New Right Party?

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There’s a somewhat fact-free article today on the possible challenge of a new “centre-right” party in Epsom.  Whilst an interesting possible development, there’s no substance as to who’s behind the party or any credentials.  The most we get is that John Banks has heard a rumour.

Presumably there’s more to the story, does anyone have any content?  It would certainly be a bit of fun having more challenges to Rodders.  I’m hoping Winston stands there too.  Could be an exciting wee contest, make the Nats actually try…

I’d missed that Boscawen is standing in Tamaki.  Even an under-performing MP like Peachey should be able to see him off.  Having seen him on the hustings there’s no better advertisement not to vote ACT… (well, except for David Garrett, but he’s gone now…)

5 comments on “New Right Party?”

  1. John Banks has heard a rumour?

    The rumour I’ve heard is that Banks is responsible for the rumour.

    The name of a former (female) ACT MP is also being bandied round.

    But Bunji, Boscawen = Garrett?! How one arrives at that comparison I have no idea. Hardly fair, methinks. Garrett is in a class of his own… running comparisons to him is effectively a form of Godwinning.

    Actually, come to think of it, it is Godwinning… 😉

    • Bunji 1.1

      Thanks for your rumour rumour Rex!

      I wasn’t saying Boscawen=Garrett to be clear. I was think about how awful Boscawen is on the hustings, how lacking in empathy, somewhat automaton etc and there could be no worse advertisement for ACT. And then I remembered Garrett…

      Who, as you say, is in a class of his own.

  2. Jum 2

    ‘The name of a former (female) ACT MP is also being bandied round.’

    Not that virus with a surname starting with a fish? No wonder she’s trying to get her name out there on Controversy Street. How pathetic these money-whores are.

  3. sally 3

    I have to disagree with your assessment of Boscawen – while I doubt very much he’ll win Tamaki off Peachey, I think the ACT campaign in the Mt Albert by election was second only to Labour’s.

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