Trump handed his own arse by appeals court

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42 comments on “Trump handed his own arse by appeals court”

  1. Will probably lose at the Supreme Court too then.

    This amused me though:

    Hillary Clinton: “3-0”

    Is she talking about her presidential campaign outcomes?

    /sorry, I couldn’t resist – she got by Bernie with a little help from her friends.

    • mpledger 1.1

      As I understand it – The rulings been taken to court three times and each time it has lost.

  2. Enough is Enough 2

    His lawyers have an impossible task.

    They need to reconcile his repeated assertions that he was going to implement a “Muslin Ban”, with their argument that this is simply being done for National Security and has nothing to do with religion.

    He’s being undone by his own bullshit bravado during the campaign.

  3. Carolyn_nth 3

    How far will Trump go before Beware the Ides of March?

    All of this has happened before and will happen again.

  4. Johan 4

    Trump is an idiot for thinking that he can run the position of President as if he was CEO of the Trump business empire. He forgets that in politics people will want to question his decisions, unless he plans to run a fascist state.

    • Nick 4.1

      Fascist state… Hmmm wonder if he’s thought of that…. He’s certainly upholding the constitution of trump.

  5. Treetop 5

    So how many future gates is Trump up to now?

  6. AmaKiwi 6

    Hillary, it is not 3-0. It’s more like 6 or 7 to 0.

    The Supreme Court is unlikely to reverse decisions of so many other federal judges.

    Nor are they likely to forget millions in the streets worldwide. They, too, are political animals. They know the people’s respect for the courts is anchored in the courts’ respect for the will of the people.

    The Appeals court said if this ban was re-framed by Congress, it might have a chance of being legal. That could be the so-called president’s next move.

    • Wayne 6.1

      I am pretty sure the Supreme Court will not be influenced by the demonstrations, any more than the will be by the fact that Trump won the election.

      The Judges will apply the law. And that will be enough to disallow the Executive Orders as they are currently drafted.

      Having read the Executive Orders, I could not see how they could survive a court challenge. On the very face of them they discriminate on the basis of religion when they use “majority” and “minority” religions. Majority (Muslims) people could not get in, but minority people (Christians) could. That is a clear breach of the constitution in plain sight.

      • Andre 6.1.1

        I’m interested in the language about Trump’s statements of intent to implement a Muslim ban. Trump made many strong statements about a number of topics during the campaign, some of them contradictory. If campaign statements can be taken as evidence of intent, that’s handing a big weapon to challengers of other orders.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Words matter. “I was just lying” isn’t a defence.

          • Andre

            Words should matter. But I can’t bring to mind any other occasion where a politician’s campaign bluster was used to legally hand him his arse like this.

            • McFlock

              For me, the unfamiliar bit is that usually politicians are moaned at for not actually following through enough on their policy pledges. EG lockwood smith on student loans, Obama not closing Guantanamo, any government on unemployment, etc.

              In this situation, Trump is in trouble because the courts decided that he actually did what he promised to do, and his lawyers are trying to argue that he has not yet made progress on one of his headline policies.

              It’s freaking Alice in Wonderland…

              • Johan

                Trump should have been smart enough to realize that his executive orders will not over-ride the Constitution.

      • halfcrown 6.1.2

        Good comment Wayne

      • North 6.1.3

        What’s with this crap meme (?) that as long as it’s what he promised, Trump’s got free hand to do whatever and there’s a sort of equivalence with anything/everything gone before. Win the election and that gives unlimited licence ??? After 21 days we already know there’s some bad, anti-democratic, unconstitutional, dark shit happening up in the White House. Realistically, like never before, Fuck Kellyanne’s and Sean’s spin. it’s stress induced anyway. Imagine working for a pig bully like Trump.

        There’s a man in the highest office of the Constitution who has no respect for the Constitution. As much as he selectively salivates over it. It’s disastrous ! Forget about HRC. Probably about to go to the Caribbean hook up with Branson and Obama and who fucking cares anyway ?

        We have a political disaster going on. Can anyone see Trump ever understanding he’s not the essence of the everything. Anyone see it suddenly stopping ? That’d be an issue in itself FFS. For the red-meat people. Whichever way he’s fucked ! Already ! 21 days !

  7. Anne 7

    Toby Manhire tells why Donald Trump is doing mostly fine in a simple sentence.

    Think it appropriate to put here even if not exactly on topic.

  8. tc 8

    The Donald plays up to his supporters and generates one hell of a media feeding frenzy, nothing lost plenty gained. It gets to run and run.

    What else has the Donald been up to is while the focus is where the Donald wants it ?

  9. Skeptic 9

    As I’ve said on more than one comment to more than one online newsy, there’s two things Americans intensely dislike when it comes to politicians – especially Presidents – which are a) anyone who acts beyond the strict limits of their constitutional powers, and b) anyone who lies or covers up transgressions. A note from history – one of the best loved Presidents – Lincoln – is remembered more by Americans for suspending habeus corpus than for freeing slaves, LBJ is remembered for an undeclared war than for creating a just society, Nixon is remembered more for lying about Watergate than for starting the detente period, Reagan is remembered more for Iran-Contra than for bringing an end to the Cold War. Trump needs to remember that those who are ignorant of, or willfully ignore, history are condemned to repeat it. I still predict his will be the shortest Presidency in US history – in fact I can’t see three months ever being beaten. He may become an object lesson in how not to behave as President.

  10. North 10

    Just saw The Moron on CNN after the appeal result. “The security of the nation is at stake !”. The security of the nation ‘on-the-stake’ more to the point. He just keeps on going being an arsehole. Suffering poor Kellyanne and Sean unconditionally to sanitise the whole fuck of it. This is only day 21. POTUS SCROTUS !

    Love to say “told ya so……..” Addressed to the lefties out there who know who they are.

  11. North 11

    Just saw The Moron on CNN after the appeal result. “The security of the nation is at stake !”. The security of the nation ‘on-the-stake’ more to the point. He just keeps on being an arsehole. Suffering poor Kellyanne and Sean, unconditionally to sanitise the whole fuck of it. This is only day 21. POTUS SCROTUS !

    Love to say “told ya so……..” Addressed to the lefties out there they fulling knowing whom they are.

  12. Macro 12


    The Tweet was in response to courts rejecting the President’s wish to do something illegal, causing what some are describing as a constitutional crisis.

    “James Madison, in his commentary upon the Constitution, wrote ‘Yf th Presidentt do wryte in ALL CAPITALLS then th law of th land shall be subdued,” said Constitutional expert Chuck Williams.

    “But it was never formally enshrined, meaning it’s a grey area of law.”

    Word from the White House suggests a constitutional amendment is being drafted which would allow laws to be passed if the President writes them in big letters at 2am whilst as high as a fucking kite.

  13. HDCAFriendlyTroll 13

    Awesome, shows the checks and balances are working. Now who’s still saying that US is run by a dictatorship?

  14. Richard McGrath 14

    Wow – a “Muslim ban” that only affects 13% of Muslims, in 7 countries chosen by Obama.

    • McFlock 14.1

      Four different judges decided that the problem wasn’t the quantity of Muslims it affected, it was because they were chosen primarily because they were Muslims. It must be confusing to be a libertarian with fascist sympathies.

      • adam 14.1.1

        Ironic that some of the judges who upheld the ban have libertarian tendencies, but the N.Z version have totalitarian tendencies…

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