Spirit Level author on Q+A

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We’ve written quite a bit at The Standard on The Spirit Level, including Bunji’s excellent 6 part “digested read” (check out the archives here). Although the science is solid and the argument common sense, those inclined to the loony right of the political spectrum can’t stand this book or its simple message — equality is good for everyone. So, inevitably, they go on the attack. With, as usual, more vigour than principle. Thus the book has become somewhat “controversial”.

Tim Watkin at Pundit is the latest Kiwi commentator to read and reflect on The Spirit Level — please go and read his excellent post here. Tim also happens to be the Producer of TV One’s Sunday morning political analysis show Q+A. Today the show features Emeritus Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level (9am on One). Should be an interesting programme…

10 comments on “Spirit Level author on Q+A”

  1. lprent 1

    Cool. I guess I will skip The Nation this morning.

    I suppose I will have to hold my nose, ignore that idiot Holmes and watch Q&A today.

    Beats me what people see in Holmes. I’ve been avoiding him on TV for most of the last few decades. He appears to be more interested in inflating his own ego than doing good interviews or intelligent commentary on the news the few times I have watched him

    • Frank Macskasy 1.1

      Holmes allowing his personal feelings to come through on various issues doesn’t seem very professional…

      • The guy is a clown . His attack on Helen Kelly and Unions in general a couple of weeks ago (the Hobbitt affair) was disgusting. This clown is a disgrace to public broadcasting in Aotearoa . Unfortunatly its this type of programme that gives the privatizationers ammunition for their cause.
        And unfortunatly again what are we political junkies to watch.The Nation is just as bad a Tory show case with those two Right-Wing bigots. I despair !!
        Bye the way Frank Ihope we meet up some time .We are both avid “Letter to the Editor ” campaigners with often the same beliefs. If you are a member of the L

  2. KJT 2

    Watching Q and A now. On the mine explosion.
    Can’t stand Holmes normally, but he is good at this sort of thing.
    The mining expert even got to say his piece without any Holmes ego.

    • Colonial Viper 2.1

      Eh? Holmes didn’t get off on pretending he knew more about mining rescues than the expert? *Surprise*

  3. r0b 3

    Huh. No wonder I don’t watch television. So that’s Paul Holmes is it? Not impressed.

    Anyway, Wilkinson obviously bumped for Pike River — completely appropraite under the circumstances of course. Sorry about the false alarm.

  4. Descendant Of Smith 4

    This article in the latest New Scientist also provides some insight into the thinking of (highly urbanised?) European people – they are the WEIRD people in the article.

    What is especially strange about WEIRD morality is the emphasis it places on abstract concepts of justice and individual rights. Other societies also consider these, but their version of morality is more concerned with people’s obligations to their community and often also to their gods.


    • Brett 4.1

      Europeans are weird.
      Check out Euromax on central tv, the weirdness is off the charts,I cannot relate to this people at all
      captcha: Foreign

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