Brownlee catches Key’s thirdtermitis

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Key is falling apart before our eyes. Perhaps out of a sense of solidarity, Gerry Brownlee has decided to join him:

Army not preparing for Iraq deployment, Brownlee

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee is denying the army’s been told to prepare for a deployment to Iraq.

His office says training, including language and cultural tuition has begun should the Government decide to send troops to train the Iraqi Army to fight ISIS.

Barge day two? Yesterday’s events came after Brownlee stormed out of an interview the day before. Strong stable government?

34 comments on “Brownlee catches Key’s thirdtermitis”

  1. felix 1

    So he’s literally throwing his weight around because he’s been caught lying about sending us into America’s disgraceful wars.

    Jeez that’s just ugly all round.

    • minarch 1.1

      “throwing his weight around”

      jesus they have broken out the WMDs

      wheres Hans Blix ?

    • Murray Rawshark 1.2

      He was angry too, barely managing to suppress his rage at commoners daring to question him. I can see why he failed at woodwork teaching.

  2. Lanthanide 2

    “Strong stable government?”

    Obviously. A weak-willed and unstable government wouldn’t be able to barge through the media in such an authoritarian and brawny fashion.

    • Colonial Rawshark 2.1

      That’s also true – a weak unstable govt would be in emergency deliberations by now. This one – its just another day at the office.

  3. So Gerry barged through a media throng to suit himself…probably thought it was just airport security.

  4. Tracey 5

    i laughed when he said sarcastically to a journo, so your source knows more than the defence minister.

    Welll daaaaah. Remember key told us our people were over there training others and not in combat but it turned out they were doing both? So neither brownlies or johkeyo know more than the army or they are liars. Neither is good.

  5. hr 6

    It’s all about pesky democracy getting in the way of sucking up to America limiting discourse.

  6. hr 7

    It’s all about pesky democracy getting in the way of sucking up to America limiting discourse.

  7. McFlock 8

    Barging Brownlee:
    The blustering bastard bullies and belittles before blatantly blaming bureaucrats in a barefaced bluff of boorish braggadocio and bewildered babbling that belies his breathtaking brainlessness.

  8. politikiwi 9

    I guess he’s just not as cut out for having to consistently conceal the truth, unlike John Key who – as a former Wall Street banker – has been doing it for years.

  9. Potato 10

    And all this while our PM told us on Tuesday that a combined ANZAC force might be possible as a ‘tribute to the service and sacrifice’ of those original Anzacs. I think my ancestors would find the sending of more young men off to possibly die on foreign soil to be the most appalling form of tribute. Shame on you Mr Key for even suggesting it.
    But then the men who sent those boys to Gallipolli weren’t heroes either..

    • James N 10.1

      As I’ve observed on another forum, to commemorate Gallipoli by sending ANZACS off to war is somewhat akin to commemorating Hiroshima by dropping another bomb.

      • Murray Rawshark 10.1.1

        The only difference is that Turkey was a well armed adversary that we were actually at war with. Everything else was just as ridiculous and mostly based on Churchill’s sense of Anglo-Saxon superiority. We have the same white supremacist ideas today, thinking that our troops can inspire the Iraqis to fight for a government they don’t believe in, even though our troops are no longer Anglo-Saxon. Key really belongs in the early years of last century, when he probably would have done his best to sit with the officers offshore sipping gin and tonics to encourage the fighting men.

    • James N 10.2

      As I’ve observed on another forum, to commemorate Gallipoli by sending ANZACS off to war is somewhat akin to commemorating Hiroshima by dropping another bomb. Sense of history much?

    • NZJester 10.3

      John Key invoking the ANZAC name in such a way is totally disrespectful.

      • Potato 10.3.1

        Here’s a radical idea Mr Key, how about we commemorate those lads by instead giving todays young people what the Anzacs would have wished for…. the chance to live in a country where you could earn a honest days pay for an honest days work, maybe buy a piece of dirt and have your own home and be able to feed and raise a family.

    • miravox 10.4

      ‘Tribute to’ – that not how to spell ‘degradation of’.

  10. we commemorate the first world war and the anzac spirit[whatever that is!!!] by joining in a dirty civil war…thats like commemorating the ending of capital punishment with a hanging….there are plenty of arab armies [dripping with weapons sold to them by the west] in the region….let them sort it out…

  11. that is a great photo of brownlee and genter..

    ..they have long had a long-suffering parent/eternally-questioning teenager style relationship..

    ..and that pic captures that perfectly..

  12. Paul 13

    Photo should be used for a caption contest.

    • Weepus beard 13.1

      That is Barry Soper’s wife isn’t it? National Party and Slater apologists, the pair of them.

      In reality the photo would not tell the story it seems to.

  13. Mary Jones 14

    Yesterday on Abby Martin on “Breaking the Set” said there has been millions of dollars in wages paid to as many as 50,000 NONEXISTENT Iraqi soldiers.
    As well as being a huge pocket-filling Rort with some people in positions of power stealing the money paid for these “ghost” Iraqi soldiers, it has also skewed the actual official numbers of trained Iraqi soldiers. So John and Gerry are sending our troops over to “train” some more nonexistent Iraqi soldiers. If Abby Martin is correct, it’s a good bet that neither JohnKey nor Gerry have any idea of the real situation they intend to put NZ soldiers in to. It’s more about John and Gerry performing more sycophantic tricks’ for the Obama Circus.

  14. Richard@Down South 15

    is there an online video of this?

  15. Pat 16

    Brownlee hasnt caught thirdtermitis………… hes the vector having displayed all of the symptoms since the first day of the first term of this current government….hopefully it proves incurable and fatal.

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