Classic hits DJs buying Key’s spin

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John Key seems intent on rewriting history.

This must be about the 8th time he’s tried this tactic in the last couple of days. It’s an indictment on these radio hosts that they’re prepared to let him get away with it.

The question Key was originally asked made no reference whatsoever of the invasion – it asked why any mention of Iraq was missing from their policy document.

Here’s Wallace Chapman from KiwiFM:

PRESENTER: About the ah, comment of the, the Iraq war is over, where, was that taken out of context or, what was the story around that.

KEY: Oh that’s for sure. Look, I’ve never suggested the conflict in Iraq was over. The um, because very clearly it isn’t um, the question I was asked was in relation to the invasion of Iraq.

PRESENTER: Right. Okay. So that’s um…

KEY: I mean, clearly there’s an insurgency operating there and ah, without doubt, that’s the case but I was asked about committing troops to the invasion of Iraq.

6 comments on “Classic hits DJs buying Key’s spin”

  1. gobsmacked 1

    “I was asked about committing troops to the invasion of Iraq.”

    No you weren’t.

    There’s a really serious issue here. These comments are all on the radio. On the record.

    Now we know that politicians (of any party) often say different things in private and public. Leaked e-mails, minutes of meetings etc can prove embarrassing. But that is not the case here. John Key hasn’t been found out by investigative journalism. He’s simply gone on the radio and said black is white.

    Why has he done this? Because he can. Because he is confident that he can get away with it. Because he knows that the NZ media will devote more time and effort to discussing the colour of the All Blacks’ shirts than to the statements of the alternative Prime Minister on the defining conflict of our time. Even when those statements are demonstrably false.

    And that is scary.

  2. amk 2

    Perhaps this might might find time to devote to topics other than attacking john key?

    you know…

    constructive rather than destructive

    grown up rather than childish

  3. Luke 3

    Anyone wanting to be New Zealand’s next prime minister should certainly come under an immense amount of scrutiny. Unlike many right wing blogs who attack Helen Clark for all sorts of ridiculous things, this blog is rightly attacking John Key for his policy stance, his flip flops and conflicting statements.
    Key has repeatedly lied in the past two weeks after being questioned about statements that were said by him and his party members in the previous several days. This is the not the behaviour of someone I would trust to be the next PM.

  4. all_your_base 4

    gobsmacked and Luke, I couldn’t agree more.

    Key’ flippant comment that the war is over, followed by his “technically I was correct” and now his flat-out assertion that he was answering a different question say far more about Key and his moral principles than almost anything we’re seen from him so far.

    And if you’ll pardon the phrase, it’s given his minders the shits. Their candidate from central casting has dropped the ball and they’re hoping and praying that the public and media are looking the other way as evidenced by amks comment above. As you point out though gobsmacked, we’ve essentially got a video ref and Key’s comments will be around for ever.

    I’d go so far as to say that the way Key has handled this gaffe should make him unelectable – just as Brash was after lying about the Brethren. As a New Zealander I’d be embarrassed to have someone as shallow on foreign affairs as Key represent us internationally.

  5. r0b 5

    Luke wrote: “Unlike many right wing blogs who attack Helen Clark for all sorts of ridiculous things, this blog is rightly attacking John Key for his policy stance, his flip flops and conflicting statements”.

    I couldn’t agree more. The world doesn’t need any more sewer blogs. Let’s focus this one on policies and informed debate (and gentle satire of course!).

  6. ak 6

    Right on rOb – but before we get too sensible, first huge kudos to Tane, Sonic Robinsod/n et al (especially you Robinsod – you’re an art form mate!) for wading into the kiwiblog pus-pit and brilliantly exposing the pathos of their poisonous ranting. Best entertainment I’ve had all year! Unfortunately I think you’re all about to be “moderated” – the calls for it show how much you’ve hurt them – another brilliant example of the hypocrisy of Farrar-major-faucet, founding the “Free speech coalition” and censoring dissent on his own organ at the same time!
    Well done and keep it up – can’t wait to see you inflict more surgical strikes on that hilarious snake-pit after the next poll comes out.

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