The Man who will do Anything for Power

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Deliberately pitting Kiwis against Kiwis so he can retain power may be his worst action so far.

Worse than engaging lawyers and accountants to rort $900 a week.

Worse than deliberately lying about the “hole” when he ran zero budgets himself in 2014 and 2015

Worse than writing a cheque to a wealthy Saudi business man when he knew there was no legal advice advising it.

Using division to rule is an old tactic but in modern times shows a lack of imagination and ambition. 600 farmers, friends and family gathered yesterday. Key often called crowds of thousands “rent a mob”. The media called it a “farmers revolt”. No hyperbole there then.

The signs on display yesterday shamed the majority of farmers who do not behave this way. Fed Farmers (with which the English family has links) and National (and NZF it seems) have stooped very low. Trump low.

Scratch the surface and Bill is neither honest nor fair. He is at his heart a misogynist. Look no further than when Clark was PM (see image attached to this post).

If Labour forms a government, and I hope they do, National have set the scene for how they will Oppose. We know how they did it with Clark. Using third party organisations to invoke misogyny and homophobia.

If you are a wavering National or NZF voter. Vote for decency.

49 comments on “The Man who will do Anything for Power”

  1. weka 2

    I’ve also been wondering if National have set the scene for how Labour will govern. Obviously nowhere near the kind of corruption we’ve seen under National, but the civil service has been changed. Will Labour change it back? Take advantage of the bits that serve it?

  2. cleangreen 3

    You are right about two things,

    Firstly Bill English will do ‘Anything for Power’ as he is a paid mole for the overseas financiers as he attended ‘The Bilderberg Group’ meeting as NZ finance minister in 2011/12 where he was meeting these oligarts.

    And now he follows their orders to sell NZ off to them cheaply as possible now, as he is doing very well. Ask yourself why is he pushing TPPA so hard right now at election time?

    Secondly National have always ‘rented a mob’ as they are doing this right now at election time using public money so it is true national are manipulating the protest of farmers now.

  3. ianmac 4

    And no doubt the Taxpayers appalling misrepresentation of Party spending today in a full page ad in the Press, will be just what English wanted. (Ad would have cost many thousands of $)

    It shows apparently what it would cost for each household:
    $3,441 Nat+ Act
    $10,501 Nat + Maori+ Act
    $20,397 Labour plus Green
    $20,788 Nat + NZF
    $28,744 Lab + NZF
    $$35,787 Lab+ Green+ NZF

    Is there an accountant in the house who can correct the logic of this?
    Does it include the cancelling the tax cut for instance?
    Does in include the cost for National of their tax cut?

  4. peter h 5

    Just a load of rubbish 500 farmers, there were farmers, farmers wives, farmers
    children farmers friends, NZ firsts 2 bus loads national supporters lookers on It was a national party set up nowhere from labour has there ever been a attack on farmers, just the well paid media feeding crap.This is the type of stuff we will hear for the next 3 years from National and the media if labour is the government

    • ianmac 5.1

      They trusted English to tell the truth, but he is no longer Honest Bill. They believed him and raised a motley protest. Most farmers are great people but insulated from the real world and therefore subject to believing English.

    • Ian 5.2

      I can assure you that if labour become govt. AND continue to give farmers the bash,what you saw in Morrinsville is just a tasty morsel of what could happen next.

      • ianmac 5.2.1

        What is the bash you talk about? Our local candidate is a small farmer.

      • The Fairy Godmother 5.2.2

        Really! If they break the law or act violently or refuse to accept the election result they deserve to have the full force of the law thrown at them.

      • Robert Guyton 5.2.3

        ” just a tasty morsel of what could happen next.”
        What, two signs declaring Jacinda a communist?
        Two tractors named after someone’s mum?
        Look out, urban NZ!!!

      • One Anonymous Bloke 5.2.4

        A bunch of semi-literate cockies will march in the street chanting “Jews Mowrees will not replace us”?

        Bring it on you nasty little creep.

      • Robert Guyton 5.2.5

        What we saw in Morrinsville was a bit daft – are we to expect an increase in the level of daftness, Ian?
        I don’t think we need to start building barricades to counter that. Turning down the volume during the “daft-clip-of-the-day” segment of the news will be enough.

  5. National will be a dirty opposition alright.
    They are a nasty bunch.

    Collins, Bennett, Joyce and the old Double Dipper , they will make a miserable team and life tough for Labour.
    But Labour has much to throw back in their faces, like nine years of shit on them.

    Labour and who ever is in the coalition will need to stay strong.

  6. adam 7

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds the misogyny of english, tiresome.

  7. ianmac 8

    There was a great little contact between English this morning talking to his local Nat team for coffee, and our forthright Labour candidate Janette Walker approached him while he was in a corner and greeted him. He said hello then rapidly escaped.
    Janette sat down to drink her coffee to be met by the local Chairman for National. Janette asked him about ripping up her signs and chucking them in a gully. He swore at her and threatened to sue her, then realised that the TV cameras were watching so he too retreated rapidly. He attends Janette Meetings and sits down the back and heckles her constantly.
    There is a TV 3 clip but I can’t find it.

  8. mosa 9

    One of the saddest things about this election campaign is that Labour have spent most it on the defensive when the current government should have been held to account for its truly devious dealings that are still haunting it like the Saudi sheep deal for example and many other appalling failures.

    Yet the Labour party is having to fight a dirty campaign of lies and wild accusations around its tax policy that should not be happening , it is almost like Labour is the government here having to defend its own record and the National party is the opposition….go figure.

    I think Jacinda needs to come out FIGHTING and confront these dirty tricks and land some serious blows and that is not the positive campaign she wanted to run but it is to late for the niceties she has little time left to make an impact.

    Her enemies have got away with the shifting the blame and attention away from their own failings and been in control of this entire campaign so far.

    The Jacinda lets do this must become lets kick arse and give these criminals everything we have got and more.

    Lets get on with this!!!!!

    • You’re right to a point , … but due to the disenchantment of the Dirty Politics era, and seeing the voters turned off by that , I suspect Adern wished to avoid all that nastiness and conduct a campaign of integrity.

      However , criminals, Geneva Convention contrevener’s and values compromised politicians do not operate under that modus operandi,… they will use it when it suits for their own advantage , then jettison it as unnecessary baggage when it doesn’t.

      That’s what Adern has been up against.

      And it would have been playing into Nationals hands perfectly if they could have dragged her down to their level. Adern has resisted this , even though yes, she could have easily compiled a lengthy list of hypocrisy , cronyism and failings.

      Adern has given New Zealanders something they haven’t seen for a long , long time : Openness, empathy , humility , teachability , fairness , warmth , and a conciliatory style that is inclusive , – not exclusive.

      Basically , she has offered the public what should have been there all along :


  9. National .

    Fast Show – Drunk Guy – YouTube
    you tube▶ 1:34

  10. Tanz 11

    All sitting PMs are desperate to retain power, always. English is actually pretty mild compared to past leaders. Come on, he’s not just going to give the job away, anymore than Muldoon, Shipley or Clark wanted to. Top job, it’s only natural the PM of the day fights to keep it and the influence and power that comes with it.

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