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Oravida was on the way to the airport.

Just popped into my husband’s company for a glass of milk.

Private dinners with Chinese border official and Oravida directors.

Blocking payments to ACC claimants who don’t give a general privacy waiver.

Making untrue allegations about TV reporters as threats.

Giving out the details of an innocent public servant to be smeared and threatened on a widely-read blog.

Cyber-bullying while pushing through cyber-bullying legislation.

Being the ‘tipline’ to a widely-read smear blog.

“Rewarding with double”

Using government info to smear opponents.

Destroying your Facebook account to limit evidence to an enquiry.

16 comments on “Honourable”

  1. CnrJoe 1

    Honourable discharges.

  2. Tracey 2

    We don’t actually know she didn’t undermine the SFO boss because despite having nothing to fear she did not disclose her facebook messages, emails and phone call logs.

  3. adam 3

    Why is it that some Christians, can tolerate this woman and her party, in the face of their obvious disdain for christianity and their obvious love of money?

    I’d ask you, what right do they have to govern? The last time we had leaders like this, they hurt many of the faithful, and it appears they seem to be willing to do it again.

    • Tracey 3.1

      what Christians?!?

      • Macro 3.1.1

        Tracey there are many on the right who are regular church-goers and who would never consider voting any other way than National. As an ordained elder in the Pressies I have met and know many. They may listen to many a sermon on the sheep and the goats , the good samaritan, the rich young ruler, etc (all about challenges to care for the poor and sick in society – and in their limited way they do – but they fail to understand the liberation theology – the challenge to change society for the better and the mission of social justice for all.
        adam is expressing his bewilderment at this closed mind attitude. How can people who supposedly desire and hope for a world of justice and fair treatment for all; support such blatant opportunists and disciples of greed?

        • Some of my good (ex-) friends hold these beliefs (contra the bible on social justice):

          a) “The poor will always be with you” and charity is the job of the Church not the State. Presumably this is so that more souls can be saved.

          b) Social welfare is not Biblical. “If a man will not work he shall not eat” and sloth is one of the seven deadly sins

          c) The usual conservative reaction to liberal policies around gender, sexuality, drugs, equality, and freedom in general

          d) ‘socialism bad’ and ‘free market good’

          e) ‘science bad’ and ‘big business good’ hence their objections to AGW, evolution (it ain’t biblical ya know), and mainstream education.

          In short, troglodytes.

          • adam

            I don’t believe the state should be in the role of charity either – At best it should look for ways to solve problems – empower people – not string them out to dry. But what I like the state to do whilst we are stuck with it – is to give a hand up – and punish those who push people down.

            b) I find the irony painful as the one of the 7 deadly sins, greed is drawn from many quotes in the new testament – and not so many from the old. And for some strange reason, especially amounts fundamentalist – Greed is ignored as being a problem.

            c) But this government is liberal. Also within Christianity there has always been tension between freedom and control. Plus, the war on drugs is a fail of epic proportions. I think we should follow Portugal on drug policy – I’m sick of watching people fall into the hole of drugs and having no option out. That includes alcohol and smokes.

            d) Where does the bible support a free market? If anything, Jesus was a communist and a pretty hard core one at that.

            e) Evolution is not incompatible with Christianity, maybe people should go back and read the Origin of Species. If God created the world, then it is very possible man should stop being egocentric and realise he is but one, of God’s many creations.

            I’m truly flummoxed by the fetish within some churches that big business is good. Because it seem cultish and a very poor theological position to support. Again goes back to these churches supporting a government and system which is essentially corrupt – not only in a physical sense, but a spiritual one as well.

            • ropata:rorschach

              The idolization of big business and money comes from prosperity theology, a hugely profitable enterprise.

              • adam

                I agree ropata:rorschach. The revivalist churches out of the states are bed deep in this woeful theological position. It is odd that the Koch Brothers who have help fund this movement.

              • greywarshark

                @ ropata rorschach
                That’s the big point to remember these days – churches and money. The old ideas had to change to allow for all the riches of evangelical radio and tv evangelists. Then there is the advantage of not having to pay tax if you’re a church. See Sanitarium.

                Then there is the idea that if God loves you he rewards you. So you be good and the money will flow. Think Destiny Church. I don’t hear much about it these days but they will be busy fermenting away.

                I have seen some of the USA type evangelical/fundamentalist sunday school teaching manuals and finance is a main thing, not being good, and kind, and neighbourly, and strong in having standards in society and living to them though that does appear.

                And religion has been into money for a long time. Blackadder had a series that dealt with this. I remember him robed as Arch-of Canterbury on one side of the pillow of a dying man whose relation was on the other. They were trying to help the sick man decide how to leave his lands, the family to inherit or the Church who could give a blessing and ensure that he didn’t go to hell, and he had been a bit naughty at times hadn’t he. The Church won.

        • Tracey

          Thanks Macro

        • adam

          Thanks Marco, yes that is it. I wonder sometimes if people have read the Gospels, when they support such a vial government and party bent on wholesale – Greed is good credo.

      • minarch 3.1.2

        Christians ?

        To quote a Rastafarian friend of mine from Trinidad who is DEEPLY religious , (talking about the incumbent government )

        “The way dem ah gwan is like dem work for Satan”

  4. Macro 4

    The Chisholm report was always going to be a whitewash – it was set up as a whitewash and as a diversion to “Dirty Politics”. It was never intended that the truth of the matter was to be revealed, and the “investigator” went out of his way to ensure that that was the case (we can’t have the Minister of Justice appearing in a court of law for god’s sake!). It’s release was to be timed to conveniently obscure the impending and obvious revelation of the corruption and abuse of power by the Prime Minister and his office – despite the fact that Key – in setting up the Gywn investigation – directed the inquiry at the SIS and not at his Office or his part in the sordid affair. The Collins’ “Inquiry” was nothing less than an arse covering exercise and it has supposedly served its purpose.
    Nevertheless, little by little, the truth will come out and this “administration” will eventually be shown for the corrupt and deceitful shower that they are.

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