Wong & Carter: Key’s corrupt little piggies

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Wong briefly came out of hiding to answer questions from Parliamentary Services on her abuse of flight perks. Back in hiding now. Key’s still telling her not to talk. But surely she can tell journos what she told the invesigators. Will the report on her corruption be the worst problem for the Nats this week? Or will corrupt David Carter overshadow it?

11 comments on “Wong & Carter: Key’s corrupt little piggies”

  1. Jim Nald 1

    My Asian friends say Wong is a disgrace to the Chinese community and should be thrown out of Parliament.

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    Another atrocious development for what Key had promised would be a transparent and ethical first term of National Government. On second thoughts I think he’s still promising that, and also a forecast that those two little piggies will be flying next week.

    My conclusion is that John Key is an atrocious judge of character and cronyism. He has filled Cabinet with miscreants. The lost opportunities for this Government to do the correct thing under his so-called ‘leadership’ are mounting by the day.

  3. Gotham 3

    National Radio had Carter on Morning Report just before. Not a fraken word about his conflict of interest or the ‘trade, um, I mean, animal welfare’ implications on his initial decision.

    Pathetic, Geoff Robinson!

    Sean Plunkett wouldn’t have let him get away with it…

    • ianmac 3.1

      Mr Carter did say that all his decisions were about animal safety which is his official role. What else could he be questioned about? An honourable man and a staunch Geoff. We are lucky listeners.
      Oh. Cover up? Saddened. 🙁

      • Gotham 3.1.1

        Actually, I did catch him saying he was aware of the trade implications, ‘but’ his decision was made on welfare grounds.

        • Bright Red

          that’s not what the record shows. The Herald’s documents show he refered to trade implications repeatedly in talking to Key and trade minister Tim Groser on the issue.

          • Gotham

            Yeah and Silver Fern Farms briefed him on the trade implications as well, so I heard.

            Geoff Robinson failed big time.

            • Macro

              I’ve long felt that it was time that Geoff called it a day.
              Most of the time he is far too “genteel”

  4. Treetop 4

    I too noticed that the conflict of interest was buried.

  5. tc 5

    “My conclusion is that John Key is an atrocious judge of character and cronyism. He has filled Cabinet with miscreants..” whilst this is the result I reckon the truth’s alot less atributable to Sideshow John.

    Sideshow wanted to be PM, he fitted the Nat PR requirements of being a) from a lower decile background being brought up in a state house b) local boy made financially good and c) not too shabby to look at whilst appealing to their key middle income target group with that ‘look vote for me and become like me..’

    What he got was what he wanted….PM, the rest he’d have very little to do with having neither the knowledge or ability to chose who goes where so the long termers get cushy gigs and the expendables get the areas they have litttle/no time for…welfare, prisons, industrial relations, womens affairs, maori, pacific affairs, education etc.

    The result is excatly what you’d expect when you spend 9 years in opposition manufaturing crises and spin rather than constructing an economic plan/vision…..a clueless leader sitting atop a cabinet of shoddy, unskilled, inexperienced ideologically driven power focused individuals who take any opportunity to promote self interest because in the Nat world, self interest is the only interest.

  6. bobo 6

    So if it comes to light that Wong or husband did more business on any of those other 11 overseas trips other than tracing the “Wong dynasty” will she have to resign from parliament or can she just pay back a token bit of the money and get away with it as easy as she has done to date? I guess she will use the “I can’t recall” politicians response. Key signed off on all these trips? did she submit “tracing family tree” on her application to him ??? And today all we get on MSM is Goff having a memory lapse… a bit rich Key attacking him , remember this anyone?

    In a tub-thumping speech to National’s annual conference Mr Key said: “Under a Labour government I lead child abusers will be severely punished”. Mr Key quickly recovered from the embarrassing slip of the tongue, but struck further turbulence later in the year when talking about National’s stance on the Iraq war.

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