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The Gwyn Report was not an investigation into the PM’s office. Cheryl Gwyn could not order John Key to give evidence, and he chose not to. Her conclusions of a lack of professionalism by Warren Tucker, but no similar conclusion for John Key and his staffers – do not mean those staffers or Key were ‘exonerated’ – it means that those conclusions were outside Gwyn’s scope. Still, she was able to find that the PM’s office did not request the confidential information be released – they got Slater to do it. And our top intelligence official was so on top of his job that he had no idea who Slater was, and released it in a way that he thought it was to a private individual.

Ede’s practise of using burner phones and email addresses to avoid any evidence like a drug dealer is mentioned, but little can be done…

The Chisholm Enquiry was even more amazing in its narrow scope. Unperturbed by Collins’ destroyed facebook messages with Slater, or a lack of phone call evidence from Slater to Collins despite knowledge that those calls occurred, Lester Chisholm stuck tightly to the brief of whether a Cathy Odgers-received email released by Key proved Collins undermined Adam Feeley, whom she was responsible for overseeing. He found that Slater’s evidence said she was guilty; but Slater was a terrible liar, so his evidence couldn’t be trusted and no other evidence implicated her.

It did not clear her from (or remotely investigate) any other many other corruption allegations she’s faced this year. Oravida, ACC privacy, Dirty Politics… All still there.

It did show the incredibly close relationship she had with Slater, as his ‘tipline’. It did show that Slater and Odgers and Carrick Graham were conspiring against Feeley for Mark Hotchin – and surely this must concern the police.

It did not conclude on whether Collins is ever fit to be a Minister again – surely she isn’t.

And Honourable? Well…

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  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    The Police need to grow a pair.

    • cogito 1.1

      The police? You mean Key’s blue-shirts? They are up to it us much as the rest of them. Just look at the ten hour search of Nicky Hager’s home, not to mention the raid on Dotcom, the hounding of the cameraman who recorded Key and Banks at their infamous cup of tea etc. In the current political environment the police cannot be trusted, any more than the GCSB, the SIS or any other part of the bureaucracy. The long arm of political interference and intimidation has seen to that.

      • Murray Rawshark 1.1.1

        The police can never be trusted, and especially in matters involving prominent Tories. They instinctively know who they really work for.

  2. Ashoka's Hell 2

    So you cant track ” burner phones”, maybe no, maybe yes.

    Check this out: USA
    Lose The Burners: Court Okays Prepaid Phone Tracking
    How NSA breakthrough may allow tracking of “burner” cell phones

    Given CCTV footage plus facial recognition software and the fact he probably had another phone with GPS activiated/normal pinging (no doubt forgot to turn it off) I think you could track Ede, Key et. al…where and when calls were made (triangulation). Why would you not be recording texts from all phones prepaid or not. The security people are not asses. Also, do you really think those e-mail accounts get deleted… yeah right.

    The biggest absence of data is what communications (electronic, personal etc) were conducted around that period by Key and his cronies.

    Anyway, for any of you responding to blogs etc, THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Just think of it as the ability to have internal dialogues externally. Its doing them a service, they really do know what you think and who you are.

    Thats why I will say this. JK and your cronies go fxxk ya selves…..

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