Daily review 22/02/2019

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12 comments on “Daily review 22/02/2019”

  1. Macro 1

    Ok we all need a laugh.
    So posting this here as well in case you don’t see it at the bottom of open mike;

  2. millsy 2

    What they don’t tell you — the man with 80 houses would put the rent up anyway.

    • Siobhan 2.1

      What they should also tell you…his listed properties are all in Flaxmere and ‘The ‘Nui’ (Maraenui) the cheapest houses in the most deprived areas…I wonder how many of his tenants require accommodation allowance etc to afford his ‘market’ rents? Not to mention how much have we subsidized him to bring his properties in his business up to scratch.

      (not to mention..these are the houses that poor families could once afford as first homes…they have no chance competing against this buyer)

    • Sabine 2.2

      he should be called out that this is just the cheapest excuse for him to raise rents and hold his tenants hostage.

      Simple as that, as as of now there is no CGT – so why are you raising your rents? Cause you are a greedy fuck.
      You will only pay CGT if you sell your rentals at a profit – wo why are you raising your rents? Cause you are a greedy fuck.

      Have you done anything to your rentals that would warrant an increase in rent? NO? So why are you raising your rents? Cause you are a greedy fuck.

      And in saying that, Labour has a chance to actually put regulations up that clearly spill out under what circumstances and how often you can put up rent. why should there be an annual rent increase and how much.

      And Labour could use the example of this greedy fuck landlord to tell the country we are not against landlords but we need to protect tenants and the government purse from being abuse by hostage takes like him. Cause the rent increases will be paid for by the Accommodation benefit, not the tenant in many cases.

      • KJT 2.2.1

        If he bought his rentals with the intention of eventually selling, for an untaxed capital gain, then he is a “housing investor, and should already be liable for CGT on sale.

        Admitting to tax evasion.

        • Graeme

          Why, oh why do the nat’s poster boys turn out to be such muppets? Shades of mr “pretty communist”

      • greywarshark 2.2.2

        Seeing that the government is actually guaranteeing the rental and subsidising it through the accommodation allowance, it seems reasonable that they should hold this landlord to account for standards and maintenance.

        It is time that gummint stopped playing the Treasury game. That is playing board/computer ‘games’ designing plans where they move people around and envisage them from their own consciousness thinking that they know what is right to provide. Or they might learn what humanity is all about from absolutes taught in courses for business or economic purposes either by ordinary universities or religious ones that put their peculiar slant on their information output.

        In the end do any of the planners and advisors know about, have any respect for, the public, the people, their emotions and needs.

        I wonder if they play Sim City.


  3. patricia bremner 3

    Most people feel earnings from capital should be taxed, just as it is in other countries.
    Those who say it is unfair need to prove it is.
    Those who say it is not ‘The Kiwi way’ are throwing smoke screens to confuse.
    It is evident a minority want to keep the status quo as they are benefiting.
    When all the shouting fades away, we need Capital Gains Tax to even investments, and to remove the reward for investing in property only.
    We also should have CGT on homes worth more than a million, to avoid Mc Mansions as a tax dodge.

    • soddenleaf 3.1

      0% CGT is a subsidy, its a tax payer burden, it pushes up interest rates as capital gain is untaxed and so leads to greater invested risk taking tgat bankers charge more to cover. It’s a giant weight to over pay hard working people who then get it to their heads that they are better than Australia farmers who work just as hard and do pay a CGT. It’s a crutch for weakminded capitalists to believe their worth more than the market actually would reward them, taxpayers are paying for this non productive incentive. And feeding Aussie banks huge fees and profits.

  4. greywarshark 4

    Rents and finding flats were a problem in London in the 1970’s when I was there.

    In 2015:

    Dec 2018 Daily Mail Australia

    It is interesting to read of one of the infamous landlords Peter Rachman. He learned to survive very hard times in WW2, and carried that determination and survival instinct with him into Britain. At one time background checks on him showed he had 33 companies. He died of a heart attack at only 42 years.

  5. AB 5

    Shame the man with 80 houses can’t be charged with “economic violence” – or some similarly named offence

    • KJT 5.1

      He is admitting to, tax evasion.

      He will now have a hell of a job pretending to IRD, that his houses were rental businesses, not a “housing investment” ,when he sells them.

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