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Open Mike 13/07/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, July 13th, 2018 - 56 comments
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56 comments on “Open Mike 13/07/2018”

  1. @jamespeshaw Yo fuckwit – Electric car bullshit. All NZ’s ‘low carbon’ electricity is being used NOW. To run a electric car in NZ = burning coal or real crappy oil. Unless you take the power from baby incubators or retirement homes, you are still burning fossil fuels … duh

    • Robert Guyton 1.1

      Or close an aluminium smelter…

      • Brigid 1.1.1


      • bwaghorn 1.1.2

        How are you going to replace the 1000+ jobs ?

        • Draco T Bastard

          Penal rates. Anything over 30 hours is double time and that applies to contractors as well.

          • Puckish Rogue

            Do you have a job going because if you do I’d definitely want to work for you

        • Naki man

          “How are you going to replace the 1000+ jobs ?”

          Your mates on the left live in a fantasy world where the loss of jobs doesn’t matter.

          • mauī

            Worked out ok for the West Coast. They have lost the timber industry and a lot of mining in recent decades. I guess they have been able to move to more sustainable industries?

      • soddenleaf 1.1.3

        Biogas? Biofuels? We have an infrastructure around gas, and oil, carbon zero targets will be met by switching away from non-renewables to biofuels. We don’t need no new sources, the carbon is in the atmosphere, just evolve some bacteria already…

        Nuclear is not a Green tech, except to the military.

        • corodale

          Bio algae perhaps. Relatively clean nuclear tech was developed, but they would rather burn the books, than risk the Arabs getting hold of something so good. The Uranium business model suits the babalonian bankers better.
          Did the Norwegians ever get the aurora producing electricity?
          Actually, battery tech is well on track, thus simple solar remains relevant.

    • dv 1.2

      Heard of sun and wind Robert?

      • Robert Guyton 1.2.1

        Heard of sheep and cows, dv; sun and wind, a glimpse and a whisper but neither will drive a fleet of vehicles such as that presently swarming across the face of the earth, Imo. Those energies should be put to much better use than driving the same kind of behaviour that is presently wrecking the place. In my opinion.

        • Blazer

          Its ‘flock’ of sheep and herd of cows..Robert.

          • Robert Guyton

            Well flock me, so it is! Too early in the morning and a pair of tiny grandchildren to juggle as I type, Blazer.

            • mauī

              Go on, put the grandies on for a bit and you can takeover drawing with crayon on the walls.

      • Gabby 1.2.2

        The wind it bloweth not ev’ry day deevee.

    • Robert Guyton 1.3

      Honestly, Robert Atack, if James Shaw broadcast your views as his own, he’d be out of a job in minutes and have zero influence over matters of climate change – he’d be a mug to do that. Softee softee catchee monkee, maybe.

  2. ianmac 2

    DOC has been destroyed by the previous Government. Corporate culture not good for the environment.
    (Nick Head, the 2013 winner of the prestigious Loder Cup for conservation, quit the department last month.)

    “Head’s view, which he believes is widely shared within the department, is that DOC became highly politicised because it was seen as an impediment to the previous Government’s economic growth agenda. Some DOC staff became afraid to speak out or take a strong line.

    Committed conservation workers, even if they’re highly regarded, are being pushed out, Head says, because they don’t fit the mould of the department’s new corporate ideals. “They make life so difficult for them, they either leave or they find reasons to force them out.”

    Newsroom from David Williams.

    • miravox 2.1

      In NAct corporate-speak: Objective achieved.
      Probably a ceo bonus on that KPI

      Hopefully it’s not too late for this government to have DOC back doing the job it was originally designed to do – advocate for conservation.

  3. marty mars 3

    If true, then these Icelandic whalers are scummier than dirty sump scum.


    No reason to keep killing whales – none!

    • corodale 3.1

      Would growing whale oil from cell culture be an option for paying back our foreign debt? Biotech has potential in NZ, we have the stainless steel skills and all that.

      • lprent 3.1.1

        Bad enough having whaleoil around trying to hack my server. Now you want to clone him? What for?

        However I believe that the whalers want to flog off the meat for eating.

        While I do detest Cam, I find that I have no taste for people eating him. I would defend his right not to be cloned and eventually excreted….


        All of which essentially says that your comment made no sense.

        • In Vino

          Unfair? It seems to me that I remember that in earlier days (before there was a filthy website of that name) whale oil in large quantities (as we nearly destroyed the species) was used in so many ways… where we now probably use petroleum-based products. Could Corodale be suggesting that if we can reproduce whale oil from cell culture the way the impossible burger meat is being made, we could then reduce our reliance upon petroleum?

          • lprent

            That doesn’t seem likely either. You don’t get any kind of energy from nothing At some point there was the accumulation of energy.

            And that includes the specialised case of time displaced oil, coal, and gas notwithstanding. In that case the energy just got trapped. For that matter it includes fission energy stored as a result of super nova fusion reactions. Or the residual energies from the big bang generating the fossilised energy we call matter.

            To clone and generate whale oil will require a source of energy or feedstock. In the oceans that was krill feeding off microscopic plant life who were accumulating energy from the sun. Now I fail to see a similar free feedstock for cloned whaledreck.

            Besides animal cells are colossally inefficient converters of the sun’s energy into stored energy. It’d be way better to excise the middleman and eliminate whaleoil. As the greens tend to say – lets go vegan

      • Stuart Munro 3.1.2

        There’s actual a glut of cetacean tissue on the market – Japan is finding it troublesome maintaining their industry.

  4. corodale 4

    and a B Hicks interview, not a canadian, a comedian

    very funny man

  5. Gabby 5

    Would beef hooks be more profitable cambodale? I have some but I couldn’t give one.

  6. SPC 6

    “They don’t like him. I don’t like him. He’s a buffoon of a man. But I’m telling you now: I’m getting driven more and more closer to this guy because of the behaviour of those who just want to undermine him at every step of the way.”
    Mark Richardson 2018

    This is why he was so close to the homeless, the poor, those unable to afford homes and the over worked nurses under the National government … oh wait

  7. Ad 7

    Great to see Minister Twyford’s Mangere redevelopment will build tonnes of good houses, and seek to keep the existing community intact.

    The housing development will be near Auckland Airport and within the route of the intended light rail line there.

    Mr Twyford outlined the project would take 10 to 15 years to complete, in which 2700 existing “worn-out” state housing will be replaced by the 10,000 new homes.

    Of these, 3000 will be new state houses, 3500 will be new KiwiBuild affordable homes, and 3500 will be homes for sale on the open market.

    Mr Twyford said the project will build 3000 more homes than planned when the Government came into office.

    The Housing Minister however was keen to assure his intention was not for the housing project to “gentrify” the Mangere area and community, and push the “rich and vibrant home for the Pacific diaspora” to the margins of the region.

    “It is very important to this Government that when we embark on this ambitious urban regeneration that we not only deliver warm dry homes, more housing, a beautiful built environment, neighbourhoods that people will be proud to live in,” Mr Twyford said.

    “It’s important to us that this process retains this community as a place of opportunity for families for generations to come.

    “It is not our policy to run a gentrification program that will simply see land values be pushed up, and families that have lived here for generations pushed out to the edge of town.”

    The first stage of the Mangere redevelopment is already underway, with 35 state houses being demolished to be replaced by 66 more state houses and 100 other homes, at least half of which will be KiwiBuild and affordable.

    “Building of the first new state houses will start in the next few months and are due to be finished mid-2019. The first KiwiBuild and affordable homes will be complete towards the end of 2019 and early 2020,” Mr Twyford said.


    Also good to see that he is purposefully integrating state housing with new public transport.

    It’s going to take a good few political terms, but this is what Auckland has needed for a long time.

    • JamieB 7.1

      “Mr Twyford outlined the project would take 10 to 15 years to complete, in which 2700 existing “worn-out” state housing will be replaced by the 10,000 new homes.”

      So looks like the existing residents will be kicked out to allow for this redevelopment, of which 7000 homes will be sold to private interests via Kiwibuild and the open market. Sound a bit like a war on the poor:

      Glen Innes ‘war zone’

      Will there be notices on this site promoting protests and sit ins to oppose these evictions?

      Sit-in Occupation to Stop Niki’s Eviction Tuesday 24th January

      Auckland: Stop Niki’s Eviction!

      • Tricledrown 7.1.1

        What ever only small numbers will be able to be built at a time.
        With light rail combining to provide a better standard of living.
        Warm dry efficient housing will help poor people save money on heating and health care!
        Also having a mixture of income levels will help build better communities.
        State houses concentrated in one area was a failed experiment!

      • Anne 7.1.2

        Will there be notices on this site promoting protests and sit ins to oppose these evictions?

        No, because Twyford has already said that the existing state house residents will be given priority when the 2,700 state houses/apartments become available. In the meantime they will be helped to find suitable accommodation.

        • JamieB

          How is that different from Niki Rauti? She was offered new home after new home in the same area.

          Also, Twyford says a lot of things.

  8. Puckish Rogue 8

    “Being the first ever woman to hold the Defence portfolio in NZ Parliament (from any party!)”

    Is this her official twitter account?

    • mauī 8.1

      To be honest it seems more like a Parliamentery Library error by supplying her the wrong information.

      • Puckish Rogue 8.1.1

        She couldn’t take the less than a minute to google it before sending something off that just happens to make her look good

        • mauī

          You would be silly to rely on google.

          • Puckish Rogue

            As silly as proclaiming yourself the first woman to hold the Defence portfolio in NZ Parliament (from any party!)”?

  9. Philj 9

    To hear what failure sounds like. Listen to Clare Curren on Mourning Report explain her back track. “Broadcasting Minister ‘absolutely committed’ to RNZ+” She has capitulated and kicked the can down the road. No TV channel, as promised.

    • SPC 9.1

      Capitulated to who, RNZ did not want to run one.

      They just wanted more funding for their online stuff, which they get, but it also meant there is money “for media” left over to allocate elsewhere.

      It’s now up to RNZ to ask for more resourcing for the work they do, whereas under National management appointees they were being run down to diminish the capability of RNZ to keep the public informed.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 9.2

      Good. We need internet access for all, not another channel that requires govt $.

  10. SPC 10

    On the AM show on TV3 McClay claimed the free first year of tertiary study cost $2.8B, when it is only $340M.

    Apparently a lie he got away with.


  11. logie97 11

    Who needs an enemy with a friend like this one.
    So Trump feels free to comment and advise on the makeup of another sovereign (apparently friendly) state’s government – even to the extent of changing its leadership.
    Now admittedly, it is just reported and of course the source is the Sun Newspaper – Murdoch’s domain.

    • Anne 11.1

      He’s doing it deliberately and he has an agenda of sorts. Hard to figure out what it might be… but my guess is his egomania has upped itself several notches and he now sees himself as the Western world’s greatest leader. He’s going to mould the West as he wants it, and he and Putin will run the whole world together.

      Crazy? Yeah. But they always say that truth is stranger than fiction.

      • joe90 11.1.1

        He’s doing it deliberately and he has an agenda of sorts,

        Or, he’s a buffoon with declining cognition.

        Trump, speaking at his news conference before leaving the summit, replied: “No, that’s other people that do that. I don’t. I’m very consistent. I’m a very stable genius.”

        But leaders who spent the first 18 months of Trump’s presidency thinking there might be a method to his chaos creation — and struggling to discern what it might be — now seem to have concluded that it’s just chaos, and that Trump himself may not understand what he’s doing.


  12. AsleepWhileWalking 12

    Another Work and Income incident with the same formulaic response.

    – we’re sorry for the way x feels
    – we try to get in right and do most if the time, but this time we got it wrong (actually we only hear a small fraction of the abuse via media, so let’s just say you get it wrong quite a bit and have plenty of practice ass covering your shameful selves)

    This time a case manager rudely turned away a pregnant woman sleeping in her car. There was emergency accommodation available.


  13. RedLogix 13

    Here’s one for Robert Guyton:

    Known as syntropic farming, it is a regenerative agricultural cropping method developed in Brazil that aims to mimic the way forest plants work symbiotically to grow in abundance.

    Jane Hawes and her husband Neil are among about 20 syntropic growers in Australia.

    They used to run a flower farm on their property at Tolga on Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands, but gave it away when their crops were wiped out by successive tropical cyclones Larry and Yasi.

    “We had lost quite a few million dollars and I was just gutted and I just went ‘I gotta do something better than this’,” Ms Hawes said.


    • Robert Guyton 13.1

      Thank you, RedLogix, I appreciate that. “…we lost quite a few million dollars…” – crikey!
      Syntropic is a new word for me but the ideas are not – my own forest garden is … syntropic 🙂 Isn’t “flower farm” a sad combination of words! In any case, it’s an interesting read and a finger-post to the future. Eucalyptus are interesting; their leaves are found in our fossil record: they used to grow here – who knew?? So long as they’re part of a poly-culture, they’re welcome, Imo.

      • RedLogix 13.1.1

        We visited one of my partner’s aunties in the Atherton area last year; it’s a fabulous area, tropical but elevated enough to avoid the oppressive heat of the coast. Did you know there were such things as ‘tree kangaroos’.

        • adam

          • RedLogix

            Very well done.

            Here in Austrlia mostly its aging middle class, latte sipping white wankers that give a fk’it about their furry buggers. The good news is they’re all slipping into irrelevancy and will die off soon …

        • Macro

          Did you know there were such things as ‘tree kangaroos’.

          Yep ! One of my favourite animals, and there are a few here at the Perth Zoo. We saw one on Tuesday this week feeding her baby. Aaaaaawwww awesome! Have a photo but have no way to up load here.
          Great to be able to see one in the wild.

  14. soddenleaf 14

    Most UK towns have a indoor council run market. Any new Hamilton center without a dedicated farmers market, central, linked to buses, ain’t worth the money, just another wasteful facelift. Bring Hamilton back to the middle ages from its pre-civilized past, where big clans corps forced the center city to die.

    • miravox 14.1

      The news item reads quite well laying out a strategy, I thought. I guess the detail for markets etc. will come with the public submissions. The ’20-minute neighbourhood experience’ sounds about right for inner-city living. I hope people get on board with this, it’s beyond time that Hamilton’s CBD is enlivened.

      I hope New Plymouth pays attention because, much like Hamilton, its city centre also needs to be reduced and enlivened, (and imo a fair bit of traffic-calming and development of the non-motorised traffic space between downtown and Fitzroy Beach needs to be sorted as well).

  15. eco maori 15

    I have worked out the NZ pension fund owned Z Gas stations have breaches in the internet security . How was this company formed well national got the pension fund to buy shell and bp gas station NZ chains . What happened shonky and dilo use this to harvest all the data they could to minuplate the voters opinion .
    How did I get this conclusion .
    1 peter thiel is shonkys m8
    2 What better way to cover there tracks that to build a back door into Z Gas stations data than no one can be held accountable for the breach
    3 Thats the way neo liberal behave all over Papatuanuku links below.


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/13/anonymous-browsing-data-medical-records-identity-privacy Ana to kai Ka kite ano

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    Today the Government is making progress on a fairer and more secure rental market for renters and landlords with the introduction of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill in Parliament.  “This Bill includes a series of reforms to improve the wellbeing of the 609,700 households that live in rented homes, and ...
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  • Biosecurity Minister announces world first eradication of pea weevil
    A Government programme to wipe out pea weevil has achieved a world first, with Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor today announcing the successful eradication of the noxious pest from Wairarapa. This means the nearly four-year ban on pea plants and pea straw was lifted today. Commercial and home gardeners can again grow ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
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  • Temporary Accommodation Service activated for Southland flooding
    Southland residents hit by flooding caused by heavy rainfall can now access help finding temporary accommodation with the Government activating the Temporary Accommodation Service, Minister of Civil Defence Peeni Henare announced today. “The Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) has been activated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to help ...
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  • Bridges: Over-hyped and under-delivered
    “Is that it?” That’s Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s response to Simon Bridges’ much-hyped economic speech today. “Simon Bridges just gave the most over-hyped and under-delivered speech that I can remember during my time in politics,” Grant Robertson said. “It’s not surprising. Simon Bridges literally said on the radio this morning ...
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    3 days ago
  • Police to trial eye in the sky in Christchurch
    A trial deployment of the Police Eagle helicopter in Christchurch will test whether the aircraft would make a significant difference to crime prevention and community safety. “The Bell 429 helicopter will be based in Christchurch for five weeks, from 17 February to 20 March,” said Police Minister Stuart Nash. “The ...
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    3 days ago
  • Momentum of trade talks continues with visits to promote Pacific and Middle East links
    The Government has kept up the pace of its work to promote New Zealand’s trade interests and diversify our export markets, with visits to Fiji and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker. Building momentum to bring the PACER Plus trade and development agreement ...
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    3 days ago
  • Coalition Govt’s investment in Customs nets record drugs haul: 3 tonnes stopped at borders in 2019
    The Coalition Government’s investment in a strong border and disrupting transnational organised crime produced record results for stopping drugs in 2019, says Minister of Customs Jenny Salesa. The illegal drugs were seized at the New Zealand border by Customs, and overseas by Customs’ international border partners before the drugs could ...
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    3 days ago
  • Separated scenic cycleway starts
    Transport Minister Phil Twyford today kicked off construction of a separated cycleway alongside Tamaki Drive. A two-way separated cycleway will be built along the northern side of Tamaki Drive, between the Quay Street Cycleway extension and Ngapipi Road. There will be a separate walking path alongside. Phil Twyford said giving ...
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    4 days ago
  • Earthquake-Prone Building loan scheme: eligibility criteria announced
    Owner-occupiers of unit and apartments living in earthquake-prone buildings will have certainty about the financial support they’ll be eligible for with the release of criteria for an upcoming assistance scheme, Minister for Building and Construction Jenny Salesa says. The Residential Earthquake-Prone Building Financial Assistance Scheme will help unit owners facing ...
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    4 days ago
  • Travel restrictions to remain in place as coronavirus precaution
    Temporary restrictions on travel from China will remain in place as a precautionary measure to protect against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The restrictions which prevent foreign nationals travelling from, or transiting through, mainland China from entering New Zealand have been extended for a further 8 days. This position ...
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    5 days ago
  • Over $1 million to help Tairāwhiti youth into employment
    Employment Minister Willie Jackson announced today that Tairāwhiti rangatahi will benefit from an investment made by the Government’s He Poutama Rangatahi (HPR) scheme. The funding will go to the Tautua Village, Kauneke programme and the Matapuna Supported Employment Programme which will fund 120 rangatahi over two years. “Both programmes work ...
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    6 days ago
  • School attendance has to improve
    All parents and caregivers need to ensure that their children go to school unless they are sick, Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin said today. “The school attendance results for 2019 show, across the board, a drop in the number of students going to school regularly,” the Minister says. “Apart from ...
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    6 days ago
  • Crown and Moriori sign a Deed of Settlement
    A Deed of Settlement agreeing redress for historical Treaty claims has been signed by the Crown and Moriori at Kōpinga Marae on Rēkohu (Chatham Islands) today, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little has announced. Moriori have a tradition of peace that extends back over 600 years. This settlement ...
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    6 days ago
  • Waikato Expressway driving towards completion
    Transport Minister Phil Twyford today with Māori King Tuheitia Pōtatau Te Wherowhero VII officially opened the country’s newest road, the $384 million Huntly section of the Waikato Expressway. The 15km four-lane highway with side and central safety barriers takes State Highway 1 east of Huntly town, across lowlands and streams ...
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    6 days ago
  • 3400 New Zealanders treated in first year of new hepatitis C treatment
    The rapid uptake of life-saving new hepatitis C medicine Maviret since it was funded by PHARMAC a year ago means the elimination of the deadly disease from this country is a realistic goal, Health Minister David Clark says. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus which attacks the liver, proving fatal ...
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    6 days ago
  • Kaupapa Māori approach for homelessness
      Kaupapa Māori will underpin the Government’s new plan to deal with homelessness announced by the Prime Minister in Auckland this morning. “Māori are massively overrepresented among people experiencing homelessness, so, to achieve different outcomes for Māori, we have to do things very differently,” says the Minister of Māori Development ...
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    7 days ago
  • Government steps up action to prevent homelessness
    1000 new transitional housing places delivered by end of year to reduce demand for emergency motel accommodation. Introduce 25% of income payment, after 7 days, for those in emergency motel accommodation to bring in line with other forms of accommodation support. Over $70m extra to programmes that prevents those at ...
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    1 week ago
  • Important step for new financial conduct regime
    Clear requirements for ensuring customers are treated fairly by banks, insurers and other financial service providers are included in new financial conduct legislation that passed its first reading today. “The recent reviews, by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and Reserve Bank of New Zealand, into the conduct of banks and ...
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    1 week ago
  • Applications invited for $7 million Regional Culture and Heritage Fund
    Applications are now open for the fifth round of the Regional Culture and Heritage Fund Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant Robertson announced today.   “I am delighted to open this year’s fund which has some $7 million available to support performing arts venues, galleries, museums and whare ...
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    1 week ago
  • Law Commission appointment celebrates Māori and women
    The Minister of Māori Development, Hon Nanaia Mahuta today congratulated Associate Professor Amokura Kawharu on her appointment as the next President of the Law Commission.  “Amokura Kawharu will be a standout in her new role, leading in an innovative and forward looking approach to the law reform process. She will ...
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    1 week ago
  • Associate Professor Amokura Kawharu Appointed Law Commission President
    Auckland University legal academic Amokura Kawharu has been appointed as the next President of the Law Commission, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced today.    Associate Professor Kawharu will take up her new appointment on 11 May 2020.   “I would like to congratulate Associate Professor Kawharu on her appointment,” Andrew ...
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    1 week ago
  • Minister of Employment launches Youth Ready Employer Programme
    A programme for employers to help them engage effectively with younger employees was launched today by Minister of Employment, Willie Jackson. The Youth Ready Employer Programme contains a range of on-line templates that employers can easily access to help with employing and retaining young people in their businesses. The programme ...
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    1 week ago
  • Budget 2020 date announced
    Budget 2020 will be delivered on Thursday 14 May, Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “This year’s Budget will continue the Coalition Government’s focus on tackling the long-term challenges facing New Zealand while also preparing the economy for the future. “Those challenges and opportunities cannot be resolved in one budget, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Prime Minister’s tribute to former Prime Minister Mike Moore
    I move, That this House place on record its appreciation and thanks for the devoted and distinguished service to New Zealand by the late Rt Hon Michael Kenneth Moore, member of the Order of New Zealand, a member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, an Honorary Member of the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Agriculture Minister declares adverse event in Northland
    Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has today classified the drought conditions in Northland as an adverse event for the primary sector, unlocking $80,000 in Government support. “This is recognition that the extreme and prolonged nature of this dry spell is taking its toll on our farmers and growers and additional support ...
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    1 week ago
  • Police disrupt methamphetamine trade
    The Minister of Police says an operation to smash a trans national drug smuggling ring today will make a significant impact on the methamphetamine trade fuelling harm in our communities. Police have announced 10 arrests and the seizure of up to five million dollars’ worth of illicit drugs after an ...
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    1 week ago
  • Crown accounts in good shape to counter global challenges
    The Government’s books are in a strong position to withstand global headwinds, with the accounts in surplus and expenses close to forecast, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Treasury today released the Crown accounts for the six months to December. The operating balance before gains and losses (OBEGAL) was above ...
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    1 week ago
  • Racing Safety Development Fund open for applications
    Race courses can improve safety with this year’s second round of funding from the Racing Safety Development Fund. Minister for Racing Winston Peters has announced the second funding round of 2019/20 is open with $347,875 available for distribution. “The racing industry is integral to the economic and social fabric of ...
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    1 week ago
  • Strengthening New Zealand’s Immunisation System
    Hundreds of thousands of young adults will be offered measles vaccinations in a new campaign to strengthen New Zealand’s immunisation system, Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter said at its launch in Auckland today. “About 300,000 young adults aged between 15 and 29 are not fully protected against measles, and ...
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    1 week ago