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19 comments on “Daily review 15/07/2019”

  1. Herodotus 1

    Great cricket game this morning.

    I hope that anyone who comes across Guppy just gives him a smile.

    He is someone who needs so much care.

    • george.com 1.1

      ditch MMP and decide elections based on who scores the most boundaries

      • mac1 1.1.1

        george, is that what they mean by electoral boundary changes? 

        What should happen if there's a tie in NZ politics? A golden over with a re-polling of one electorate with the closest majority to decide the winner?

        No matter what, would the losing party leader gain as much respect as Kane Williamson has earned for himself and NZ cricket? 

        • greywarshark

          The English of the past used to ralk in a derogatory way of 'bounders', applied to politicians it would be the party with the least bounders!

          Though how you would define them I can't think.

          • mac1

            Defining a 'bounder' would require a Bounders Commission, wouldn't it.

            Defining the boundaries of what constitutes a bounder would unleash all of our pent up gripes, moans, petty dislikes, prejudices, biases, bigotries and hatred.

            Maybe best not to go there……….. or maybe it would be a boon. It could be a giant pimple popping on a national scale.

            After all, we are defined to others by our own boundaries.

  2. greywarshark 2

    Owners of land including the hot pools at Waiwera, north of Orewa above Auckland are having trouble with getting reliable lessees to run the hot pools, Waiwera’s main feature.

    The land had been bought by people with money, who want to make money from the hot springs by leasing them out to other people who want to make money, these were from overseas and the operation wasn't really their thing, probably not glamorous enough.    The rents have not been paid the hot springs facility closed.   There is talk of apartments on the land. See Open Mike #13 for other info.

    It is a clear case of a situation where the people should group together and set up a trust to own the land and run the hot springs business for themselves, training and employing their own young people.    That would stop the ticket being clipped all the way.   If keen they could make a thriving business for their area and add to their, probable, farming base. They are close to Puhoi which has branched out into dairy products sold widely, and it appears there is a distillery there.    They could join a bunch of entrepreneurs making the area hum.

    It is a similar case to that of Knoydart in Scotland, a peninsula in the Highlands which was getting depopulated and needed to take on its own future.   The people took up the challenge and bought out the landowner and now farm on the peninsula and have tourism, environmental events, horse trekking, home-grown musical events.    The schools have remained open, the visitors come, the place is thriving. 





    If you don't make your own area thrive, the speculators and rentiers won't fill the gap.


    "No-one wants to be in this position and make this kind of decision. We're property investors and landlords and not in the business of operating public facilities….

    A history of defaults on rental payments to land-owner Waiwera Properties culminated in the cancellation of the lease and changing of locks on the doors of Waiwera Thermal Resort on Thursday.

    Residents and small businesses that run in conjunction with the pools:

    "The hot pools were the main reason to come here. They provided great entertainment and were great for kids…

    "We are worried about this town and it's been heartbreaking to see the gradual decline. We run the main two businesses in Waiwera and locals don't want to see us go. We don't have any plans to move but will see what the next six months bring."…

    Kiran Chandra runs Sugarloaf Beach Bar, across the road from the hot pools, and a grocery store nearby, both also on land owned by Waiwera Properties.

    Winter had been tough, since the hot pools closed in February for maintenance and never reopened.

    • james 2.1

      "It is a clear case of a situation where the people should group together and set up a trust to own the land and run the hot springs business for themselves, training and employing their own young people. "

      Im guessing you mean "other people" – or is this a clear case of you doing something about it?

      • greywarshark 2.1.1

        James how nice, I lie!  I noticed a lack of you and felt a little glow of warmth which was good in the cold midwinter.

  3. Incognito 3

    By Golly! JT has aged heaps; he looks just like JB now.

    • veutoviper 3.1

      JT?   But MB looks …… "young"?????

      • Incognito 3.1.1

        JT is one of the confirmed contenders for the Mayoralty. JB is still thinking about it, or so goes the rumour. MB is the one that binds them all, it seems 😉

  4. joe90 4

    I guess climate change denial makes sense if an expected resource boom is predicated on melting ice.


    • mauī 4.1

      Yep just watch as those liberals in Europe split ties with Russia and block off the major source of their fossil fuels… Yeah right!

      • joe90 4.1.1

        I'm sure your heartfelt sympathy for the fossil fuel industry is appreciated.

         But diamonds, uranium, phosphate, bauxite, iron, nickel, titanium, platinum, copper, cobalt, magnetite,feldspathoids, amber, fossil ivory, the multitude of rare earth minerals, etc, etc, really are the jewels in Russia's Arctic exploitation crown.

  5. joe90 5

    Sitting in the sun, drinking, and watching a seagull mugger at work.

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