Romney vs. Obama

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With the effective withdrawal of Rick Santorum from the Republican primary process (how he ever made it this far is a scary mystery to me), Mitt Romney is now all but certain to be the Republican nominee to go up against Barack Obama in the Presidential election this year. Polls show Obama with a solid (but not insurmountable) lead. Chatter is turning to the question of Romney’s running mate.

Must be a worry for the Republican’s the Romney is the best candidate they can produce. He’s carrying a fair bit of baggage in to the contest. My money’s on Obama for the win.

28 comments on “Romney vs. Obama”

  1. It is hard to believe how appalling the republican candidates are. 
    Romney is no exception.
    He recently gave a speech where he said that he loved the US and Michigan (which is ok), loved the trees because they were the right height (what the), loved cars most of which are Detroit constructed and long may they rule the world (did he really say that?).  He also proudly said that his wife has two cadillacs.  He obviously believes that he understands ordinary people.

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      It’s because the ‘good’ candidates don’t want to go up against Obama in 2012 when they’re fighting an uphill battle. Much easier to hold out until 2016 when they will have much more of a chance.

      • Actually, I somewhat disagree with that. There are no “good” candidates left in the republican party: They’ve shifted so far right that it’s impossible to get a candidate past the primaries that can win on their own merits by appealing to the people. They need to resort to hate- and fear-mongering.

        • fender

          Yes its hard to see the word “good” being in any way associated with the party that embrace radicals in a US version of the Taliban.

  2. muzza911 2

    “Must be a worry for the Republican’s the Romney is the best candidate they can produce” – Why would you think they care about winning? Its not as if it matter which side is in charge right!

    This is all theatre, nothing more. The shame of it is that we all have to live with the consequencesof the actions of a controlled, and outright corrupted administration, regardless of who the puppet is. It does seem that Obama is taking the puppet act to new highs, however!

    Of course Obama for the win, thats the whole point!

  3. Bored 3

    What a doozy this contest is.

    In one corner we have an elected “feel good” factor who had a mandate for “putting it right” and has sat on his hands as Wall St corruption has raped the public purse, and flouted the rule of law. looks good, moves well, does nothing.

    In the other corner we have a billionaire (who claims not to be in case of the backlash) who is a shill for the same Wall St banksters. Just to add religious amusement we go from a “born again” Bush type to a genuine Mormon, just what that means who knows?

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      Its just an election with the Bankers Party vs the Other Bankers Party. The US democracy, where you can choose between 80 types of soda and 40 types of toothpaste, but only TWO political parties. A joke.

      • Kevin Welsh 3.1.1

        And where the political decisions are made on K Street, not the White House.

      • David H 3.1.2

        And just wait till Faux /fux/ fucks news starts up. and Good ol’ boy Mitt will be cast as the second coming. And Obama as the uppity nigra.

  4. ghostwhowalksnz 4

    I know the politicians in the US need to use their ‘wife as a campaign prop’ , but Santorum practically dangling his disabled daughter in front of meetings is a bit too far ?

  5. The GOP has not a show of winning the election.

    Obama will win hands down.
    Who the hell wants to inherit the US economy – anybody who wants it must be mad.

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      As long as the US keeps listening to the bankers and helping them out, everything will work out fine.

  6. happynz 6

    Corporations are people, my friend. We can raise taxes on…of course they are…Evereything corporations earn ultimately goes to people, so…where do you think it goes? We have to make sure the promises we make in social security, medicare, and medicaid are promises we can keep, and there are various ways of doing that … number one, you could raise taxes … number two, we have to make sure the promises we make are promises we can keep.

    That was Romney last year at the Iowa State Fair. Thanks Mittens. That’s campaign gold.

  7. The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 8

    What sort of a name is “Mitt” for a human being?

    • happynz 8.1

      Not a particularly common name, is it? Then again, how many people do you personally know that go by Barack or Newt?


      • ghostwhowalksnz 8.1.1

        Mitts first name is Willard. Not sure why he isnt called Will?

        Spent time in France as a mormon missionary

        “Romney developed a lifelong affection for France and its people, and speaks French”

        Speaks French and a mormon , no wonder the neo- Calvinists and arch conservative catholics dont like him

      • Descendant Of Smith 8.1.2

        Let alone:


        And that’s just from TV programs and country music.

        • David H

          Yep all good down south (where brother marries sister/auntie/mother) names.

          • rosy

            Prints Eric
            Precious Princess
            Billy-Jean Stanley
            Acid and Hash (twins)
            Porsche, Daimler, Audi and Ghia
            Holden and Rusty

            … all from NZ *shame* … and don’t get me started on the apostrophe names.
            Mitt is tame in comparison, I don’t think Acid or Hash will be in the running for PM somehow.

            • happynz

              Good grief – those are some off the wall names. Well, maybe more on the wall as they read more like the tags that are sprayed on walls all over town.

            • Deborah Kean

              all from NZ *shame* … and don’t get me started on the apostrophe names.

              On the other hand, I remember reading about a study done in the USA that showed that people with odd or negative names have significantly bad outcomes in life. Cause or effect? Bad parenting, hence insane names = drug use, and prison, or a weird name causes poor self-and-public image leading to drug use and prison etc..
              Examples given were : Lethal, Odor and Vere…

        • fender

          Muddy Waters: “father of modern Chicago blues”…awesome dude, dead sadly, and (for David H) not the product of inbreeding. I think it was his grandmother who nicknamed him as he was always coming in from playing outside covered in mud.

          Woody Guthrie: Folk singer/songwriter legend who was always on the side of the underdog and helped bring about positive social change. Named after Woodrow Wilson ex US president.

    • Craig Glen Eden 8.2

      “for a human being? Classic GF.

  8. Wonderpup 9

    Lessig wrote recently (quite compellingly I thought) on institutional corruption within the US political system. As much as I have a visceral preference for Obama, how much can one party do in the face of the Super PACS?

  9. If I were a Republican, I would be disillusioned by what the so-called Grand Old Party (G.O.P.) has become. Given the amount of fighting going on, and the uncompromising way of the hard right in the United States, its little wonder the moderates in the Republican Party despair some days.

  10. muzza 11

    The art of getting the change that you want to have, is to make an existing system so intollerable to the average person, that they demand change. And then you get the opportunity to provide a solution to the problem that you created!

    Its all very simple!

  11. M 12

    Mitt’s slammed by Bill Maher comparing him with rappers, luvvit

    Joseph Smith was a con man

    as if the magic underwear wasn’t enough

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