Dunne not convinced on GCSB Bill

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Key has started making concessions in an effort to pass his GCSB bill to spy on Kiwis:

Key forced to change spying law

Under Mr Key’s original law, spying warrants would be issued by one commissioner. Mr Dunne wants a panel of three distinguished New Zealanders to decide, and Mr Key said he’s now willing to compromise. “I believe this idea has merit and I’ve agreed to Mr Dunne to take this proposal forward.”

Peter Dunne is reported to be unconvinced:

Peter Dunne says Govt concessions on GCSB bill are not enough to ensure his support

Bravo to Dunne. Token gestures from Key are not enough. The current legislation (and the intent of the Parliament that passed it) is perfectly clear – no spying on Kiwis – and there is no compelling reason to change it.

21 comments on “Dunne not convinced on GCSB Bill”

  1. AmaKiwi 1

    If we had anything resembling a democracy, we would not even be discussing whether or not the GCSB will pass. The people would decide.

    NY Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman explains why people in elected democracies are taking to the streets:

    “We have seen mass demonstrations to protest “majoritarianism” — ruling parties that were democratically elected but interpret their elections as a writ to do whatever they want once in office, including ignoring the opposition, choking the news media and otherwise behaving in imperious or corrupt ways, as if democracy is only about the right to vote, not rights in general and especially minority rights.”


    “Majoritarianism.” A new description for NZ’s “rotating dictatorships.”

    • Macro 1.1

      Yes that’s exactly what we are seeing in NZ!

      And its got to stop!

    • UglyTruth 1.2

      IMO it comes down to the inability of politicians to acknowledge the limits of their own power. The only thing that a majority can legitimately allow is the enforcement of any liability which is implied by the act of voting.

      The assumption of power is often expressed via the language of control, eg “allow”, which rightly or wrongly implies that there is some prevailing power hierarchy in effect. How may times have you seen this word abused? Here are the first three hits from a search of the keywords “allow” and “news”.

      Egypt: army insist they will allow ‘peaceful protest’ as supporters of President Mohamed Morsi plan rallies

      The FDA recently announced that it may soon allow generic drug manufacturers to publish updated safety information for the public to view

      New Jersey Should Allow Gay Marriage, State Court Is Told

      • McFlock 1.2.1

        The ony limit to power the line between what one can and cannot do.

        Although I realise you use an obscure dictionary for such matters.

  2. Viv K 2

    As I heard it on Checkpoint tonight, in Key’s ‘concession’ the 3 distinguished NZers will only have an advisory role and the Prime Minister will continue to have the sole decision making authority. At the select committee hearings last week Key showed everyone his inability to even pretend to listen to what other people have to say.

  3. BM 3

    Dunne just wants his old job back as well as the perks that went with it, that’s the only thing that leech is interested in.

    Useless bludging fuck., damn you MMP.

  4. Chooky 4

    Bravo Peter Dunne… Agreed! May he keep holding the line ….a hero yet.

    • Mary 4.1

      “Peter Dunne says Govt concessions on GCSB bill are not enough to ensure his support.”

      I wish I had your optimism but Dunne will support this bill. I want to be wrong but Key will only have to make one more tiny pseudo-concession, if any more are needed at all, and Dunne will support it because he’s a right-wing lackey while at the same time claiming victory for saving us all from the evils of Big Brother. Charlatan.

  5. AmaKiwi 5

    A parliamentary majority which has no respect for the people’s views does not have the moral authority to govern.

  6. trusting dunne? I don’t think so.

  7. muzza 7

    This reads like some sort of *face save*, having taken the poke over the leak!

  8. Chooky 8

    Dunno …You don’t know what goes through Dunne’s head…sometimes the least likely people turn the tables. I don’t think he has ever been keen on this GCSB bill.

  9. Huginn 9

    Last month we saw Peter Dunne’s career all but destroyed through a selective disclosure of meta-data collected by David Henry who was acting on Key’s sayso. Henry thanks the GCSB for their help in Appendix 3of his report.

    I’m not surprised that Peter Dunne is not ‘convinced by the GCSB Bill’. He’s had first hand experience of how Key expects to use it.

  10. Follow-the-money 10

    Perhaps he’s waiting until his party is registered.

    Shows just how small a party can be to be in a coalition with Key, when its leader has this to say:
    “Even if it was to check every one of the memberships, not just a sample, it would not be unrealistic to expect the process to be completed within five working days,” Dunne said

  11. Rosie 11

    Time to drop Peter Dunne a line and encourage him to be on the side of NZer’s. If he is wavering , now is the time to act.


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