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There have been two interesting pieces from the Guardian recently on the way UK Labour are beginning to embrace the opportunities of the internet for political campaigning.

The first is here and describes Labour’s spoof of an online meeting of the shadow Tory cabinet (pictured above).

The second is here and details UK Labour’s new ‘broad church’ blog which aims to provide a platform for a range of “Labour-minded” people.

Both sites are worth checking out.

2 comments on “Internet campaigning”

  1. Joseph 1

    Too bad the injustice the British government has done to the internet. For instance the blocking of pages on Wikipedia under the dubious “child porn” pretext.

    I have absolutely no respect for the British government in terms of civil rights abuses, attacking free speech. Heard about the new rule that ISPs have to hold emails passing through servers for 30 days?

    Fuck ’em.

  2. randal 2

    forget the internet and all the bozo’s who think it’s important
    that includes policy wonks and techo freaks
    elections are now won by smearing the other candidates and riling up the base
    this election just paseed was won by loading the radio staions to the max with loud rude ignorant yobbos pushing the nat line to the point where kiwis are now sick of the strident unending tirades and the national party already
    they have’nt done anything yet and by all accounts they aren’t going to

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