The Nuk Korako Cover Up

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It’s election hoardings time again and high-traffic spots are at a premium. Its usually a case of first-up, best placed, unless you’re National Ltd™’s list MP Tutehounuku “Nuk” Korako. For Nuk, missing out on a premium spot isn’t a big deal . . . you just cover-up the opposition’s sign with your own.

In this case, Nuk simply screwed-in his grimacing features over the Labour Party’s hoarding at the St Martins / Centaurus junction in Christchurch.

Wonder if he’ll be blaming his children this time.

46 comments on “The Nuk Korako Cover Up”

  1. Irascible 1

    The number of illegal sized hoardings around Auckland built by National Party candidates is yet another demonstration of their belief that laws only apply to those who aren’t card carrying National party members.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1

      Lay complaints about every single one of them. Waste the National Party’s owners’ money.

    • MG 1.2

      What is the legal size of a hoarding? (serious question)

    • james 1.3

      Any evidence to back that up ….

      • One Anonymous Bloke 1.3.1

        Yes, Irascible’s word, which is a lot more reliable than yours.

        • james

          Yeah – agree with the anonymous bloke on the internet making accusations without evidence simply because it fits your political agenda.

          Defend them against anybody asking for anything to back up his accusation blindly.

          Just makes you look like a suck up. If someone had said the same about labour signs you would be all over them asking for evidence.

          Gotta laugh.

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            Dickhead. Irascible’s word is the evidence. I didn’t say whether I believe them, I said they’re more reliable than you are.

            Learn to read.

            • Phil

              Irascible’s word is the evidence. I didn’t say whether I believe them, I said they’re more reliable than you are.

              You appear to be confused about what the word ‘evidence’ means…

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                What exactly is it witnesses give in court? That’s right: evidence. As any criminal lawyer can tell you, such evidence is notoriously unreliable.

                In this case the only evidence we have is Irascible’s word for it.

                Which of us is confused?

                • Phil

                  As any criminal lawyer can tell you, such evidence is notoriously unreliable… In this case the only evidence we have is Irascible’s word for it.

                  * Shakes head. Sighs. Walks away from computer. *

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    Still having trouble with the concept, I see. Specifically, you appear to be conflating evidence and proof.

                    Still, it’s nice that my little dig at James turned into such a valuable learning moment for you.

    • Barbara Jones 1.4

      Sir Arrogance was a good teacher…

  2. jaymam 2

    But that hoarding is on a private fence. The owners are free to cover up an unauthorised hoarding if they want. Why did Labour think they could put a hoarding there?

    • Karen 2.1

      “Ruth Dyson‏ @ruthdysonmp 12h12 hours ago

      Ruth Dyson Retweeted Philip Matthews
      “Yes sadly Home owner gave permission for both so we left space for equal share. First his overtop.we moved to side by side.He took ours off.”

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.2

      Why did the National Party scum think they could touch someone else’s property (the sign) in the first place?

      It’s because they’re scum.

      • james 2.2.1

        HAHAHHAHA – this is funny as hell.

        “Why did “X” think they could touch someone else’s property (the sign) in the first place?

        It’s because they’re scum.”

        Have to agree with you – Seems some people are OK with it tho –

        Billboards at dawn

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          I think it’s ok to respond to billboards erected by scum 😉

          • james

            And that sums you up as a person in one post.

            [please don’t go down that road. You too OAB. – weka]

    • Teresa 2.3

      perhaps they asked the owner of the fence if they could – did you think of that?

  3. james 3

    Seems that this has gone a little further.

    Seems that he has evidence that he had permission to be there and to get rid of the other sign from the land owner.

    “Nuk Korako MP
    Hi Sue,
    This is what the owner text to me which I passed on to my hoardings team manager for St Martibs?
    So whoever put Labours sign up did it without permission??

    “Get rid of Ruth’s sign you have my mandate as the landowner”

    He has also lodged a compliant to the electoral commission:

    “Did you put one on top of Ruth Dyson’s. Dirty tactics. Take it down.
    Like · Reply · 4 · 11 hrs
    Nuk Korako MP
    Nuk Korako MP “Get rid of Ruth’s sign you have my mandate as the landowner”.
    Be good if they ask before using someones property and that they did it within the Electoral Rules timetable. Very very dirty tactics
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Maria Sherwood
    Maria Sherwood Nuk Korako MP He didn’t say cover it up, wouldn’t it be nice if you contacted her team and told them that, rather than covering, still not a good look. Shows your pettiness.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr · Edited
    Nuk Korako MP
    Nuk Korako MP Is that like letting me know that they we going to put a sign up illegally outside of the timing rules, on a site that I had permission to use. This is my final word on this as its in the hands of the Electoral Commission.
    Ka mihi stay dry and warm”

    • Looks like Nuk got this one sussed – but of an own goal for his opponents although I did think the post was satire initially.

      • Karen 3.1.1

        Yeh, nah

        Maria Sherwood @MariaSherwood2
        @ruthdysonmp ”
        Can you please confirm whether you got permission for the hoarding the Tuk put his over. He says you didn’t.”

        Ruth Dyson‏ @ruthdysonmp 40m40 minutes ago
        Ruth Dyson Retweeted Maria Sherwood
        “Yes. Sure did.”

        • james

          Except – Only one of them says he has evidence to back up his claim and has lodged a complaint with the electoral commission.

          So, yeah, nah, yeah.

          • Louis

            So? How do you know Dyson doesn’t have evidence? She said she was given permission.

    • I wonder if the landowner is the same person as lives there. If he isn’t then he can’t give that permission as the person who rents the place has the rights to the place.

  4. greywarshark 4

    Those features look very smug and self-satisfied to me. And apparently he screwed his Billboard on. Screwing things is what Gnashionals do best. The Labour people could have run a book on how long it would take for him to pull this heist.

    And he probably owns that piece of land anyway after Ngai Tahu’s successful claim and leases it out retaining a specific right for self-advertisement and encouraging Maori advancement.

    • Phil 4.1

      And apparently he screwed his Billboard on. Screwing things is what Gnashionals do best.

      Go check out the other post on The Standard with photos of the Greens team holding electric screwdrivers for, you know, screwing billboards into place.

      Whatever insult you were trying to make, this one was a lousy swing-and-a-miss. I’d take it back to the writers room and try again.

      • greywarshark 4.1.1

        Screwed by Gnashional. I think I made my point well. Your only answer is to say that Labour did it too.

        • alwyn

          “Your only answer is to say that Labour did it too.”
          You obviously didn’t read what he said did you?
          What he said was
          “photos of the Greens team holding electric screwdrivers”
          Please make up your mind, or do you think that Labour and the Greens are exactly the same party

          • greywarshark

            Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about what stupid RWs like you and James say. Don’t take yourself so seriously, nobody else does.

  5. greywarshark 5

    Actually that can create a narrative for putting vim into the election campaign in Christchurch. I suggest run a book on how long before this lowlife Gnat takes down, defaces or covers Labour one after it is re-erected.

    Or make a big deal of behaving correctly and be media covered as his is taken down and then re-erected properly beside Labour.

    And run a book on that, just informally so that IRD, ABC, and ZYX agencies don’t come and arrest you for breaking some footling law on risky gambling. (There will be agents in dark suits and glasses waiting outside polling boots on 24/9, because you sure take a gamble when you vote for better on that system.)

  6. Anne 6

    Didn’t something similar happen to Carmel Sepuloni a couple of elections ago? Her team had permission to put up a bill board at the end of a driveway and her opponent Paula Bennett (no less) visited the owners and extracted permission to tear it down? I expect when they saw that woman bearing down on them the owners were too scared to say NO. 🙂

    Oh and for god’s sake grow up james. You have no more idea what happened than anyone else.

  7. rod 7

    It looks like James is on the morning shift today.

  8. Carolyn_nth 8

    How much influence do billboards have on votes? Never been an influence on how I vote.

    • Sara Matthews 8.1

      Hard to quantify, but the more you see something the more you are going to think about them, that’s why you often feel like KFC etc, after seeing ads for it.

      • In Vino 8.1.1

        Wrong. For many, the more they see things the more they accept it as normal without thinking. Check out Goebbels, if you have any interest in history. But you don’t waste your time on history, do you?

    • One Anonymous Bloke 8.2

      They might have some influence on turnout. (pdf)

      The alternative to the demobilization and stimulation hypothesis we suggest involves the possibility that advertisements attempt to prime voters by activating (potentially latent) predispositions—some of which, once activated, lead citizens to increase their likelihood of voting.

      Also, anyone studying Simon Lusk will be interested to read that:

      We find no evidence to support the predictions of the demobilization hypothesis.
      It is never the case that exposure to negative advertising decreases either the reported probability of voting or the actual voting.

      • Carolyn_nth 8.2.1

        Interesting piece of research. Thanks. It also concludes that targeted ads are more successful in stimulating voting, and that other factors such as further information voters engage with, influence voting possibly in conjunction with ads.

        And the research was conducted in relation to US presidential elections.

  9. Iamthebat 9

    There have been national signs up in both of Hamiltons wards for the past few weeks already. Labours only went up this weekend and i just thought they’d dropped the ball but from what ive been reading here over the past few days national shouldnt have had them up before this weekend?

  10. Myrtle 10

    Yeah that face on the hoarding makes me sick – biggest trougher MP of all time – what was the biggest contribution to parliament made in the last 3 years? Oh, yes, something about lost luggage. Wow – and the worst thing is, he will probably get back in.

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