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DPF isn’t impressed with a post at No Right Turn:


… Anyway, because Lockwood upheld the law, Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn has  compared him to a member of the Ku Klux Klan. That’s a pretty disgusting smear.  …

I happen to think that DPF makes a valid point, a KKK comparison seems a bit over the top on this occasion. Trouble is, the self-righteous one has zero credibility when it comes to making this complaint. Here he is from 2008 at the launch of his billboard campaign comparing Helen Clark and other government politicians to brutal dictators. Why people take this hypocrite seriously on anything is a mystery to me.

47 comments on “Distasteful”

  1. lprent 1

    Nice thing about the net is the retention of information on these old campaigns…

  2. Swampy 2

    Pot kettle black

  3. ak 3

    It’s tempting to say he’s a dagger through the heart of sensible political debate, but he’s more like a blunt two-bob pocket knife with a broken hinge…..

  4. Terry 4

    There does appear to be discrimination against Hone, when compared to other sworn statements
    by Maori MP’s. The Law must be changed. I would much prefer an allegiance to the Treaty etc than one made to the Queen (what is her name?) who does not where we are on the map, the Queen who would not attend the funeral of Sir Edmund or so much as send one of those royal jerks.

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      When the Queen finally carks it, is everyone going to have to re-swear an oath to Charles?

      • kriswgtn 4.1.1

        nah Camilla the Gorilla will be ya queen

        • QoT

          Yay, random unnecessary attack on a person not relevant to the conversation purely in order to mock her perceived lack of “proper” femininity! I’m so glad we live in a post-feminist world where misogyny and impossible beauty standards are things of the past.

          • kriswgtn

            yeah well you’re irrelevant just like your Act party

            • QoT

              Like my … what? Oh, wait, didn’t get the Today Is Post Utterly Fucking Surreal Comments Day memo. Because this has to be performance art.

              • higherstandard

                I think you’ve been mistaken for Cactus Kate QoT ….. oh the irony.

                • QoT

                  All I know is I want whatever kriswgtn’s smoking.

                  • kriswgtn

                    oops my bad – i apologise but i dont like Camilla
                    as for wanting what i was smoking hhaha well ya cant

                    it was a cake

                    • QoT

                      It’s ok, kriswgtn. I understand that your femininity-policing and lack of a clue are both natural talents which require no foreign substances whatsoever.

                    • Ari

                      Next time I don’t like a straight person I’ll remember to blame it on the fact that they’re attracted to the opposite gender, rather than their personality, and stick to having queer friends instead.

                      Oh, and if someone Asian pisses me off, it’s bound to be because of their skin colour, or perhaps it’s ALSO because of their weird culture that is in no way totally understandable or cool.

                      Hint: this is the sort of shit you were just saying about women, asshole.

    • Vicky32 4.2

      ….who does not where we are on the map,

      I presume you mean “does not know”? Don’t be an ass, she’s not an American, of course she knows.

  5. weka 5

    I have a huge amount of respect for Idiot/Savant, but that photo is weird.
    Yes, Smith’s actions are nasty racist crap wrapped up in a mainstream, polite society package, but unless I/S knows something I don’t, they’re not the NZ equivalent of the organised racial terrorism that the KKK are.

    • Tigger 5.1

      Given Lockwood’s penchant for dressing up in robes and dishing out racism I’d say the KKK comparison is spot on.

      • weka 5.1.1

        Only if you think the important thing about the KKK is their dress, and that racism is one things instead of being many, and that all racism is same in degree and affects people in the same ways.

    • R 5.2

      predetermined, premeditated prejudice and/or censorship, no problem?

  6. Morrissey 6

    Lockwood Smith was a member of the National Government which supported something far worse than the KKK….

    • weka 6.1


      • Morrissey 6.1.1

        Our friend weka asks, in a mix of aggrievedness and bewilderment: “What?”

        Why don’t you read the link? Here it is again…


        Now tell me which is worse—the Ku Klux Klan or the Khmer Rouge, which the National Government obediently and unhesitatingly endorsed in 1978.

        • weka

          It’s not a competition.
          (btw you cannot tell tone from text, especially when it wasn’t italicised).

          • Morrissey

            It’s not a competition.

            Yes it is. Sometimes it’s more relaxed and friendly than other times, but it’s always a competition. Your use of the interrogative was aggressive, as if my pointing out the National Government’s support of the Khmer Rouge was irrelevant to the topic in hand.

            (btw you cannot tell tone from text, especially when it wasn’t italicised).

            Yes I can. Saying “What?” like that, whether verbally or in print, is designed to intimidate and shut down a discussion.

            Once again, so you won’t fell compelled to say “what?” next time you’re confronted with this particularly ugly open secret, here’s that link….

            • weka

              Actually my ‘what?’ wasn’t anything to do with the point you were making from the content of the PDF (which it’s likely I agree with). It was simply ‘what?’ as in I don’t know what you’re talking about in the context of this thread and I’m not going to read a whole PDF to try and figure it out. If someone said ‘what?’ to me in a conversation, I wouldn’t automatically jump to the conclusion that they disagreed with me, or were trying to shut me up. I might wonder if they didn’t understand.
              So, like I said, you can’t tell tone from text. You are of course free to take meaning from any post and interpret it in anyway you choose. In this case you were just plain wrong. There was nothing aggressive in my ‘what?’ and no intention to intimidate. I was being rude I suppose (my father always told me off when I said what like that).
              As for the actual point… sorry to be pedantic (and I still haven’t read the PDF), but wouldn’t it be more accurate to portray Smith as a supporter of the KKK rather than a member?
              Either way, it’s still a dangerous game to play. If we can’t differentiate between different racisms (or indeed different atrocities) then we may as well just call the National party Nazis and concede any intellectual credibility or power of argument.
              This of course doesn’t deny the very real damage that the Nats do in the world, so please don’t take my comments as either supportive of them  or lessening atrocities that they’ve been complicit in.

              • Morrissey

                I was being rude I suppose (my father always told me off when I said what like that).

                No, weka, you weren’t being rude, it was my fault. I misread your intention, and flew off the handle. To borrow a line from the great broadcaster Tony Veitch, that wasn’t really me.

                And, no, I don’t think Lockwood Smith is a supporter or a sympathiser of the KKK.

                Leighton Smith probably is, however.

        • Daveosaurus

          Lockwood Smith was not a member of the 1975-1984 National Government.

          • Morrissey

            Correct. Thanks for reminding me. He was actually the quizmaster for a TV children’s show caled W-3. He always sternly told the kids to call him “Sir”.

  7. jackal 7

    Ha! After the right wing David Farrar has compared left wing leaders to “brutal dictators,” Brash says people who support the RMA are “little Hitler’s” and Cathy Odger’s calls poor people the “heaving pathetic underclass,” the DF has the cheek to complain that Idiot Savant made a comparison of Lockwood Smith’s obvious racism.

    Whether or not a KKK comparison is over the top or not is defined by the occurrence. The speaker has clearly discriminated against Hone… For all intents and purposes, it appears to be racially inspired. Therefore the comparison is appropriate within the context it was made.

    What’s good enough for the goose, is good enough for the gander.

    • Mark M 7.1

      jackal obviously in the mind of a leftard , expecting an MP to obey the law is racism.
      Kind of helps to explain why tommorrows polls , still show people arent listening

      • jackal 7.1.1

        You might be interested to know that Hone was obeying the law:

        3. Form in which oath may be administered—An oath may be administered and taken in any of the manners following:

        (c) The oath may be administered and taken in any manner which the person taking it may declare to be binding on him.

        • freedom

          that is very interesting, very interesting indeed, and begs the obvious question…

          do they not have someone in the room whose job it is to make sure the law is followed ?
          I’m no expert but I believe they are called the Speaker of the House of Representatives

          so who assesses and has authority over Lockwood’s performance ?

          • RedLogix

            Yes indeed. Full credit it would appear to NRT for spotting what everyone else appears to have missed.(Is this the case?)

            I’m inclined to think it still classic shit-stirring Harawira, but ultimately his motives are not important… he was entitled to take the oath in the form that suited him…and Smith has made a bad mistake.

            • Vicky32

              I’m inclined to think it still classic shit-stirring Harawira,

              Absolutely yes! IMO he was just being his publicity whore self, and achieved nothing but to live down to peoples’ worst expectations. He needs to learn which battles to fight!

    • higherstandard 7.2

      What drivel [name deleted].

      Lockwood did not discriminate against Hone.

      Hone knew exactly what he was doing and got exactly the reaction he wanted a bit of PR and his face on the news.

      • jackal 7.2.1

        Another argument based on presumptions. Hone is the only person to not be allowed a second chance to take the Oath, therefore it is discrimination. Hone has stated that he was going to give the Oath as prescribed, however he was not given a chance. Do you understand what discrimination is HS?

        • higherstandard

          Do you understand what a self important little tosser is [name deleted] – if not either look in the mirror or ask Hone for a copy of his CV.

  8. Jim Nald 8

    With the picture, the bit that I might be quite upset as a former Nat voter
    and differ over his apparel would be
    the bit that looks like a reject from a Gilbert and Sullivan set.

    But, on overall, quite apt really, given what the party he is from has become.

  9. chris73 9

    So according the left two wrongs do make a right

    • Colonial Viper 9.1

      Yep. Because the alternative is the Right’s three, four, five wrongs in a row.

      • chris73 9.1.1

        As opposed to Labours election over-spending, rorting of the system, corruption, continued flouting of the rules etc etc

        • Draco T Bastard

          You’re getting mixed up there. Labour pays down debt and carefully manages the economy while NAct cut taxes for the rich, cut government services and over borrows so as to give them an excuse to sell our assets.

          • dupdedo

            yawn. Labour spends spends spends. carefully manages the economy… yeah, tui ad buddy.

            • mik e

              The reason Labour were able to spend with out borrowing was they got the economy to grow 28 times faster than Bill English has managed over his 5 years as finance minister. They managed to save more $30billion on Kiwi saver and the Cullen fund. upgrade the Defence force to the tune of $5billion.etc With no more public debt and pay of govt debt, The right wing have managed to con enough of the people enough of the time because people are sucked in by image over substance hence smile and wave!He,s going back home this week a we stop in Hawaii I think not it would send the wrong message to the voters

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