Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention

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Everyone played their part in reacting to the Brash Report. Bosses uncritically applauded it. Unions forcefully rejected it. Labour and the Greens exposed it as a strawman. Key bravely slew the strawman. And the Maori Party, well:

“One of the recommendations in the report promoted bridging the income gap between New Zealand and Australia, and while the Maori Party was keen to see this happen, it was interested to see how it would be achieved.”

“One of the recommendations”? It’s the point of the bloody taskforce! Don’t they watch the news?

“Interested to see how it would be achieved”? Didn’t they even read the Executive Summary before writing the presser?

Are they just sitting on the fence? Or are they really this ignorant? What a disgrace the Maori Party has become.

9 comments on “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention”

  1. In all of this predictable hoo ha, where’s Rodders? Seems awful quite.

  2. Santi 2

    Your opinion of the maori Party is too high. They will go where the money goes: are nothing but a collection of dole-recipients and no-hopers.

  3. Tigger 3

    “I’m sure many of our whanau will welcome the opportunity to earn more money without moving away from home but the question we will be asking is ‘do they have to lose an arm, a leg, their language, culture and identity to get that?”

    When Maori move away from New Zealand do they lose their culture and identity? Language? Do they check these things at border control as they hop on the plane? The word ‘lose’ is very helpless. Retaining ones culture in a foreign country isn’t easy but the idea that you just ‘lose’ it is entirely something that you can control.

    • samiam 3.1

      Does Australia require the removal of an arms and leg from Maori as well? They must be hopping mad.

  4. quenchino 4

    In fact most Maori who go to Aus do very well. Something to do with getting out from under the burden of low expectations of their own brown aristocracy.

    Inequality and class privilege works it’s evil regardless of skin colour.

  5. samiam 5

    Another clanger –

    “The chair of the taskforce Don Brash has been widely reported talking about flat tax, which we all know has placed more strain on vulnerable Maori families in the past.

    Wha – we had a flat tax before? Or was it people taking about flat tax has strained Maori families before? Or is it you dont know what you are talking about but want to look smart?

    “If the intention of the taskforce is to adopt flat tax as a priority over gradual tax then we will be vehemently opposing that,’ she said.

    I think the word you are looking for is ‘instead’. We already have one – it’s not a run off. Its like saying I’m going to adopt a kid as a priority over the child I already have.

    Who wrote this crap?

  6. Lanthanide 6

    What the Maori Party should have said:

    “While we are interested in closing the wage gap between Aus and NZ, we are putting our short-term attention to closing the wage gap between Maori and Pakeha in NZ”.

    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      But, they’re not actually doing that. What they’ve been doing is ensuring that poor Maori remain poor while rich Maori get richer courtesy of taxpayer subsidies.

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