What should Labour do about Brownlee breaching Airport security?

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What should Labour do about Gerry’s Airport security breach?

Nothing.  It was a mistake.  There are more important things to discuss like child poverty, unemployment, our polluted rivers, our malfunctioning ETS, the loss of civil and political freedoms, our appalling domestic violence statistics, burgeoning crown debt …

65 comments on “What should Labour do about Brownlee breaching Airport security?”

  1. shorts 1

    totally – its the Hauiti distraction for this afternoon

  2. Enough is Enough 2

    Absolutely Agree Micky. We have to avoid all further distractions.

    A clear directive should have gone out from Cunliffe’s office to every candidate and staffer that this is a nothing issue and to focus on our core messages and policies.

    This almost looks like a Crosby Textor distraction grenade to steal headlines for a day or so.

  3. Skinny 3

    If that was you or I we would probably cop a taser shot up the arse be detained & face a grilling which would probably end up with being arrested and face prosecution. I heard he was busy stuffing his face at the airport cafe and missed his calling.

    Key should sack the greedy bugger he is a lousy Minister of both Transport & Christchurch rebuild.

    • KevinWelsh 3.1

      I think it is all lies.

      Unless there was free pies on the plane, no way was he running.

  4. Pete 4

    Agreed. It’s a distraction. As much as I don’t like the man, mistakes can sometimes happen. There are plenty of other things he can be criticised for.

    • greywarbler 4.1

      @ Pete 2.43
      Such as? Name your favourites.

      • Tom Jackson 4.1.1

        Being a tremendous assmonkey?

        • greywarbler

          @Tom Jackson 4.59
          That unfortunate condition you described isn’t enough to make Brownlee uncomfortable in his seat in Christchurch that The Comfortable there keep gifting him. He’s our boy, they say, and we are Loyal despite anything that people with discernment might say.

          He is Deputy Leader so apparently just the right boy to do the bidding for the Casino Crooks. How would it be if Key escaped from NZ to his home in the usa and they made Brownlee PM, he’d be like that clown in Toronto. And what if they had Paula Bennett as Deputy. What a formidable pair they would be in size and top down domination.

  5. fender 5

    We should just celebrate the fact that he didn’t push anybody down the stairs, on this occasion anyway.

    • Michael 5.1

      Perhaps he is able to learn from previous cockups. Maybe he’ll learn from this one, too?

  6. One Anonymous Bloke 6

    What’s wrong with the guy who has overall responsibility for airport security opening any damn door he wants to? Storm in a teacup, waste of energy.

  7. appleboy 7

    This is a scam. A contrived non event turned into a ‘sign’ that the govt is honest and knows when to apologise – oh the irony after Key’s lack of apology on much more serious matters of late. Pathetic see through crap.

    A resignation was never for one moment intended or would have been accepted.

    An empty PR scam job – just like John Key himself and his bunch of cronies.

  8. freedom 8

    Brownlee in the House
    “I’ll try to run through this question if I can” 😆

  9. Jester 9

    Perhaps David could issue a formal apology on Gerrys behalf?

  10. Ancient Ruin 10

    Maybe not hear anything more about Helen Clark’s high speed motorcade, hopefully?

  11. infused 11


    He was in a hurry. There was only one pie left at Mojo before the flight took off, and he had to have it.

    I’m sure you would all do the same, for the last pie.

  12. Hami Shearlie 12

    Bet he was wearing an ugly blue scarf too!!

  13. Richard 13

    Just let him be treated like anybody else who breaches airport security. Prosecution? Banned from an airline? What is the normal procedure for the rest of us plebs?

    • One Anonymous Bloke 13.1

      No. Extra training for the employee who wrongly opened the door, no penalty for the passenger, contempt and ridicule for whining authoritarian followers.

    • Tracey 13.2

      make the exit doors narrower

    • Stuart Munro 13.3

      Equal treatment does have a superficial appeal – but think of the dreadful trauma you’d be inflicting on the poor sod who had to cavity search him!

    • Rob 13.4

      ideal response make him fly jetstar!

  14. McFlock 14

    Yeah – nothing. He offers to resign one portfolio, doesn’t take a hit in salary, and then claims a nactoid has finally shown some personal responsibility.

    Meanwhile, dunnokeyo refuses to make the apology he said he’d make.

  15. Descendant Of Sssmith 15

    They should simply say it’s a breach of airport security that you would expect any New Zealander not to make. They would expect him to be treated in the same way as any other New Zealander who breached airport security and would expect the proper authorities to follow the normal process.

    Then they should say he’s a dick with a sense of self-importance.

  16. Tom Jackson 16

    I don’t understand why he was taking a plane. Doesn’t he have his own sail barge parked at the Great Pit of Carkoon?

  17. disturbed 17

    National spinners have more tricks than anyone, and less morals to run a clean election.
    Expect much more junk reporting ahead, as the media hypes the commonwealth games infill with shoddy distracting trivia, that no one with sanity would recognise this as an election process now closing fast with than two months from a so called election.
    It is simply an election run by media, and not for informed consent and benefit of the voting public. Worst election cycle we have ever seen in our 70yrs of life here, it is disgraceful, and opposition should be all joining together to boycott this election media fraud by declaring the election null and void until the media gives an equal respect to all parties of full unbiased media overage or cancel the election clock.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 17.1

      If there are enough voices to give such a call any weight, there’s enough votes to dump this corrupt government.

  18. MrSmith 18

    A little humor might be good, something like ‘I’m sure the people of ChCh would be happy to look the other way and get him out of here and on any plane ASAP.’

  19. Clemgeopin 19

    While it was a totally stupid and irresponsible mistake to have been made by the cabinet minister of transport /airport security, I do commend the ‘Very Hurry Gerry’ for his dexterity, maneuverability, athleticism and sleek body to have been able to quickly wriggle through the narrow exit turnstile. Love to watch the video if there is one!

  20. disturbed 20

    OAV you said; after we called for opposition Parties to Boycott the election process due to the biased media

    “If there are enough voices to give such a call any weight, there’s enough votes to dump this corrupt government.”

    We see so much diversion in the press that this may actually be swaying people to assume everything is honkey shonkey dorey as Key wants you to believe. People are very gullible.
    Case in point.

    John Key was the master “smiling assassin” (called) who was given the job at Merrill lynch to sack hundreds of staff and make then feel good about this, so we do see a parallel here.
    Be warned things are about to crash again if he doesn’t sell all the country firstly, then we wont need the Government at all will we.

  21. TeWhareWhero 21

    They should issue a statement giving thanks for the fact that no security or other airport personnel had got in Gerry’s way as he rushed to the aircraft.

  22. Nick K 22

    Ask him if he stands by his statement that he asked the airport attendant: “I said to the guy ‘look we’re in a terrible hurry can we get through here’ he said ‘okay’

    Clearly it’s false. With his size, Gerry could never have got through any door.

  23. AB 23

    Well everyone knows he has a short fuse. Everyone knows that he belongs to the National Party and therefore has a raging sense of entitlement and an unshakeable belief in his own superiority over ordinary folks. He is, to put it simply, a bit of a dick.
    In the delusional world of right-wing ‘thought’ of course he is not a dick. He is a ‘high-achiever’, maybe even a ‘wealth-creator’ or a ‘leader’ and simply exercising the prerogative of his personal ‘excellence’. In a similar vein – it always seems to be expensive European marques parked illegally outside the better eateries in town.

    But no – a couple of well-aimed jokes and let it rest. No faux-outrage required.

  24. a clear case of entitle-itis..

  25. Weepus beard 25

    Brownlee makes Aaron Gilmore look measured. This sounds like a real “don’t you know who I am” moment.

    Stuff is looking for witnesses so I hope they come forward.

  26. Don't worry be happy 26

    Forget what should the Labour Party do…what are the cops doing? Imagine if Hone had barged through….or Cunliffe….

  27. Hami Shearlie 27

    So Gerry Brownlee went the wrong way for his own convenience? Sums up the National Government perfectly!!

    • Lloyd 27.1

      Total agreement Hami Shearlie.

      Labour should really hammer Brownlee on this issue, as it sums up his political career. Ignore any rules if they inconvenience you and if you can’t, then get them changed by denigrating them and anybody who supports those rules.

      For example:

      • who got rid of regional government on Canterbury?
      • Who is stuffing up the Christchurch rebuild?

      -Who wants the Basin flyover so he can get to his Christchurch flight 30 seconds faster?

      Why – Gerry wants it now – greedy selfish behavior. Pushy bully behavior. Not the sort of behavior you want from someone running the country.

  28. North 28

    Labour should do nothing……except, from time-to-time, to mock the hell out of this patently cynical ‘resignation’ and “no no no” bullshit.

    It’s a put-up job with TheGodKey faking that Bunter is too big, sorry, too valuable and high performing, to lose. “The Nation Needs Him.” Also to try to paint himself ‘presidential’. It’s bullshit and it screams and it stinks.

    Does make you picture the furore there’d be if Cunliffe did it though doesn’t it ? Fuckwit Gower’d be calling him a terrorist.

  29. karol 29

    If the unflattering and anti-Gerry comments & jokes from work colleagues today are anything to go by, Labour should do nothing.

    Gerry is looking like he’s done himself a lot of damage with the public.

  30. Mr Mojo Marvel 30

    Those security doors,

    They’re really big,

    I mean really fxxkxx big yeah,

    I mean so big you could fit a trolley bus full of narcissistic self immolating national supports side ways through those doors.

    I mean you could get like, 57.5 Jabba the Hutts yelling in unison

    “Han, Mah kee cheezay. Hassatamooma koh kee malyaloongee”

    through those fxxkxxx doors.

    I heard on the grape vine someone only just (after having to drop their donut) squeaked through those fxxkxxx doors .

    Apparently no alarms were heard due to the effective bulk of the said assailant had created a “vacuum pump effect” while squeeeeeezinnng through said really, really big fxxxkxxxx doors

    Anyone know ?

  31. Clemgeopin 31

    Gerry ‘offers’ his resignation. Key says some nice things for camera but says, ‘won’t accept resignation’

    Ok, so now the ball is in Gerry’s court.

    If Gerry is really sorry for his seriously stupid illegal behaviour, he can STILL resign on his own anyway, irrespective of what Key says, can’t he?!

  32. millsy 32

    If we sacked every person in this country for going through the wrong door, unemployment would be through the roof.

  33. JK 33

    Isn’t the Brownlee so-called security scare a distraction from the real story of HOW did Shonkey’s pic get photoshopped onto the All Blacks ? That’s the real story ….. it’ll stay around for months in bookshops, dairies, supermarket shelves …. brilliant bit of pr – and of course, totally immoral, unethical – call it what you like …. but this is ShonKey at his best !!

    • teWhareWhero 33.1

      Email Rugby News and ask them whose idea it was to write an article about the PM as the AB’s ‘No 1 fan’ and whose idea it was to photoshop him into a photo with 4 ABs. You can also ask why they claim that the article and cover pic has nothing whatsoever to do with the election. You can find contact details on their website.

      Email the ABs management and ask them when they gave approval for this, and whether they had considered the benefits to the National Party of the PM’s association with the ABs two months out from the election.

      Email John Key’s office and ask whether they considered the ethics / legality of this.

  34. Clemgeopin 34

    Here is a challenge to any worthy investigative in the country to actually try the same Gerry B stunt at that or at any other airport and see what consequences follow! [Not in USA, Israel, Russia or Saudi but just here in NZ will do]

  35. Clemgeopin 35

    A limerick:

    da DUM da da DUM da da DUM
    da DUM da da DUM da da DUM
    da DUM da da DUM
    da DUM da da DUM
    da DUM da da DUM da da DUM

    Jerry in a mad dash hurry,
    Jumped an exit gate no wurry,
    He huffed and he puffed,
    Then bluffed and he stuffed
    Got caught and quickly said surry!

    [See of you can write another]

    • Clemgeopin 35.1

      What! No one?
      Ok, here is another limerick effort:

      There once was a man named Gerry
      Claimed he was in a great hurry
      So fooled a poor sod
      To open back door!
      Sod in crap, Gerry, Key merry!

  36. SouthDeezNutz 36

    Brownlee’s a dick, sure, but what’s with the fat shaming?

  37. Adrian 37

    Key was being torn a new arsehole on the comments for this stunt. that jersey is supposed to be earned, the scrawny little sniveler has never played a game of footy in his life, now he’s “Leader of the Pack”, this is a “jump the shark” moment, or a Kim Jung Ill one .
    I bet DC would like to meet him in an opposing scrum especially how they used to play senior rugby in South Canterbury. I’d pay more money to see that than for a test match.

    • Once was Pete 37.1

      Make up your mind. He has either played a game of rugby or he hasn’t and in any event who cares?

  38. Once was Pete 39

    I see why you would say that. It is just another distraction, but personally, I feel that at the very least he should have his ample bum kicked publicly by Key over this.
    You can’t excuse this. He should have known better.

  39. Clemgeopin 40

    This incident in parallel terms is somewhat like
    a minister of health infected with some serious disease flouting safety contamination rules just because he is ……whatever
    or the minister of police or justice firing a firearm in an unauthorized location without a license just because she is…..whatever!

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