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87 comments on “Open mike 11/08/2022 ”

  1. Jester 1

    Oh dear how low can the NZH go. Now a whole article on the student flat he lived in! I guess the next scoop with be Uffindell's kindergarten exclusive photos!

    Sam Uffindell stood down: National MP's student flat was one of filthiest in Dunedin – NZ Herald

    • Jimmy 1.1

      Yep I guess they want to keep it in the media as long as they can but surely the guys political career is over now.

      • Graeme 1.1.1

        Uphimself is all over rover. There's another political career in question now.

      • AB 1.1.2

        The Herald's purpose is to trivialise it – turn it into just another example of youthful, hard-case scarfie-ism. The sort of thing that happens but kids grow out of – no lasting damage done, no deeper implications to be examined. Pretty much the same tack you have been taking on here for a few days. Whatever – the Herald's gonna Herald – the paper copy is an anorexic sliver of imbecility.

        • Jimmy

          I don't agree with that especially with the cartoon listing the last 8 candidates, I think the NZH are trying to do the exact opposite.

    • Jimmy 1.2

      Exclusive photo of Uffindell as a baby just released!


      • Robert Guyton 1.2.1

        Uffindell was a conjoined twin?

        What happened to the other half?

        Oh, please don't answer that!

      • mary_a 1.2.2

        @ Jimmy (1.2) … Is that the Te Puke kid Luxie having a laugh at Uffie throwing a wee tantie?

    • Visubversa 1.3

      A flat with women's underwear up on a "trophy board".

    • Cricklewood 1.4

      Bout a low as it gets hard to believe an editor decided to lead the news with student lived in shit hole scarfie flat while in Dunedin…

      They'll be checking his rubbish bin next and writing an expose on his failure to properly sort his recycling…

    • roy cartland 1.5

      This is what will bring him down – he's a common punk.

      Gang bashing kids? Fine!

      Threatening and chasing women? Sweet!

      Being a grotty, no-good, doity punk? Not fit for the National Party! 🧐

  2. Sanctuary 2

    Martyn Bradbury on LOTR:

    "I'm no fan of Sauron, but here's why forming a woke fellowship to raid Mount Doom and destroy the one ring is going to enrage his base."

    • roy cartland 2.1


      "As TDB has been saying for at last TWO YEARS, and the MSM have just only caught up, the morris-dancing, trans-philic, gender fluid Hobbits are very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very righteous when it comes to ring-destroying… but can we please talk about Smaug's gold profits now?"

  3. Ad 3

    Great environmental win for Australia and subantarctic birds and flora at Macquarrie Island.

    From 300,000 rabbits to none: a Southern Ocean island is reborn | Environment | The Guardian

    Macquarie Island: from rabbits and rodents to recovery and renewal (

    Surely this gives courage to Stewart Island to hurry up their own eradication project.

  4. pat 4

    "When governments are contractually incapable of solving their people’s problems, only one option remains: turning us against each other. This process is well under way: the purpose of culture wars is to distract us from inequality. But it will go much further. Truss and Sunak compete to promise ever greater retribution towards those seeking sanctuary from murderous regimes. Last week, Truss promised to legislate against “militant” trade unionists and environmental protesters, as if Johnson’s new laws were insufficiently draconian.

    The more corrupt and less representative government becomes, the longer must be its list of enemies, and the more extreme the rhetoric with which it denounces them. As our crises escalate, as the government absents itself from public service, violence bubbles ever closer to the surface. This is how a country falls apart."

    Sound familiar?

    • Ad 4.1

      Should it?

      • pat 4.1.1

        Does it?

        • Ad

          What are you talking about?

          • pat

            read the article

            • Ad

              I've read the article.

              Why ought it sound familiar?

              • pat

                The decades of abdication of responsibility, the syphoning off of much needed investment to dividends, the lack of ability to implement action, the deflection of cause to worker laziness, the lie that more of the same will solve the problems.

                The playbook is used by all the anglosphere governments (of all hues) the only difference being the area of emphasis….they have been reduced to figureheads.

                • Poission

                  Truss wants call in powers to over rule decisions by financial regulators,removing independence from the prudential regulation authority (BOE) oversight of the BOE, etc etc.

                  She has removed all doubt that she is a rambling idiot with tax cuts under a high inflation regime etc.

                  • pat

                    And yet apparently she leads….the elites have a self destructive streak a mile wide….all one can assume is they either think they can get out with their wealth intact or they are so unaware they dont understand the consequences.

                    • Poission

                      The UK only survives on having a stable financial system with independent regulatory institutions,political intervention has seen the destruction of the middle classes in South America,as high inflation destroyed accumulated wealth.

                    • pat

                      They all only survive with a functioning economy

    • GreenBus 4.2

      Pom's could move to Russia which is not having all theses problems. Ha!

  5. Sanctuary 5

    I see the Ukraine has managed to destroy a dozen Russian jets and utterly devastate the Russian airbase at Novofedorivka in Crimea. This is a significant development as this base is almost 250km from the nearest Ukrainian positions and – as video showing horrified Russians (mostly Moscovites) fleeing their nearby beach holiday spots show – means the Ukraine now has the ability to carry the war deep into the Russian rear, shattering the sense of invulnerability the Russian population has had up to now.

    Putin is discovering the truth of that old saying – "It ain't no fun if the rabbits got a gun."

    • Ad 5.1

      All power to them. But.

      Ukraine doesn't yet appear able to counter-attack and regain much lost territory.

      • Scud 5.1.1

        It's all about timing Ad, it when the UkR Military attack in Sth'ern Ukraine.

        The fact that the UkR Military are now conducting long range Joint Fires & Deep Strikes in the Sth.

        Probably means we are not too far away from D Day? The more the UkR Military can degrade Russia's Airpower, Logistics, the various HQ's & Joint Fires?

        Then there is more chance of success for the UkR, especially if its Intelligence, Recon in Russia's rear area are providing real time information like Battle Damage Assessments & Targeting of the above.

        So far the UkR Military are making the Russians dance to their tune on the dance floor, while knowing when hold the poker chips & when to cash those chips in on the poker table.

        Been very impressed with the way Ukraine has conducted itself since the start of Tsar Poot's so-called Special Military Operation.

        Been a few hiccups (both Political & Military side of things largely due to FSU & GRU operations in the Sth prior to D Day) along the way, but that was a expected as "no plan excepts to survive 1st contact with the enemy" as the Great Prussia General Von Moltke the elder once said.

      • Barfly 5.2.1

        I have seen it suggested that anti-ship missiles may have been used (they have the range)

        • joe90

          Also, suggestions of a new supplier of weapons not previously seen in Ukraine. The field narrows if Iran is supplying Russia.

          • Sanctuary

            Israel has indicated that any supplying of weapons from Iran to Russia will see them dropping their objections to equipping the Ukrainians with Israeli weapons. And I’d put a pretty sum on Ukrainian pilots secretly undergoing training on US F-16s, six months into this war more and more US Weapons will appear on the Ukrainian side.

            Everyday this war goes on, the chance of the war escalating to a wider conflict increases. For example, any Russian attempt to deliberately destroy the reactors at the Zaporizhzhia would be an act of war against Western Europe, given the fallout from these plants would be horrendous. The use ATACMS against the Crimea – according to the Russians their sovereign territory – when the Russians have issued all sorts of bloodcurdling nuclear threats about using nuclear weapons to protect their homeland is also a bit dicey.

            • joe90

              any Russian attempt to deliberately destroy the reactors at the Zaporizhzhia

              Russia's theft of Zaporizhzhia's 5,700MWs (NZ 9,800MW from all sources) involves disconnection from the Ukrainian grid and reconnecting to the Russian grid.

              That would be a long, drawn out and enormously complex task during peace time. Right now, it's a recipe for disaster.


      • Sanctuary 5.2.3

        The secret arrival of ATACMS would explain why the Ukrainians have been so coy on how the attack was carried out. But I suspect on the basis of no concrete evidence so far the use of ATACMS – a system that the US has been reluctant to supply. However, to paraphrase Obi-Wan:

        "And these blast points, too accurate for Russian weapons. Only US ATACMS are so precise.”

        Anyway, if the Ruskies find bits of ATACMS in the wreckage we'll surely hear about it.

        The other piece of the puzzle has been the confirmed delivery of AGM-88D HARM anti-radar missiles to the Ukraine. The "D" model is significant because it has a passive mode that combined with a GPS means it doesn't need to be integrated into the host platforms ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) systems. That makes it viable for the Soviet era jets of the Ukraine to use them, and I see that they've knocked out several Russian radar sites in the Kherson region in the last 72 hours, creating a hole in the Russian radar net – this would mean the Russian S-300 & S-400 SAM systems would be blind to a surface to surface missile attack. If you add to the equation the near constant presence of RAF and USAF RC-135W Rivet & RQ-4 Global Hawks in the Black Sea providing sophisticated electronic surveillance data in real time to the Ukrainians and you've basically got Uncle Sam completely owning the Russians.

      • Francesca 5.2.4

        How's that Kherson offensive working out?

        • Sanctuary

          Don't know, I'm not there.

        • Scud

          Slowly slowly catch the monkey

          As my old SQN 2ic, would say, as ex was an expat Kenyan & knew a thing or two about catching Monkey's.

          He's now in the RAAC here in Oz causing mayhem in the field & making his Duntroon Trained Peers look a bit average as he was trained at NZ Army OCS in Waiberia. But he is unlikely to get his Colonels due to the Australian Army snobbish attitude of those not trained by RMC Duntroon.

  6. Don't know the background of this poll – just saw it on a twitter post – but hey, a better one than the Kantar!

    • Ad 6.1

      31% for National is a big outlier.

      As is 3.5% for NZFirst.

      • Sanctuary 6.1.1

        The difference is the Horizon poll is only of those who expressed a clear intention to vote – so if you hate Jacinda and love Luxo, but tell the interviewer they are all bastards and you don't vote it just encourages them then you won't be counted.

        • Ad

          The trends are clear.

          No sign yet that Labour's fall has hit bottom.

          No sign yet that National has stabilised.

          • LibertyBelle

            Spot on.

            And NZF at 4%, without W. Peters esq being particularly engaged.

            It's going to be a tight one.

        • swordfish

          The difference is the Horizon poll is only of those who expressed a clear intention to vote

          Is that really all that different from the other, more established Polls ?

          For example … 1News-Kantar only includes those saying they are 'quite likely' or 'very likely' to vote in its Party Vote results.

          Indeed the New Zealand Political Polling Code explicitly suggests:

          Those who say they are ineligible or unlikely to vote should be excluded from the analysis

          Horizon’s point of difference appears to be that it only includes those who say they’re 100% certain to vote … which, in itself, may well skew their findings.

    • Sabine 6.2

      these are people who intend to vote.

      • Therefore, all the more relevant. X% might not intend to vote and X% don't know, but those who intend to vote – well, there votes are countable.

        Labour/Greens ahead! Add in TPM!

        • Sabine

          Today was not voting day, today was only pretend voting day for a few for a poll, keep that in mind.

          Labour can not be happy about this poll.

  7. Sacha 7

    Colonel Trotter will be choking on his Greggs.

  8. Rosemary McDonald 8

    Why is Labour, and only Labour, so hellbent on getting rid of the Childrens Commissioner?

    The Beattie Report does not recommend getting rid of the Children's Commissioner as Sepuloni implies.

    Sepuloni would not consider slowing the bill's progress down, saying the Beatie report found the government needed to "act with some urgency".

    And only Natrad seems to think this is something we should be informed about.

    Another major failing of this legislation is that it…

    … still does not incorporate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into domestic legislation. This would mean the convention rights would become part of the law of Aotearoa New Zealand.

    One of the clear benefits of this would be that children's rights – especially their rights to health, housing and food – would be more readily enforceable through the national courts. In other words, it would be easier to hold the government to account for its actions or inaction. (my bold)

    Perhaps the Labour Party flagwavers residing here on TS can explain this…because its looking increasingly like Labour has absolutely no commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable children at all.

    • Louis 8.1

      Labour are not getting rid of the Children's commissioner.

      Hon CARMEL SEPULONI: Again, this is why I am looking forward to the committee stage. I have been asked questions by the media and others that actually are not part of what is in this bill, questions like "Why are we dismantling the Children's Commission?" when that is clearly not happening; questions like "Why are we moving the monitoring mechanism out of the Children's Commission and into ERO?" when that's not happening, because the Independent Children's Monitor was established in the Ministry of Social Development and we're shifting that function to the Education Review Office from there. There are so many things that have been said about this bill that we need to be able to debate robustly in this House, and the committee stage will give us an opportunity to go through line by line and do that.

      • Sabine 8.1.1

        " because the Independent Children's Monitor was established in the Ministry of Social Development and we're shifting that function to the Education Review Office from there"

        what does that mean in plain english?

  9. ianmac 9

    Not very helpful but the guru Barry Soper reckons that the Uffindell story is "a hit job" and that he has a good idea by whom, "but he is not saying yet."

    ( Can't link to it but MariaSherwood2 knows.)

    • AB 9.1

      Bazza's out of touch. The frontrunner for the "by whom" is widely known already: it's Sam Uffindell

    • Kiwijoker 9.2

      I think Soper is more a soothsayer than a guru

    • weka 9.3

      why can't you link?

    • Tiger Mountain 9.4

      One persons “hit job” may be another’s “justifiably being held to account”–something Soper should be personally acquainted with.

      Natzos have been barrel scraping for candidates for years. The decline in mass public participation in political and community affairs during the neo liberal era has not just affected Labour.

  10. Poission 10

    Median house prices fall on annual basis for the first time since 2011.This sees the capital gains of the last 12 months removed.

    Lowest house sales by volume in 12 years,with interest rate increase to come to remove core inflation to affordable levels,the wealth destruction to curb animal spirits will continue into 2023.

  11. Visubversa 11

    About time the dam broke. Suing the Tavistock Clinic over transing kids.

    • Sabine 11.1

      yes, this is going to be quite interesting to watch.

      This might have been the reason for the closure?

    • weka 11.2

      GIDS person telling porkies at the end there,

      “The service is committed to patient safety. It works with every young person on a case-by-case basis, with no expectation of what might be the right pathway for them, and only the minority of young people who are seen in our service access any physical treatments while with us.”

      paywall-free version

      The bit about only a minority of people get meds and surgery will be true, but I hope that some of the social transitioners join the lawsuit.


      What I want to know from that is how many people on the books of those services weren't followed up/couldn't be contacted?

      • Sabine 11.2.1

        a guess?


        The question that i have, how many have we got here in NZ that were equally rushed into treatment and now regret it.

        edit: funny phrasing.

        • weka

          most depends on if the research takes into account people that don't respond (and analyses that).

        • weka

          The question that i have, how many have we got here in NZ that were equally rushed into treatment and now regret it.

          pre-question. Do NZ health services keep statistics on children and youth transitioning?

  12. Maurice 12

    Is Luxon about to announce that should the Natz win the next election ….

    Trevor Mallard will be replaced by Sam Uffindell as Ambassador to Ireland?

  13. "This place doesn’t demand your respect. If it was a nice house we would treat it nice."

    So said Sam Upffendoff about the flat he occupied in Dunedin. (In the 2004 article on the disgusting state of one student accommodation).

    It sort of sums up the man, doesn't it – and surely qualified him to be a Natz MP.

    • weka 13.1

      tbf, that standard of housing now would have progressives up in arms. I notice the landlord hasn’t been named. But yeah, scarfie culture then was entitlement weird.

      • Cricklewood 13.1.1

        My first flat was a really old place super run down but super cheap at the same time. Was basically party central and the landlord didnt care given he was planning to demo it. There was competition with a decent prize for the nastiest flat run by the uni students association at the time, we entered somehow didnt win… in the end we were allowed to have a demolish the house party at end of the year…

        Good times really and not that unusual 25 years ago…

        • weka

          I lived in a flat in the 80s with a hole in the floor in the bathroom so bad that we were never sure if the bath would collapse the floor when we filled it. I draw the line at not cleaning the toilet though.

  14. Ffloyd 14

    TVNZ reporting that latest Poll , which one?, has NatAct can form a Govt on latest figures, and are going after the Greens to join Coalition. Which is true? I thought Labour Green were ahead.

    • alwyn 14.1

      If it is TVNZ doing the reporting it is almost certainly their own poll which went to air on Monday.

      That had National/ACT with (I think) 62 seats and Labour/Greens/Maori Party with 58.

      The TV stations almost never mention any poll except their own. The keep their blinkers on very tightly as far as the existence of other stations go.

      When did you hear this item of news?

    • LibertyBelle 14.2

      The recent poll showing Lab/Greens ahead is the Horizon Poll which has Lab/Greens on 42%, Nat/Act on 42%. Their headline is "Among registered, definite voters election too close to call"

    • weka 14.3

      and are going after the Greens to join Coalition

      with NACT? Never ever going to happen. What that is is a Nact memo designed to stop people voting Green.

      There have been two polls this week, one said Nact could form gov, the said L/G. We're over a year from the general election, the trend matters but not as much as what happens next year.

    • AB 14.4

      Yes it was their own poll – they like to drip feed bits of it over several nights as a form of self-promotion. Also in this case, maybe they see a Nat government as their only salvation from the RNZ merger and any unwelcome de-trivialisation of TV1 that might go with it?

      And of course the same old censorious crap – " a responsible 'environmental' party would not rule out coalition with National". Same crap as from 2017. Interesting that no-one tries to shame ACT into coalescing with Labour – though it's obvious why: it would be self-evidently bonkers and the whole purpose of the ‘story’ is to prevent Labour governments, not enable them.

  15. Ffloyd 15

    Alwyn. Latest poll results showing Natact in front was on 6 o’clock news on One by the ever dapper Simon Callow.

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    The next ‘giant leap’ in New Zealand’s space journey has been taken today with the launch of the National Space Policy, Economic Development Minister Barbara Edmonds announced. “Our space sector is growing rapidly. Each year New Zealand is becoming a more and more attractive place for launches, manufacturing space-related technology ...
    1 week ago
  • New science and creative technologies wharekura announced
    A new Year 7-13 designated character wharekura will be built in Pāpāmoa, Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis has announced. The wharekura will focus on science, mathematics and creative technologies while connecting ākonga to the whakapapa of the area. The decision follows an application by the Ngā Pōtiki ā Tamapahore ...
    1 week ago
  • Freedom Camping changes a win for the environment
    Protecting the environment by establishing a stronger, more consistent system for freedom camping Supporting councils to better manage freedom camping in their region and reduce the financial and social impacts on communities Ensuring that self-contained vehicle owners have time to prepare for the new system   The Self-Contained Motor Vehicle ...
    1 week ago
  • Speeding up the family court, reducing stress on families
    A new law passed last night could see up to 25 percent of Family Court judges’ workload freed up in order to reduce delays, Minister of Justice Kiri Allan said. The Family Court (Family Court Associates) Legislation Bill will establish a new role known as the Family Court Associate. The ...
    1 week ago
  • UK FTA delivers benefits from today
    New Zealand businesses will begin reaping the rewards of our gold-standard free trade agreement with the United Kingdom (UK FTA) from today.  “The New Zealand UK FTA enters into force from today, and is one of the seven new or upgraded Free Trade Agreements negotiated by Labour to date,” Prime ...
    1 week ago
  • Next steps to reform outdated surrogacy law
    The Government will reform outdated surrogacy laws to improve the experiences of children, surrogates, and the growing number of families formed through surrogacy, by adopting Labour MP Tāmati Coffey’s Member’s Bill as a Government Bill, Minister Kiri Allan has announced. “Surrogacy has become an established method of forming a family ...
    1 week ago
  • Defence Minister to attend Shangri-La Dialogue
    Defence Minister Andrew Little departs for Singapore tomorrow to attend the 20th annual Shangri-La Dialogue for Defence Ministers from the Indo-Pacific region. “Shangri-La brings together many countries to speak frankly and express views about defence issues that could affect us all,” Andrew Little said. “New Zealand is a long-standing participant ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand–China science relationship affirmed
    Research, Science and Innovation Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall and the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang met in Wellington today and affirmed the two countries’ long-standing science relationship. Minister Wang was in New Zealand for the 6th New Zealand-China Joint Commission Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation. Following ...
    1 week ago
  • Supporting a strong future for screen sector
    5 percent uplift clearer and simpler to navigate  Domestic productions can access more funding sources 20 percent rebate confirmed for post-production, digital and visual effects Qualifying expenditure for post-production, digital and visual effects rebate dropped to $250,000 to encourage more smaller productions The Government is making it easier for the ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister Sepuloni to attend 61st Anniversary of Samoa’s Independence
    Deputy Prime Minister and Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs (Pacific Region) Carmel Sepuloni will represent New Zealand at Samoa’s 61st Anniversary of Independence commemorations in Apia. “Aotearoa New Zealand is pleased to share in this significant occasion, alongside other invited Pacific leaders, and congratulates Samoa on the milestone of 61 ...
    1 week ago
  • Govt backs retailers with expansion of fog cannon programme
    The Government is continuing to support retailers with additional funding for the highly popular Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme, Police and Small Business Minister Ginny Andersen announced today.  “The Government is committed to improving retailers’ safety,” Ginny Andersen said.  “I’ve seen first-hand the difference fog cannons are making. Not only do ...
    1 week ago
  • Government will consider recommendations of Intelligence and Security Act review
    The Government has received the first independent review of the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says. The review, considered by the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, was presented to the House of Representatives today.  “Ensuring the safety and security of New Zealanders is of the utmost ...
    1 week ago

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