Rude ‘n Terrible?

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I might be in a minority who don’t put much store by alleged “attacks” on the media by Trump. Being dismissive of the media is not an attack on press freedoms. Spouting about “fake news” and what not is not an attack on press freedoms either. And I really wish media outlets would stop claiming otherwise.

That said, Trump’s run in with Jim Acosta of CNN beggars belief. As does the follow up from Sarah Sanders who, in a statement on behalf of the White House responded

President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter’s colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question … As a result of today’s incident, the White House is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice

And CNN responding that Jim Acosta having his “hard pass” accreditation removed was “a threat to our democracy” is also kinda nuts.

All that’s missing is an exasperated  parental voice snapping  – “Both of you! Go to your rooms.” – and CNN and the White House shuffling off in the huff.

There are two videos of the exchange.

Anybody want to remind me why we give some people extraordinary levels of power to exercise over others?

38 comments on “Rude ‘n Terrible?”

    • Andre 1.1

      By some reports, something kinda like that plays out almost every day.

    • Adrian Thornton 1.2

      That really is a great movie, not sure that Trump bears any resemblance to Hitler though, Hitler actually had a plan…I am not even sure Trump even has an ideology of any sort, he seems to love money and fame and that’s’ about it as far as I can see?

      • Anne 1.2.1

        …he seems to love money and fame and that’s’ about it as far as I can see?

        That is his ideology. If you have money and fame you are one of the best. Everyone else is inferior and to be treated as such – according to the book of Trump.

  1. Sabine 2

    any day now he will make america great again, relieve the economic anxiety of the white male working class and besides the media is fake and the enemy of the people.

    one video is real the other one is apparently a doctored version that infowars was shipping about two hours before it was posted on the white house press page.

    but yeah, surely holding on to your microphone, going ‘excuse me ma’am’ is now assault. yeah, right.

    what did people see in this schmuck two years ago? she was not grand, but for fuck sake this schmuck is just shite, pure, runny, ugly, stinking shite, he is surrounded by shite, and he is enabled to cover everything in a coat of shite.

    • Bill 2.1

      one video is real the other one is apparently a doctored version…

      Not sure what you mean by that. They both show the same thing, but from different camera angles, and neither shows Acosta doing anything untoward.

      Apart from that, the top one shows some extra stuff, like Acosta handing over his press pass.

      One of the things that’s bolstering Trump are these infantile over-reactions by some media. What he did with regards Acosta is inept, childish and shite, but in no way “a threat to democracy”.

      Same with the claims that he’s attacking press freedoms with his railings. He isn’t.

      The fact of the matter is that mainstream media does spout some awful shite – stuff it has to row back on or “disappear” under new news cycles. And in that regard, some of what Trump’s says by way of criticism is fair enough.

      I just wish there were some grown ups in the room.

      • Sacha 2.1.1

        Most models of democracy include a role for the ‘4th estate’. Revoking a major media outlet’s access to the political leader’s standard briefings is therefore a threat to it. Banana republic territory.

        • Bill

          CNN’s access hasn’t been revoked. Acosta’s access hasn’t been revoked. The removal of a hard pass definitely makes doing his job far more difficult. No argument there.

          Meanwhile, there’s an intern been put between a rock and hard place.

          • Sabine

            He did nothing to that Intern.

            There is enough issues going around with assault and what is or is not assault.

            And saying ‘excuse me Ma’am” while finishing his phrase is not assault. Nor putting an intern (who may be the private secretary of D. Trump at a 130.000 $ salary) up to grab a mic from someone who is still speaking.

            • Bill

              Yeah. I don’t think he did jack-shit to the intern. And I don’t think the intern did jack-shit to Acosta.

              • Sabine

                Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a doctored version of this on her Twitter account accusing this reporter of assault.

                Conway accused this reporter of assault on TV.

                as per the US law and precedent, trying to rip something out of someones hand (in the case this verdict came about, someone kicked a tray out of the hands of an african american) can be considered battery and or assault.

                While i don’t disagree with you that it seems childish, this to me looks like a set up. A set up to which the intern – who may be the private secretary to the dumpster at 130.000$ salary – is part of. Namely to accuse a reporter who the dumpster has an issue with, of assault of a female and permanently ban him from doing his job as a white house journalist..

                but yeah, what ever.
                America, all great again.

                • Bill

                  She’s been called an intern. And on that basis she’s now potentially sitting between two pressures – one applied by her boss and the other by media. And in a no win situation.

                  Trump’s action/decision was what might expected from a wanker. As is the feeble attempt to dress it up as a response to assault.

                  If it was a set-up, that woman would have (I dunno) grimaced, held her arm in mock pain – she didn’t indulge in any of that type of stuff.

    • joe90 2.2

      Watson doctored the video by speeding up the point of contact frames to suggest Acosta’s fend was an assault.

  2. Pat 3

    “what did people see in this schmuck two years ago?”

    Hes not “them” and he pisses “them” off…..and thats enough.

  3. Treetop 4

    The President who fires his staff whenever he is having a really bad day.

  4. joe90 5


    Isn't she the same one who booted "Plaid Shirt Guy" from behind Trump at the rally?— The Anti-Barbie Doll (@polyhumorous) November 8, 2018

    Bouncer Barbie?— Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus) November 8, 2018

  5. Stuart Munro 6

    Actually, CNN’s position was sound.

    Acosta did nothing wrong, and so Trump’s removal of his press credentials was an impropriety.

    They should not sit quietly while Trump selects media for compliance or establishes a culture of self censorship.

    That’s how you end up with colossal dysfunction on the scale of Russia or China.

    • Bill 6.1

      CNN’s position is sound. I didn’t argue to the contrary. CNN’s statement about it being a “threat to democracy” on the other hand…yeah, that’s just daft hyperbole.

      As for self censorship across media…where you been?

  6. Observer Tokoroa 7

    The Trumps – The Scalpers

    There is a very vicious cruel streak within Trump and his family. They want to demean and slaughter people whom they randomly dislike.

    They threaten; they despise; they rubbish; nearly everybody not within their own strange family circle.

    The Donald has sacked so many of his Appointees. Or caused them to resign for Ethics sake. It is Frightening. The Trumps treat human beings like so much Litter. It is Donald’s main preoccupation. Is it not.

    The Senate, if it values America, should take steps to make sure the TRUMPS do not initiate far reaching destruction. The Trumps behaviour is very very dangerous. They are clearly highly unstable.

    List of Trump administration dismissals and resignations – Wikipedia REF:

    • SPC 7.1

      Trump has had scalp reduction surgery to remove a bald patch. His decades out of fashion hairstyle, originally of use to cover the said bald spot, is now one that copes with the flap (skin pulled in up and over) head surgery (as it was called).

      But the continuous use of the same hairstyle, like the bronze spray tan (to suggest wealthy estate family/old money/inherited money) is to maintain the brand. And all others are to serve and or be removed.

    • Sabine 7.2

      the current senate is the biggest enabler Donald Trump has.

  7. L0L !… no matter how much the far Left try to rant and rave,… you’ll never get rid of Trump like that… and, as has been said,… the Dems can try and try all they want…but with their past track record of identity politics, ( and fobbing off the workers ) and adherence to neo liberal globalism , their love of the Clinton Foundation and arms to ISIS and Obama’s Tuesday sign off of drone strikes for five long years to kill civilians…

    Their argument appears weak.

    Perhaps if they hadn’t indulged in all of the above they would’ve gotten some traction.

    To date?… Trump has made peace like no other U.S President with Nth Korea has after 60 odd years, and cowed China into line and called their bluff. And here was all the far Left talking about world war three just because Trump took office.


    Talk about delusional.

    But don’t let that stop you,… suck up a bit more of the Geroge Soro’s global media… one day maybe you will land a hit. But I wouldn’t hold be holding my breath if I were you…

    • mpledger 8.1

      ROTFL – yea, American soybean farmers are in awe of Trump’s cowing of China.

    • Sabine 8.2

      North Korea is exactly where it was two years ago. Doing what it wants, still continuing with their nuclear ambitions, as they have learned from the past that any country without nuclear weapons is not safe from the US.
      North Korea will do as North Korea wants and short of nuking it there is nothing the US can do and there is nothing Trump can do that has not been tried before.

      China, does as China wishes to do and I would put my money on China anytime.

      As ofr George Soros, i raise you a Sheldon Adelson.

  8. AB 9

    “… Remind me why we give some people extraordinary power to exercise over other people?”
    The whole thing is so effing imperial – Trump commanding people to sit down and them passively taking it. They should all laugh at him, tell him he’s talking incoherent shit, sneer in his face, and walk out.

    • Bill 9.1


      Not so sure about the sneering and walking away. But fuck all the deference.

      • Nick 9.1.1

        Yup. It’s really about them all calling his bluff, which means brow beating him back, an in his face type attack. He’ll wilt…. As someone yelled in his press conference, black vote, only 8%, after he bullshitted about his black support.

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