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Open Mike 18/10/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, October 18th, 2018 - 127 comments
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127 comments on “Open Mike 18/10/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    Sounds SNP are about to do a deal with May over Brexit.

    George Galloway has tweeted.

    “Heavy rumour at Westminster the the #SNP has done a deal to save the Tory Government over #Brexit by abstentions in exchange for #IndyRef2 Same old Tories, same old SNP.”

  2. I hope the Waitangi Tribunal have some very strong words in their report so that the inequity and suffering within the system for Māori is addressed.

    The perilous state of Māori health has been described as a humanitarian crisis. It’s now under investigation by the Waitangi Tribunal, with more than 200 claimants accusing the Crown of operating a sick, racist system that fails Māori.

    … The panel will hear from claimants Māori die earlier and suffer the worst health outcomes


  3. Barfly 3

    Seems the “NZ Herald” is back to earning it’s National Party stipend – naming JLR the “Botany Bag Man”

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Yep. The strategy has been decided and that is to pile on to the whistle-blower, Jami Lee Ross, framing him as appalling, deranged, a jihadi, etc in the hope any further revelations are met with immediate scepticism and thereby elevating Bridges to higher ground.

      The public are stupid, but not that stupid.

      • Kevin 3.1.1

        Ahh, they are that stupid. That’s why the Herald does it.

        • tc

          Correct and they’ll not recall the hypocrisy/double standards over the last incident of a similar nature.

          Except unlike that classic DP smear this is from within with the alleged evidence for police yet granny stands behind the national party line.

          An independent public broadcaster would dissect this for the spin it is. You can see why the nats refuse to regulate the media, it’s works just fine for them.

          • Incognito

            Some people just love kicking another person who’s down. Nobody will come out of this with clean hands and unscathed; even the f-ing useless ‘quiet’ MPs have been complacent if not complicit. Party loyalty and power & control above all and at all cost, it seems …

      • Herodotus 3.1.2

        Paula Bennet comments that she doesn’t know anything then 5:30, then in 20 seconds she knows that the money would go to national sometimes or sometimes not. Whole interview I don’t know then doesn’t throw but shovels dirt e.g. comments on how a married man should behave !!!
        Hate to say it BUT PB appears more vicious than Collins.
        JLR maybe his worst enemy, BUT the danger to his mental health is alarming
        Learning from this Who would enter politics ? So we are left with missing out on great people to lead and support this country of ours.


        • ianmac

          Jones’s comment about the using of personal MP behaviour being off limits included a reference to those who throw the mud (Bennett) should not be giving advice on marriage. (Paraphrased)Then he walked away. So is Paula being hypocritical?

          • ianmac

            What Jones actually said, “Marriage discussions in politics are a quagmire, and the notion that Paula, of all people, should be offering marital advice, is dangerous territory,” NZ First MP Shane Jones said.

    • ScottGN 3.2

      The description fits him pretty well though, don’t you think? His job seems to have been to hoover up money from ethnic communities which were well-disposed to National in his part of Auckland.
      I know there is the “my enemy’s enemies are my friends” rationale and all that but underneath it all JRL is the archetypal grubby Nat politician.

        • ScottGN

          Yep saw that. Melanie Reid claims to have been working on that story for a year?

          • Dennis Frank

            Yeah, she just told Duncan Garner that on-air. Gives it authenticity, for sure! So we aren’t in a good guy, bad guy scenario. More like worse & worser.

          • Carolyn_Nth

            Melanie Reid is also a very good investigative journalist and has done some good stuff. She and other woman journos have been working on uncovering sexual harassment for a while now.

            JLR is not a hero. He’s as nasty as Bennett, Bridges and Collins – but more brutally ruthless, and is working with a pretty nasty right wing strategist.

            • ScottGN

              Yeah. The fact that Lusk is running things from the background should be alarming for all of us in here.

            • Chuck

              “JLR is not a hero”.

              Good to hear you say that…

              “He’s as nasty as Bennett, Bridges and Collins”

              That just undid what you said above and exposes your underlying bias by dragging Bennett, Bridges and Collins into it.

              Putting politics aside you should be saying good on Bridges and co for confronting JLR.

              • Carolyn_Nth

                See my further comments about Bridges and Bennett under Micky’s post today. Bridges and Bennett do not come out of this looking good. And the history of Collins and her associations with Lusk faction dirty politics don’t make her look that good.

              • joe90

                Putting politics aside you should be saying good on Bridges and co for confronting JLR.

                Sounds like his unseemly behaviour was an open secret. and suddenly Bridges and co are to be congratulated for confronting him.

                Oh do fuck off.

                • Chuck

                  I remember the joe90 tv series it became something of a cult classic.

                  Ok so if it was an open secret, then why was Paula taken to task for “bringing MP’s personal lives into it”?

                  Micksavage post from yesterday

                  “There is an equivalent theory in politics, that you leave other MPs personal lives out of arguments because otherwise you could be subject to a comparable response. There are far too many skeletons in far too many political closets for this to be a viable option.”

                  joe90 you can’t have it both ways…

                  • Muttonbird

                    Again, done when it was politically expedient. They were quite happy to bury this same behaviour for months and years previously.

                    What a grubby, grubby political party.

                  • joe90

                    Ok so if it was an open secret, then why was Paula taken to task for “bringing MP’s personal lives into it”?

                    The disingenuous toad was rightly taken to task for dragging Ross’s wife into the shitstorm.

                    And now we know that she dressed up her criticism of Ross’s appalling behaviour as an affront to his wife and marriage.

                    Yeah, both ways.

              • ScottGN

                They didn’t confront him about his appalling behaviour towards the four women though did they? They didn’t do anything until it became useful to use his behaviour as a weapon in the broader scheme of things.

                • Muttonbird

                  This exactly. Ross’ alleged behaviour was not sufficiently bad enough to warrant any action (in fact he was promoted to number seven) which might damage the image of stability and unity, until Ross himself began to damage the image of stability and unity.

        • Muttonbird

          Convenient that this is coming out now. Makes you wonder the depth of the rot in the National Party that when concerns about Ross were taken to the leadership nothing was done. Or that no-one said anything for fear of damaging the party.

          I guess that’s what National’s famed discipline and rock solid unity looks like…

        • tc

          Now there’s some grist for the mill.

          So soimon and Pullya were willing to sweep this under the carpet if JLR did as instructed ? Is this what he meant by natural justice ?

          That’s some due process there mr ex crown prosecuter as one even states she brought it to senior party figures awhile back and it’s been going on for years.

          Meanwhile back at the alleged electoral act breach……..

          • ianmac

            Think of the endless pressure on Labour when the Gisborne MP was accused of assault. Yet Simon and Paula seemed to be willing to hide Ross’s errors.

          • Chuck

            “So soimon and Pullya were willing to sweep this under the carpet if JLR did as instructed ? Is this what he meant by natural justice ?”

            Maybe you need to have another coffee to wake up tc…If the women did not want to make official complaints there was no more Bridges could do than what he did. Make it clear to JLR he had no future with National.

            • Muttonbird

              Perhaps he could have tried not to promote Ross to the front bench.

            • You_Fool

              …here was no more Bridges could do than what he did. Make it clear to JLR he had no future with National. Keep hold of the information until such time as he needed a fall guy for some fuckup of his own…

              There FIFY

            • Dukeofurl

              yeah right.
              Bridges didnt act until 3 weks ago till he was pretty sure Ross was the leaker…meanwhile Melanie Reid has had some parts of her story for nearly a year.
              So how was Reid to know all this stuff while Bennett or Bridges were all starry eyed and giving Ross some huge promotions

              • Chuck

                Bridges acted as soon as he was made aware of the allegations 3 weeks ago. JLR going to the back benches.

                Even then he was not aware of just how bad it was until the women went public this morning. To which Bridges said JLR would have been booted out weeks ago.

                Melanie Reid to her credit obviously sat on the story, until her sources gave the green light after watching JLR bullshit yesterday afternoon.

    • Carolyn_Nth 3.3

      That’s not THE HERALD. It’s David Fisher who is one of the very good investigative journalists at NZ Herald.

      I agree with what he has to say about Lusk’s long game.

      Pay attention folks, or you will miss the overall direction Nats and client parties are going in. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

      • Jenny Kirk 3.3.1

        Totally agree with you, Carolyn_Nth. And interestingly, few people seem to be picking up on Lusk’s entry into all this. But I really do wonder whether JL Ross has bitten off more than he can handle ….. he HAS to win that by-election and the Nats will throw everything at it to make sure he doesn’t.

  4. ScottGN 4

    Peter Dunne is the latest to have a go at Paula Bennett. Whatever else happens I hope this awful woman is finished. She’s a nasty, nasty piece of work.

  5. ScottGN 5

    It will interesting to see what damage has been done to National’s successful outreach programme with the Chinese and Indian communities in Auckland?

    • SaveNZ 5.1

      What identity politics drives… remove ‘fucking useless’ of the wrong ethnicity and from the provinces and instead put forward ethnicities who are more “valuable”.

      Discussing party donations, the pair also talked about ethnicities of potential MPs.

      “Two Chinese would be nice, but you then know would it be one Chinese and one Filipino, or you know, what do we do,” Mr Bridges said.

      “Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians, I’d have to say,” Mr Ross said.”

      “What is more surprising in the supposedly private conversation between Mr Ross and his Leader Mr Bridges, which has gone public now, is the audacity with which two politicians agree that two Chinese MP’s are better than two Indian MPs, and the fact that someone donating $100,000 to the party seems to have the discretionary right of nominating someone to be Member of the New Zealand Parliament.

      Does it not have the potential to compromise NZ’s sovereignty?”


      • KJT 5.1.1

        I know some Chinese, and Indian, BTW, people who would make excellent MP’s. However they are too honest, and community spirited, to make it in National.

        • SaveNZ

          It doesn’t sound like an ethnicity thing, more like being dishonest and personally motivated plus have cash to burn, buys you access and entry into NZ parliament these days to further feather your nest?

          Quite a few honest and principled MP’s of all ethnicity already driven out by dirty politics and harassment, Cunliffe, Norman, Harawira… comes to mind.

  6. joe90 6

    The laundry party.

    Putting aside secret recordings and dramatic stories about dinners with rich donors – the donation returns from some National MPs are fascinating. MPs like Maggie Barry, Judith Collins, Chris Bishop and Jamie Lee Ross only list one donor: the National Party. pic.twitter.com/74mSKYDZFa— Reed Fleming (@reedfleming) October 17, 2018


    Reed Fleming

    My theory: the Nats have an opt-in system for MPs to host dinners or otherwise soliciting donations for their candidacy, and direct those donations to HQ which are then funnelled back to them – all for the purpose of ensuring we don’t find out who the donors are.

    Reed Fleming

    The key thing here is *candidates* have to disclose donations over $1500, but *head office* only disclose if over $15,000.

    So, a candidate can hand it over to head office and avoid having to disclose – it’s still a breach of the law, but unless someone leaks it’s hard to catch.


    • Incognito 6.1

      It’s all pretty legal, isn’t it?

      • Dennis Frank 6.1.1

        Yeah, seems to be. The Nat/Lab duopoly seem to have required the lawyers who draft legislation to incorporate a mechanism that enables the establishment parties to get large donations in anonymously by subdividing them.

        • tc

          Think you’ll find that’s nationals tinkering with that evil EFA they were going to rescind if elected…..they tweaked it to suit their own ends.

          • Dennis Frank

            Currently, yeah, but wasn’t the Act legislated in ’89? If so, Labour did it. We could perhaps blame Sir GP, in which case he’d probably say “I just wrote an outline for the drafters, blame the public servant lawyers, not me”.

            • Dennis Frank

              I was wrong: 1993 for the Electoral Act. National under Bolger. Unless it has been modified since, blame them for the loophole.

              • Dukeofurl

                They had been tinkering a lot.
                Electoral Amendment Act 2009
                Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2010
                Electoral (Disqualification of Sentenced Prisoners) Amendment Act 2010
                Electoral (Finance Reform and Advance Voting) Amendment Act 2010
                Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2011
                Electoral Amendment Act 2014

                The interesting bit is the current section
                209B Offences relating to return of candidate donations

                which was amended a few times
                Section 209B: inserted, on 1 March 2009, by section 6 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 1).
                Section 209B(1): replaced, on 25 March 2014, by section 37 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 8).
                Section 209B(1A): inserted, on 25 March 2014, by section 37 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 8).

                Notice how quick the new government in 2009 was to work on its priorities

  7. Observer Tokoroa 7

    Oh Yes National – The 2nd Colonisation

    Goodbye New Zealand

    Hello China

    • Incognito 7.1

      It’s one thing raging against ‘buying’ influence (MPs, honours, status) but it’s another to stoke xenophobia. The EB have been trying to wield influence beyond their place & rights in our society for years, for example, and are still at it, with some success …

      • Dennis Frank 7.1.1

        EB?? Some joking on the AM show: so the going rate to buy a couple of Nat MPs is 100K, let’s go get ourselves a Newshub MP in the National Party, via crowd-sourced funding. Could become contagious, eh?

        • Incognito

          The Exclusive Brethren.

          • Dennis Frank

            Oh, of course. Seems to be an ongoing connection there. Aren’t that outfit big in Oz too? I suppose, from the Nats point of view, plausible deniability suffices: “Look, we just gotta have money. Don’t care who gives it to us. Donor identity doesn’t mean a thing. Fruitcakes are all over the place, not a problem.”

            • Dukeofurl

              national did have a big overseas donation from a company supposedly based in the small tourist spot of Airlie beach Qld. The records are kept in Sydney though- where the Hales live who control the Plymouth Brethren

        • patricia bremner

          No it is the tip of an iceberg which hopefully will sink them.

        • SaveNZ

          The only way to stop it is to end or tighten up donations and have a real penalty attached aka criminal record.

          It seems pretty much an ‘intended loophole’ to avoid transparency when all anyone has to do is to split the cheque amounts to ‘pretty legally’ avoid declaring the donation and so many in the political groups are ‘asking’ ‘donors’ to do so.

    • SaveNZ 7.2

      OK $30k for fake cafe job pa, $100k for nomination to be an MP here.

      Better value for money, to buy the MP job.

      A donation of equal value perhaps to both Labour and Natz to buy the New Zealand Order of Merit?

  8. WeTheBleeple 8

    Where are the records of JKs donations. I know someone who gave him 10K. Sounds illegal.

    • SaveNZ 8.1

      Didn’t Peter Theil when he ‘bought’ citizenship here after 11 days, give a 1million donation to John Key’s personal ‘earthquake’ trust? Such a murkey world out there in NZ political system these days where MP’s seem to personally benefit from moneys when they bypass the normal systems but nobody says boo or takes them to court over it.

      • KJT 8.1.1

        The law currently allows for “buying” politicians. Whether it is electoral donations, Directorships and other positions after politics, or favourable publicity and free advertising.

        Time the whole issue was addressed. Maybe public funding only in the basis of party membership? With a limit on fees.

        Amazing how National came out with “Democracy under attack” when Labour tried to restrict buying, the political results you want.

        Or, maybe we should bring it all out in the open. require MP’s to wear their sponsors logos, as someone suggested for the USA.

        Corruption is way too easy to get away with.

  9. reason 9

    Theres been a few false memes repeated lately ….. running from the ignorant to the outright slanderous and dishonest … essentially theres a bit of bullshit and nonsense which needs putting straight … I’ll start with the outright slanderous of this flamebait.

    George Galloway …

    I can understand why people may not like a politician like Galloway …. but why make up, or repeat, easily disprovable lies about the man.

    But then again i have asked for an example of Galloway saying something offensive or outright wrong …… and got a big fat nothing back.

    Instead its descended… recently Some dishonest poster wrote outright slander about Galloway …. real slander involving lies …. not like the false slander Wayne Mapp has warned me about,…. for telling the truth about Him.

    The dishonest slur claimed against Galloway was he was “Saddams Buddy/Supporter” … We know this is a old outdated lie …. leveled at him by neo-con war criminals…. and refuted by records of Hansard among other evidence…. showing that from 1990 Galloway condemns the Saddam dictatorship ” in the most withering terms”.

    So ,,, a) Galloway is staunchly anti the death penalty under any circumstnces … and Saddam killed people on a whim /…..,
    And b)Galloway has already refuted this neo-con bullshit … by pointing out he was an opponent of the Saddam dictatorship …. when the usa and Britian were selling him weapons … and gas.

    Galloway was against the illegal war based on lies … that the Iraq invasion was…. meaning in 2018 pro war speak … Jenny or Wayne mapp would call him a Saddamist

    Also the two neo-con pro war senators attempting to grill Galloway … seem to have been brought by Israel …

    …”Following his reelection defeat, Coleman worked as a lobbyist on behalf of Saudi Arabia, during which he advocated for preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, a position also strongly shared by the RJC.”

    carl Levin : • Vigorous support for State of Israel against Hamas in Gaza. (Nov 2012) Sponsored funding and supplying the Syrian rebels. (May 2013) … Voted YES on designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. (Sep 2007

    Anyway 8mins for the saddams buddy bullshit as Galloway battles the Israel lobby … aka the usa senate

    • Ed 9.1

      I admire Galloway.
      A brave and courageous man who stood up to the warmongers over Iraq.
      His political nous is strong.

  10. Sanctuary 10

    This is just nuts.

    Just listened to Melanie Reid and read her story. This is getting creepy.

    There seems to be a particular faction of National, based in Auckland, identified with the likes of Slater, Collins, Lee-Ross – basically the dirty politics cabal in Auckland – that is utterly morally and ethically bereft, has a Mussolini level of machismo, and is full of pathologically aggressive and ambitious individuals who are utterly self-entitled and completely open to corruption.

    The behaviour of Lee-Ross fits the pattern for this bunch of scarily dangerous people. The chances of National splitting with these guys going off to form a sort of toxic far right party built on imported Tea party/MAGA stuff like gun rights and fundy religion party must surely be getting more and more likely.

    • Chris T 10.1

      Slater isn’t a politician, Collin’s hasn’t even been mentioned and Ross from this


      Sounds like a very very “special” kind of guy.

      So I don’t get how that makes either the entire National party evil, or in the realms of possible that Ross and Collin’s are going to form a new party

    • Pat 10.2

      worth noting the incredibly convenient timing of such an article

    • Treetop 10.3

      So this is what JLR is testing the waters for. Were he to be elected as an independent, then form a political party, he could end up with a few MPs in parliament. Looks as thought he is prepared to take the gamble on running in Botany.

      Plan b would be Lusk forming a new political party if JLR is not elected as an independent.

      I think there are going to be a lot of by elections in the current term, caused by the National MPs.

  11. Cinny 11

    Wow, maureen pughs mum is emailing garner with info on how amazing she thinks her daughter is.

    Good on mum for sticking up for her child, but unfortunately many many people in the West Coast/Tasman electorate don’t share your views. Especially those in Westland, where she was mayor and hiked their rates big big time.

    And some people think maureen is gutless to let simon get away with what he said.

    • Chuck 11.1

      Did you see Pugh’s response to Bridges apology? I would not classify her as gutless…quite the opposite.

      Good on her mum for coming into to bat for her!

      • Muttonbird 11.1.1

        Maureen Pugh seems like a nice lady but her boss, Simon Bridges, thinks she is “fucking useless”.

        What a lovely boss that Simon Bridges is…

      • Cinny 11.1.2

        Chuck, you do know her mum has dementia?

        You do know her mum told a massive lie this morning when she said maureen has received the most votes of any national candidate in that electorate?

        Do you know the ONLY reason maureen got an award was for being the first female mayor of westland?

        Are you aware that maureen has, in the past made public, personal details of people in organisations who do not want people knowing where they live etc? Did you know when a particular organisation contacted her about this, expressing their concern and asking her to remove the info, that maureen didn’t reply to them.

        maureen pugh who failed to attend many of the meet the candidates events.

        This is the same woman that plunged Westland District Council into massive debt.

        If your boss tells others you are fucken useless, what would you do, oh that’s ok your are forgiven. Yeah ok then. pugh is well know for being an agreeable puppet, and she loves loves her fancy new clothes and feeling important.

        Crikey she finally makes headlines and for what… for being fucken useless. Currently everyone around these parts is talking about how useless she is, because they know.

        • Cinny


          maureen has never received more votes than her national party predecessor.

        • Chuck

          Cinny, no I did not.

          My point in this was when Bridges discussed Pugh as fucken useless it was in private. And Pugh’s reply was dignified.

          However, Bridges assessment seems to be 100% correct with the local insight you have provided!

          • Cinny

            she may or may not be a nice person to some, but as an MP…. simon spoke the truth.

          • Dukeofurl

            Pughs response was written by the wordsmiths in party/parliament HQ.
            They would have a whole chapter on ‘lemons into lemonade’

            I wouldnt be surprised they have bought back Mark Textor in for top level advice on this.

    • Treetop 11.2

      And Bridges thinks all he has to do is unreservedly apologise.

  12. dV 12

    AND to think all of this came from expenses leaked 3 DAYS EARLY!!!!

  13. WeTheBleeple 13


    I’d hazard a guess she is afraid.

  14. Rosemary McDonald 14

    Tune for the day….I thought “Cocker” was apt….

  15. Rosemary McDonald 15

    Although, ‘beetles’ works….

  16. reason 16

    Another piece of misinformation …. thats been repeated by those who should know better.

    Is that Wiki leaks is bad ,,,, because it does not leak about corporations …. and it lowers trust and faith in Governments….

    A normal person would respond ‘yeah ….the corrupt governments certainly lose trust when exposed’ …. john Key on the other hand would have liked a whole lot less fucking leaks … he got some slight staining on his knighthood from them.

    And Using the wikileaks search function …quickly showed the first part of the claim is absolute bullshit . ,,,, there are hundreds of thousands of corporate leaks.

    Perhaps those making the fantasy claims of “no corporate leaks from wikileaks” ,,,,, are ignorant of this thing called corporate media … and wikileaks lack of control over what those bent bastards publish


    Searching for british petroleum 16,076 results

    IBM https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=IBM ………..12,797 results

    https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=merrill+lynch 4,630 results

    apple ……… 29,770 results

    blackwater………. https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=blackwater …3,346 results

    https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=Westpac …. 1,017 results

    https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=Fonterra ……250 results

    Bad things grow in the dark … sunlight is the best disinfectant

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings”…….

    …..”we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

    It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

    Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

    ― President John F. Kennedy

    • Rosemary McDonald 16.1

      Comment of the day, reason.

      Still waiting for this Current Mob to put their ‘transparent and open government’ spin into practice.

      Click to access ris-moh-fcc-may13.pdf

    • McFlock 16.2

      How many of those are leaks from the search keyword, and how many are leaks from others (usually USG) about the search keyword.

      There are lots of leaks about Russia in the diplomatic cables, for example, but how many of them are from Russia as well?

    • weston 16.3

      Thanks for that reason i thought that statement sounded like a sockpuppet MSM talking point when TRP wrote it in one of his posts but i was too lazy to check myself

  17. ScottGN 17

    Soper gets to the heart of it, which is just how fucking hopeless Bridges really is.

    • Dukeofurl 17.1

      Thats the real takout of the recording of Bridges. he seems so indecisive and finding stuff ‘hard’. Thats what delegation is for – doesnt he have the main players he wants with him, like Paula and Gerry.

      JLR has said that Bridges reneged on his promise for Ross and McClay his numbers guys to be leader in the House and Foreign Minister, when Gerry was supposed to go ‘rogue’ if he didnt get one of those jobs.

      • ScottGN 17.1.1

        Best of all though is that, failing any real criminal behaviour on Bridges’ part, his caucus can’t get rid of him now without handing victory to JLR. So he stumbles on fatally wounded. The winners out of all this so far are Jacinda and Winston of course.

        • AB

          Yes – definitely a two-step process: purge JLR at the bye-election, then purge Bridges at a decent interval after that. Frankly I doubt that any of the serious contenders want the job before 2021 anyway, but if the Nat polling crashes under 40% someone will be required to jump in.
          And Winston is the big winner – older conservatives worried by Chinese influence, a goldmine for the sly old fox. This I think is the biggest hit to National – their 2020 strategy was to drive NZ1 under 5% and then scaremonger about a ‘radical’ Lab/Grn government. The exposure of the extent of Chinese influence in National really damages that strategy.

          • ScottGN

            Totally agree. Winston gets to spend the next 2 years reminding everyone about the National Party’s ‘relaxed’ attitude to selling candidate places on their list to donors.

  18. ScottGN 18

    Fairfax Australia is reporting that Canberra’s sudden (and surprising) decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move their embassy there, overturning decades of foreign policy may just have been an attempt to shore up the considerable Jewish vote in east Sydney ahead of Saturday’s by election in Wentworth.

    • Dukeofurl 18.1

      yes , they are seeing polls which could mean an independent comes in second and with their preferential voting system then picks up a lot of the other votes and wins.

      Even with a one seat majority lost wont mean an early election as other independents have said they support government on confidence and supply

      • ScottGN 18.1.1

        Liberals have held Wentworth since the seat was created not long after Federation. Losing it would be a crippling blow to both the Federal and NSW State governments.

  19. ScottGN 19

    And the independent candidate in that by-election Dr Kerryn Phelps, who’s proving a real threat to Liberal hopes of retaining the seat, has been the victim of a particularly nasty smear. Emails have circulated telling voters she’s pulled out of the race because she has HIV.

  20. The Chairman 21

    How would we know if we should be concerned when large political donations can be split up, thus fall under the threshold requiring public disclosure?

    Jacinda Ardern photographed with Zhang at a Labour Party fundraiser in Auckland in the lead-up to last year’s election (see link below).

    Her office said she had not received any personal donations from Zhang, and if the party had received any donations they would have been under the threshold, as none had been declared to the Electoral Commission.


  21. SaveNZ 22

    Politics with benefits seem to follow the Natz around… from Wiki about Pugh

    “While serving as mayor of Westland District Council, Pugh failed to declare a serious conflict of interest. Hokitika Airport was given a lease to operate a helicopter in the Franz Josef township, a decision which breached numerous council resolutions, whereas other local helicopter operators failed to gain leases and were forced to relocate. Pugh was at the time the director of Westland Holdings, of which Hokitika Airport Ltd is a subsidiary company. It was revealed that she had use her position as mayor to monopolise helicopter travel and tours in Franz Josef. Subsequently the Westland District Council was sued and third party legal reports were released condemning the actions of Pugh.[8] It has also since been revealed that Pugh had attempted to cover-up discussions by other councillors on Westland Holdings Ltd and council-controlled organisations.[9]”

    • Cinny 22.1

      Lmao, I printed that article out re the helicopter and taped it to her office door when her office was in Motueka, the public read it for about 3 weeks before maureen finally appeared and removed it.

    • Dukeofurl 22.2

      What was Pughs connection to the helicopter company?

      As mayor its a normal thing to be a director of the Council CCO Westland Holdings, Im sure shes replaced by current mayor or councillors

  22. SaveNZ 23

    Anyone with enough $$$ can be British these days it seems. You don’t actually have to invest anything buy money to buy citizenship… so NZ is not unique – however I don’t think $NZ 100k can get you into the UK parliament (or at least you would hope not!)

    The rise in the sale of citizenship, no questions asked….

    “Golden passports’ firm was consulted by government over investor visas
    Henley & Partners among those consulted before rules were relaxed as ministers pursued global investment”


    “Duncan Hames, director of policy at Transparency International, said between 2008 and 2015 there was a “blind faith” period during which 3,000 applicants were granted entry to the UK without checks on the source of their wealth being required.

    “The changes lobbied for by law firms in 2010 which were eventually put into law by the government in 2011 made the UK Tier 1 Investor scheme more attractive both to those with legitimate wealth as well as those with illicit funds,” said Hames.”

  23. Ad 24

    Good to see a few new faces amidst the institutional Usual Suspects in the PM’s new Business Advisory Council.

    Note there is also a Small Business Advisory Council as well .

    Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council members

    Christopher Luxon (Chair) Air New Zealand

    Peter Beck – Rocket Lab

    Barbara Chapman – Professional director (started as Genesis Chair on 10 Oct)

    Jacqui Coombes – Bunnings

    Anna Curzon – Xero

    Andrew Grant – McKinsey & Company

    Miles Hurrell – Fonterra

    Bailey Mackey – Pango Productions

    David McLean – Westpac

    Joc O’Donnell – HW Richardson

    Gretta Stephens – Bluescope/NZ Steel

    Rachel Taulelei – Kono

    Fraser Whineray – Mercury

  24. KJT 25

    Britain fell for a neoliberal con trick – even the IMF says so | Aditya Chakrabortty


    Someone should tell National, and Labour!

  25. OnceWasTim 26

    It’s increasingly hard to understand how any National Party Sikh aspires to Mukti.
    But then there are 2 Chinese that are apparently worth more than two Indians – specifically a Bakshi and a Parmar

    The temptations appear more powerful than the virtues.

    Ugly! very very ugly no matter how hard you dress yourselves up in the superficial

  26. Morrissey 27

    Heaping scorn and pouring filth on a political dissenter.
    Jim Mora’s light chat gets ugly and depraved again.

    The Panel, RNZ National, Thursday 18 October 2018
    Jim Mora, Stephen Franks, Lavina Good, Caitlin Cherry

    Later in the program, Stephen Franks—an ex-ACT list MP and S.S. Trust supporter— bloviated about his great regard for investigative journalists and stoutly defended their right to secretly record what he called “liars” and “hypocrites.” Of course that was humbug: Franks doesn’t give a toss about free speech and finds the plight of the dissident Julian Assange an occasion for laughter. You can hear him guffawing, along with Jim Mora, during this ridiculing of Assange.

    It was written up, obviously by the egregious Caitlin Cherry, on RNZ National’s website in the following sarcastic and flippant manner….

    Story of the day for 18 October 2018

    So Poor old Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – he’s clearly outstayed his welcome at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, they’re quite cross with him.


    JIM MORA: Now, where am I? Oh, I know where I am! I’m about to say to Caitlin, “Story of the Day, please.”

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Yeah, so POOR old Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, he’s CLEARLY outstayed his welcome at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, in fact they’re QUITE cross with him. He’s been there since 2012 as I said, and, ahhh, recently they cut off his internet access, ahhh, he IS getting it baa-a-a-aack, but they say it’s only if he cleans his bathroom, —

    MORA: Hur, hur!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: —- STOPS interfering in the internal affairs of OTHER STATES—

    MORA: Hur hur!


    CAITLIN CHERRY: —AND, most imPORTANTLY, needs to take better care of his CAT. And if he doesn’t, it will be taken to an animal shelter.

    MORA: REALLY? He’s been told to stop interfering in the affairs of other states?

    CAITLIN CHERRY: And clean his bathroom.

    MORA: And clean the bathroom.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Yeah, So, they were, they were QUITE cross with some of his behavior, and, um, if you think it sounds a bit like dealing with a teenager or a bad flatmate, YOU’D BE RIGHT. And so the Guardian has published a VERY informative piece which provides some advice, probably to the Ecuadorian embassy, entitled: “How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Housemate.”

    MORA: Hmm! Hmm!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: So in it the author, whose name is Juno Dawson, says: “Any of us who have survived the second year of university know the horror of the WRONG ROOM-MATE”—or as we say here, flatmate—“I mean, you could just ask them to leave, but it’s WAY more fun to make life so unBEARable that they’re convinced they’re going of their own volition.”

    MORA: Like what?

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Well, she has a five-step plan. Number ONE: Even if you’re not a morning person, become a morning person. Get up at six a.m.—

    MORA: Hmm, hmm!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: —and start using your JUICER!

    MORA: Hmm, hmm, hmm!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Or I would use the, um—

    STEPHEN FRANKS: [drily] Vacuum cleaner!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Ha ha, yeah, ha! Or the, the one where you make your, y’know, kale smoothie.

    MORA: Ha! Ha!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: The special noisy whiz! AND she suggests you WHISTLE! You know,

    MORA: Oh, whistling! Yeah, that’s a GREAT idea!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Number two: get a PET. So she says Phoebe in the T.V. show Friends opted for a tarantula to try and scare Rachel out of living with Joey, ummmmm, but she says a PUPPY is quite effective because they pee, they howl, and they chew EVERYTHING.

    MORA: That’s true. You wouldn’t like that tarantula, would you?

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Aww no, tarantulas are gorgeous.

    MORA: Oh really? You, you don’t like a white-tail but you’d love a tarantula.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Yeah, they’re kind of fluffy.

    MORA: Okay.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Ahhhhh, get a LOVER at ONCE, she says. Ah, she says there’s nothing more repulsive than coming home from a hard day at work to find your flatmate canoodling on the sofa—-

    MORA: Hmm!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: —with their LOVE.

    STEPHEN FRANKS: Hmm, hmm!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: And she says, also push your bed up against the adjoining bedroom wall.

    MORA: Oh, yes, I suppose, if you’re VERY Machiavellian.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Ye-e-e-e-esss. Ahhhhmmm, steal food from them, and then deny it, when confronted.


    CAITLIN CHERRY: Mmm, hmm.

    MORA: That’s a SHOCKING thing to DO.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Aa-a-a-and then leave THEM passive-aggressive notes about stealing YOUR food, or ANYTHING ELSE. So, she says, infect every square inch of the house with your stuff, leave passive-aggressive notes and things like a roster on the fridge.

    MORA: When’s it gonna become untenable, emotionally, for Julian Assange to STAY in the Ecuadorian embassy.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Oh look, I would’ve left a LONG time ago if I was him.

    MORA: Oh well, he’s a bit SCARED to leave, isn’t he.

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Yeah, well. [snort] Who wants to be stuck INSIDE, though, the whole time?

    MORA: I know, it’s been a, how many YEARS has it been NOW?

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Z[archly] I mean, he can’t HELP but interfere in the affairs of other states.

    …..Silence for several seconds

    MORA: Uh, a Wellington water slide, you’re getting ACCLAIM for this idea!

    CAITLIN CHERRY: Excellent!

    MORA: Uh, from texters. …..

    ad nauseam….

    Five years ago, the hatchet-wielding producer was Susan Balducci:

    Open mike 14/06/2013

    • Morrissey 27.1

      Stalin’s henchmen used to laugh about the plight of dissidents in a similar fashion.

    • Ed 27.2

      Utterly appalling.
      Putting the boot in when someone’s down and attacking the dissident.
      It would look good in Pinochet’s Chile.

      As you correctly put it, depraved.
      Mora, behind that jovial front, is just another self-serving narcissist.

  27. greywarshark 28

    BBC World Hardtalk interviewer Stephen Sackur constantly cutting over and drowning out Varoufakis and trying to frame the argument in his own terms!

  28. R.P Mcmurphy 29

    the nationals are filled with deceit, depravity and despair.
    nothing they do is right.
    they are getting drubbed in parliament too.
    they are defeated and almost incoherent with bitterness and bile.
    it isn’t nice.
    so what is the cost of a list seat in the nationals party now.
    how do they get rid of madame pugh to satisfy a buyer?

    • Ed 29.1

      $50 000 per seat.
      Cash for candidacy.
      Roll up. Roll up.
      Simon’s got a great deal for you…….

  29. eco maori 30

    Kia ora The Am Show I say that a new Stadium is a good idea we need a great grand stadium for our Sports and Music Stars to shine brightly .
    IT will still cost as the land under the old stadium is very valuable.
    We have some of the best sports teams in the world they deserve a new stadium.
    The concerns I have is global warming sea level rise they will have to include that into the design a environmentally friendly design with solar panels we have a chance to make it efficient wind turbines there are new design one could not even know they are turbines Tesla has some roofing tile that are solar panels . A wahine maori name for the new Stadium . Michael is correct one does not cast a vote for the stadium until they know what deal the business men want and you know they set it up so they always win and kiwis could lose tread lightly.
    Its a sad tragedy with the helicopter crash is there something wrong with the machines design??????????.
    The Banksy art it is a good way to promote art that know one who the artist is .
    Theresa Gattung that’s a good idea SHECEO a wahine business angle fund funded by wahine for wahine I did not no wahine had a harder time getting funding for there business ideas.
    Pay transparency is a must to get Equality pay for wahine and our minor cultures
    transparency is a must for democracy
    Michael Barnett that’s good facts on Stadiums non of them make money if they roof was solar with turbines it would be making money most of the time feeding power into our biggest power consumer Auckland city we would be telling the world we are going Green hard.
    With the traffic the authority’s just need to test the 60 klm theory drive at sixty klm 15 mtrs apart its learning off insects we will see how well it works with the Japan Rugby World Cup. Ka kite ano . P.S Ross need support that’s why I am not kicking him

  30. eco maori 31

    A youtube video clip on my idea of green power stadium we do need houses for the people first.

  31. eco maori 32

    Aotearoa / New Zealand is in one of the best positions to take full advantage of the
    Green Energy Revolution WHY Solar and Wind power generation need back up Green power generation and we all ready have those power supplies Hydro and Geothermal
    All we need to do is build the solar wind power systems into our generation systems.
    Ka kite ano

  32. eco maori 33

    This is what I don’t get why we don’t grow more fruit and veges for export this say labour the old story is if you want people to work for you treat them fair and reward them . We have the Labour we just need to find the correct systems to produce this export earner Maori have strong links to growing fruit and veges we started the market’s in Aotearoa the government need to foster this .
    When Cook first arrived in Turangi a Kiwa Uawa he and Banks were at awe at the sight of the huge gardens grown there there are many fertile soils and flats that could eazly turned in huge profitable organic gardens link is below.


  33. eco maori 34

    The sandflys have eased up a bit since I last gave them a bit of a education on reality
    But they are still following me around at a distance now they are scared of me .
    I went to a shop yesterday I know the attendants know about Eco Maori and that the sandflys go and bully them they some time look like scared little birds easy as to see. Well I told one that I have the sandflys stuffed why because I’m Innocent or they would have arrested me a long time ago and also I’m not a STUPID IDIOT + I don’t go around ——- on other people I believe eventually that bad Kama /Wairua will come back and bite you on the—- this is what I teach my offspring treat everyone with respect and life will be ka pai . I say they will try and set me up so if I don’t post my post for more than 24 hours you will know the sandflys cheated .

  34. Eco Maori 35

    Kia ora Newshub my mokos turn up sick partner been busy. One moko my treasure painted her face with lipstick lol.
    Wellington a block in on the long weekend from truck crashes It looks suspicious to me I think that when there is a accident the investergating should be conducted as fast as possible to stop the stress it put on the public I have seen a road close for 4 hours over a small crash.?????
    Its cool that the new surgeon units is up and running our new government is doing its best to correct all the wrong done our health systems.
    Yes I have read about the satellite man made moon made in China they are going to use it instead of street lights technology is advancing quickly.
    Made cow disease is a bad disease it doesn’t look to bad they must be checking regularly for it.
    Its cool some in the World are becoming politically correct with EQUALITY
    Ka kite ano. P.S our house has nine Mokopunas in it at the minute wow

  35. Eco Maori 36

    The Crowd goes Wild Wairangi & Anna it’s cool that Joseph Parker has a fight line up in Christchurch Ka pai.
    The youth Olympic game is cool they are going fine it looks like they won a few medals.
    All the best to the New Zealand Breakers Ka kite ano P.S I was getting chewed on last night I just think % 99.9 of the time she fine

  36. Eco Maori 37

    Got a whano function no time to day for ECO MAORI post

  37. Eco Maori 38

    Here you some complling evedince that its all – – – – – in the wind when we have people crying foul about animal farming METHANE EMISSION.
    The story does not state we should not be concerned about Methane from farm animals it does state that the mitergating effects stopping farm methane will have a minor effect on human caused climate change.
    It states that we should consintrait on cutting our carbon emissions as fast as we can link below Ka kite ano P.S I’m quite good at smelling – – – – – – Kia kaha farmers


  38. Eco Maori 39

    I have been waiting all day for these results Kerryn Phelph won the Wentworth by election ECO Maori congratulates you on your win this is a message to the pollies our Australian cousins are not taking human caused climate for granted unless they make some positive moves to combat HCCC find another JOB Kia kaha.
    Ka kite ano P.S I have a music link for the occasion next post


  39. Eco Maori 40

    Some ECO MAORI music for my post above I had this song picked a month ago Kia kaha to all the people who value a better future for OUR offspring link below Ka kite ano

  40. Eco Maori 41

    It give me a sore face when I go to another city I can see the sandflys pass the batten in there relay game they play with themselves.
    They play intimidation games it mite work on other but it doesn’t work on
    ECO MAORI – – – – – Ana to kai
    Here a link about the suppression order they are using against me what a SHAM


  41. eco maori 42

    Eco Maori backs Jeremy Corbyn and Britain staying in the European Union I have made my point on the Britexit in my post to Newshub today links below
    I back Jeremy because he is a person who wants to mitigate human caused climate change the oil barons don’t have him in there pockets like Mays party who are cutting green subsides


    Open Mike 20/10/2018

  42. eco maori 43

    The redneck sandflys have been aloud to interfere in the treatment of my close whano
    once again in Whakatane Hospital the doctor comes in the with a bad attitude and starts talking down to me I give him a Eco Maori serve putting him in line .
    Back to the start she had a bad chest infection they gave her pain killers and antibiotics intravenously and discharged her this morning they gave her a prescription of antibiotics and know pain killers .
    One would think a 75 year old ———doctor would be able to put his personal biased views on his patients aside and give the correct medication hes a puppet and his muppet m8 are still breaching my whano’s privacy ana to kai
    Ka kite ano P.S this is why maori are not getting treated correctly the securityguard’s were following me around like a bad smell

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  • Ground-breaking on NZ Post depot
    Hon Shane Jones, Associate Minister for State Owned Enterprises A new ‘super depot’ to be built for NZ Post in Wellington will create around 350 jobs during construction, Associate Minister for State Owned Enterprises Shane Jones says. Shane Jones today attended a ground-breaking and blessing ceremony for the parcel-processing depot ...
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  • Fleeing drivers hit new record-high yet again
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  • Fletcher Tabuteau selected as candidate for Rotorua
    New Zealand First MP Fletcher Tabuteau is pleased to be confirmed today as the party’s candidate for the Rotorua electorate. Speaking at the Rotorua AGM for New Zealand First, Mr Tabuteau said this is an election that is incredibly important for the people of Rotorua. “The founding principles of New ...
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  • Greens call for Government office to address Rainbow issues following Human Rights Commission report
    The Human Rights Commission’s PRISM report on the issues impacting people based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) provides an excellent programme of work for future governments to follow, say the Greens. ...
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  • Winston Peters continues push for trans-Tasman travel as military take control of operations
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said the trans-Tasman bubble had not been jeopardised after a border botch-up resulted in New Zealand having two active cases of COVID-19. On Friday, Mr Peters told RNZ's Morning Report he had heard from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison that borders for trans-Tasman travel would open by ...
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  • Winston Peters on the Government’s Covid-19 border blunder
    Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said today he was pleased the army was now running the quarantine and isolation process - up until now it has been the Ministry of Health. Peters told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking that the army knew how to introduce and follow protocols and instil discipline. ...
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  • New Zealand First’s Ron Mark confirms bid for the Wairarapa seat
    Hon Ron Mark, New Zealand First List MP based in the Wairarapa New Zealand First MP and Minister for Defence and Veteran’s Affairs Ron Mark has confirmed his bid for the Wairarapa seat.“The Coalition Government has done a lot of good work throughout the Wairarapa, but many constituents have told ...
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  • New Zealand First welcomes second tranche of candidates
    New Zealand First is pleased to release the names of its next tranche of candidates for the 2020 election. We’re proud to announce these hardworking New Zealanders that have put their hand up to fight for a commonsense and resilient future.Jamie Arbuckle – Kaikoura Mark Arneil – Christchurch Central Jackie ...
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  • Joint effort under way to repatriate stranded Vanuatu nationals
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Ron Mark, Minister of Defence A massive joint effort between New Zealand Government agencies, employers, and the Vanuatu Government is underway to repatriate over 1000 Vanuatu nationals stranded in New Zealand, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Defence Minister Ron ...
    2 weeks ago
  • $40m for regional apprenticeships
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister of Regional Economic Development Reprioritised funding of $40 million from the Provincial Growth Fund will support up to 1000 regional apprenticeships, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said today. The Regional Apprenticeship Initiative is part of the wider Apprenticeship Boost announced by Education Minister Chris Hipkins ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Greens welcome new ACC zero carbon plans, call for ruling out any future fossil fuel investment
    The Green Party welcomes the ACC’s announcement to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 but emphasises the need to go further, and faster to truly meet the climate change challenge. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Farmers pleased with NZ First amendments to firearms bill
    Farmers are rejoicing after Labour agreed to an amendment pushed by New Zealand First in the firearms bill that will allow the use of restricted guns for pest control.  Concessions on gun control mean farmers will be able to apply for a licence to use restricted firearms for pest control. ...
    2 weeks ago

  • Building a more sustainable construction sector
    A new programme, which sets a firm course for the Building and Construction sector to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has been announced by the Minister for Building and Construction Jenny Salesa. “A significant amount of New Zealand’s carbon emissions come from the building and construction sector.  If we’re serious ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • PGF funds tourism boost in Northland
    The Provincial Growth Fund is investing more than $7.5 million in Northland ventures to combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 virus, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones have announced. The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investment is going to the Northern Adventure Experience and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Four new projects announced as part of the biggest ever national school rebuild programme
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Education Minister Chris Hipkins today announced significant funding for Auckland’s Northcote College as part of the first wave of a new nationwide school redevelopment programme to upgrade schools over the next 10 years. The $48.5 million project brings the total investment in Northcote College to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • COVID-19: Support to improve student attendance and wellbeing
    The Government has opened an urgent response fund to support schools and early learning services to get children and young people back on track after the Covid-19 lockdown. “While we are seeing improvements in attendance under Alert Level 1 Ministry of Education data shows that attendance rates in our schools ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Fast-track consenting law boosts jobs and economic recovery
    The law to boost the economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19 by speeding up resource consenting on selected projects has passed its second and third readings in the House today. “Accelerating nationwide projects and activities by government, iwi and the private sector will help deliver faster economic recovery and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Whanganui Port gets PGF boost
    Five port-related projects in Whanganui will receive a $26.75 million Provincial Growth Fund investment to support local economic recovery and create new opportunities for growth, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. “This is a significant investment that will support the redevelopment of the Whanganui Port, a project governed ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • More support for Sarjeant Gallery
    Whanganui’s Sarjeant Gallery will receive an investment of up to $12 million administered by the Provincial Growth Fund to support its redevelopment, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. The project is included in a $3 billion infrastructure pipeline announced by Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Shane Jones yesterday. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Funding for training and upskilling
    The Provincial Growth Fund is investing nearly $2.5 million into three Te Ara Mahi programmes to support Manawatū-Whanganui jobseekers and employees to quickly train and upskill, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. “Up to 154 local people will be supported into employment within the first year by these ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Statement from the Minister of Health Dr David Clark
      This morning I have formally tendered my resignation as Minister of Health, which was accepted by the Prime Minister. Serving as Minister of Health has been an absolute privilege – particularly through these extraordinary last few months. It’s no secret that Health is a challenging portfolio. I have given ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Scholarship placements for agricultural emissions scientists doubles
    Scholarships for 57 early-career agricultural emissions scientists from 20 developing countries is another example of New Zealand’s international leadership in primary sector sustainability, says Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. Mr O’Connor, announcing the scholarships today, says hundreds of applications were received for this fourth round of the CLIFF-GRADS programme (Climate, Food ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Funding for Foxton regeneration
    A project to help rejuvenate the Horowhenua town of Foxton will receive a Provincial Growth Fund investment of $3.86 million, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. “This funding for the Foxton Regeneration project will be used to make the well-known holiday town even more attractive for visitors and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Plan to improve protection of moa bones
    Moa bones and other sub-fossil remains of extinct species are set to have improved protection with proposals to prevent the trade in extinct species announced the Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage today. “We have lost too many of our native species, but these lost species, such as moa, remain an ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Free lunches served up to thousands of school children in the South Island
    The Government’s free and healthy school lunches programme moves south for the first time creating jobs for around 30 people in Otago and Southland. “Eighteen schools with 3000 students are joining the programme – 11 have already begun serving lunches, and seven are preparing to start during Term 3. This is ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Screen Sector recovery package protects jobs, boosts investment
    Thousands of Kiwi jobs and investment in New Zealand productions will be protected through a screen sector support package announced today by Associate Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Economic Development Phil Twyford and Minister for Broadcasting Kris Faafoi. The package also includes investment in broadcasting ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • New fund to help save local events and jobs
    The Government has established a new $10 million fund for the domestic events sector to help save jobs and protect incomes as it recovers from the impacts of COVID-19, Minister of Economic Development Phil Twyford announced today. This funding from Budget 2020 follows talks with the event sector designed to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Bill to improve fuel market competition
    The Government has taken another step in its commitment to making sure New Zealanders get a fairer deal at the petrol pump with the introduction of legislation to improve competition in the retail fuel market, says Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods. “The fuel market study that this Government ordered ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • New Zealand joins global facility for pre-purchase of COVID-19 Vaccine
    New Zealand has joined a global initiative that aims to enable all countries to access a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters announced today. The COVAX Facility was recently launched by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The Alliance includes the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Right to legal representation in Family Court restored today
    From today new legislation takes effect to both restore the right to legal representation at the start of a Care of Children (CoCA) dispute in the Family Court, and allow parties to those proceedings to access legal aid where eligible. During a visit to the Family Court in Auckland today, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Transitioning to a fully-qualified home-based ECE workforce
    Home-based early childhood education (ECE) subsidised by the government will transition to a fully qualified workforce by 2025 to ensure better and more consistent quality, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today. “Quality early learning helps provide children with a strong foundation for their future,” Chris Hipkins said. From 1 January ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission gets to work
    The new Criminal Cases Review Commission | Te Kāhui Tātari Ture (CCRC) has started work and can now independently investigate claimed miscarriages of justice. “Even though we have appeal rights and safeguards against unsafe convictions, from time to time our justice system does get things wrong. The design of the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Speech by the Minister of Defence to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs
    E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā karangatanga maha, tēnā koutou Ki a koutou Te Āti Awa, Taranaki Whānui, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, ngā mana whenua o te rohe nei, tēnā koutou Ko Te Whare Wānanga o Aotearoa ki ngā take o te Ao (NZIIA), Ko te Rōpū Tohu Tono ...
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    4 days ago
  • Six months with baby and $20 more a week for new parents
    The Government’s increase to paid parental leave kicks in today with another 4 weeks taking New Zealand up to a full 6 months (26 weeks, up from 22 weeks) leave for new parents, and the maximum weekly payment will increase by $20pw, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Infrastructure investment to create jobs, kick-start COVID rebuild
    A new package of infrastructure investments will help kick-start the post-COVID rebuild by creating more than 20,000 jobs and unlocking more than $5 billion of projects up and down New Zealand. Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones today outlined how the $3 billion infrastructure fund in the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Statement on passage of national security law for Hong Kong
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today expressed the New Zealand Government’s deep disappointment at the passage by China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee of a national security law for Hong Kong. “New Zealand has consistently emphasised its serious concern about the imposition of this legislation on Hong Kong without inclusive ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • July 1 marks progress for workers, families
    More jobs and more family time with newborns are the centrepiece of a suite of Government initiatives coming into effect today. July 1 is a milestone day for the Government as a host of key policies take effect, demonstrating the critical areas where progress has been made. “The Coalition Government ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Auckland water consent referred to Board of Inquiry
    Environment Minister David Parker has today “called in” Auckland’s application to the Waikato Regional Council to take an extra 200 million litres of water a day from the lower reaches of the Waikato River for Auckland drinking water and other municipal uses.  The call-in means the application has been referred ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New Zealand to host virtual APEC in 2021
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker announced today that New Zealand’s hosting of APEC in 2021 will go ahead using virtual digital platforms. Mr Peters said the global disruption caused by COVID-19, including resultant border restrictions, had been the major factor in the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Matakana Link Road construction kicks off and drives jobs
    The start of construction on a new link road between Matakana Road and State Highway 1 will create jobs and support the significant population growth expected in the Warkworth area, Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Mayor Phil Goff announced today. Transport Minister Phil Twyford said construction of the Matakana Link ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • PPE supplies secured as COVID-19 response focuses on border
    The Government is prioritising its latest investment in PPE for frontline health workers, including staff at managed isolation and quarantine facilities, Health Minister David Clark says. “With no community transmission of COVID-19 our response now has a firm focus on keeping our border safe and secure. “We must ensure that ...
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    5 days ago
  • PGF funding for Parihaka settlement
    The Parihaka Papakāinga Trust in Taranaki will receive up to $14 million for a new visitor centre and other improvements at the historic settlement that will boost the local economy and provide much-needed jobs, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little have ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Protections for workers in triangular employment
    Protections for workers who are employees of one employer but working under the direction of another business or organisation have come into force, closing a gap in legislation that  made the personal grievance process inaccessible for some workers, says Workplace Relations Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. “This Government is working hard to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Government strengthens managed isolation system
    A range of improvements are already underway to address issues identified in the rapid review of the Managed Isolation and Quarantine system released today, Housing Minister Megan Woods said. The review was commissioned just over a week ago to identify and understand current and emerging risks to ensure the end-to-end ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Whakatāne to go predator free with Government backing Ngāti Awa led efforts
    The important brown kiwi habitat around Whakatāne will receive added protection through an Iwi-led predator free project announced by Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage and Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau. “The Government is investing nearly $5 million into Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa’s environmental projects with $2.5 ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Growing Goodwood: Expanding wood waste recycling plant in Bay of Plenty, Waikato
    An extra 4,000 tonnes of offcuts and scraps of untreated wood per year will soon be able to be recycled into useful products such as horticultural and garden mulch, playground safety surfacing and animal bedding as a result of a $660,000 investment from the Waste Minimisation Fund, Associate Environment Minister ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Scott Watson’s convictions to be referred to Court of Appeal
    The Governor-General has referred Scott Watson’s convictions for murder back to the Court of Appeal, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced today. Mr Watson was convicted in 1999 of the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. His appeal to the Court of Appeal in 2000 was unsuccessful, as was his ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Protecting Kiwis with stronger financial supervision
    A new five-year funding agreement for the Reserve Bank will mean it can boost its work to protect New Zealanders’ finances, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. “New Zealand has a strong and stable financial system. Financial stability is an area that we are not prepared to cut corners for, particularly ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Forgotten funds and missing money
    A law change has been introduced to make it easier for forgotten funds in institutional accounts to be returned more easily to their rightful owners. Revenue Minister Stuart Nash has introduced an amendment to the Unclaimed Money Act 1971. It will update the rules controlling forgotten sums of money held ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government delivers on mental health commitment
    The Government is delivering on election commitments and a key recommendation of He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction with the establishment of a permanent independent Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission, Health Minister Dr David Clark says. Legislation enabling the establishment of the fully ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand privacy law modernised
    A Bill to replace New Zealand’s Privacy Act passed its third reading in Parliament today, Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced. “The protections in the Privacy Bill are vitally important. The key purpose of the reforms is to promote and protect people’s privacy and give them confidence that their personal ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Tourism operators provided extra support
    Extra support is being provided to tourism businesses operating on public conservation land announced Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage today.  The Government is providing $25m worth of support to tourism operators impacted by COVID-19, with a decision to waive most Department of Conservation tourism related concession ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago