‘Try the dead rat, it’s delicious’

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Hat tip: Chris S in the comments.

18 comments on “‘Try the dead rat, it’s delicious’”

  1. big bruv 1

    “This is the size of the tax cuts Cullen is going to give your mum and dad”

  2. Christopher 2

    “And see here – see how this little man bends? See? And see if I bend it over? Well I’m like that – ummm… that’s what I do in the hands of the Brethren I bend. Ummm and the Employers and Manufacturers Association bends me too you know! What are they? Oh, errm, don’t, ummm never mind, you’re only going to be a housewife.”

  3. mike 3

    “This is the size of the tax cuts Cullen is going to give your mum and dad’

    before he cancels them again…

  4. Daveo 4

    Er, I was talking about Australian playdough.

  5. r0b 5

    Possible future PM with some guy in a suit.

  6. out of bed 6

    rob I bow down to you

  7. See and then we cut a little hair to put on its head, say some magic words and poke pins in it – it’s called currency speculation…

  8. Matthew Pilott 9

    “Now repeat after me: ‘it rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again‘”

  9. gobsmacked 10

    Hat-tip to “Short Shriveled and Slightly to the Left”, who suggested this one on Kiwiblog:

    Girl “I like that toy’
    JK “me too’
    Girl “I dont like that toy now’
    JK “me too’
    Girl “I like you, you’re funny’
    JK “me too’

  10. Matthew Pilott 11

    “oooh gross, you’re all slippery”

  11. smithers 12

    Get your hand off it then Matthew

  12. Matthew Pilott 13

    Young Smithers, weren’t you criticising the authors of The Standard as pathetic for making personal attacks?

    P.s. you shouldn’t call your mother “it”, that’s just rude 😉

    Cap: ambitions butchered – best cap ever

  13. smithers 14


    My mother died recently.

    I suggest you go and fuck yourself

  14. What of, shame?

  15. lprent 16

    Hey ‘sod – agreed that smithers is a bit of dickhead in his comments, and acts a lot like a troll. He has the usual offtopic links, and comments that just seem to be ill-informed, immature, and only interested in inflaming (and not close to topic).

    But you do have to give him some room to grow up in. He will get the message soon enough – do it enough around here and everyone will demonstrate their displeasure (including the right leaners). Afterall he only seems to have been commenting here for a few days.

    Besides while I’m sure he is capable of understanding your ‘subtle’ (choke) comment, it is quite apparent that he is incapable of an entertaining rispote.


  16. Dean 17


    There’s this thing, and it’s called being rational. You ought to try it sometime. It’s really empowering.

    My entry for the caption:

    “Key explains to the incumbent Labour finance spokesperson exactly how recessions work”.

  17. randal 18

    watch closely as I turn your large fortune into a small one!

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