Delivering pizza for NZ

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Full marks to Nathaniel Watson for what Newshub called “an incredible work of graphic design satire”, see National’s election signs perfect Photoshop opp

The only thing missing is a can of spaghetti.

And the very best thing about this billboard is that it annoys Matthew Hooton:

No doubt the right-wingers will be firing up retaliatory photoshop as we speak. I hope that they can do better than this sad effort:

16 comments on “Delivering pizza for NZ”

  1. Incognito 2

    I think it might have spoiled Matthew’s morning wank. Whom is he calling “twitterati”?

    • dv 2.1

      Whom is he calling “twitterati”?
      You know people who comment on twitter like Mathew.

      And it amused me to see Wayne recently commented on those “Standarnistas” when he also spends a lot of time commenting on the standard.

      Sort of a weird disconnect.

    • rhinocrates 2.2

      Hoots really needs this:

      Digital drinking buddy replaces ill-advised tweets with cat pics
      Better than a breathalyser – build a clever coaster to ensure there’s no more Twitter after too much liquor

  2. BLiP 3

    Hmmm . . . wasn’t it “National Ltd™ – Delivering for *ALL* New Zealanders”?? I guess even National Ltd™ realised it has never delivered for “all” New Zealanders.

    • greywarshark 3.1

      What happened was that National found that ‘all’ NZs actually was short for ‘alley’ NZs where large numbers of unhappy people now hang out. Gnats don’t feel comfortable going down those dark, damp, foreboding places. That’s why they can’t deliver to ‘all’ New Zealanders. Health and Safety won’t let them.

  3. Keith 4

    It’s true isn’t it, delivering minimum pay, uncertain hours jobs in the junk food industry.

    About sums up National!

  4. savenz 5

    At the end of the day, Bill is more skilled at Pizza delivery than budgets. He’s never looked more the part than as a pizza delivery guy. It’s probably the most honest billboard we will see about National.

  5. UncookedSelachimorpha 6

    A Daesh Approach?

    With us lefties loving terrorists ‘n all

  6. greywarshark 7

    Greetings fellow wankers (with love from Matthew Hooton.)

  7. AB 8

    I have a Joycean (James not Steven) moment where I read it as ‘de-livering’. I assumed the Nats were forcing the poor into involuntary organ donation.

  8. Westiechick 9

    Delivering dirty rivers for all New Zealanders.
    Delivering unaffordable housing for all New Zealanders.
    Delivering inequality for all New Zealanders.
    Delivering underfunded mental health for all New Zealanders
    Delivering the future underfunding of national super for all New Zealanders
    etc etc
    But hey, at least we are “back in the black”.

  9. mary_a 10

    Should read …

    “Delivering for 1% of New Zealanders. So bugger the rest of you.”

    You’d think Natz would be upfront just this once.

    Pleased Hooten is getting aerated about Domino’s delivering 🙂

  10. peterlepaysan 11

    Bill is, and always has been reasury robot.
    He is perfect for delivering pizzas.


  11. Well ,… it could have been worse…

    It could have been a full 3 meter by 2.5 meter photo of Stephen Joyce and a bright , flesh pink dildo slapping him about the jowls with a message of ” vote for us , New Zealanders, .. and enjoy the bollocks”…

    Matthew Hooton should be glad it isn’t Joyce, or even ‘ motel ‘ Bennett…

    Bad enough its the Double Dipper with the $32,000.00 personal dippings problem and the Todd Barclay listening scandal…

  12. Tamati Tautuhi 13

    I wonder if Billinglish could do worse than his last Election Result when he was PM ?

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