Get out the young vote!

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Young people of NZ, it’s your election, if you want it.

Jack Tame: Millennials – just get out and vote

More than 200,000 eligible voters under the age of 30 didn’t vote in the last election. Under-30s had the lowest turnout of any block. With the polls tight, there are sufficient millennials to decide this year’s election. But I worry they won’t.

But if the delicious twists and turns of this campaign, a young leader of a major party, and the closeness of the polls, haven’t sufficiently energised a 27-year-old who wants to buy a house, what will? Brad will probably only read this if I send him the link. But if any young voters stumble across these words and feel like he does, I hope they’ll heed this message.

You might be apathetic. The system isn’t great.

But collectively, we’re powerful.

Please, for every young person who wants a decent home, a decent income, a decent planet, decent mental health support and a decent future: VOTE.

Up until Friday you can go to any polling station, and enroll, and vote. (Apparently some polling stations have been incorrectly refusing to enroll people – hopefully this has now been fixed).

Jacinda Ardern represents the first time ever that young voters have been offered the choice of a leader who can properly represent them. She needs your support – Jacinda Ardern says it will all be down to turnout, urges young to vote early

10 comments on “Get out the young vote!”

  1. eco maori 1

    To all OUR youth please go and use your power to influence Your future in OUR beautiful country and vote.
    We don’t have to have a country like this if the resources of OUR country are shared fairly and humanly we can have a country like some of our Scandinavian cousins were we VALUE and care for OUR people OUR environment and the FUTURE for OUR Grandchildren.
    So please go and register and VOTE .
    Life was much easier for us labours when Labour were in power we are the many and
    the neo liberals are the few and will use any tack tick to stop you from voting
    My preferred party’s are LABOUR GREENS TOPS

  2. Ad 2

    Young people. Humph.

    We get the youngest-ever potential Prime Minister, would be great to see young people actually get out and get Ardern in.

    Millennials sure can Tweet, but can they figure out how to vote?

  3. patricia bremner 3

    If you get an awkward person at the voting, say

    “This is my right” I wish to enroll and vote” (Maori or General roll.) Rules around changing rolls need checking before you go.

    Don’t let casual racism put you off!! Some countries are even worse….. so stand your ground!!! Let’s do this. Change this incompetent government.

  4. mosa 4

    Now if this post in its entirety could be sent to every platform and reach every device in NZ it just might help galvanise their vote by taking part.

    Enrol = Vote = Change.

    Time is running out.

    If you aren’t enrolled you can’t just turn up on Saturday to vote.

    Six more days to have your say.

    Five days to enrol.

  5. greywarshark 5

    For those thinking about the Greens – some words from the past, calling us to follow and look for those things we were thinking of last century. Now you can find the end that we slipped away from reaching. Carry the torch on please.

    The Guitar Man

    • greywarshark 5.1

      Another sad little song that could turn out all right if…we vote right.
      If you leave me now –

      The Guitar Man in case you missed earlier – with pics of all the young/old musos

  6. feijoa 6

    There are lots of polling stations open at odd times

    Fantastic summary from the CTU on where to vote early for your electorate at
    All I did was google ” where can I vote early in Porirua” and up it came

  7. greywarshark 7

    Simple decision. Are you happy with how the country is? If not, why would you not take a small action to change it? Are you chicken, can’t stand up for yourself and argue your corner, when no-one can beat you up?

    A world comparison from 2004 from the World Health Organisation
    Study found NZ to be 2nd after the USA in a study of Emotional Distress in 15 Nations.
    % Population suffered emotional distess in previous 12 months (that statistics know about:
    USA 26.4
    NZ 20.7
    Ukraine 20.5
    France 18.4 —— 1st four.

    —1st under 10.
    Spain 9.2
    Germany 9.1
    China(Beijing) 9.1
    Japan 8.8
    Italy 8.2.

  8. james 8

    Did my bit – got my son and his mate down to vote this morning.

    No idea who they voted for (didn’t ask) – Just glad that they did.

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