’s logic.

      That’s why I’ve been saying for years that John Key is a pathological antisocial, probably a full blown sociopath. Am I going to be monitored for saying this? Put on some ‘subversive’ list? How would I know? Maybe I should stop saying stuff like that. Keep my mouth shut. Think of my family.

      And that’s how freedom of speech dies folks. Think carefully about your um, political alignment.

  7. Tracey 7

    It is wrong that the government or others can get advanced notice/viewing of an opponents tactics (legal) and submissions while keeping its own secret. That undermines democracy. Those that don’t see this need to open their minds and think harder.

    Totalitarian societies have many goals it is not impossible that one goal is the domination of “corporates” because certain politicians and Corporates genuinely believe that only they know what is best for NZ. Surprisingly what they think is best for the rest of us always sees them making more money or reducing the opportunity for new comers to get in on the action.

  8. You’re misinformed and all of youse are conspiracy theorists! If not you must be politically aligned to the wrong party! Wow, class act that man, but boy this works on the average Kiwi. Wouldn’t want to be caught out being misinformed and if mister popular says you are you must be so best to shut up and let your betters do the ruling!

    He is a master of the toxic shame tool. Him and his PR company!

    • blue leopard 8.1

      New definition for misinformed: A state of mind, or perspective that doesn’t follow the propaganda we want you to believe; Believing things other than the party line. Not buying into lies.

      >e.g. To be informed, in Key-speak is to be misinformed

  9. BLiP 9

    . . . protesters were either politically aligned or “misinformed” . . .

    Heh! When it comes to displaying classic National Ltd™ born-to-rule arrogance, John Key really shows just how much of a total amateur Aaron Gilmore was.

    • Tracey 9.1

      Yup, if we don’t agree with him we are jaundiced by politics or idiots.

      Everyone who ever cast a vote is politically aligned.

      If he had nothing to hide why did he go to the police to stop us hearing his conversation with John Banks?

  10. Tracey 10

    John Key was a currency trader, precisely what special knowledge or expertise does he have to over rule the Law Society legal analysis of the Bill and Rodney Harrison’s? He hasn’t even produced the legal position to the contrary that he relies upon.

    This is the ultimate Nanny State… this is the ultimate affront to Democracy…

    Sadly until he signs a painting he didn’t paint for chairty, he is fine and dandy. And what are the chances of him doing something for nothing?

  11. Jenny 11

    The roasting the Labour Party, in particular their leader got, at the Mt Albert meeting, over what they would do about this law, when they were in power. Would seem to disprove Key’s assertion that the protesters were politically aligned.

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