Revising Nats’ nasty joggers ad

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National’s nasty joggers campaign ad captures the essence of the party nicely, ignoring and making fun of those in need of help, running away from problems. But in light of the recent poll-quake it is in serious need of revision…

I like the suggestion that Labour should do their own version where a mixed bunch of joggers stop and help the floundering team teal, but in the meantime…

22 comments on “Revising Nats’ nasty joggers ad”

  1. ankerawshark 1


  2. Xanthe 2

    Oh that second gif is priceless , says it all really ,

  3. Sans Cle 3

    After the shock of Thursday for National, this is the likely state of play for them!

  4. ianmac 4

    Notice the pony tails in both the brilliant new Labour Ad and the sad National runners Ad.
    The runners in National indicate poor old National grinding away on the treadmill without purpose.

  5. frankie and benjy 5

    The horror! National jogging just reminds me of Bill’s “walk run” and that recalls the horrible image of Bill dancing.

    Warning! if you click here you may never be able to unsee Bill dancing

  6. Philj 6

    Nationals Advertisement wins for sicko comedy which demeans every prospective voter. What do young voters make of this circus. I expected to see JK jogging in line behind a pony tail!

  7. Delia 7

    National’s ad is pretty disableist if you ask me.

    • Siobhan 7.1

      Good point.
      I guess we should be thankful it didn’t show the other Political Parties being tipped out of a wheelchair or having an asthma attack..though given Nationals ideology, I suspect those ideas were floated at the drawing board stage.

    • Ross 7.2

      I agree, Delia, but it does sum up pretty well how National has run down the health system. None of the four shown hobbling had access to a wheelchair or crutches! Talk about an own goal. 🙂

      • Mrs Brillo 7.2.1

        I had to buy my own crutches, as the hospital was unable to locate a matching pair for me. They could only find one silver and one dark green one.
        A fashionista of my standing was not about to be seen in THAT combo.
        I also bought my own wheelchair and mobility scooter. And paid for my access parking permit and the doctor’s appointment and letter which obtained it.
        Pricey business, having a damaged leg.

  8. popexplosion 8

    not a house to be seen, and they forgot where they parked….

    running around the backyard doesn’t get people into homes.

  9. popexplosion 9

    Winston is a 100, cabbages cost 80 dollars, and English is good for the economy. Welcome to fake news.

  10. Ross 10

    National’s campaign ad – if they were honest – should look more like this:

  11. Meh.

    Townies … couldn’t Ad their way out of a paper bag…

    Speights beer ad from NZ – YouTube
    Speights beer ad from NZ▶ 1:58

  12. red-blooded 12

    I’ve just seen one of the Nat’s big billboards featuring their team of azure joggers. Starting to look a bit silly now Labour and National are in broadly similar positions (ie, will need a coalition to govern). Will look even sillier if Labour can bed-in an advantage in the polls and start to be seen as the core of a government in waiting. And that looks like a distinct possibility!

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