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34 comments on “Daily Review 13/09/2016”

  1. Paul 1

    Is this a perfect description of John Key?

    How to spot the psychopath

    • Interpersonal – Superficially charming and self-confident on first impression.

    • Affective – Lack of guilt or empathy, don’t form deep attachments

    • Behavioural – Poor impulse control, lying, cheating.

    Forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks found that psychopathic traits are common in the upper echelons of the corporate world, with a prevalence of between three and 21 per cent (the latter in a study of supply chain professionals).

    The term “successful psychopath” describes high-flyers with psychopathic traits such as insincerity, a lack of empathy or remorse, egocentric, charming and superficial.


    • RedLogix 1.1

      Yup. Most New Zealanders don’t encounter these types on a regular basis, but you do when you work for any large global corporate where they can be reasonably common at a senior level.

      Or they used to be. Interestingly over the past decade or so the corporates have gotten clued up on the damage they cause, and some are very awake to ensuring they are weeded out at an early stage. Their big and sophisticated HR depts target them with quite specific tools.

    • Not sure how this ‘analysis’ is going to help the left at all. A bit overdone Paul and we need better lines than key is a psychopath if the left is going to getcrid of the gnats. Of course until the middlenohopers get off their arses nothing will change.

    • Red 1.3

      Is this a perfect description of Jk

      answer No

      Is this a perfect dicription of Paul

      OCD JKDS

      answer Yes

  2. Macro 2

    Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature since the last Ice Age.

    xkcd’s best yet.

  3. Keesh 3

    Upston, Louise, waste of space at representative of women’s affairs. She needs to resign and let some one able to speak and advocate for women, to take her place.

  4. In Vino 4

    But she has been consistent in not commenting about strippers’ rights when they are inappropriately licked etc by impressionable young Rugby players..

    Sorry – reply to b waghorn 3.1 (edit)

  5. Muttonbird 5

    “We don’t need a woman, this is man’s time… we’re going to talk about the league,” he said on-air. Meanwhile, Hosking is wheeling out his favourite line: “I am seeking legal advice on the matter.”


    The term “successful psychopath” describes high-flyers with psychopathic traits such as insincerity, a lack of empathy or remorse, egocentric, charming and superficial.


    • Paul 5.1

      “For a man in such a position of privilege as Mike Hosking to perpetuate even more bullying on a young woman who was repeatedly harassed, over months, by a public figure – her personal space invaded by a man who ignored her requests and then demands that he STOP TOUCHING HER – is obscene.

      It horrifies me to think that Mike Hosking now appears to have become a danger to women. How else are we to read his hateful message?”


      • Gangnam Style 5.1.1

        Pfft, seems like Bernie Oliver-Kerby thought she was immune to Mikes disdain, he’s a pig who thinks he’s better than anyone else.

      • Red 5.1.2

        Build a bridge Paul, I think the world has moved on from April 15 2015

  6. Gangnam Style 6

    Good one Greg O’Connor! “If Nikolas Delegat was poor and Polynesian he’d be doing serious jail time, says the head of the Police Association.”


    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      Why was Delegat’s sentence so much lighter than Maikuku’s?

      And now Story has uncovered just how different things can be for people who’ve committed the same crime, after looking at police assault cases of Jackie Maikuku and Walter Tauatevalu.

      Maikuku removed an officer’s taser before assaulting him badly enough to give him cuts and bruises, but received a nine-month jail sentence for his offending.

      So, a significantly lesser assault but got a 9 month jail sentence.

      We really need to get these crimes with a more consistent sentencing.

      And it’s obvious it was such a light sentence for Delegat simply because the violent fucker is rich.

    • Bearded Git 6.2

      Listen to today’s Panel towards the end on RNZ on the rich-kid verdict. Gary McCormick gives the judge and a guest lawyer a real hard time about the sentence-superb.

    • Red 6.3

      Not so says Dunedin QC (nzherald) for a person with no form, remorseful, first offense and pleads guilty, a good defense would have possibly a got a discharge and name suppression

  7. Colonial Viper 7

    the 406 times in a row Hillary Clinton nodded

    During Bernie’s 30 minute speech endorsing her. Bloomberg Politics counted.

    This is going to become very important shortly imo.

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