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rOb somewhat scooped me, but here’s my twitter round-up of the reaction to the PM’s office releasing the texts last night.

So John Key is in trouble for attacking Goff for talking about the Gwyn report ahead of its release, but then also JK talking to Slater about … the Gwyn Report.  Also, lying to the House about it.

The way out?  Have the Prime Minister – or at least his Office – release some texts between the pair.

Here’s the twitterati reaction:

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34 comments on “Textses”

  1. North 1

    Yesterday upon the stair

    Tripped up by text I said not there

    In Parliament today I’m scare

    J. Collins wears that gloating stare.

    Oh Goodness…….

  2. Rosie 2

    Is anyone else’s head spinning with all this information?

    There was a fascinating interview with Alistair Thompson and Grant Robertson on Radio Active this morning, mainly discussing the text exchange between Key and Slater. Grant, in passing, likened their relationship to a couple that broke up and keep returning to one another – Thompson backed that up by saying Key had to get a new phone number after whaledump exposed three digits within Key’s number. Either Key or Slater would have had to seek one another out for Slater to get his new number.

    Just one little piece from the whole interview. Suggest people tune in next Thursday morning when they will take up the discussion again, and look at subsequent developments in the Dirty Politics saga

    • Tracey 2.1

      good point @ new number

    • weka 2.2

      my head is spinning too Rosie, haven’t had the time to keep up. Am hoping someone will do a timeline or synopsis soon (probably the MSM because their readers must be feeling the same).

      • Rosie 2.2.1

        “Am hoping someone will do a timeline or synopsis soon (probably the MSM because their readers must be feeling the same).”

        The complexity and multiple strands of threads of the Slater-Ede-Key triangle and the SIS report (without even going into the the separate Chisholm report on Collins) and how the public can keep up was discussed during the interview.

        Grant Robertson indicated that Labour won’t let the matter rest and intend to hold the govt to account on this instance and in relation to several other allegations contained within Dirty Politics, but that that media would need to stay with it and not let it die. It’s their duty to inform so will they do it?

        I was interested to hear Alastair say that Key’s partisan use of the SIS for political gain was in fact illegal (paraphrased) I wasn’t aware of that. If this is really the case then the opposition need to keep up the calls for Key’s resignation. The proof is there, what more do we need?

        • Tracey

          Key is doing exactly what he did when DT came out. Lies about what it actually asserts or can prove, makes it so confusing knowing the press wont simplify it and the good voters of new zealand put it in the two hard basket choosing the easiest way out… They all do it.

          • Rosie

            Exactly Tracey. Key blusters and confuses as a mechanism to turn the public off, with the expectation we respond with “whose got time for all that nonsense?” and walk away from on it and switch on to the “The Block” to further numb our brains.

        • weka

          Little and Norman called for his resignation the other day.

          (google Russel Norman and ‘time’s up John).

          I think journos did too.

          Yes, they really need to keep the pressure on (which is why it’s such a shame that Goff stuffed up this week).

          There are two distinct strands here. One is the SIS issue and Key. The other is Key’s relationship with Slater and the extent to which Key has misled the public about that. The first is a criminal and competency matter, the second is an ethical and competency matter.

          I’m actually just as appalled by the Slater/txt strand. It’s like the country is now habituated to the sleaze, dishonesty and very poor boundaries, so that people like Kathryn Ryan can say oh it’s just politics. It’s not. It’s new, and it’s been deliberately introduced into NZ politics by Key and his mates.

          All I can say at this point is thank god Labour finally got Little as leader. He actually understands the boundary/ethical issues and is calling Key out on them. Labour can now join with the GP who have been doing this for a long time (Labour still need to up their internal game though eg re Goff).

          • Tracey

            Go weka go!

          • Rosie

            Hi weka. I wrote a reply to you but lost it.

            Long story short:

            Yes, Saw the calls for resignation. Loved Russel Norman’s delivery of “time’s up John”. Turn this into a meme and lets all wear it on tee shirts. Keep up the pressure Andrew and Rus.

            Re your clarification of strands. Agree re habituation towards poor standards and expectations in government and politics. Criminal elements within the SIS issue harder for folks to defend than the highly inappropriate relationship between Key and Slater.

  3. Tracey 3

    rstuff.co.nz has forgotten all about it already…

    • Bunji 3.1

      yeah, weird – Herald are all over it, stuff it’s gone down the memory hole.

      Suddenly according to them no-one’s interested in politics now it’s going against Key.
      Andrea Vance and Vernon Small are writing some good stuff – and their editor is burying it.

      • Bunji 3.1.1

        He he, Jane Clifton too (also buried):

        Ede had been on the phone to Slater at the exact time the OIA request was lodged by email. How could that be “nothing to do with my office”, as Key kept saying?

        Key airily dismissed this account as “quite contested” – while confoundingly insisting this did not mean the inspector-general’s account was wrong, or that he disagreed with it. He might have added that black could be a little bit white, and water could be somewhat dry.

    • Kiwiri - Raided of the Last Shark 3.2

      I am so very angry with the compromised public service for supporting the political party in Government winning the General Election!

      Dita de Boni has written a very good piece:

      So how about the NZ Herald declare tomorrow that the election was stolen by the dirty politics of John Key’s Government and the politically compromised public service? Stolen election!!

      • Tracey 3.2.1

        Democracy under attack

        Re Collins

        “…And yet she regains the right to be known as Honourable for the rest of her life and walks around affecting the manner of a newly released Nelson Mandela. …”

      • Wynston Cooper 3.2.2

        Please don’t hold your breath.

  4. Tom Gould 4

    Was the time signature of the ‘released’ text message made public?

  5. Tom Gould 5

    According to Kathryn Ryan on RNZ in her interview this morning with Andrew Little, it was simply a benign “polite” response to an “unsolicited” email. So nothing to see here.

    • stever 5.1

      It’s hardly unsolicited really when you’ve either seeked the guy out to tell him your new number, or he’s somehow (??how DO you get hold of the PM’s phone number??) found it out via colleagues or mates, which must take a bit of effort.

      This whole episode would be hugely entertaining if it weren’t so worrying.

    • Kiwiri - Raided of the Last Shark 5.2

      Link pls?
      A tad busy dis morn.
      Wd appreciate a quick link 2 hear any cheerleaders for dis honest government.

    • Colonial Viper 5.3

      Thanks Kathryn for acting as a repeater station for the narrative handed to you by the powerful and the elite. With journalism like this, our pollies will be quaking in their Christmas booties.

  6. Tracey 6

    Did a quick google search. Cannot find references by Key to Goff leaking the report until Tuesday, which is after Slater told him a journo told him that Goff was the leaker.

    Kathryn Ryan needs to ask herself wht the PM felt he needed to be polite to someone like Slater

  7. Clemgeopin 7

    From Stuff, Beehive Live:

    Chris Hipkins @chrishipkins
    Overheard on the 9th floor this morning “I did not have textual relations with that blogger…”

  8. NZJester 8

    I do have one big problem if Key does resign.
    The fact Wale-oil could claim it was his harpoon and not Little’s that took him out.

    I want to thank Slater for helping to put Keys head on the chopping board, but it just makes me feel all dirty inside and my skin starts to crawl.

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