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Daily Review 17/10/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, October 17th, 2018 - 91 comments
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91 comments on “Daily Review 17/10/2018 ”

  1. Kat 1

    The National party are in big trouble. Will be interesting to see how the voters view this, could be awhile in the wilderness for the blue team.

    • Ed 1.1


    • AB 1.2

      Nats have a strong sense of where their economic interests lie and vote accordingly. They are far more class conscious than the left, even though they don’t think of it in those terms. So I reckon they will stay above 40%.

      • Kat 1.2.1

        I tend to agree, however it will be an interesting study in politics watching how National AND their sycophantic poodles in the media deal with this. The heading above concerning Cunliffe is very apt, for example looking at the weight TVNZ is putting on this it appears very lightweight compared to the hammering and calls for resignation of Cunliffe at the time.

        I am just so happy we have Jacinda and Winston at the helm, I have a feeling it may be a long voyage.

        • WILD KATIPO

          … [ I am just so happy we have Jacinda and Winston at the helm, I have a feeling it may be a long voyage ] …

          Yes , so am I.

          No matter that a few mistakes and blunders have been made, we need to appreciate it takes time to reverse the damage of National / Key. Those nine long odious years of enriching the rich. There is a softening taking place, and the frights put up those who deserve it and had it their way for far too long at the expense of others and esp those who could least afford it.

          No , I’m glad we have the coalition. They will get better with time and the Key years will be looked back on as a time of austerity for so many who already had their backs against the wall.

          And we have a deputy PM who also has a good taste in music ie ‘Burning Bridges’.

          What more could we ask for.

    • Chris 1.3

      Not necessarily. Things can change very quickly. Look at English in 2002 followed by Brash almost winning in 2005. The disappointing thing about this Ross / Bridges fiasco is that it’s the best show in town by a country mile, but unfortunately it’s very temporary.

    • Gabby 1.4

      Botany will vote nashnil, relieved at the thought that they can buy influence.

    • Incognito 1.5

      Where do you think National voters would go?

  2. Jack Ramaka 2

    JLR vs Bridges turning into a biggie.

    Blood being splattered all over the room and the carpet.

  3. Oh my goodness… so much trouble going on,… It would have been nice to just drift off and listen to John Rowles Cheryl Moana Marie , but instead this is more appropriate for the sinking Titanic that is the National party…which I cannot say I have not thoroughly enjoyed seeing.

    Georget Thorogood & the Destroyers – So Much Trouble – YouTube

  4. Ahhh the heck with it… I’m sick of the National party and its pathetic melodramas.

    Here’s John Rowles.

    So much more pleasant .

    JOHN ROWLES – Cheryl Moana Marie (1970) – YouTube

    • mosa 4.1

      Yeah THAT rendition was played at a few parties over the years.
      And for Simon a ” bat out of hell “would suffice at the moment.

      Cheers W.K

  5. Anne 5

    I hope David Cunliffe is enjoying every second of this drama. He has every right to, given what was done to him and his family.

    • Carolyn_Nth 5.1

      Except, it also looks like Simon Lusk has had a hand in both undermining Cunliffe and Bridges.

      • Anne 5.1.1

        Doesn’t surprise me Carolyn_Nth. I was meaning I hope he is enjoying the shambles generally since it was the Dirty Political wing of the National Party and their MSM enablers who destroyed him. Karma has a funny way of working sometimes.

        Oh, and a little bit of help from the former ABC club. 😉

        • WILD KATIPO

          Yes , Cunliffe really put the frights up the neo liberal establishment and that’s why he was piled on. By the likes of sleazy Key and his media mates and the ABC’s who didn’t back him in the debates.

          I dislike the Karma concept,… to me personally it is you reap what you sow. If your going to indulge in skulduggery , it has a shelf life. And when it expires the proverbial will ALWAYS hit the fan. Sow good seeds, you get good fruit, sow weed seeds- you get weeds.

          National has a fine crop of weeds and thistles atm.

          They did it to themselves.

          • Anne

            I dislike the Karma concept,… to me personally it is you reap what you sow.

            That’s Karma to me. I’m not into the religious or spiritual concept. If what you sow is bad then ‘karma’ will eventually come back to bite you on the bum.

        • Stunned Mullet

          Nonsense, David and Labour were soundly rejected by the electorate – blaming their failure on dirty politics and the media is pitiful.

          I can assure you the last few times i have seen and talked to him he looks and is happy and being out of the parliamentary cesspit has made him look years younger than when he was in Wellington.

          • WILD KATIPO

            So we have a man called Stephen Joyce who had mates in the media industry and your trying to tell us that a few texts and emails with implications about budget settings didn’t influence the motives of those media heads ? You think we are that naive ?

            The non existent $100,000 / donation bottle of wine and John Armstrong’s calls for Cunliffe to resign during the Donghua Liu affair ring a bell, mate?

            John Armstrong: Cunliffe’s resignation may be in order – NZ Herald

            Then there was the non existent 11 billion dollar hole by Joyce as well. Lies, lies, lies.

            Its called influencing the population by media interference and distorting the truth and the facts.

            Pull the other one , bud.

        • Carolyn_Nth

          Except, Lusk is playing a long game. And part of the Lusk plan is that attack politics lowers trust in politicians, but more potential left wing voters stop voting than right wing ones.

          Also, one of the outcomes could be a new small ultra right wing party that provides the Nats with the coalition partner they need.

    • mosa 5.2

      Completely agree Anne.

  6. xanthe 6

    Here’s the thing. There is a fundamental ignorance of ethical process in NZ politics and this is evident across ALL the political parties. There is only one ethical conversation JLR and Bridges could have had.

    JLR: ” what are we gonna do with the !00k donation buddy”
    Bridges: ” Send all documentation to Party Secretary and set out in email to Party Secretary any other information you know of re that donation”,” After Party Secretary has cleared the funds we can discuss their disposition”

    How many here understand this? And WHY! thats how it MUST be!

    Would that have been the conversation in Labour? , the Greens?

  7. Anne 7

    Would that have been the conversation in Labour? , the Greens?


    • xanthe 7.1

      Well i am glad to hear that Anne. I really hope you are right. It was not the case many years ago when i was a Green member but i still hope you are correct now

      • xanthe 7.1.1

        Actually i am probably just being misty eyed here but i kinda think under Ardurn that very possibly would be the conversation :). I just wish that it was more set out in party constitutions and not so dependent on the individual ethics of the players

        • RedLogix

          A large part of the problem is that when a donation is given directly to a politician there is always the implication that some favour might be expected in return.

          Any other charitable organisation I’ve ever been involved with would never handle money like this; if you want to donate you go to the treasurer directly. If the donation is anonymous, it’s also confidential. No-one else knows. If it’s not confidential, then usually it’s because the donation is earmarked for specific purpose that everyone knows about.

          A properly functioning treasury would never tolerate donations landing up in the hands of individual members.

          • xanthe

            Correct ! So the party constitution needs to explicitly set this out or it becomes at the whim of exec/leadership

  8. Tony Veitch [not etc.] 8

    Am I reading too much into appearances?

    Siomon supported only by Paula at his press conference – where are Adams, Collins, McClay, Brownlee etc?

    Sharpening the knives in the kitchen perhaps?

    • ScottGN 8.1

      Having JC standing behind you picking bones out of her teeth might not be much help at this juncture?

  9. ScottGN 9

    Starting at $CAD7.50 a gram at the provincial government run Ontario Cannabis Stores in Toronto.

  10. JC 10

    Just on another note of the day. (although no where as much fun!)

    Appears things falling apart across the ditch too!

    On the bright side:

    “Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison is said to be considering allowing asylum seekers and refugees detained on Nauru into New Zealand.” (with conditions)


    However shifting embassies! ….

    How Bizarre!

  11. ianmac 11

    Remember the endless hammering on Winston from National and Act in 2008? NO? Sneers, denigration, relentless and of course it was over Donations. What comes around…

    • Lol !… ne’er a truer word spoken.

      But ofc,… we know the final reel on the forgone conclusion regards Soiman Bridges,.. whereas with Winnie ,… well ,… hes like one of those penguin pendulum toys we all gave to budgies as children for them to attack that kept on bouncing back upright…

      You just don’t hit Winston and expect him to stay down. It just aint gonna happen . 🙂

    • Anne 11.2

      Sorry for being pedantic ianmac : What goes around…….

      The other day I quipped here it will be pistols at dawn. I’m beginning to suspect it might be for real. 😯

  12. Ed 12

    Predictions for tomorrow in Day 4 of the Bridges/ Ross saga?

  13. Ed 13

    On a far more serious note, Rachel Stewart’s article today is on the nail.
    One of the main reasons we’re doomed is that people are selfish and stupid.

    “What makes me think humanity can’t achieve stabilisation of warming? How long have you got?

    The first sign of how poked we are is the “on the street” silence since the “wildly alarming report” came out. I thought people were in shock and couldn’t find the words. Now I realise most don’t care.

    I started asking folks what they thought, and the most common response was that they hadn’t “caught up” with the report. Now, that’s interesting because the world’s media has been (sort of) covering it. So where do these people get their news? The more I talked to them the more I realised how much reality TV they watch. And how deluded they are. So, there’s that.”

    • JC 13.1

      “Instead of staring at screens, and being constantly distracted, now would be a good a time to truly engage with those you love. To be grateful for what you have, and to try not to feel life’s bitter sweetness at every turn. Do the thing that brings you joy.

      That’s not fatalism. That’s acceptance. And if it turns out politicians and/or technology save the planet in the nick of time, like in the movies, then what’ve you lost? Indeed, think about how much you will have gained.”

      Yep! I’m gonna do that tomorrow …

  14. Carolyn_Nth 14

    So, who now in the Nats’ caucus (or wider Nat Party) would trust anyone connected with the Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Lusk?

    People known to be in or connected with the Lusk camp include Mark Mitchell and Judith Collins.

    So last woman standing to be next leader would be Amy Adams?

    • JC 14.1

      Way too Much baggage! and severly lacking any values! Just like the rest of the Natz!

      “Yesterday, we discovered that Amy Adams owns part of Canterbury Plains Water, a firm that is running irrigation schemes in Canterbury. This is important because it reveals two potential paths through which Adams could use her public office to enrich herself, and her husband, and other family members.”


    • gsays 14.2

      I forget where (TDB perhaps), the Northland quack Lance O’Sullivan was suggested as a candidate for the Botany by-election.

      Be a good candidate as a tory party leader, charming, intelligent, handsome, photogenic, Maori (but not too Maori), knows little about politics therefore easy to manipulate by the money men…

      He would be ready in a year or so to take over from the next seat warmer….

  15. Fireblade 15

    Too Much Monkey Business

    Elvis Presley

  16. adam 16

    Maybe I’m alone – but the last couple of days have reinforced one thing to me.

    That corporate elects are morally unfit to lead anything, let alone a society.

  17. Carolyn_Nth 17

    Lest we forget: The Lusk Plan chapter from Hager’ s Dirty Politics.

    The plan is basically to move NZ’s political landscape rightwards over time – and JLR had a key role in this in Auckland.



    Attack politics is also effective because other people may not even realise that an orchestrated campaign is occurring. As Lusk said about one of his candidate
    selection clients that year, ‘I have told him that I need to remain completely

    • Ed 17.1

      So by mentioning him JLR has failed his master?

      • Carolyn_Nth 17.1.1

        Maybe. But others have mentioned being connected with Lusk – but maybe after the attack has been successful. I think probably it’s not such a problem after the attack has gained momentum. After all, Bridges has been painting JLR as a “lone wolf”, and JLR has been fronting the media on his own.

        And some mentions that Lusk is in the mix after some success may be a signal to others – to be very afraid, or, if in the Lusk camp, to boost their confidence.

        The key thing during an orchestrated attack is that people don’t realise it has been orchestrated. People have tended to assume that JLR has been winging it.

  18. Incognito 18

    Bridges repeated Ross had “defamed” him and said he was “utterly discredited” and had attempted to blackmail him “criminally”.

    Ross had secretly been recording him for months, he suspected.

    Bridges called Ross a “terrible” person. However, he said it was “hardly worth the time and effort” of pursuing legal action. [my bold]


    This from the man who, spending bigly, started a witch hunt to find a leaker with mental health issues in his own party and left no stone unturned!? For something that was going to be publically released in three days anyway!? That was worth it??

    Yeah, right!!

  19. Muttonbird 19

    Seriously, how the on earth is this arsehole Bridges still here?

    That one tape reveals what an awful, awful man he is, and there are apparently plenty more to come, yet the soppy press are all sympathetic and still imagine he can get through it.

    As we’ve seen, if this were a Labour or Greens leader he or she would have been crucified days ago.

    And of course Farrar says the taped discussion is “quite standard in politics”. That is just a repulsive statement from a repulsive person.

    • Gabby 19.1

      He helps nashnil corner the arsehole vote.

    • greywarshark 19.2

      FGS don’t complain. it’s cheaper than television and presents the state and lack of integrity of the Gnashionals clearly. The longer the better. Even the thickest Gnat supporter must see the truth though we know they won’t, due to that virus ‘wilful ignorance’.

  20. CHCOff 20

    A fit sports club egalitarian population NZ, able to hold a line to any lightning incursions while modern tech has time to emerge/adjust and take out whatever’s turned up.

    An strong & free NZ able to pull it’s own weight and not be a hysterical passenger in a neo-lib wreckage


    President Xi JinPing for life


    I say NZ1st!

  21. ianmac 21

    Wonder what Tova O’Brien thinks. She knows who the Leaker is so does she look at JLR and think, “Ha they gotcha.” or “Hey they got the wrong guy.”
    Will we ever know?

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