The news is broken – pledge for Scoop

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Scoop has a Pledge Me page:

Establishing The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism

Building a Sustainable Independent News Organisation for the People of New Zealand

The news is broken. As traditional advertising revenues dry up, New Zealand’s major news publishers are dumbing down or distorting the news to keep their businesses alive. The newly-formed Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism is seeking your support for its solution to the news crisis.

In this campaign we’re seeking $50,000 from individual donors and targeting corporate and institutional donors for a further $50,000 in matching funds. If we’re successful we’ll be able to complete the establishment phase of the Scoop Foundation and it’s Scoop Publishing Company. In doing so we hope to significantly improve the outlook for freely accessible, timely, quality public interest news services in New Zealand. …

We need Scoop. Please give them a hand…

27 comments on “The news is broken – pledge for Scoop”

  1. nadis 1

    Sorry I can’t keep up. Does supporting Scoop mean I support the internet party or not?

  2. Steve Withers 2

    I pledged $1,000.

    Step up, people.

    Fauxfax, Granny Herald and Nat-castrated TVNZ aren’t going to get any better.

  3. RedLogix 3


  4. Tory 4

    The Dot Com tit must have dried up and I bet Selwyn Pellett will have his wallet closed

  5. Mike the Savage One 5

    This is a desperate cry, sorry, a desperate fail project.

    What needs to happen instead is the population that cares seizes hold of “the media”, and reclaim it, as it has fallen into commercially interested hands, who want to bargain with information in return to hard earned cash from advertisers, who again force compromises on the types of “news” we are presented.

    People are so dumbed down, they even fall for this public appeal nonsense, which will only delay the death of truly independent news media. NO, this will NOT work, we need to make our own news, and present it on alternative forums, and we should consider measures to reclaim the public broadcasting and other media, so we can hold it to account for delivering us programs and news that are NOT influenced by commercial interests.

    The internet may offer some ways, but that is not enough. The problem is, people in developed high tech using countries have become too complacent and rather sit back and watch Netflix and use other commercial alternatives, than stand up for anything that may be even better.

    Again, I despair at the wrongly placed hope and good faith some have. Scoop are on their desperate last legs, also because Google, Microsoft, Twitter and other providers have taken hold of the mobile phone services and new media products offered there, so they are the new commercial monopolists and oligopolists that set the terms. It is a fatal illusion by many users of these services, to believe they get “informed”. This is modern day manipulation and propaganda we get, I see it all the time just loading certain websites full of trivial and infotainment and shallow contents stuff.

    Time to take real action, occupy, perhaps, consider real action, as what we have, pushing buttons and templates just serve the data harvesters, for commercial aims, nobody else.

    • Mike the Savage One 5.1

      I may add, you will not beat the intended trickle up revenue stream, that we have, by simply appealing to the under-served poor, who have very limited resources and means, the battle is already lost, and it requires much more courage for alternative measures, not a bit of donations here and there, although that may of course assist Scoop to hang in a little bit longer. The aggressive commercial media have endless resources, as the powers that are well cashed can fund them and will fund them, as they see their vested interests best served by manipulating and dumbing down more of the population.

      Why have the unions lost the battle for workers? Because of past and present governments shifting the balance of power by changing the law and realities at the coal face. They are also struggling for cash, but have their appeals solved their challenges?

      A huge rethink is needed, we are confronted with force and thus forms of violence, based on cashed up dominance, we need to take different actions, I fear.

  6. infused 6

    Scoops just been a place to push press releases. I don’t know anyone who reads it.

  7. Steve Withers 7

    Infused: Nothing changes if you change nothing. Scoop wants to be more. Making that happen is an act of will by however many pelt it takes to make it happen.

    That’s a fact.

    • infused 7.1

      Not going to happen. Twitter is the only news site you need. Scoop was mainly an aggregator anyway.

  8. Steve Withers 8

    Infused: Nothing changes if you change nothing. Scoop wants to be more. Making that happen is an act of will by however many people it takes to make it happen.

    That’s a fact.

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