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Daily review 17/11/2021

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, November 17th, 2021 - 47 comments
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47 comments on “Daily review 17/11/2021 ”

  1. observer 1

    Somebody at the NZ Herald has had enough.

    When the bigots and misinformation-spreaders cry "free speech!", what they really mean is not "free to stand on the street and say it", which they will always have. They actually mean that somebody else should provide a free digital platform for them, face all of the legal consequences, and then pay the tech staff to run it. Not surprisingly, at some point patience runs out.


  2. joe90 3

    The great experiment gone bad.


  3. Johnr 4

    Really pleasing to see Racheal McGregor get some satisfaction from Colin Craig. Although I understand that the settlement was way short of her legal fees.

    This shortfall clearly says to me that the legal system is seriously broken. It shouts, NO MONEY NO JUSTICE.

    In hindsight perhaps Ms McGregor would have been better to have slipped a few dollars to a leather clad motorcyclist.

    Two questions.

    Do we at the bottom of the food chain have any other options ??

    Is this the kind of society we want ??

  4. arkie 5

    "There is no part of Aotearoa, no business, no community, no farm, no family, whose future will not be shaped in some way by the decisions we all take about what goes in the plan.

    "This is why it is so important to get them right, and why the final plan needs to reflect the government's ambition, as well as your own."

    "Communities, businesses, unions, iwi, young people, faith groups, organisations and people from all walks of live have made it clear to me that they want to be involved in making the plan for how we reach a net zero carbon Aotearoa."

    Shaw said we have to go faster and further to reach the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C.

    "Inaction today will cost our children dearly, and certainly more than it will cost us to put it right now.

    "In the three decades since the science of climate change was made abundantly clear roughly as much climate pollution has been emitted as from the start of the start of the industrial revolution up to that point."

    He said politicians all over the world knew what was unfolding and had a chance to stop it but didn't – and this was last moment before the window of oppportunity closed "perhaps for ever".


    The ERP will be one of the most important, most comprehensive plans this Government creates. It will set out exactly how each Minister across Government plans to reduce climate pollution to meet our emissions targets and address the climate crisis. If done right, it will set us firmly on the path to a low emissions future.

    We know our kids and our grandkids need this plan to be as ambitious as possible. Help us show Government Ministers that there is overwhelming public pressure for ambitious climate action by making a submission.


    Please engage with the climate change processes already ongoing, make a submission to the emissions reduction plan. the Greens provide a simplified form and a more comprehensive form above, or if you prefer the Ministry of the Environment form:


  5. Jester 6

    Greens and Maori party saying opening Auckland border on 15th December is too soon as some communities have not yet lifted their vaccination rate.

    Well how about they get their asses down to the vaccination clinic and get jabbed, they've already had months to do this.

    Covid-19 NZ: Auckland border reopening too soon, say Green and Māori parties | Stuff.co.nz

    We cant stay closed forever just for them.

    • Johnr 6.1

      True as Jester. Bloody pidgeon post should have reached everybody by now, no more excuses.

      • Sacha 6.1.1

        Need a dose of that personal responsibility, mate.

      • Sabine 6.1.2

        In Rotorua you have some 40 motels packed to the rafters with the undesirables and unhoused – i think Queen Victoria called these people 'unfortunates', whole families to one room. It does not matter if they are vaccinated or not, if it hits there it will do damage, and thanks to the generosity of this current Labour Led Government and its doodahs we have 4 – I repeat 4 ICU beds, are several nurses short, under resoursed etc, just like everywhere else.

        And i would like to point out that to cover the shortfall of ICU nurses in Auckland these were pulled from other hospitals. Can we get them back from Auckland before Aucklanders bring death to everywhere? Or would that be rude to Aucklanders?

    • Cricklewood 6.2

      But they haven't and they might not, so as a society do we so fuck it your fault and wilfully put them at greater risk?

      Or do we say on balance its better to stay away and reduce the risks to those populations and accompanying health systems?

      • Alan 6.2.1

        the tail cannot keep wagging the dog forever

      • Jester 6.2.2

        No we don't say fuck it your fault, we simply say the 3 million (or whatever the number) that have got vaccinated can no longer have their freedoms curtailed any longer. We strongly advise you to get vaccinated if you want to greatly reduce your risk of hospitalisation or dying. Pretty simple choice really. It is there choice but the country is not waiting until 2024 or whenever.

        So over to them…get off their asses or take the risk of dying. No one is forcing you.

    • arkie 6.3

      Covid-19 will 'crop up' all around New Zealand once Auckland's border opens – experts

      It is "inevitable" Covid-19 cases will crop up around the country once Auckland's border opens, and the greatest impact will be on communities with the least resources, experts say.

      It's not just about the vaccination in this case. Dealing with the "inevitable" cases is the problem in these under-resourced communities.

      • Cricklewood 6.3.1

        It looks like the most under resourced communties have lost more health workers than others to mandates as well. Bit of a double whammy

      • Sabine 6.3.2

        It is ok, so sayeth the government, aucklanders and highly paid men and women who pontificate about leisure and entitlements such as driving a few hundered kilo meters to a million dollar batch elsewhere.

        If the plague breaks out there, these same people will be no where to be found when it comes to taking personal responsability.

    • alwyn 6.4

      "We cant stay closed forever just for them".

      Of course we can. We can't allow the quarantine areas to be opened up just because that Judith Collins woman wants to, All she wants is to inflict Covid 19 on the whole population of New Zealand before Christmas. We have to stop her!

      Wasn't that Grant and Chippies claim a few weeks ago? Well it is going to happen and that is under the Labour Parties' watch. They didn't decide to wait until even one DHB had reached 90% full vaccination. I expect a concerted boo from all the contributors to this blog. 1..2..3.. Silence.

      • Jester 6.4.1

        Yes Grant Robertson said something along the lines of "on the first day of Xmas, national gave to me….Covid".

        Well looks like we are getting Covid for Xmas anyway and it's not from National!

      • Sacha 6.4.2

        They didn't decide to wait until even one DHB had reached 90% full vaccination

        Sorry to burst your bubble but Ak DHB is already there today overall: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-data-and-statistics/covid-19-vaccine-data#90pct

        Not so rosy for Māori rates, also at that link.

        • Jester

          Trying to get the last 9%-10% vaccinated could take another year or two, and still one or two percent will never get vaccinated under any circumstances.

        • alwyn

          Silly me. I believed what was in Stuff which said. Given Stuff's appalling record on factual information I should never have taken any notice of what they say.

          "The 90 per cent target is gone, before any district health board (DHB) had even managed to reach it."


          • Henry Cooke

            They haven't reached 90% (I mean they may have by the 1pm update on Thursday, but not when I wrote that article). That table rounds up – note that it says there are still 1800 doses to go.

            • lprent

              The time value of information is always an issue.

              Like why am I sitting in a empty google meet with no-one else here? Time-zones. Calendar…

              Nope – everyone is just late…


            • Sacha

              That's what I thought too. All a bit indicative with the HSU chosen as denominator anyway. And the Māori specific rates I find more revealing about how far we have to go to protect communities.

              • lprent

                Māori specific rates I find more revealing

                Those are a bit disconcerting – it has been making me worried about a repeat of the 1918 ‘native’ mortality. Especially until recently some very low population jab velocities pointing to a long trail out time with previous techniques.

                But it looks like something changed in the past few weeks. Statistically the 12-24yo Maori groups have started getting jabbed.

                I haven't seen any analysis on it why it is happening. But when I look at the first dose maps it feels like an access issue in the rural and semi-rural areas where there are high Maori populations.

                For instance if you look in the Bay of Plenty – it looks like round Opotiki is satisfactory – but the rest of the BoP is pretty lowish. Why?

                BoP DHB has second jab rates that are too low when you look at it by DHB – but vast 1st to second jab jumps in some age groups (71% first jab to 59% in second for the 12-19 age group). It seems like a pattern across multiple DHBs.

                I should have a look on the wayback to see when that change happened – clearly something has.

      • Tricledrown 6.4.3

        Alwynger by the time borders open 90% of eligible people will be vaxxed .

        • alwyn

          Your faith in this lot is admirable. Stupid but still admirable.

          • Tricledrown

            Alwyn your job is to pathetically whinge at anything the govt does.Urban area DHB's plus Southern DHB's have reached 90% plus. Rural areas are lagging behind but given their remoteness and poor access to healthcare that will push those to get immunised.

            Now the borders are being opened the numbers will go up as people realise vaccination is the only option left to protect themselves.

            • alwyn

              And your evidence for this claim is what, precisely? What is wrong with the numbers I gave in my link, other than that it makes your beloved Government look stupid.

              Something isn't true just because you want it to be and you simply won't accept anything that shows you to be wrong. You remind me of what my grandchildren, at least when they were very young, were like when they got overtired. To the suggestion that it was time to go home their answer might be "no". When asked why not the only thing they could manage was "because". Just "because". They have grown out of it and can be reasoned with. You are still in the terrible two's mindset.

        • Sabine

          I would love to see that trickling down, never mind that everyone jabbed between Jan to Jun is in need of a booster shot.

          But lest pretend they are in that 90% group, because otherwise we would need to admit that the target is unreachable simply due to the fact that six moth after your double jab, you need a booster.

          fwiw, Auckland should go to level 2 with the borders staying open. Go holiday in your own backyard, and keep the rest of the country covid free. There is no human right that gives anyone a right to drag a boat/bikes/othershit across the country to bring the pestilence to some small town with no hospital or even clinic. But i can see how the entitlement runs strong in some.

          • Sabine

            with the borders staying closed. – no edit function.

            • lprent

              There have been some of that being drawn to my attention. I suspect the caching – so I will revert it. Let me know if it improves thingsafter a few hours.

              I won't have time to look at it further until the weekend. Insufficient brain capacity left over from work….

          • roblogic

            It's not entitlement, it is love of whanau, and wanting to be together for Christmas. I've had a gutsful of anti Auckland prejudice.

            We don't like living in a pressure cooker with a bunch of rule breaking numpties spreading the virus around much either. The rest of NZ needs to stop their prejudiced bullcrap.

            Auckland has done ALL the mahi in this dismal pandemic. We locked down for (soon to be) 4 months and got over 95% jabbed (as of today). The rest of Aotearoa should be thankful, not spreading fear of opening up. Let's all get the Shot for Summer and have a great Christmas together.

            It is completely unreasonable of non-Aucklanders to expect us to stay locked up indefinitely. Lockdown is a TEMPORARY suspension of human rights and it has gone on long enough. We sacrificed our sanity and stayed home for months, to give you a chance to protect yourself.

            Does nobody care about protecting Aucklanders any more? We have to live in a pressure cooker with this small percentage of hard core rule breakers, and we are taking the blame for their bullshit.

            Now the rest of Aotearoa needs to step up and do their part. Mask up, wash hands, use the Covid app, and above all get vaccinated. Stop pretending you can lock up your fellow Kiwis and be safe doing nothing.

            The enemy is a virus – but another enemy is fear, hatred, and divisiveness. We are reaping the harvest of 35 years of neoliberal capitalism eating away at our institutions and social fabric.

            Don't let paranoia and prejudice build Trumpian walls of division around your heart.

    • KJT 6.5

      The deliberately unvaccinated can take the consequences of their "choices" as far as I'm concerned.

      Except for the others that will suffer the consequences of their "choices", and the Governments choice to have "freedom day" before enough are vaccinated.

      Medical staff, the immune compromised, children, especially those with asthma, rheumatic fever, leukemia, those whose medical treatment is delayed. All those who won't have, a choice!

    • Sabine 6.6

      Well actually why not?

      What is so special about Aucklanders that they can not holiday in their own area?

      I agree that Aucklanders should not be kept locked up at home – they should be free to move, but why the heck should you be entitled to a holiday in the South Island or in Gisborne?

      What about the Team of 5 million?

      Or do we need to open Auckland and its infested and covid carrying citizens to the rest of the country because dear Leader needs some good news? Or does the Labour party need to open up so that they can blame others for the inevitable spread of Covid?

      Frankly Aucklanders, do the right thing, stay the fuck at home.

      • roblogic 6.6.1

        I'm double vaxxed, tested, and will use the Covid passport. Please don't tell me I can't go visit my elderly parents and whanau up North. I have been stuck at home for months, have been under huge emotional stress and put on tons of weight.

        Pull your head in and stop spreading fear. We have had a shitty time and now you want to ruin Christmas as well.

      • Jester 6.6.2

        I will be travelling out of Auckland to visit friends and family. I'm double vaxed so why not?

        Who the hell are you to tell me I cant travel out of Auckland. As Robologic says, you need to pull your head in. You've definitely swallowed the fear porn.

    • Tricledrown 6.7

      Many Maori are being manipulated by likes of Brian Tamaki,Dr's teachers religous leaders etc who are antivax.

      They are targeting the poorest and least educated.

  6. Fireblade 7

  7. Tricledrown 8

    Right-wing Trolling Mollot or Mallet.

  8. Fireblade 9

    A bedtime lullaby.

    King by Satyricon.

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    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta today announced a further package of support for the Cook Islands and Fiji for COVID-19 economic support and recovery. “Aotearoa New Zealand remains committed to supporting our Pacific fanau and vuvale to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on their economies, and move towards long-term ...
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    From today, it’s illegal to smoke or vape in most vehicles carrying children aged under 18 years old - whether the vehicle is moving or not. “Second-hand smoke poses an unacceptable risk to our tamariki and rangatahi,” Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall said. “We know children in vehicles ...
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    1 week ago
  • Nine countries designated very high risk
    Nine southern African countries are being added to the very high risk countries list following public health advice around the newly discovered COVID-19 variant Omicron, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said. This afternoon, a public health risk assessment was carried out to assess the emerging evidence and any risk to ...
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    1 week ago