Five days is a long time in politics

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Last Thursday we had this from the leader of the opposition.

But it was fake news.

Neale Jones summaries it well.

Maybe National should cheer the reduction in the unemployment rate rather than present fake news that it has gone up.

Update: My enthusiasm was too high. It has been pointed out to me that the Bridges tweet was from last year. My apologies to Simon …

27 comments on “Five days is a long time in politics”

  1. woodart 1

    this is an absolute disaster..for all of the truebluedoom gang. oh dear, how sad, never mind. I expect much misdirection . but for those of us on planet earth, yes, there is money out there on struggle street, and it is trickling upwards.

  2. SPC 2

    You have to wonder about all the columnists/business commentators/economists et al who have been preaching to the right wing choir about economic decline and growing unemployment for months now. 

    The real evidence will probably be a brief blip in their news/propaganda cycle. 

    • Chris 2.1

      Bridges was relying on increased UB numbers, which is likely due to less people being wrongly kicked off and sanctioned, not increased unemployment.

  3. National and truth are strange bedfellows Lol lol.  They are campaigning already,  so out come the blatant lies.  Black is white and red is blue.  Their "breeks" must be burning!!

  4. Dukeofurl 4

    Must have been a 'junior staffer' who stuffed up Simon's lead in. Heads will roll as it can't be blamed on newbie Goldsmith either. Hahaha

  5. michelle 5

    3.9% this will sink the gnats horray!

    • Rapunzel 5.1

      Some are already trying to spin it re "job-seekers" etc but the fact is there are 29,000 more jobs, they, particularly National, will try to pose this in another light – possibly their carry on today was to take the focus away. Plus there is this which shows "confidence" amongst the willing is moving in the right direction as well on the housing front.

      "The fall in the unemployment rate in the latest quarter reflected a fall in the number of unemployed people (down 13,000) and a strong rise in employment (up 29,000). This quarter’s employment rate rose to 68.3 percent, the highest rate since the series began more than 30 years ago.

    • Herodotus 5.2

      Great that the teachers, nurses and others were screwed 

      Remember whilst the average pay increase of 4% last year, teachers got NOTHING

      3% per year over the next 3 years and teachers and others pay go backwards in real terms, and Labour is suppose to be their party ??

      • Dukeofurl 5.2.1

        Teachers pay deal is every 2 years or so. Not annual increases

        Teachers and nurses are relatively well paid professionals.  Have you seen how minimum wage  has gone ? Didnt think so.

        Neither of two main teachers or nurses unions  are affiliated with Labour party , as far as I know never have been.

        Why would you  say  'their party '- sounds like you  are   just making it all up.

        • Herodotus

          Don't make assumptions about what I know or don't, I am very aware of the min wage. 

          Teachers nurses etc have a 3 yearly agreement (but you would know that – perhaps you are not so well versed )- the previous one that was just signed expired in 2018 and the current one commenced July 1st.

          Not sure if $57k pa is well paid, given the cost of living and stress that these professional are under.

          • In Vino

            It may be that since teachers got 3% on July 1st it gets counted, so they are behind by only 1%?    Thrills…

            • Herodotus

              As I know you have some understanding in the area (I may be wrong abou tthe announced figures)they did not get a pay rise last year so they are -4.4% compared to the average. I thought the just announced figures are up to June 2019, if that is the case then their pay adjustment was not included, not sure how you can count future pay increases ?

              and here is a link to CTU affiliate unions


              • In Vino

                Looking at the article (Stuff, at top of post), it is to end June, one would think, so you are right.  This shows the deceit and poor value of pay increases that sound good (10%!) until you find out it does not start until end July, and comes in dribbly instalments over so many years…   Now that teachers have had nothing since their contract expired back in Oct 2018, your figures are right, and it looks like they will be lucky to have caught up again in real terms until 2023 0r 2024.

                Marvellous how MPs' increases are always backdated to expiry of last contract, but not so for lesser mortals.

  6. Stuart Munro. 6

    Somehow I doubt the Gnats are sophisticated enough to look at wage band increases or medians, which will typically be less good news for the left, but unwelcome publicity for the undeserving right.

  7. McFlock 7

    Good news.

  8. Jimmy 8

    Its good to have such a low unemployment rate. They have done well to reduce it even further.

  9. AB 9

    Isn't this just our heroic, risk-taking, wealth-creating, Randian super-hero business leaders delivering the goods despite headwinds from the nanny-state, initiative-sapping, red-tape encumbering almost socialists?

    Whew – that was easy. Fran doesn't need to write her column now.

  10. Ad 10

    Headline unemployment falls to lowest rate in 11 years, and average wages rose 4.4%.

    At least some of that is due to government policy.

    So good work Prime Minister Ardern's government.

  11. Pat 11

    employment a lagging indicator

  12. JanM 12

    Delighted to see from Willie Jackson's post on Facebook that Maori unemployment is down too – to 7.7% which is apparently an all- time low. 

  13. Pingau 13

    You should probably change the headline Micky.

  14. TheBlackKittenReturns 14

    Unemployment is up and wages are down and I am proof of that.  I live in Auckland and have never ever had issues getting a job like I am in this dog economy. I got made redundant and can’t find a single sausage of anything. That’s never ever happened to me before. Reality check Mickey, your beloved government is stuffing up serverely and I don’t get give a rats backside what your figures say. What I care about is my personal experience. Can’t get a job and the hourly rates are lower than they were under Key for the few pittance that are available.   Jobs once paying 25per hour 3 years ago are now paying 22 and people are scrapping over them.  That’s a fact and I am speaking from experience at the coal face. Unlike you Mickey I am living it and not relying on some manipulated figures that give me the news I want to hear. Want to prove me wrong then find me a job!!! I hate unemployment and I hate stagnant economies where employment agencies don’t answer their phones, employers treat you like you should be so greatlful just to get a stupid interview and hundreds and hundreds are all applying for the same job that is paying vastly lower than what it was under Key and this is what 2019 has brought us. This government is a joke under the great pretender.  Anyone who does not believe me go try temping and tell me what you find. Hate to say it people but we have got a dog economy.

    • SPC 14.1

      The anecdotal is always personal, but the nationwide figures are what they are. 

      More people are in jobs and the pay is 4% higher than a year earlier. 

      Temping pay rates are not set by the employer – one would imagine with fewer unemployed to manage the temp agencies might just be increasing their margin and reducing what they offer their casual workers.

  15. SPC 15

    Well it seems the fact that unemployment is down has at least changed the words used by Hosking. 

    Job adds are down, hiring is down

    More people have jobs and yet he still claims hiring is down …

  16. TheBlackKittenReturns 16

    Ahhh deny reality, that’s what the Labour Party is all about instead of facing reality and fixing it.  Reality is these figures are manipulated and I am proof of that. Trust me, there is nothing about me that is unemployable apart from a dog economy.

    Common sense says that if unemployment was down, wages would be up in both temping and permanent roles so employers could get people but wages have decreased and the cost of living has increased since the National Party left office. If wages were up, and going by your theory, agencies would have no one available for temping so would be forced to pay a competitive rate to attract people. But they are paying less and have dozens to pick and choose from. That indicates 1. Hardly any permanent jobs are available as why would you temp if you could get a permanent job and 2. Why are so many people sitting in agency temp pools with good skills waiting for that phone call for some 3 week assignment that is paying less than it would have 3 years ago. We are heading into a recession and the great pretender has no answers. 

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