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The rhythms of life

Written By: - Date published: 9:10 am, October 28th, 2012 - 18 comments
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On Planet Key there are no toilets. Natural body processes are considered irrelevant and nature only exists in the highly tamed and controlled form of a golf course.  No wonder, then, that the government and its cronies are disconnected from the natural rythms associated with giving birth, or the chaotic consequences of the upheavals in nature caused by climate change. On the Nact government’s planet mothers don’t lactate or become hypersensitive to their babies’ cries:  and fathers are unaware that We Borrow the world from our children.

A recent public meeting in Auckland about the Extension of Paid Parental Leave Bill, showed the uneasy relationship between capitalist working conditions, and natural processes associated with birth and parenting.  Marama Davidson, of Te Wharepora Hou, said PPL is about the importance of families, the support of whanau, and community responsibility.  It is not about consumerist individualism.  Marama explained that “whanau” means the act of giving birth, strongly centring it within the extended family.  After a baby is born the family needs time to adjust to the new rhythm and the new tune it puts into their life, so that it didn’t become a damaging hurtful song. She was happy to be the breadwinner for her family, but described her stressful experiences of organising breast-feeding as she rushed between meetings.

Jacquie Brown, as is her style, delivered a humorous monologue of her experience of returning

Jacquie Brown: “Keep Calm and Carry On”

to work on a TV set 4 months after her son Leo was born: it was too soon. She acknowledged that other women didn’t have a the same choices she had.  Women are encouraged to return to work, “half asleep, with our minds elsewhere … and whatever do we do with our tits?”.  It was an emotional time when Brown would stop in mid-shower, a little anxious, and certain she could hear Leo cry. With her baby always on her mind, on her first day on the TV set she kept checking her phone to see if he called – and realising the silliness of that, kept checing the baby pics on her phone.

Michele A’Court performed her style of stand-up on the exhausting pressures and on-going learning involved in being a parent of a newborn child  She to told some funny stories about  a child’s fresh perspective on the awesomeness of life: the never ending questions about why the sky is blue or how the internet works.  When scientific explanations fail, there are always unicorns and fairies that can be called in to assist.

Some oppoents of PPL lack senstivity towards such physical and emotional maternal experiences.  This was seen with Business NZ’s spurious claims that it will cost employers to up-skill women after returning from PPL. Spokesperson, Paul Mackay (who had admitted to having been influenced by “political discussions“), demonstrated a Planet Key-type disconnect when questioned about their claims.  When asked for an example, he gave the highly inappropriate example of a top level rugby player being “rusty” after not playing for 6 months.

The real political motives behind Business NZ’s claims is seen in Brownlee’s slippage in the House last Thursday.  He was asked about the cost to business as claimed by National MP Tim Macindoe, but Brownlee responded by talking about the cost to the government. Indeed, extended PPL Bill does require an extra cost to government.  Already parents can take unpaid extended leave.  Many employers like to provide a good paid parental leave entitilement because it’s good PR, helps to maintain female staff after they give birth and makes less hassle with recruiting more staff.

Cunliffe at his desk 

Last Thursday in the House, David Cunliffe showed a strong awareness of the importance of natural rhythms, attachments and related social responsibilities when he unexpectedly spoke as a father. He argued with some passion against the government’s Climate Change Response Amendments (ETS), by  acknowledging that climate change is “a scientifically verified fact”.  Cunlifffe accused the government of selling out it his children and all our children, “by being craven” to its “traditional agriculture and big business interests”.  On these points I agree with him.

Extended PPL is a necessary immediate compromise with a dysfunctional system, disconnected from the rhythms of birth and parenthood.  And the ETS policy, whether or not it is weakened by the government’s amendments, is an inadequate response to the environmentally destructive practices of growth-focused capitalism.

Addendum: article today claiming the NZ government is planning to quit the Kyoto Protocol. h/t mickysavage.

18 comments on “The rhythms of life”

  1. karol 1

    <i>Of course the difference between taxes and benefits is that in the tax situation a person earns money</i>
    Are you sure that is always the case?  Some people are paid well more than is warranted from the effort they put in and/or the contributions these efforts make (or don’t) to the good of society.

    [karol: It's possible that I could've written this comment - but I didn't. To avoid confusion, could you please choose a different handle/name to comment under. I do tend to agree with the comment]

    • Bill 1.1

      Hmm. Pay determined by time spent on the task and factoring in social good and the relative desirability of the task being undertaken. Now there would be a thing. I’m up for that, I am. Want some extra money? Then put more of your time into some socially necessary but undesirable job. Don’t want to be locked into that task for ‘ever and the day’? Fine. Lets have multi-faceted job situations. So the surgeon also does ward rounds and toilet cleaning. And the (former) toilet cleaner can, if they posses the potential, train in and eventually practice surgery.

      Better still to have workplaces/communities as the economic unit rather than the individual and then we avoid any potentially fraught negotiations surrounding the relative monetary worth of childcare or home keeping etc in comparison to those tasks that we currently view as ‘jobs’.

      And so now the surgeon performs surgery, toilet cleaning etc as well as engaging in childcare or homekeeping, gardeining and so on. A ‘work/lifestyle’ balance that is roughly in keeping with everyone elses and that would blurr the division between work and leisure and create a seemless flow between the two.

      No compulsion beyond immediate peer pressure to participate in your society (your workplace/community) to a degree and in a fashion that your peers find acceptable. And if you don’t like it, you can always uproot to a new or different workplace/community – society. Thousands to choose from. And all working along broadly similar and democratically empowering lines…

      • OneTrack 1.1.1

        And the toilet cleaner can do ward rounds and brain surgery.

        • fatty

          …weird how some people can write, but they can’t read

        • kiwicommie

          In a New Zealand with Free Education perhaps, but under the current government you are lucky to get a job on a BA; the loan system no longer funds post grad so there are going to be a lot of unemployed university students with big student loan debts.

  2. Dr Terry 2

    As usual, I much endorse comments from Cunliffe. He speaks of the government selling out the children, as well he might. Somebody (forget who) has spoken of New Zealanders hating its children. Maybe that goes too far, but there is a point to be made. Having lived many years in America, my wife and I noticed that children there are treated by adults with much greater respect (and don’t worry, I am as big a critic of American policies as are many).

    Cunliffe also speaks with absolute truth with regard to Climate Change as a “scientifically verified fact”. I regard him as Labour’s main remaining hope, if he can cope with working alongside so many a drongo.

    • fatty 2.1

      “Somebody (forget who) has spoken of New Zealanders hating its children”

      Bronwyn Hayward, a political scientist, has spoken about how we do well with keeping elderly out of poverty, but not so great with children. Its a 30min presentation about her new book – ‘Children, Citizenship and Environment: Nurturing a democratic imagination in a changing world.’

    • karol 2.2

      Yes, I agree on Cunliffe’s value.  But he is still into the “growth” philosophy, and supports the ETS.  Maybe that’s because he is following the Labour party line…. or not?
      I agree totally with what he says is the problem with climate change.  But Labour’s solution falls short. 

      Labour wants the Bill withdrawn, of course. But, as National won’t do that, we’ve put forward amendments, including:

      Ensuring the ETS is an all-sectors all-gasses scheme, so everyone plays an equal part in the solution.
      Bringing agriculture into the ETS in 2015, as scheduled, so a huge advantage isn’t given to the minority of dirty farmers who’ve done nothing to prepare for this long-established deadline.
      Restricting international units to 50% so that New Zealand Units are preferred over international ones, thus protecting our forestry industry.
      Make the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) publish annually the amount industries charge their customers for carbon.

      The should at least have stuck with a carbon tax and not been scared off by farmers with tractors.  And here the devil will be in the detail:

      When Labour comes to government we will put good science and innovation at the core of our environmental and economic policies. We will put in place policies that support a future that is clean, green and clever.

    • David H 2.3

      I asked that very question of Hekia Parata and Paula Benett. on here.


      It is just stunning that they have this, this, words fail in charge And Cunliffe is being buried by bullshit, they need to make Cunliffe leader now. Then you’ll see the brown stuff start to flow in copious amounts on the NACT side of the house.

  3. Foreign Waka 3

    Whilst there are still various voices within the scientific community about climate change (not making judgement here) there is no doubt whatsoever about the consequences of “abandoning” a child after just 6-12 weeks. This is the generation that despite huge efforts from parents in many cases just have no ability or have great difficulties to develop empathy and sympathy towards their fellow men. This in turn creates an ever increasing brutalization of society that often is not realized until too late. Kind of slowly cooking a frog. There are consequences to the mental health, least of some very sensitive children whose aptitude tends to be towards the arts. Ooops, can’t have that, does not fit with the maximization of profit per head and capita.

    Of cause a government would need to take into consideration log term effects not just the next 3 years of populist decision making.

    • One Tāne Huna 3.1

      “Various voices within the scientific community” – well, there’s the consensus – the Greenhouse Effect is real, caused by human actions and, unless mitigated, will do untold damage up to and including threatening the survival of our species (including the children). Then there are about a dozen mutually exclusive and different versions being pushed – it isn’t happening, it is happening but don’t worry, it is happening but it’s the sun, it is happening but since we don’t know everything about it therefore we know nothing at all, it’s a a secret weapon invented by the US military, ad nauseam. There’s also the dominant public narrative – it is happening but I’m at such a level of denial and I don’t want to give up my car.

      The myth that “The Arts” don’t maximise profit is surely put to bed by Peter Jackson.

      • Foreign Waka 3.1.1

        As far as I can tell, the rate of children dying in NZ has not much to do with global warming. The number of reports would however support the brutalization of society due to desensitizing to the need of small children.
        I belief the article was primarily about PPL? Once more ignored and not surprised…..

  4. Bill 4

    Are you, or what you are doing, of any immediate worth to the market? Does the collapsing eco-sphere make any immediate contribution to the market? Coz it’s all about the market. And the days when a reasonable number of mp’s serving in parliament had run on an anti-market/anti-capitalist platform (the old school socialists) well, they’re long gone.

    So on the one hand – the hand that wields power – expect some sincerely insincere recognition of the importance of families, children and people in general. And then watch while those who do not make any obvious and immediate contribution to the market are marginalised and denigrated. And by the same hand, expect to see issues with our eco-sphere trivialised and marginalised while the market is elevated to levels of crucial importance.

    And on the other hand – ours; the hand that gave and gives power away to people who are almost exclusively focussed on market performance – expect a more or less impotent moral outrage perhaps. And what else? Eventual resignation cloaked in a sense of hopelessness? Or a recognition of the vast potential we have to exercise power leading to us taking back of all those powers we gave away and that we repeatedly give away? I don’t know.

  5. Tim 5

    Just as a matter of interest……what do you reckon John Key would make of this discussion so far?

  6. Chalupa Batman 6

    Yes because Labour never gave Katherine Rich a hard time about “abandoning her kids”

  7. “…demonstrated a Planet Key-type disconnect when questioned about their claims…”
    Many New Zealand businesses are out of touch with reality, they claim they are struggling to find skilled workers. However, they pay below global market rates, demand twice as much work for less pay, pull out all the stops to cut costs; and leave workers unsatisfied and stressed. Then they wonder why so many skilled workers are leaving to Australia. Time the business leaders of this country took a trip to Europe, hopefully Scandinavia (where they feed their people).

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    Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei says another interest rate hike on Thursday will cost home owners an extra $25 a month on a $250,000 mortgage, on top of the $25 dollars a month from the previous rates rise, and she...
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    The Green Party has today launched the Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill, New Zealand's first ever Bill crowdsourced by a political party.Members of the public will be invited to shape the proposed law, which will protect ten basic rights and...
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  • Sanil Kumar has to leave New Zealand tomorrow
    The Associate Minister of Immigration Nikki Kaye’s decision not to intervene means kidney transplant patient Sanil Kumar must leave New Zealand by tomorrow, says Labour’s Immigration spokesperson Rajen Prasad. “Kumar, a plumber and sheet metal worker, was on a work visa...
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  • Time to do the right thing for our veterans
    A Labour government will adopt the Law Commission’s recommendation to ensure all war veterans are eligible for a Veteran’s Pension, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. “Veterans are only eligible for the pension if they are considered ‘significantly’ disabled, or more...
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  • Public servant is owed an apology
    Nigel Fyfe is owed an apology from the State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, says Labour's State Services spokesperson, Maryan Street. “The former MFAT official has now been restored to a position in the Ministry...
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  • Laws for enforcing not trading off
    The idea that a Government department can give a nod and a wink to traders that it won’t enforce shop trading laws and for a Government MP to then claim it as grounds for a review of the law is...
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  • Kiwis still paying too much for ACC
    Kiwis are still paying too much for ACC so that the National Government can balance its books, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says. “ACC Minister Judith Collins told Cabinet levies were too high but ACC’s proposed cuts would impact the...
    Labour | 21-04
  • Collins’ memory recovery raises further concerns
    Judith Collins sudden memory of briefing the New Zealand Ambassador to China about her dinner with a Chinese border official and her husband's fellow Oravida directors raises further concerns about exactly what was discussed, Labour MP Grant Robertson says. "This...
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  • MP to attend progressive politics conference
    Labour MP Grant Robertson will attend the Progressive Governance conference in Amsterdam later this week. “This conference brings together Social Democratic parties from around the world to discuss how progressive politics should work in the post global financial crisis environment....
    Labour | 20-04
  • Storm fans fire service commitment
    Further damage from the huge storm that battered the West Coast was prevented by the great work of our volunteer Fire Service and locals will be extremely grateful, Labour’s MP for West Coast-Tasman Damien O’Connor says. “Our region has been...
    Labour | 19-04
  • Time for Ryall to fix mistakes and help families
    Families who won a long and lengthy Court battle for financial help to support their disabled daughters and sons are now facing a new battle with health system bureaucracy and need the Health Minister's help, Labour's Disability Issues spokesperson Ruth...
    Labour | 18-04
  • Time for greater ministerial accountability
    The Green Party has today released a proposal to introduce a ministerial disclosure regime in New Zealand to improve the transparency and accountability of government.The proposal, based on the system used in the United Kingdom since 2010, would require all...
    Greens | 18-04
  • Power prices soar on the eve of winter
    On the eve of winter as New Zealanders are turning on their heaters, power prices have soared sky high, Labour’s Energy spokesperson David Shearer says. “Energy Minster Simon Bridges claimed in Parliament that prices were estimated to rise 2.4 per...
    Labour | 18-04
  • Workers can kiss goodbye to Easter Sunday off
    The Government’s decision to “reprioritise” scarce labour inspector resources by abandoning the enforcement of Easter Sunday Shop Trading laws means workers can kiss goodbye to a guaranteed day off, says Labour’s Associate Labour Issues spokesperson Darien Fenton. “The Labour Minister...
    Labour | 18-04
  • Businesses need to respect workers this Easter
    Businesses intent on flouting Easter shopping laws should face stiff penalties, Green Party industrial relations spokesperson Denise Roche said today. This Easter, at least one major garden centre chain intends to open on Good Friday despite this being in breach...
    Greens | 17-04
  • Time to deliver on 26 weeks Paid Parental Leave
    Today marks two years since Labour MP Sue Moroney's Bill extending paid parental leave to 26 weeks was drawn from the members' ballot. “It’s time the Government acted in the interests of families,” Sue Moroney says. “National has tried every...
    Labour | 17-04
  • Taxpayers robbed of $130m in Genesis sale
    Kiwi taxpayers have been robbed of $130 million by the Government in its final failed asset sale, says Labour’s SOEs spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove. “National set the price for Genesis far too low in a desperate attempt to beef up demand....
    Labour | 17-04
  • Work visa problems need monitoring
    The Government is handing out temporary work visas to migrants to work in jobs that could easily be filled by unemployed Kiwi workers in the Christchurch rebuild, says Darien Fenton, Labour’s Associate Immigration spokesperson. “In the past 12 months, temporary...
    Labour | 17-04
  • Resignation rates among cops soar
    The number of frontline officers quitting the police force is at a four-year high, with more than 350 walking off the job in the past year, Labour’s Police spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says. “Since 2009 resignation rates among sworn staff have...
    Labour | 17-04
  • Service for victims of sexual violence pushed out in cold
    The Green Party is calling on Housing New Zealand to revisit its decision to evict an essential community organisation in Christchurch with only eight weeks notice.Yesterday at the Select Committee inquiry into funding for sexual violence support services the organisation...
    Greens | 17-04
  • Legal high ban worthy of wider pick-up
    Auckland Council’s ban on using legal highs in a public place is an excellent idea that should be replicated around New Zealand, says Labour’s Associate Health Spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway. “Auckland Council has implemented a by-law banning the use of psychoactive...
    Labour | 17-04
  • Smith sells state P-houses to first home buyers
    Nick Smith must reassure worried first home buyers that any Housing NZ houses sold under his First Home policy will be tested for P contamination after revelations that three out of seven properties sold in Wanganui tested positive for methamphetamine,...
    Labour | 17-04
  • PM’s China visit assisted Oravida, not Fonterra
    Questions must now be asked whether it was Fonterra or Oravida who really benefited from the Prime Minister’s recent visit to China, Labour’s Primary Industries spokesperson Damien O’Connor says. “Before his departure, John Key said he would wait until all...
    Labour | 16-04
  • New Zealand’s use of ozone depleting gases increases
    A new Government report highlights that the amount of ozone depleting gases New Zealand is using is increasing, the Green Party said today.The report tabled in Parliament yesterday shows that total use of ozone depleting gases in New Zealand has...
    Greens | 16-04
  • Manufacturing Upgrade
    Labour is determined to support and grow our manufacturing sector. These policies grew out of the findings of the 2013 Parliamentary Inquiry into Manufacturing.  ...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Collins must admit misleading Parliament
    ACC Minister Judith Collins must front up and admit she has misled Parliament over ACC’s policy to stop paying compensation to clients who refused to fill in its privacy form, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says. “Judith Collins claimed Labour...
    Labour | 16-04
  • English confirms he has no plan to raise wages
    Finance Minister Bill English has confirmed he has absolutely no plans to lift wages, Labour’s spokesperson on Labour Issues, Andrew Little says. “Bill English told the Chamber of Commerce yesterday that workers could expect a rise in average income of...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Govt careless and callous about threatened birds
    The National Government is increasing the threat to two of the world's most threatened and unique birds by opening up Victoria Forest Park to petroleum drilling, the Green Party said today.Scientists have recently published a ranking of the 100 most...
    Greens | 16-04
  • Genesis: The biggest fire sale of them all
    National has finished its asset sales with a massive bonfire of a fire sale, showing once and for all how much of a disaster this programme was, says Labour’s SOEs spokesperson Clay