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Illustrator and commentator Toby Morris has animated TA’s story: “What do you want most in the world,” John Campbell asks TA, who has been living in a van with her family since February. “A library.”

10 comments on “Toby Morris: TA’s Story”

  1. Paul 1

    Despite the media forgetting, the homelessness crisis in Auckland has not gone away.
    Shame on John Key and his repulsive government.

  2. weka 2

    More brilliance from Toby Morris (great use of media), we are very luck to have him.

  3. Keith 3

    Twice now I have read a new innocent “avoiding the blame game” theme to divert unwanted attention away from National regarding the housing crisis and the latest is today from Jonathan Milne:–deflate-it.

    There is no denial of the problem in the article but we are expected to let National off the hook for the god awful state of Auckland’s property market, now averaging a ridiculous $1,000,000 average mark.

    Milne contends that “Far more important than the blame game, though, is finding a solution”. Now that has to get the big tick of approval from the National Party. Lets all just muck in and forget who the government is overseeing this shit.

    He blames Labour too of course with the comment; “…as the big old parties encourage their middle New Zealand voters to roll about like Scrooge McDuck in their delusional wealth” Yep folks, they are as bad as each other so not much point voting for Labour. Funny thing is I don’t recall Labour encouraging anything of the sort!

    Milne does not ask about the elephant in the room namely if the immigration tap being wide open is a problem, nope! But he asks amongst other questions “.. is it the Government for failing to support intensification and invest in social housing”? Yes Jonathan it is!

    “Or is it a flood of cashed-up Asians stepping off the plane at Auckland International Airport? No, they’re barely making a dent in the market”. And it’s on this last point the game is up on this opinion piece. To accept that foreign investors are not an issue means you buy into Nationals big lie that foreign punters make up only 3% of all buyers. No one but a die hard Nat or a fool would want to believe that bullshit.

    Answer is we can only do what we can do as individuals and its this bloody cowardly 1 percenter government that should have manned up long ago if it gave a shit about Kiwi’s. If Milne means us as individuals voting these pricks out then he’s on the money but somehow the no one is to blame thesis kills that dead.

    Any political party that allowed this destructive mess to take place and not only ignored it but secretly encouraged it deserves political oblivion, just as a good lesson to any other pretenders!

    • Philj 3.1

      It’s quite apparent on many of the pressing issues, the reporter or journalist dances around the elephant in the room and often doesn’t even mention the government or seek a response from a government minister. It’s unbelievable but all too common these days. There seems to be a disconnect that the government has no accountability or responsibility for the appalling situation that has developed. This applies to water quality, immigration, housing, education etc and many other issues.

    • jcuknz 3.2

      I do not see anything wrong with crashing the Auckland housing market so long as it is done responsibly with proper compensation for the ‘first home’ owners who suffer with loans more than the property is then worth.

      Idealistic I know with fish hooks for the government but …..

  4. North 4

    Expressed! Keith!

  5. Sanctuary 5

    “…“What do you want most in the world,” John Campbell asks TA, who has been living in a van with her family since February. “A library.”…”

    A library? For the poor? HAH! John Key’s jackboot never stops stamping on the face of the likes of TA.

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