Responding to our greatest threat

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The greatest threat to this country is not terrorism, or beneficiaries, or Kim Dotcom – it is climate change. Great to know that our government is really on top of it:


The text reads “This page lists all Ministry for the Environment climate change news for the past six months. Last updated: 20 March 2008”.

Hat tip to Nathan Ross. (Let’s start a pool on how quickly this page gets updated or taken down.)

23 comments on “Responding to our greatest threat”

  1. Tracey 1

    “I am comfortable with that” john key

    anyone read “the snark” by ben elton….

    john key, amongst others could have been the unseen wealthy guys paying and preparing to dump earth for further afield after it was no longer habitable… funny book, but prophetic in many ways.

  2. Manuka - Ancient Order of Rawsharks 2


    Guess they were too busy handing out permits for mining, fracking, drilling and deep sea oil searches to have time for updates. And dropping however many tonnes of 1080.

  3. greywarshark 3

    Very informative. When I was studying policy and gummint it was stated that not having a policy was in effect a policy. A policy to not have one. There are more glamorous things to do I guess, that give greater personal pleasure, and long term financial advantage to the Randians/

  4. Dorothy 4

    ” a policy to not have one'”
    The vacant smile of the PM says it all really.

  5. Sabine 5

    this leaves me confused.

    cause this link here was last updated 2010…..

    might be looking at the wrong thing.
    and what greywarshark said.

  6. Leading climate researcher and one of the few to confront looming human extinction is Guy McPherson who will be in NZ from 22-31st October doing a speaking tour of the main centres apart from Dunedin and Hamilton.

    The most direct climate change threat to NZ will be the influx of climate change deniers who are converted into climate refugees.

    Scroll down

    • Corokia 6.1

      McPherson telling people that humans will be extinct mid century is NOT going to help.

      • wekarawshark 6.1.1

        Completely agree.

        Especially when he flies here to do it.

        I’m guesing his audience is mostly the converted (as in people that already understand the realities of AGW). The doom and gloom will put some people into shock and they’ll stop trying, it’ll make others on the verge of getting it and doing something give up.

        Wolf, on the topic of societal response to abrupt climate change: “I was concerned because we wouldn’t change. Now I’m liberated because we can’t change.”

        That sums it up. Personal liberation makes me ok. How nice.

        Oh, and the arrogance of “don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger”. Who’s the message from Guy?

        • wekarawshark

          Oh, and the arrogance of “don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger”. Who’s the message from Guy?

  7. Bill 7

    I struggle to figure what news or speeches there could be by government on climate change…unless they were going to lie through their teeth.

    No government anywhere has done anything much about avoiding +2 degrees C. That’s now more or less ‘locked in’ and +4 degrees C by 2040-ish is looking likely.

    Where is the government brave enough to step up and say they/we blew it? Where is the government brave enough to lay it on the line, and inform society and the market of the radical changes that now must take place to avoid +4 degrees C? – (the only meaningful ‘newsworthy’ or ‘speech worthy’ content of any government release)

    No such government exists.

    Expect not much else besides waffle about Carbon Capture and Storage , Climate Change as a long term problem, emissions to drop on the never never…then wait for scientists to be accused of misleading government on the scale of the problem and that being the reason why nothing was done soon enough. (note: There has been a massive underplaying of the situation by leading climate scientists who compile the reports that inform or guide policy.)

  8. tricle up 8

    Would like to share a little bit of nonsense surrounding long and short term trends in models and graphs a little video you will find called Noisy Systems and Wandering Canines, on a blog by Sean Carroll | Preposterous Universe..

  9. National’s plan to combat climate change is to deny there’s a problem, build more motorways, and boycott the Kyoto protocol. Also give farmers free carbon credits for farty cows and no worries about filling our streams and rivers with shit

  10. tricle up 10

    The frame of reference on this subject is starting to fill a little bit quicker and the matter should be referred back to the governments again and there is no use saying everything is under control or is the squeaking of day to day running’s of the economy saturated with to many priorities relevant or not. Don’t let awareness fall to low levels,msm could prioritize what levels need to be raised i would like to think they serve the voice of reason without basis…

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