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21 comments on “Daily Review 17/10/2017”

  1. Drowsy M. Kram 1

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

  2. Ed 2

    ‘Concerns raised over nitrates’ effects on babies

    Increased irrigation in Canterbury is putting newborn babies at increased risk from water contamination, a medical officer of health says.
    ‘Canterbury Regional Council figures show that for the ten years to the end of 2016, nitrate levels increased in 23 percent of monitored wells.
    So far, high nitrate levels in Canterbury were confined to private wells and none of those serving communities had been found to have dangerously high readings.
    However, a quarter of council-monitored wells are coming close to exceeding safe limits.
    Nitrates are harmless to adults but risk blue baby syndrome, which can be fatal to newborns, Canterbury medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey said.
    "We don’t know how many babies have been affected, not all will die,” Dr Humphrey said.
    “We certainly have anecdotal accounts from mothers in the Canterbury region whose babies have been very unwell and then when they have removed the high nitrate water, their babies have recovered.”

    I just don’t understand why some people care more about the odds on National winning the election.
    Do they care more about money than people?


  3. joe90 3

    If you have the stomach, oh boy. (careful)

    So, yeah, I am sorry.
    Sorry and ashamed.
    Because, in the end, I was complicit.
    I didn’t say shit.
    I didn’t do shit.
    Harvey was nothing but wonderful to me.
    So I reaped the rewards and I kept my mouth shut.
    And for that, once again, I am sorry.

    But you should be sorry, too.
    With all these victims speaking up…
    To tell their tales.
    Shouldn’t those who witnessed it from the sidelines do the same?
    Instead of retreating to the cowardly, canopied confines of faux-outrage?
    Doesn’t being a bystander bring with it the responsibility of telling the truth, however personally disgraceful it may be?

    You know who are.
    You know that you knew.
    And do you know how I know that you knew?

    Because I was there with you.

    And because everybody-fucking-knew.


  4. weka 4

    In case anyone was wondering, NZ First is an Incorporated Society (like the Green Party), and is run by a committee.

    See here.

    • Enough is Enough 4.1

      Check their rules.

      They have a board

      • weka 4.1.1

        Did you follow the link? Where are their rules?

        • veutoviper

          weka – that link goes to a error box both here and on the Another Day post where you also posted the comment and link.

          I have written a detailed reply to you on the Another Day post setting out why your claim that NZF is run by a Committee is incorrect. NZF is governed by a Board as stated by Enough is Enough.

          My comment on Another Day provides details of this including a link to NZF’s ‘Rules’ as set out in their latest 2016 Constitution registered with the Electoral Commission for the purposes of the 2017 general election

          Another day

          There is enough criticism of the media etc here about spreading incorrect information, etc. Case of the pot calling the kettle black …

        • Enough is Enough

          Its hard to link it but if you search NZ First on the incorporated societies website it is easy to find.

          Their amended rules clearly state they have a board and how that board operate. If event states the board members (leader, deputy leader etc).

  5. ianmac 5

    “Winston Peters in secret one-on-one meetings with National leader Bill English and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern tonight.”
    “Just before the meetings, Peters told media the board was able to agree “98 per cent” on the policy packages that the two parties presented to NZ First, but leader to leader talks were needed to resolve other issues.”

    • Ed 5.1

      ‘They met in the same room NZ First and Labour and National had held their talks in last week.

      The Herald saw Peters meet with English almost immediately after the NZ First board left.
      English was on his own without staff or any of his negotiating team. Peters was also believed to be alone – his chief of staff was not in the room.
      The Herald saw English leave soon after 6pm, after about half an hour in the room.
      Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has also just left the room after meeting Peters.
      The secrecy was such that Ardern took a different route than usual to get to the room which bypassed any media.
      While NZ First had made public the timings of the talks last week, these were held with no notice to media.’

  6. Ed 6

    Reporters? or Repeaters…

    ‘David Icke speaks some truth about the media.

    Regardless what you think about some of his theories, he speaks some fundamental truth about the media here.

  7. JC 7

    “The reserve is not protected by allowing the destruction of some parts of it be offset by the enhancement of the reserve or other natural resources outside the reserve.”


  8. joe90 8

    Places would set you back fifteen hundy a week in Auckland.

    The inside of a Violin. pic.twitter.com/PQomPFm7fs— AtomicFact (@Atomicfact) September 26, 2017



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